It was finally Friday and the girl's last day at school before the summer holidays. They were so excited they had 10 weeks holidays and they really needed it. The only issue was, was that it was high season for Ronnie meaning the girls didn't know how much time they were going to get to spend with their mother.

Ronnie woke both the girls up at 7 o'clock to get ready for school.

"So it's only a half day today?" Ronnie asked as she woke the girls up. They both nodded.

"And then I'm going to the beach with my friends" Libby said and Ronnie nodded.

"I am too" Lottie said and Ronnie was surprised. It was more unusual for Lottie to spend time with her friends especially at the beach. She had been expecting it from Libby but not Lottie.

"Okay, make sure you have sun cream" Ronnie demanded and both girls nodded. They quickly changed into tops and shorts before heading down the stairs for breakfast.

"Do you want me to put your hair up, Lots?" Ronnie asked and Lottie nodded. She was surprised as her mother never offered to do her hair. Ronnie grabbed a hair brush and put the young teenager's hair in a high messy ponytail.

"Thanks mum" Lottie said and Ronnie smiled. Her daughter sounded like she genuinely meant it. Ronnie looked down at her daughter, she was always emotional at this time of year but especially today. She wrapped her arms around her daughter briefly before moving onto Libby.

"Go and get your bags" Ronnie said and both girls nodded. Lottie was surprised at how nice her mum was being today. It wasn't their normal routine. Most mornings consisted of Ronnie screaming at Lottie about something. Ronnie seemed a bit distant today, like something was going on but Lottie knew not to ask. She would end up saying the wrong thing and get shouted at.

They headed to the front of the house and went outside to wait on the bus. The bus arrived and they headed to school.

Luckily the school day went very quickly, Libby had a fantastic time getting her shirt signed by all her friends even though they were all going up to secondary together. Once the day was finished, Lottie headed home with her friends as she was going to a friends before going to the beach. Libby was also going to a friend's first for lunch.

Lottie arrived at her friends.

"Do you have a swimming costume with you?" Ellie asked her and Lottie shook her head.

"I forgot" The girl lied.

"Do you want to borrow one of mine?" Ellie asked and Lottie nodded.

"That would be amazing" Lottie said smiling. They headed up to Ellie's room and looked through her drawer. Lottie noticed a push up black and pink bikini top with matching bottoms.

"Can I wear this?" Lottie asked.

"Of course" Ellie said. Lottie smiled and headed to the bathroom to get changed. She felt so much more confident once she had the bikini on. She knew that she did need a padded bra but was too nervous to ask her mum.

She put clothes over the top of her bikini and headed to the beach. It wasn't too much of a walk from Ellie's house. There were about 5 friends there.

They arrived at the beach and had a fab time. They took lots of pictures and sunbathed before going into the sea. They headed up hanging out with some boys who were actually really nice. They were in some of Lottie's classes but she just assumed they were silly boys but spending time with them her opinions changed.

Meanwhile, Libby didn't stay out at the beach for very long. It was warm and she hadn't drank enough and was getting a headache. Around 3 o'clock, she called her mum.

"Mum can you come and pick me up? I don't feel great" Libby asked.

"Of course sweetie. What's wrong?" Ronnie asked.

"My head hurts" Libby complained.

"I'll bring some medicine with me" Ronnie said and Libby nodded. It didn't take long for Ronnie to arrive at the beach and Libby quickly jumped in the car.

"Oh baby" Ronnie said as she gave the girl some medicine.

"Let's head home and we can snuggle up on the sofa" Ronnie said and Libby nodded. That sounded like a good idea.

They arrived home and headed into the living room. Ronnie had the air conditioning really high up so they grabbed a blanket and snuggled on the sofa. Ronnie had her arms around Libby and the girl drifted off to sleep.

"She looks so young" Roxy said as she walked into the living room. Ronnie nodded. She had tears in her eyes.

"I know that today is a hard day for you but you have done so well for the girls" Roxy said and Ronnie nodded. Neither of the girls knew and she was planning to keep it like that for as long as possible. They spoke for a bit longer before Roxy disappeared outside.

Lottie and her friends ended up staying out until about 8 o'clock when Lottie called Ronnie asking for a lift home.

"Mum can you come pick me up?" Lottie asked.

"Yes of course" Ronnie said. She was impressed that Lottie had stayed out that long. They decided to head back to Ellie's house as it was an easier place for Ronnie to pick her up.

Lottie decided it was best to get changed.

"Do you want to leave the bikini here and I'll wash it?" Ellie asked and Lottie nodded. She returned to the bathroom and got changed. She sighed when she changed out of the bikini and placed on her crop top and then her t-shirt on top. A crop top, she was nearly 14 years old. It was the same as what her sister wore. Lottie was so embarrassed.

It didn't take long for Ronnie to arrive at the house. Lottie noticed her mum and ran out the house, thanking her friend for the day. She jumped in her mum's car.

"Did you have a good day?" Ronnie asked and Lottie nodded. She had gone back into her shell since looking at herself in the mirror.

"What did you do?" Ronnie asked trying to get a conversation going with the girl. Lottie shrugged.

"Just stuff" Lottie said and Ronnie sighed realising that she was going to get nowhere with her daughter. They drove in silence the rest of the journey home and arrived at the house.

"Have you had dinner?" Ronnie asked and Lottie shook her head.

"I'll make you something" She said and Lottie nodded.

"Thank you" She whispered before going up to her room.

Ronnie was in the middle of making Lottie some food when Roxy came in with her laptop in her arms.

"Have you seen this?" Roxy asked and Ronnie shook her head.

"Your darling daughter" Roxy said putting the laptop down for Ronnie to see. Ronnie looked at the pictures that were up on Bebo (it is only 2007).

"God she looks so grown up" Ronnie said as they looked at the pictures.

"That isn't her bikini is it?" Roxy asked and Ronnie shook her head.

"She does look very confident in it" Roxy said and Ronnie nodded.

"Do you think she needs a padded bikini?" Ronnie asked. Roxy nodded.

"She is nearly 14 now" Roxy said.

"Do you think she needs a bra?" Ronnie asked and Roxy nodded again.

"Definitely. Ron look, your baby is growing up. Look at the hips she has on her and the chest she is getting" Roxy said and Ronnie nodded.

"Have you spoken to her about the changes she is going through?" Roxy asked and Ronnie shook her head.

"Ron, she is almost 14" Roxy said and Ronnie sighed.

"I know" She said.

"Go and speak to her" Roxy encouraged. "I'll deal with the food"

Ronnie nodded. She sighed before walking up the stairs. She didn't understand why she was so nervous. It was her daughter, for goodness sake. Ronnie knocked on the bedroom door before walking in. Both of her daughters were sitting there on their beds.

"Libby can you go and see Auntie Roxy for a minute? She needs a hand" Ronnie said and Libby nodded running down the stairs. Lottie was instantly worried to be in the room alone with her mum. Her fears heightened when she noticed the woman close the door.

"Saw pictures of you at the beach today, it looked like you were having fun" Ronnie said softly and Lottie nodded. Lottie played with the blanket which was spread on her bed.

"So I thought we kind of needed to have a bit of a talk" Ronnie said and Lottie continued to look down she daren't look at her mother in the eyes because she knew she would burst into tears.

"That bikini you were wearing today wasn't yours, was it?" Ronnie asked and Lottie shook her head.

"Where did you get it?" Ronnie asked. She prayed that her daughter hadn't stolen it.

"It's Ellie's" Lottie mumbled and Ronnie nodded. That was okay, at least it was a friend's.

"Why did you wear it?" Ronnie asked and Lottie shrugged. This was so embarrassing and she could feel her wall breaking down.

"Can you look at me?" Ronnie asked and Lottie shook her head.

"Why not?" Ronnie asked softly as she put her hand on her daughter's knee. Lottie was so embarrassed. She shrugged her shoulders again.

"Lots, please" Ronnie said and Lottie looked up at her mum. She had tears in her eyes. Looking at her mother's concerned face was enough, without any warning to Ronnie the girl burst into tears.

"Oh baby" Ronnie said pulling the girl into her arms. She didn't realise how much her daughter was hurting. Ronnie moved herself so that she was sitting with her back on the headboard. She held her daughter in her arms.

"How long have you felt like this?" Ronnie asked and Lottie shrugged.

"Baby, I know it's hard but please can you try to be honest with me" Ronnie asked and Lottie nodded. She was trying but it was really hard.

"I don't know like a year or so" Lottie said and Ronnie felt horrible.

"Baby why didn't you say something earlier?" Ronnie asked.

"I was too scared and you didn't ask" Lottie said and Ronnie sighed.

"I am so sorry. I honestly didn't notice. You are my baby and that's all I think of you as" Ronnie said and Lottie nodded.

"How about we go shopping tomorrow?" Ronnie asked "We can get you some more clothes and what do you think about getting a padded bra?"

Lottie nodded.

"I love you Lots, and please remember that you can speak to me about these types of things" Ronnie said and Lottie nodded. She did feel better now she had spoken to her mother.

"Even if you just need to cry about a hard day at school, I am here for you Lots" Ronnie said and Lottie nodded.

"Things are going to get hard, I can guarantee you that but you have me, okay" Ronnie said and Lottie nodded. She leant against her mum for a couple of minutes just in her mother's hold. They were interrupted by Lottie's stomach rumbling.

"Shall we go and get dinner?" Ronnie asked and Lottie nodded eagerly.

They walked down the stairs just as Roxy was serving the pasta. Roxy noticed her niece's tear stained face. They sat down and Roxy squeezed Lottie's shoulder as she placed her plate in front of her.

They sat down and spoke about what Lottie had been up to today and she told them enthusiastically about what happened at school and then at the beach. Ronnie smiled noting the spark that was back in her daughter's eyes.

They spoke for a bit longer before Roxy left to go to the club to check everything was going well. Ronnie was taking the evening off and snuggled up with both her daughters to watch a film. It was what Ronnie really needed today and once she was sure that both of her daughters were deeply asleep. She let her wall down and sobbed. She had two of her babies with her but her eldest baby wasn't there. She didn't know where she was and it broke her heart.

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