Problems Everywhere

Guys, I'm a perfectionist and I honestly can't believe that this just came to my attention now. I noticed that the Shadowhunters TV show was aired on 2016. So, forget all about the Clary part because I'm gonna do the Shadowhunters five years before Clary came so it's not gonna be canon. I deeply apologize for my mistake. And once again, please forget the Clary part.

PS: That means a lot less of Shadowhunters death scenes. Yay! : ) Unfortunately, however, it has no Malec. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

"Ricco!" I squealed like a little school girl while running up to him and engulfing him in a big bear hug.

I released him and I noticed that he was peering down at me, confused. As if he doesn't know me. I snorted internally at the thought.

"Don't tell me you've gotten senile, old man." I tease, it's impossible he doesn't know me. I'm his goddaughter for God's sake!

Even though I'm technically…a thousand years older than him.

The others of course looked a little surprised since they didn't know I know Ric. "Angel. You're looking as beautiful as the day I've met you." He said with a smirk, making me blink with surprise. Ric and smirk doesn't go well together. Not in life, and not even in a sentence.

I unconsciously took a step back and stood behind Damon. I felt self-conscious as I felt Ric's gaze on me every step I took. "So, what's going on? Sorry I'm late, Damon called me and told me you guys have a problem." Ric seems to snap out of his daze.

Phew, thank God! I can't stand to be in a room with weird Ric for another second. He was acting…all odd and creepy. And I do not like that.

"You need to put me down as chaperone tonight. Klaus made his first move." Damon informed and I choked on my saliva. Klaus? Klaus?! "Did you just say Klaus…?" I asked as calm as possible. He nodded at me with a confused look. "I thought Caroline told you everything." He said.

"Apparently not." I glared at Caroline.

"Look, Damon." I said sternly and he looked at me. Quite intently. It's probably because he knows that I only ever call him with his given name if I'm upset at him. Or about to do something upsetting.

"What is it?" He asks me cautiously. "It's okay, Angel. You can tell me." He urged me and I took a deep breath, preparing myself for what I was about to say.

"You know that I love you with everything I've got, even that stupid, tiny, little brain of yours." He seemed wary at first but cracked a little smile as I finished with the last words. "But, I…I can't help you handle Klaus. That's out of my reach. I'm sorry." I apologized to Damon as I did to all of them and walked out of the house.

Ric looked at me with narrowed eyes and I pushed down the guilt.

"Wait, please!" Elena called out to me as she caught up to me. By now, I was outside of the house.

"You need to help me…help us." She pleaded with her doe eyes but I was not budging. I'm not the Salvatore brothers, after all, who falls for those damned doe eyes. And of course, another set of brothers that I am refusing to mention.

"Look, if Klaus has his mind set on something, not even I can stop him." I said with conviction because I knew it was the truth. Only Rebekah could. And as far as I knew, she was deep under the oceans with the little fishes and whatnots. If he can actually do that to Rebekah, God knows what he'll do to us. And I, like my dear friend Katerina, happen to have a high sense of self preservation.

"As I said earlier, this is out of my reach. Look, even I, an Original, can't beat Klaus!" I exclaimed, upset that she's so stubborn. "Look, you want my advice? Fine. You have two options. I say you either run or you make a deal with him." I try to appease her.

"No! You are not leaving!" Caroline stomped her foot as she walked over to us. Great! It's almost impossible to turn Caroline down. She is as stubborn as Rebekah! "You've got to help us! He's planning to kill her!" She motioned to Elena, flailing her arms around as she always has done when she's either mad or desperate.

I knew he was planning to kill the doppelgänger, or rather, any Perova doppelgänger to break the hybrid curse that was placed upon him. But of course, literally everyone thinks it's the Sun and Moon Curse. Which leads me to wonder, how exactly do they know this curse – even if it's the fake, made up version of it? They didn't have anything to do with it before, except for Elena, the doppelgänger. And I'm pretty sure they're not stupid enough to go looking for trouble with the Big Bad, whom is unfortunately my husband.

Caroline kept her hands at her hips and stared at me intensely.

"NOPE! NO, no, no, no, NO! Did I mention NO?!" I ask, practically spitting the words as I stared at her stubborn and determined look. You want to be stubborn and difficult? Well, I can be stubborn and difficult as well. You guys are not the only one here with the capability to do that.

Suddenly, I felt myself being lifted off the ground and whooshed over to the inside of the house. My hands were held captive behind my back with who I'm guessing was Stefan.

"Stop! Shh…shh." Damon calmed me down and placed both his hands on my shoulders to make me go still. I pretended to comply only to knee him in the crotch a few seconds later and head-butted Stefan. As Damon stood straight, I threw him to the other side of the wall and flung Stefan to be right beside him.

I looked at Alaric, expecting to see his disappointed face only to find myself lost. He was looking as amused as ever, with pride written all over his face.

However, I didn't have time to dwell on it since the Salvatore brothers both rammed me into the wall opposite theirs. I quickly pulled myself away from the wall, flipping my blonde hair to the side and gave them a smirk. A façade is a façade after all.

As I was about to charge on Damon and Stefan, a flash of blonde came between us and well… both men find themselves being held up by their necks on the wall.

Impressive, Caroline! I mentally cheered her to go on.

"Enough!" She barked and I raised an eyebrow, not sure whether to feel proud that she would be brave enough to speak like that to not only two, but three vampires older than her that could easily kill her or to feel insulted and berated because of all that 'I'm an Original, show me some respect' crap.

I raised my hands in a mocking manner and smirked once more. "Hey, I'm the victim here." I said, humour lacing every syllable. I was just one seconds away to burst laughing in the ground. After a while of a staring eye battle with the one and only, Caroline Forbes, I gave in and sighed, completely annoyed. "Fine." I gritted out grudgingly.

"But if you end up dead, don't blame me." I shrugged nonchalantly, thinking of it as a joke. "Oops." I muttered, seeing the look on everyone's faces.

Fishing my phone out of my pocket, I immediately dialled Alec.

"Alec!" I called out to him from over the phone when he answered.

"What is it, Angel?" He asked. He sounds tired, wonder who could have made him so. Do you sense the sarcasm?

"He gets to call you Angel?!" Damon ask-demands with his eyebrows furrowed, seeming to have completely forgotten our little spat just a minute ago. I rolled my eyes at him. "Child man." I mumbled.

I noticed that for some reason, Ric was glaring holes at me, then at my phone, before it settled on me. The amused look completely wiped from his face

"Get Jace on the phone!" I demanded sternly. "He wouldn't pick up my calls. Which is weird. He usually answers on the very the first ring." I explained with obviousness lacing my tone.

"Don't bother. He's busy dealing with his new seelie girlfriend." He sighed with a hint of hurt in his voice. My heart went out to him. He was completely and utterly in love with Jace and the latter is too blind to see it.

"Why the hell would he put those bunch of… hobbit-eared people over me?" I ask confused. What the hell?! He needs to set his priorities straight! Alec, Izzy, Max and me comes first! Then Maryse and Robert, then the Clave, then the Madame Inquisitor, then his job, then the Shadow World, then those manipulative, yet God damn hot species that happens to be his type for one-night-stands and those on-and-off relationships.

"Well you tell that playboy that I'm gonna go there and personally kick his ass if he doesn't get his head right!" I practically yelled.

"And you know where I get my temper from!" I remind him with a stomp of my foot.

"Calm down, Princess. I was just back from training." Jace's voice was heard from the other side, explaining why he was M.I.A.

"No, don't you 'calm down, Princess' me! I was WORRIED SICK about you!" I swear when I get my hands on him…that piece of crap.

"Anyways, how's my soon-to-be-married-again sister doing?" His tone turns into a teasing one.

Everyone's head directly whipped to my direction and I just stand there, nervous and pissed. Why the hell did he have to uncover this piece of my information, now?! Of all the times!

"Jonathan Cristopher Wayland-Lightwood, I'm going to kill you!" I hissed with a hint of menace in my tone. And boy do I mean it!

"Can you boys please calm down, mother is here." Izzy's voice suddenly came out of nowhere, informing us, well more like informing Jace and Alec that mom just came, politely telling them to shut the f**k up.

Must be her monthly check-up to see if things are going down alright in the Institute.

"Izzy!" I exclaimed in happiness of hearing my sister's voice again.

"Angelika Varennikov Wayland-Lightwood soon to be Penhallow! Where the hell are you?! You're supposed to be here, in the Institute! Preparing for YOUR wedding!" Oh, I forgot how much of an earful she could be.

Why the hell are all my sisters like that?! First Rebekah, then Caroline, and now Isabelle. Good Lord, they are so infuriating! But no matter what, I love them to the core. And nothing can ever change that.

"She's not getting married to anybody." Ric suddenly hissed while yanking the phone from my hand before ending the call, his eyes seemingly darker.

"Ric! What the hell was that?!" I whined. God, I was terrible at whining. Even Damon Salvaore who I bet falls for Elena's whining every time cringed.

"I just saved you from the mistake of your life." He spat with a stern glare.

I internally rolled my eyes at his protectiveness. I know he's supposed to be my dad and all, but he doesn't get to make my decisions for me. I'm technically and literally still older than him.

"I'll get married if I want to." I said with an attitude while fishing my other phone out, this time, an IPhone.

"Jace!" I shrieked into the phone after the third ring.

"Who the hell were those?" He asked, confusion lacing his voice, but also a hint of irritation and anger.

"Old family." I shrugged nonchalantly.

"Anyways, I'll be staying here for a little while longer. I've got to deal with a problem named…Klaus." I said over the phone and simply stood silent, waiting for his reaction.



Well, uh… There goes the boom.