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Down in the depth of Hell, the ground shakes like an major earthquake and then the hellfire surface imploded. The monsters of Hell stop whatever they were doing, they just stood there look like they've saw something worse than death or going to the Void to face the judgment of the illegal crimes. There's a sudden scream of delight and an demonic laughter echoed through Tartarus. The monsters look deadly pale. The chains of the Gods broke in pieces as the chain of the Gods broke the monsters gulped and seemed to praying to every single patrons that they knew to save them from the wrath of the banish hero.

"Guess who's back," Percy Jackson cackled evilly, and then yelled out as loud as Tartarus could hear. "IT'S PERCY JACKSON, BITCHES!"

"Fuck," One of cursed under their breath. "We're so fucking doomed!"
Percy put a smile on his face, and it's made the monsters even more worried and paler than before. Whatever is Percy Jackson thinking won't be good.

"I won't hurt you-" The monsters stupidity look at him like he is their hero or a savior. "-in return I want you to be on my army. Sound pretty sweet deal?"

The monsters paled, if they join the army...Only Fates knows what will happen to them. Demigods and Olympians will kill them again like when they joined Kronos during the second Titan War. Wait...The person who defeated Kronos...No other than Percy Jackson! The monster's face brighten again. They have their savior in their side! They will win and destroy the Olympus and demigods once for all! Ha! Take that Olympians, you're going down!

"Yess," One of the monsters hissed like a snake. "I will be honored to join you Perseussss Jackssson."

Percy smiled like a madman. "Very well. Swear on a River Styx and Chaos name to prove your loyalty to mine."
The monster's eyes widened. He must be very serious then.

"Very well, Perseus Jackson," The monsters said. "I, (list of monsters races), swear on the River Styx and Chaos name that my loyalty to you not Kronos."

The noxious inferno grew even more blazing, and then ashes floating to the ground like a dirty fakes of snow, showering onto everything like it's willing to devoured everything in its path. The hellish ground rumbled.

The monsters paled. Tartarus seemed to be indignant at his mother's (?) name.

"Oh shut up Tartarus." Percy said as he glared at the hellfire. The ground rumbled once more. Percy rolled his eyes. "Don't be such a dissatisfied about your mother's when she locked up you here for centuries. Don't be pouty."

The ground rumbled like Tartarus 'trying' to tell Percy to shut up.
Percy cackled and then look at the crowd of monsters, he grinned insanely. "Hey," He spoke. "Which one of you have teleportation? I want to visit...A certain 'friend' of mine. I just want to say hello to them."

"Um. That would be me," One of them said nervously. "My name is Umbra. It's means shadow in Old Latin...I'm the last kind of my species since most of them faded away in the early sixth century. I can teleport, but my teleportation can only last for five or fifteen minutes, if I'm lucky enough."

Percy smiled a little. "Sweet." Umbra smirked proudly. "My lord, where do you want me to teleport you?" Percy paused and then grinned like a madman. "Camp Half-Blood, if you please."

"Very well." Umbra nodded and then touch Percy's arm and then Percy disappeared in smoke.

- At the location of Camp Half-Blood-

"Dionysus! You are back!" Chiron said, look surprised. "You are certainly early."

Dionysus look deadly pale and look at Chiron and then about to say something, but it never came.

Chiron look at God of Wine weirdly. "Are you alright Mr. D? You look like you are going to be sick."

"P-Percy…" Dionysus mumbled. Chiron froze. Whatever Dionysus saying the person's name correctly...Either means something really bad happen or he is really happy, but he doesn't seem very happy…

"What do you mean by that Mr. D?"

"P-Percy...Jackson...Is...Back." Dionysus wheezed slowly and then shivering by its name.

Chiron paled. "Oh cra —!"

"HELLO FUCKERS," A certain man yelled in evil laugher. "Guess who's back?!"

Chiron seemed aged himself seventies years old. "Oh dear gods of the Olympus."

Percy saw his former trainer, he grinned mischievously. "Yo mutt! It's like...I don't know — maybe a motherfucking millennium!?" He yelled.

Chiron paled a little and most of the campers stunned and the immortal campers look like they have been punched in the face. "Oh Styx!"

Percy cackled. "You guys are rather lucky that I am not here to kill you...Yet. I'm here to warned you that your doomsday is near. I thought it will be so boring, if I win so quickly. I wanted to play."

Jake scoffed. "You're lying. You half-blood traitor." Jake said harshly. Percy's smile turned into cold hearted glare. "I'm no longer a half-blood you fool. I'm Lady Chaos' destroyer and her beloved champion." He smirked as the Jake's and others paled in realization. He is quite enjoying this. "And I'm the Ancient Prisoner of the Gods, but not anymore. I. Am. Free! At last! To refill my revenge!" He give his last evil laughter and then vanished in smoke.

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