So for some reason, I am in the mood to right a Ronnie and Roxy fanfiction again! It is set in 2007 so just before they come to the square. They are still in Ibiza but will shortly be returning to Walford for Stella and Phil's wedding. Please review and let me know what you think :)

Charlotte "Lottie" Mitchell was just finishing brushing her hair when she heard her mother shouting on her.

"God I'm coming" the nearly 14 year old replied. Her mother was always having a go at her about something. She ran down and the stairs and noticed. Her sister at the outside table with her mother Veronica "Ronnie" Mitchell standing behind her brushing her hair.

Liberty "Libby" Mitchell was the younger of the two sisters. She had not long turned 11 and according to her mother was the perfect angel. If only Ronnie knew the truth. Lottie knew exactly what her sister was like but she daren't tell her mother.

Lottie and Ronnie's relationship could be described as rocky. Perhaps it was because they were so alike. Lottie was only a couple of mothers from her 14th birthday and her hormones were clearly all over the place. Lottie didn't feel that she had a good enough relationship with her mother to speak to her about all the challenges she was going through. If Ronnie would take her eyes off the club for two minutes then perhaps she would notice her daughter's struggles.

"Hurry up and eat your breakfast" Ronnie demanded from the outside table. Lottie grabbed herself a bowl of cereal before joining her mother and sister in the Spanish sun.

"Half way through the week, only two more days until the summer holidays" Ronnie said and both girls nodded.

"I'm so excited for the summer holidays" Libby said and Ronnie smiled. She kissed her youngest daughter on the head. She looked down at the girl. She was so like Roxy. She loved Libby being this age and was not looking forward to when the girl discovered boys. She knew it would be trouble.

Ronnie turned her head to look at her eldest.

"Lottie" Ronnie said and Lottie looked up at her mum.

"Is that a spot" Ronnie asked stepping closer to her daughter excitedly.

"Mum, leave me alone" Lottie shrieked.

"No, it needs to be squeezed" Ronnie said and Lottie sighed. She stood still as the woman squeezed the spot. Why did her mum have to make such a big deal of everything? That's one of the reasons she didn't feel able to speak to her mum about things. She knew that everyone would know about it if she dare spoke to Ronnie.

"Where is Auntie Roxy?" Libby asked.

"In bed, I have no idea if she is alone or not" Ronnie said laughing. Lottie blushed, she didn't want to think about what Roxy had been up to.

"Mum, why didn't you go out last night?" Libby asked.

"Because I have you two" Ronnie said ruffling her youngest daughter's hair.

"When can I go and party?" Libby asked.

"Not for a long time" Ronnie said laughing.

"Go and get your bags because the bus will be arriving soon" Ronnie demanded and both girls nodded. They grabbed their bags and headed to the front of the villa to look out for the bus.

The girls attended the islands international school which taught the English Curriculum. Ronnie had decided that it would be best for the girls, in case they moved back to England. She didn't have a plan to do so anytime but there was always the chance.

They arrived at the school and luckily they were starting to wind down for the summer. Libby would be moving to the secondary school building next term which she was very excited about. Lottie was already in the secondary building and had a lovely friend group. She wasn't one of the coolest girls but she was smart. Very smart and she was very pretty as well. She was just struggling to find her feet at the moment.

Both girls were relieved that the school day went quickly and due to it being the last week of term, no extra-curricular classes were on. The bus times had been moved meaning that the girls could go home straight after school finished. This also ensured that the girls would be able to see Ronnie before she left to go to the club.

Separately they found their way to the bus. They clambered on, Lottie sat near the front of the bus with a small group of her friends. She watched Libby get onto the bus. The girl was centre of attention as per usual and was flicking her hair about. Libby was even popular with the secondary children especially the boys only a year or two older than her but she did have a boyfriend already. His name was James and he was head of year with Libby. Lottie didn't like the fact that Libby had a boyfriend. It didn't sit well with her especially as it was James.

They arrived home and jumped off the bus. They didn't speak to each other as they walked up to the front of the house. The door was open so they let themselves in.

"Mum" Libby shouted.

"I'm in the garden. Get your swimsuits on and come and join me" Ronnie shouted and Libby squealed. She ran up the stairs and quickly changed into her bikini and ran down the stairs.

Lottie sighed as she watched her sister get changed quickly. Libby had changed into a floral bikini. Lottie looked through her wardrobe trying to decide what to wear. She looked through her clothes but many of them were getting too small for her. She was embarrassed by the changes she was going through.

Lottie changed into a triangle bikini. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her breasts were falling out the bikini. She placed a vest top on and grabbed a pair of shorts before walking down the stairs.

Once in the garden, Lottie sat down next to her mum.

"You coming in?" Roxy asked and Lottie shook her head. She sat down and picked up her book.

"Why not? You on your period or something?" Roxy demanded.

"No" Lottie spat out and Ronnie looked at her daughter. Lottie was so annoyed at her aunt. She stood up and took off her top and shorts before walking over to the swimming pool where Libby and Roxy were.

Lottie started climbing into the pool and Roxy walked over to her.

"God you're getting a right set of knockers on you" Roxy said jokingly feeling her niece's chest. Lottie was so embarrassed. She quickly pulled away from her aunt and ran out of the pool and into the house. Roxy sighed before getting out the pool and going over to her sister.

"What did Lottie storm off about?" Ronnie asked.

"Ah, all I said was she was getting a right set of knockers" Roxy said laughing.

"You said that to my daughter" Ronnie asked shocked.

"Well it's true. Her bikini is getting too small because of her chest" Roxy said.

"It is not" Ronnie said rolling her eyes. Roxy knew just to leave her sister. She was very protective over her daughters.

Ronnie continued to sunbathe until she needed to get ready for work.

She knew that she was best to go and speak to Lottie but she just didn't feel ready to. She didn't know what to say.

Ronnie got changed before opening the door to Lottie and Libby's room. They had the largest room in the house. It contained two double bed but there wasn't much room for anything else. Lottie was lay on her bed reading a book.

"Are you okay?" Ronnie asked as she placed the girl's shorts and top on the bottom of the bed. Lottie didn't even look at her mum. She just nodded. Ronnie sighed a sigh of relief. She was glad that Lottie had said she was fine as Ronnie didn't know what else to say.

Ronnie nodded and closed the door behind her leaving her daughter in piece.

"Oh Lots, can you make dinner for you and Libs?" Ronnie asked opening the door again. Lottie nodded. She couldn't look up as she had tears in her eyes. She wanted her mum to speak to her but she was too scared to say anything to her. She was too nervous. Lottie heard her mum shouting for Roxy and then soon later the car drove away from the house.

Lottie waited about half an hour before heading down the stairs. She knew that she needed to start making dinner. She wasn't that hungry so decided to make a salad for herself and her sister. It didn't take her long and she called her sister down.

"Is that it?" Libby asked and Lottie nodded. She never did enough. Lottie just put the food in front of her sister before sitting down beside her.

Once they finished eating both girls went up to their room. Sometimes Lottie wished that she had her own room, just her own space. Both girls sat in their room, Lottie reading her book and Libby on her Nintendo.

"Shall we go down the stairs and watch a film?" Lottie asked and Libby smiled. Although Lottie did envy Libby a lot. They were still quite close especially when Ronnie and Roxy were away at work. They headed down the stairs and went searching for a film. They found one which they liked but it was a 15. The girls did not care and still put it on.

"Have you had sex?" Libby asked and Lottie shook her head.

"Of course not" Lottie said "I haven't even had a boyfriend"

"You can legally have sex, the age of consent is 13" Libby said.

"I know" Lottie said but didn't say anything else. She wasn't interested in sex or even boys at this age.

They spoke for a bit longer before watching the rest of the film. They ended up falling asleep down the stairs watching the TV. Ronnie returned home at 4am. She noticed her daughters sleeping in the living room. She was going to wake them up but realised that they would be getting up in a couple of hours so there was no point.

Hope this is okay :) Please review and let me know what you think. Remember this is 2007 so the age of consent in Ibiza was 13.