Nico had a horrible flashback of that morning so long ago when he'd run into Will outside of the camp store and had freaked out from the mere whiff of an Alpha's scent during his pre-heat. Only the fact that it had been Will had kept him calm enough to not lash out.

But this wasn't Will. His boyfriend would never shove him to the ground and tear at his clothes. He'd never pull at Nico's hair and press his face into the floor.

"Gods you smell good." A gravelly, and vaguely familiar, voice hissed.

Nico struggled against the bigger Alpha's hold until he caught a glimpse of the monster holding him down.

It was a son of Aries. A crude boy named Eric that had only been at camp a couple of months. Nico had seen him around camp before; he'd even helped train the bastard when he'd first arrived. But it had become clear very early on in his stay that Eric wasn't about to listen to an Omega about training. It seemed like finding out he was a Demigod and an Alpha had boosted Eric's opinion of himself even higher than it already had been; which meant it now put skyscrapers to shame.

Nico knew the other teen had issues, even with the Omegas within his own cabin, but he'd been so wrapped up in his relationship with Will that a single arrogant Alpha roaming the camp hadn't seemed as big a deal as it would have been before he'd become involved with the blonde.

Now he cursed himself for being so unobservant, for daring to open his door without checking that Will was really the one on the other side.

All those years of worrying and on the cusp of being claimed, of finally being sure that no other Alpha would dare lay hands on him again, this happened.

Anger, fiercer than any he'd ever known before bubbled up inside of him like lava from an active volcano.

How dare this Alpha touch him? How dare he touch the nest Nico had so carefully crafted for himself and his mate?

Eric gripped the back of his head tighter and pressed his erection lewdly against Nico's backside.

"You should be grateful I'm even here Corpse Breath. This is the only time your scrawny ass has ever smelled like anything but death. What other Alpha than that weak ass sun boy would have you? You're just a weak little-"

Whatever Eric had meant to say next was drowned out the force of the quaking of the ground all around them.

Before Eric could even utter a curse both teens were sinking into the shadows beneath them.

Eric kicked and screamed against the inky blackness, but Nico merely sunk into his element with all the ease that Percy would have dove into the sea.

The earth was still trembling as badly as Nico had been before his opening the door to Eric, but the Italian himself didn't quiver with it.

The son of Aries landed on the ground with a sickening thud from the shadow of a tree branch just outside of the Hades cabin as the son of Hades himself rose from the shadow of his own cabin like a monster from the Underworld.

Campers halted in their tracks as the ground kept shaking under them, all eyes trained on the angrily thrashing shadows surrounding the raven haired teen.

"What." Nico began darkly as his eyes pinned a trembling Eric to the ground. "Made you think that you could dare to lay your hands on me?" He snarled lowly.

Every camper in 50 foot radius heard his words despite their volume and took a step back.

They knew how powerful Nico was. They knew what he could do.

But clearly the unworthy Alphas at camp needed a demonstration.

Nico narrowed his eyes and the temperature seemed to lower with them.

"I am Nico di Angelo: the son of Hades." He declared coldly as the grass withered beneath his feet.

"I am the Ghost King. A veteran of the Titan War and the Battle against Gaea." He announced to the now cowering Alpha.

Cracks in the earth began appearing all around the other teen as Nico's anger built.

"More than that." He hissed. "I am to be the mate of Will Solace and no one other than him will ever lay their hands on me without my permission."

White shapes began to rise from the cracks in the earth.

"Least of all a worthless Alpha like you." Nico finished with a glare.

By the time he had stopped speaking the shapes had arranged themselves into the form their master wanted. Half a dozen skeletons stood in a circle around the pair as Eric's eyes tried to figure out where was the least terrifying place to look; knowing only that it certainly wasn't Nico di Angelo.

Still, that was exactly where his eyes landed as Nico shadow traveled himself out of the circle.

"Remember that the next time you try to lay your hands on a 'weak little Omega'." Nico warned before nodding his head at the nearest skeleton.

Instantly the entire group of undead warriors parted to allow gaps to form between them.

Nico met Eric's confused look with a smirk.

"Run." He breathed.

Eric didn't need to be told twice. He was out of the circle and being chased by the skeletal hoard before anyone could stop them.

The son of Hades watched them go with a look of pure satisfaction.

His greatest fear had occurred, an Alpha had tried to force themselves upon him during his heat, but he'd survived. More than that, he'd proven to the whole camp and himself that even in the midst of being at his weakest physical point he was still strong enough to make an Alpha run in terror.

If only just.

As soon as Eric was out of view Nico noted the edges of his vision blurring. Even in his normal state using his powers was draining, but during a heat it felt twice as bad. Specks of light flickered before his eyes and it took a minute for him to blink them away and refocus; long enough for his personal source of light to come right into his view.

"Will." He breathed in relief.

Warm arms wrapped tightly around his waist as Nico found himself nuzzling against his boyfriend's chest.

"Gods Nico, are you okay? Did he hurt you? Do I need to get you to the infirmary?" The blonde questioned frantically.

Nico felt himself laugh lightly at the blonde's worry as warm hands trailed up and down his arms in order to check him for any injury.

The Italian felt weak and loopy, but none of that seemed to matter now. His Alpha was there. There and warm and real.

"Ti amo mi Tesoro" He muttered before his entire vision blackened.

Nico woke up disoriented. Hadn't he been outside?

He also felt warm. So very warm.


Nico blinked a few times until the world came into focus again.

Will was laid out alongside him like something out of one of Nico's dreams; radiating warmth and surrounded by the soft material of the Italian's nest.

"Will?" He asked groggily.

Instantly tender fingers were at his face and stoking his cheeks.

"Thank the Gods. I've never seen an Omega use that much demigod power during a heat before. I didn't know if the nectar and ambrosia I had on hand would be enough."

Nico's eyes looked around as his body automatically curled into Will's touch.

They were in the very center of Nico's nest. A mishmash of the clothes that smelled strongest like the two of them and encircling Nico's mattress on all sides. String lights hung intertwined with bandages all around the room to offer them faint light to see by and little pockets of food and water encircled them on all sides.

Nico had been so proud of it and he didn't even get to see Will's expression when he first saw it like he'd dreamed about.

Warm unbidden tears rose up within him. This wasn't how he wanted his first heat with Will to start. Instantly Will was wiping at the wetness on his cheeks.

"Oh Sunshine. It's okay. I'm here. Eric is long gone by now. You're safe."

Nico just cried harder. "I shouldn't…..I shouldn't have opened the door…I promised I'd only open it for you." He wept bitterly.

Will leaned close enough to literally kiss his tears away before whispering fiercely.

"You didn't do anything wrong Angel. Eric should never have come near your cabin. He knows the camp rules about not going near an Omega in heat unless the Omega asks for them. Chiron will make sure he's punished severely if he even comes back after your guards catch him."

Anger flashed darkly in the eyes of the sun kissed teen.

"And if he wants to find out what an angry healer can do with all their medical knowledge and a grudge."

Nico smiled at the threat. "That's my Alpha." He exhaled proudly.

A shiver went down Will's spine.

"I should have been there. I'm your Alpha. You shouldn't have had to fight in your condition."

Still sniffling a little, but feeling calmer, Nico curled closer to his love.

"I think it was a battle I need to fight myself. To prove to myself that I could fight off an Alpha at my absolute weakest when everything in my body told me to submit. It's been my greatest fear for a long time. But now…..I know it's a battle I can win."

He dropped a kiss to Will's throat.

"A battle I don't have to fight alone."

"I didn't…." Will began remorsefully. "You didn't need me."

Nico pulled back enough to catch his gaze.

"You still don't get it Will. I don't need a comrade in arms or a guard."

Nico looked at him so endearingly.

"You protect the things I can't defend with my powers. You just being there gives me a reason to fight."

Nico made a soft sound in the back of his throat.

"Eric tried to take my choice away. To ruin this for us."

The arms wrapped around him tightened.

"If I didn't know you'd still be here. That you'd still want me and want to take care of me after what just happened, it would have destroyed me. He could have so easily taken away my trust in all Alphas. He could have made me think I wasn't anything more than an Omega to fuck when the urge struck."

Nico's eyes grew so bright.

"Surviving a battle means more than living Will. What comes after is just as important. The trust I felt for you in that moment I fell into your arms. That you would take care of me. That was how you protected me; that was how I needed you-That was how you saved me."

Nico made a vague gesture to where they were.

"You brought me to a safe place and gave me ambrosia."

Nico sniffled again as he tried to get even closer to his Alpha.

"You watched over me while I slept."

Nico took note of Will's own condition before continuing.

The blonde's eyes were dilated and his breathing was shallow. His body was noticeably warmer than usual and the heavy scent of the scent suppressor Will used to be around Omega's in pre-heat without being too affected hung thickly between them.

It must have been agony for him to be in a nest made specifically with him in mind, with his mate to be, and not be able to do anything more than worry and fret.

"You didn't lose control." Nico whispered in loving awe.

Will swallowed thickly before nuzzling into Nico's hair.

"I…I've been trying not to breathe too much." Will admitted bashfully.

A fresh wave of love overcame Nico at those words.

"I picked the best Alpha." He boasted quietly.

Will whimpered a bit at that before carefully pulling back as much as he could seem to force himself.

"I…..I can wait. Or leave…..if you need more time."

Every part of Nico recoiled at the idea.

"No!" He insisted firmly. Every bit of fight drained out of him as he all but clung to the blonde. "Don't leave me." He begged.

Will instantly tried to soothe him. "Never Angel. Not while you want me."

The Italian relaxed at the words.

"I need you now Will." He admitted. Then he bashfully added "Do you still want me?"

Will let out a throaty groan at the question as he wiped away the gel from under his nose.

"I've treated hundreds of Omega patients and none of them have ever smelled a fraction as good as you do right now Sunshine."

Warm hands slide up Nico's shirt till the material was over his shoulders.

"Or made me feel this wanted."

A kiss landed on the center of the raven's chest.

"Or captured my heart so completely." He admitted with care.

Nico beamed around his blush as he shimmied out of his sweatpants and boxers.

"Then make me yours Will." He ordered; eagerly following his heat driven instincts now that he was finally safe in the presence of his mate to be.

The blonde scooped him up and placed him in his lap, one hand cupping his face and the other carding through his hair.

Nico caught his lips in a kiss that made the world spin around him in dazzling patterns. The pair only parted long enough for Will to be stripped of his own top and jeans before Nico was back on his love and ravishing his mouth like he was a dying man and Will's lips held the only nectar left in all the realms.

"Gods Sunshine." Will gasped when they parted for breath.

Nico could only make a needy sound in response as he tugged weakly at Will's boxers in a way that clearly showed that they weren't where he wanted them.

"Please." He begged heatedly.

Will instantly complied with his request and as he threw the last piece of clothing over his shoulder Nico took note of the box that they landed on.

The box with the birth control pills.

Nico froze at the sudden reminder of his earlier stress.

"Nico?" The blonde questioned hazily, clearly not understanding what had stilled his soon to be lover.

The raven gulped down a rush of bile in his throat as he reached out for the small packet of pills in the box. He slide back down onto his blonde's lap without making a sound and the silence worried the teen beneath him.

"Nico?" He questioned quietly.

"I'll take them." Nico offered with barely withheld sorrow. "I'll take them for you."

Will blinked hard a few times as his lust clouded mind tried to process what the raven was offering.

"You should have taken the pre-heat vitamins beforehand; they won't do any good now." He explained with confusion.

Nico shook his head violently.

"The birth control pills." He explained sadly. "I haven't taken them yet."

That seemed to clear some of the haze from Will's head.

"Yet?" He questioned with downcast eyes. Then "I…..I didn't know you were going to." He admitted weakly. Followed by an even softer "But whatever you want Love."

Nico gulped again.

He didn't want to take them. He was half convinced he'd end up throwing them up if he even tried. But if it was what Will wanted…..

Hazel's words rang in his ear. "Talk to him about your worries. Don't let them ruin this for you."

"I don't want to take them." The raven admitted weakly.

Will's eyes rose at that. "I don't want you to either." He admitted with a timid grin.

The raven felt every muscle in his body un-tense with that single sentence.

"I saw them in the box and I thought…." Nico offered in explanation.

The blonde caressed his face. "That was in case you changed your mind Sunshine. I know what I want, but it's your body. You get the final say."

Nico was nearly buoyant with relief. "I know what I want too." He explained happily; right before he chucked the pills as far out of sight as he could manage.

"I want to make sure I'm definitely on pre-natal meds by next week."

Will's eyes lost most of their blue coloring as they nearly full dilated at the thought.

"I….I think I can help you with that Sunshine." He muttered in a low voice.

Nico grinned down at him.

"I think you can too Tesoro."

Will cradled Nico's face between his palms and looked at the younger teen with a reverence most people reserved for their deities. (At least those who didn't know them personally).

"You know that I've never….." He blonde admitted with a blush.

Nico's face mimicked his soon to be mate's as he nodded back.

"I haven't either."

Warm hands caressed his cheeks.

"I promise that I'll try to make this as pleasurable as possible for you. You just say the word if there's anything you aren't comfortable with."

Nico nodded again before insisting. "You too."

Will pulled the raven forward and into a lingering kiss to seal their promise to each other.

"Next time that door opens we'll be walking out as mates." Will added happily.

Nico flashed him a mischievous grin. "Only if a certain son of Apollo finally lets me know where my claiming mark is going to be."

Will flashed him his own seductive smile.

"You'll know where it is the moment I give it to you."

Nico moaned lowly at the though as his hips rolled instinctively against his boyfriend.

This time he got some actual friction as the blonde pulled him closer into his lap.

The son of Apollo could see Nico sinking into his heat completely as his own pupils dilated and hazed: a sure sign that the blonde would have to take the lead from that point on and make sure his Omega was taken care of.

"I want this Will." Nico panted against the blonde's already sweat soaked skin.

The older teen hummed softly in response as his free hand trailed down Nico's spine until it reached his entrance. Slick was already dripping in preparation for what was to come. Will gathered some of it on his fingertips and lazily began tracing the raven's entrance.

"Gotta get you ready first." Will teased gently.

It was all Nico could do to cling to his boyfriend and make soft little whimpers of pleasure against his neck as Will did just that.

"Will please." He begged when the blonde seemed to be taking too long.

"You're almost ready Angel." Will assured him calmly.

Nico let out a moan so loud that the spirits in the Underworld must have heard it.

"I'm ready Will! Please I'm ready!" The raven all but sobbed in desperation.

Will shushed him like he was an unruly child even as he carefully withdrew his fingers and carefully wiped the excess slick onto his own throbbing cock.

"It won't feel good if we rush Sunshine. Trust me okay? Trust your Alpha."

Nico whimpered slightly at the request, but stopped squirming in the blonde's lap.

"I trust you Alpha." Was whispered after a pause.

The blonde rewarded him with a kiss on the cheek before nudging the Italian forward on his lap.

"I wanna see your pretty face while we make love Angel. You okay with ridding the first time?"

Nico nodded eagerly and barely kept himself contained as Will grasped his hips and helped line them up.

Nico let out the most delighted exhale of his life as he sunk down onto his boyfriend's cock.

"Oh Will…." He breathed blissfully.

The blonde barely bit back his own pleasured groan before catching his lover's lips in a kiss.

"Angel, you feel like heaven." He admitted when they parted.

Nico just laughed until the motion morphed it into a moan. "You're so corny." He gasped happily.

Will just kissed him again.

"You knew that before you decided to be my mate." He teased. "Can't change your mind now."

Nico laughed breathily again before leaning forward to kiss Will's neck.

"Wouldn't want to Tesoro."

Will played with the raven's hair for a moment before speaking "Ready Nico?"

The raven nodded and rose up just enough to leave only the tip of Will's cock inside him.

The screech he made when he came back down was loud enough to be heard all the way to Camp Jupiter.

Will was barely any quieter as his grip on the raven's hips got even firmer.

A pleased growl rose up in his throat as Nico threw back his head and moaned his pleasure to the universe.

"Harder." He begged; even as he set an already bruising pace.

Will eagerly complied, completely unable to take his eyes off the sight of his love enjoying himself so entirely.

Nico looked angelic in that moment with his skin shining with perspiration and his head thrown back in ecstasy. So bright. So alive.

"Please." The raven begged lowly.

Will gripped his hips tighter and made a point of thrusting up every time Nico thrust down.

That drove the son of Hades absolutely wild as he clawed at Will's shoulders for leverage. The blonde was hitting the spot inside him that made his vision blur and he never wanted it to stop.

Already as wound up as he was from the day's events and the sight before him, Will knew this couldn't last long.

"You feel too good Angel." The blonde half warned, half gasped.

Nico whimpered at the words and thrust down harder.

"Yes, yes." He chanted up to the ceiling. "Knot me."

Will had been glowing on and off since the moment Nico's lips had first touched his skin and was casting patterns on the cloth surrounding them like a slowly spinning nightlight ever since.

It was a dazzling sight and Nico wasn't withheld it as he kept his eyes on the roof of his nest and watched it play out like an abstract shadow show meant for only him to see.

It was like seeing exactly what he was feeling represented in a kaleidoscope of light and shadow. Every flash a wave of pleasure; every curling shadow a touch of Will's hand on his skin. It was like watching their love making playing out before his eyes.

When Nico finally looked down at this light's source, at the man he planned on spending the rest of his life with, everything fell into place as the rest of him fell apart.

He screamed his pleasure to the world as his cock painted Will's stomach white and his body all but convulsed on top of the blonde.

Will's eyes went literally luminescent at the feel of Nico clenching around him and not a moment later his knot was catching inside of Nico and filling him with wave after wave of cum.

Nico whimpered at the feel of it as his hips continued to roll instinctively down as much as they could. Will ran soothing hands up and down his sides as they both came down from the high of their climaxes. In return Nico wrapped his arms around Will's neck and buried his face into golden curls.

When they'd both finally caught their breath Will wrapped his arms around the raven and placed slow wet kisses on every part of him that he could reach.

"You okay?" He asked quietly.

Nico nodded into his curls, but otherwise remained silent and still.

Will didn't move much either. Just played with the end of Nico's hair with one hand and used the other to lightly stroke the younger's back. They were still tied together and every once in a while one of them would move to settle better and cause residual waves of pleasure to shoot through them both.

They stayed together like that until Will's knot had gone down and then the blonde carefully turned them so that they were both resting on their sides and facing each other.

Once settled he reached out and brushed the hair from Nico's face.

"I picked the best Omega." He bragged with an adoring grin.

Nico's answering smile had its own glow as he leaned into Will's touch.

"Will you mark me next time?" He asked softly, already looking like he was going to drift off any second.

"Next time or the time after." Will calmly promised as he carded his fingers gently through a dozing Nico's hair.

"Heats last longer once your body knows it's got a mate to share it with. We have plenty of time."

Nico hummed sleepily and curled into Will's chest.

"I love you Will." He breathed against the blonde's throat, not even realizing that this was the first time he'd ever said the words to Will in English before.

Will wrapped his arms around him and pressed them even closer together; happy to hear the words, but not surprised. He'd never needed to hear that Nico loved him to know it.

"I love you too Nico." He whispered before kissing the raven's forehead.

They drifted off beneath the glow of the string lights; both dreaming of the beginning of the next chapter of their lives.

They made love for a week straight; enjoying Nico's heat until it was nothing but embers.

Till Nico's torso was a patchwork of hickies and Will's hair had been yanked in every direction possible at least a dozen times.

Till a claiming mark was sunk down deep into Nico's shoulder in a place where no one could ever miss it; until both were sure that Nico had to be pregnant.

In between their moments of passion that they shared each other in just as intimate ways. They bathed together, ate together, and many other things. But more than anything, they talked. They talked about how many kids they wanted. About how they would try and turn parts of Camp Halfblood into something like Camp Jupiter had. Places where Demigods could remain after their training ended. Places where demigod children could be raised away from monsters.

They talked about Will moving into the Hades Cabin full time and Nico meeting Naomi Solace in person over winter break for the first time as Will's mate.

In the quietest of whispers they even discussed names.

Michael di Angelo for a boy. Bianca Solace for a girl. Whichever they had first would determine which surname they both decided to go by. They even playfully debated the number they wanted; Will insisting that 5 was a lucky number and Nico arguing that an even 6 would be better. They'd argued until it escalated into a pillow fight and then devolved into something hotter.

Will's fingertips seldom strayed far from Nico's stomach after their second day of love making. He was too curious to find out if his healing abilities would let him know so early on if Nico was pregnant or if he'd have to wait till later on to determine pregnancy.

He'd never been near anyone earlier than 2 months pregnant, but he'd been able to tell from a touch alone that they were with child.

Will had wanted to see if he could feel the instant it took. The very moment life took root inside his mate. Nico, to his credit, only laughed a little at how Will's touches felt like tender tickles against his abdomen rather than anything medical.

"Do you feel different?" Will asked time and time again.

Nico merely smiled at him every time. "I feel really loved." He admitted; right before touching his backside. "Really loved and really sore."

It amazed him how after a literal week of sex Will still blushed like a virgin every single time he said something like that.

"Plus." Nico added with a grin. "You're more likely to be the one of the two of us to start glowing any time soon Tesoro."

Will would have normally gotten embarrassed by the reminder of his occasional luminescence, but instead his features grew thoughtful.

"Wonder if they'll take after you or me. If they'll summon sunlight or skeletons."

Nico huffed out a breath of laughter. "With our genes? They'll probably summon the sunniest skeletons in the Underworld." Nico pushed him playfully before adding. "Or Casper." He teased just to hear Will laugh. He could listen to that forever and never tire of it. "With your genes Tesoro? I can only guarantee one thing for sure."

Nico leaned forward to caress his mate's cheek.

"They'll be beautiful." He breathed adoringly.

Will caught his hand and held it against his sun kissed skin.

"Beautiful and powerful; just like you." He complimented back.

They didn't talk for a long time after that. They were too busy making really sure Nico was pregnant.

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