Chapter 1: Awakening

r/WritingPrompts: [EU] You wake up as Harry Potter, but with all your current knowledge. Write how you beat Voldemort.

Neat idea. Maybe I'll write that story. Later. I've got a class test tomorrow and I'll need a good night's sleep.


Something's wrong.

Terribly wrong.

This isn't my bedroom.

This is... is this a cupboard?

Why does my body feel all wrong?

And why do I have this strange feeling in my forehead?

Oh, Fuck.

I am Harry Potter.

How the bloody hell did this happen?

I feel like I should panic right now.

Or maybe not?

No, I somehow managed to end up in a fictional universe, in the body of a fictional kid, with the piece of a fictional murderous madman stuck in my head. My fictional relatives hate me, I'm going to go to a fictional school where I'm going to be attacked more times than I can count by fictional enemies including, but not limited to a mountain troll, a murderous plant. a possessed teacher, a tree, a group of giant talking spiders, a murdersnake, a diary, soul-sucking demons, a dragon, merpeople, a rat-man, the murderous madman and soul-sucking demons again and then I'm going to be dragged into a freaking civil war.

And I'm probably never going to see my actual family again.

Panicking is totally appropriate in this situation.


Okay, I think I panicked enough. The situation is pretty bad, but not as bad as I immediately thought.

For the record, I'm still pretty sure I won't see my family again. In canon Harry got moved out of the cupboard after the first Hogwarts letter in 1991 so the current time is before that. My real parents, if they exist in this alternate reality where magic exists, haven't even met each other.

I'm also pretty sure that I'm in trouble. Canon Harry nearly dies a ton of times and I don't think I can rely on plot armor.

But I, in contrast to clueless canon Harry, know what's coming. Somewhat. It's been a while since I've read the books and my head-canon is filled with tropes from fanfiction where I have no idea if certain things are canon or not.

I also happen to be 18 years old and I have completed like 95% of my secondary education before I somehow ended up here, so I know a bit of science. That might help. Although I probably should avoid acting like Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres because I really don't want to have to deal with HPMoR's Super-Quirrelmort. I also don't want to be an arrogant asshole.

I'm also pretty sure that I can do magic. Actual, real magic.

So, it's not as helpless as I thought.

That's something, I guess.