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Nico woke up pissed off.

His head hurt and his skin felt tight and everything he was wearing felt way too warm to be comfortable.

Heat. He thought around the pain in his head.

I'm starting my heat. He realized with a groan.

Now frustrated for a totally difference reason Nico kicked off the covers on his bed and stretched out like a cat across the length of it.

He hated going into heat. It made his body rebel against him and kept his thoughts muddled. He couldn't train or fight or even find a comfortable way to lay down that didn't remind him of the beginning of the burning sensation in his lower half.

Worse yet, he was at camp this time. Which meant he'd have to stay locked away in his cabin for days unless he wanted some stupid Alpha trying to stake some kind of claim on him.

He might have been an Omega, but that sure as Hades didn't mean he was about to bare his neck to the first Alpha that thought bedding the only Omega child of the Big Three would be a walk in the park.

No, he'd suffered through heats alone since he was 13 because of the very simple fact that the very thought of taking an Alpha as a mate set his teeth on edge.

An Alpha would expect him to submit and try to control him.

Nico would never allow himself to become some Alpha's bitch just to avoid going through a little under a week of being really horny a couple of times a year.

Even if it felt like 12 weeks and he knew as it got worse he'd be in a state of mind that didn't care who was fucking him as long as his body was satisfied. Even if there were times he wanted nothing more than for someone to take care of him for once. To look after him like only a mate could ever be allowed to.

Either way, he was an Omega just starting an early heat and he knew if he didn't rush out and get supplies now he'd end up having to hope that someone would notice his absence and bring him food. Especially since he knew he was already too far gone to try and shadow travel far in his condition. Leaving later in his heat or even opening the door to his cabin during it was way too risky given the fact that the ratio of Alphas to Omegas in camp were not in his favor.

Alphas generally never showed him any interest when he wasn't in heat. Usually because his general vibe of 'Touch me and DIE" kept them away and because of his heritage. It was no secret that there was a special place in the Underworld for anyone that touched a son of Hades without his consent. But Alphas got stupid around Omegas in heat and even though he'd never had an issue before he'd heard enough horror stories to know it was dangerous to be out in his condition.

So he had to go now, before his change in scent became too noticeable. So with his sword providing a comforting weight on his back and his satchel over his arm he turned towards the doorway to his cabin.

He was lucky to have woken up as early as he had, any later and he would have risked having to travel amongst the early morning crowd. The sun was only just rising on the horizon when he stepped out of his cabin and noted with relief that not a single camper, satyr or druid was in sight.

His luck held as he made his way to the camp store and raided it of his favorite heat snacks. After packing it all away in his satchel and dropping a couple of drachma on the counter he raced out of the building as fast as he could, eager to try and get back into his cabin before he got too weak to function.

Of course, that was the moment his string of good luck ended.

He didn't see the other teen until it was too late and his body had collided with a lean orange clad chest at an uncomfortable speed.

Long arms wrapped around his frame and kept him from falling, but it only took one inhale for Nico to change from being grateful for that gesture to being terrified.

Alpha! His mind screamed.

In an instant he was thrashing and clawing at the arms around him; trying to grasp his sword and failing miserably.

No, No, No!

"Nico!" A familiar voice called to him through his panic.

Recognition flooded his system and chased away his first panicked impulse.

"Will?" He breathed back unsteadily.

The blonde looked at him with wide and worried eyes.

"Nico, what just happened? Are you okay? Is your PTSD acting up?"

Nico shivered with residual adrenaline as his head shook numbly in response to Will's questions.

He'd never realized just how scared he was of being forcefully mated before; never realized just how much the thought of that lost control frightened him.

He also hadn't realized he was panting and clinging to Will's chest until the blonde started rubbing his arms in a soothing manner.

The harder Nico panted the more Will's scent filled his lungs and the easier it felt to breathe.

There was no doubt that Will was an Alpha and that he smelled heavily like one, but beneath that scent was a dozen others that helped chased Nico's fears away.

Camp, the infirmary, smores. He even had a little of Nico's own scent on him from their time together the night before playing Mythomagic in his cabin.

His mind had a hard time dealing with the conflicting information within it that Will was an Alpha, but Will was safe too.

"Nico?" The blonde asked again, confusion lacing his words.

The Italian steadied his breathing as zaffre blue eyes looked down at him with concern.

"I need to get back to my cabin." He admitted shakily.

Nico could see it in his eyes the moment Will realized why he needed to get away. The moment the blonde realized what was happening and his hands stopped moving and his back straightened.

The raven tensed for a million different reactions that he expected, but never came.

Instead Will withdrew from Nico's personal space so slowly it looked nearly painful as he backed up to the point that there was a good foot of space between them.

He didn't look at Nico as he fished around his pocket and pulled out something that looked like a container of lip balm.

Nico kept himself just as still as Will had been a moment before as he watched the blonde coat his fingers in the goo from the vial and rub it under his nostrils.

As soon as it was applied Will took a deep breath through his nose and looked up again.

"Okay." He exhaled with determination.

Nico felt his own body relax in time with Will's as the blonde's eyes focused in on him again with none of the feralness he expected of an Alpha this close to an Omega starting a heat.

He could tell that Will was in full medic mode now and it was one of the most relieving sights that Nico had ever seen.

"I can't smell you now." Will explained gently, lifting the tiny container to show that it contained a mix that nullified his ability to smell anything.

The blonde glanced down to the satchel at Nico's side and back to the camp store.

"Did you get everything you need? As head medic I'm allowed to grab anything I need, so if it's not a matter of drachma if it's something for your heat."

Nico nodded even as his hands held onto his satchel tighter.

Will couldn't smell him now, but he could still smell Will. He could still smell Will's reaction to him too.

"I just need to get back." He admitted slowly before looking up and meeting Will's eyes again.

"Walk me?" He requested hesitantly.

Will's spine straightened even more as he nodded.

"Of course." He agreed quickly.

They'd walked together a million times since Nico had come to stay at camp full time, but never like this. Never with Nico clutching his satchel so tight his hands ached and never with Will walking a full foot away from him the whole time.

The Italian couldn't help glancing sideways at Will the whole time they were walking back and noticing how the blonde's eyes were always scanning the area around them for threats.

It made something warm blossom in Nico's chest.

The act was so Alpha-ish and yet so Will that it brought a smile to his face.

He felt safe for the first time since he'd stepped outside his cabin that morning and it felt good. It had been so long since he'd asked someone to help him when he really needed it; when he was at his most vulnerable. The thought alone of not just any Alpha, but Will, taking care of him made his inner Omega purr.

Will was still scanning the area with his eyes by the time they were halfway to cabin 13 and began talking.

"I'll tell Chiron that you'll be preoccupied the next few days and not to bother you. I'll also mark the dates in your medical file so that next time we can have a room in the infirmary set up if you need it. We have pre and post heat packages at the infirmary too with vitamins, suppressants and birth-control. Did you get enough water at the camp store? Dehydration is the number one cause of heat and post heat complications."

Nico licked his lips nervously as Will rambled on.

"I've got water bottles, plus my own bathroom and sink." He reminded the blonde.

Will's expression of calmness broke for just a moment as he blushed.

"Right, of course. Sorry." He mumbled.

They didn't talk for the rest of the trip and Nico didn't know whether he was grateful for that or not.

When they finally arrived at the doorstep of Cabin 13 Nico couldn't help but linger a moment in the doorway.

"Will?" He asked softly.

The blonde went from looking down at his shoes to up at Nico with noticeable reluctance from the bottom of the porch stairs.

"Yeah?" He answered just as quietly.

"Thank you." Nico breathed. "Thank you for…..everything."

Will looked both flushed and confused.

"For what?"

Nico felt his own face darken as he answered.

"For stepping back. For walking me here. For helping without expecting me to…..you know."

"Nico." Will responded in his most expatriatedly fond voice; the same one he used whenever Nico thanked him for silly things. "I'm your friend. It wouldn't have been right for me to do anything less."

"Still." Nico argued. "It means a lot to me to know that you…You care about me whether I'm in heat or not. That you don't treat me any different either way."

Will's answering smile was blinding.

"You're still Nico no matter what. I won't ever treat you any different just because you have a different designation than me. Remember that okay? And make sure you stop by the infirmary when you're feeling better so I can give you a check up. I'll have a post heat care package all set up for you."

Will turned on his heels before Nico would respond and the raven didn't know if he was grateful or disappointed about that.

He almost called him back.


His heat lasted a whole week. Longer than any of his previous by two days.

Yet he didn't hate every minute of it like usual.

Not when zaffre blue eyes and a flushed freckle face seemed to be the only thing he could think of. The only thing that got him through the long hazy hours.

When those same zaffre blue eyes met his a week later he couldn't help but wonder if someday, maybe, the idea of a safe Alpha wouldn't seem so impossible.

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