It was a couple of months later and Ronnie and Jack were official a couple. Finally it had only taken 6 months since they arrived. The girls both liked Jack a lot, he was pretty cool. It was now late January and they had been in London for 6 months now. They'd had a relatively calm and relaxing Christmas and were getting back into the swing of school again.

Libby was still struggling at school. She had really matured in the last few months and looked older than 11. Ronnie knew that the girl was going through puberty at a similar stage to Lottie even though there was 2 and a half years between them. Libby was more like her in this sense. When Ronnie was 14, she looked at least 18 and she was sure Libby was going to be the same.

Lottie was still with Ryan. They were really close now and spent a lot of time together. It did worry Ronnie slightly but she knew that the girl was safe and that was all she could ask for. Ronnie and Lottie's relationship had continued to blossom and they spoke to each other about everything. It was the relationship which Ronnie had hoped for. Lottie was beginning to study for her GCSEs, it was a lot of work and she just wanted to do well.

The girls were getting ready for school. Lottie left early so she could head to the library before class. It did worry Ronnie slightly just how much the girl was working but she was keeping an eye on her and knew the girl still took some time off.

Ryan walked into the library to see Lottie.

"Lots come on, it's Friday take a break" Ryan said.

"You are so far ahead and well I think you could do with a break" Ryan said.

"What are you suggesting?" Lottie asked confused.

"Well, I was thinking we could go to my parents' main house so you can finally meet them" Ryan said.

"school though" Lottie said.

"You are just revising for your prelims and you have done so much yourself" Ryan said. Usually Lottie couldn't be persuaded but today it didn't take long and they were in Ryan's car.

"Where are we going?" Lottie asked after driving for an hour.

"I told you my parents" Ryan said.

"Ry this is too far. I want to go home" Lottie said.

"No" Ryan said not even taking his eyes off the road.

"Why not?" Lottie asked.

"Because you are coming to my parents. We have been waiting for you" Ryan said.

"I don't want to. I'll just get out" Lottie said.

"You will not" Ryan said. Lottie was getting scared now. Never had Ryan been like this. She grabbed her phone and text her mum.

Mum pls don't be mad but I'm with Ryan going to his parents. We've been driving for over an hour and I'm worried now. Ryan is being weird.

Ronnie received her daughter's text and was instantly concerned.

"Rox look at this, I'm confused and worried" Ronnie said to Roxy.

"That's weird. We need to go and find her. Try and get more out of her" Roxy said.

"I'll try and call her" Ronnie said. Ronnie called the girl.

Lottie cursed when she noticed her mum calling. She was lucky her phone was on silent. She answered the phone but couldn't speak.

"Where are we going?" Lottie asked hoping that Ronnie could here.

"Are we heading to Southampton?" Lottie asked confused.

"Further" Ryan said.

"Are you on your phone" Ryan shouted and pulled the phone from his girlfriends hand. Lottie was able to turn it off before Ryan saw.

"So they are going south of Southampton?" Roxy asked.

"We need to find them" Ronnie said.

"What type of car does he have? Surely we can tell the police he has kidnapped her. She is only 14" Roxy said.

"I don't know. Let's see if we can look it up or something" Roxy said. "What's his name?"

"I just know it's Ryan" Ronnie said.

"Wait let's see if I can log into her emails and get a friends number and call her" Ronnie said as she got her laptop out. Mama bear was coming out and she was so worried for her daughter.

Ronnie found Lottie's best friend's number and called her.

"Hi its Ronnie, Ryan has Lottie and I need to know his last name" Ronnie said panicking.

"Is she okay? We can't get in touch with her." Her friend said worriedly.

"I really need to find her and then I'll let you know but I need to know Ryan's last name" Ronnie said.

"It's Castro" she said.

"Thank you" Ronnie said.

"Jack might help" Ronnie said as she ran to find him.

"Jack I need your help. See what you can find out about Ryan Castro, it's Lottie's boyfriend. He's got her and he's driving her down south. I can't get in touch with her.

"Okay, I'll get a friend to look while we head down. Which way south? Any indication" Jack asked climbing into his car with Ronnie and Roxy behind him. He found a friend's number and put him on speaker in the car.

"You need to look up Ryan Castro for me. Look at the local area. He goes to school in Walford High School and is 17. Might have connections Southampton way" Jack instructed.

"Castro, that's not going to be in connection to Mike Castro do you think?" Ronnie asked looking at Roxy wide eyed.

"Ron I don't know" Roxy said.

"No he had a 4 year old son when it happened so the boy would be at least 19 or 20 by now" Ronnie said.

"Ryan does look older though" Roxy said worrying.

"Jack you need to find out if Michael Castro from Weymouth has a son called Ryan. I have a history with him. He's very wealthy and well known in Weymouth" Ronnie instructed. Jack nodded and transferred the information to his friend.

They quickly had to pull over for petrol and Jack received a phone call.

"Right, this is serious. I think I know were your daughter is but we need to move quickly. We are going to confirm a few things and then if confirmed we will have to phone the police. Your daughter is in danger." Jack said and Ronnie's heart fell.

"But it's been at least 3 hours now since she left. What's going on with my daughter?" Ronnie asked concerned.

Meanwhile Ryan and Lottie arrived at a massive house.

"We need to go inside" Ryan said as he got out the car and walked around to let Lottie out. He kept a tight hold of her shoulder and pushed her into the house. She walked into the hall and was directed to the living room by Ryan. She had no choice but to follow through.

"Look I've got her." Ryan said smiling as about 8-10 men smiled at the girl. They were a range of ages starting from about late 30s to early 50s.

"Now I know what you all want from her but remember to be patient. You will all get a turn" Ryan said.

"What the hell?" Lottie asked.

"I'll go first. Warm her up for you" Ryan said as he pushed the girl into the bedroom. He knew that Lottie would put up a fight once she knew what was going on so he grabbed a rope and tied her up to the bed.

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