I can feel the electricity in the air, see it, even taste it. The only thing it does is feed the growing fear nesting in my belly, it becoming more and more aware of its only purpose in life. It grips my abdomen in a knot, refusing to let go, urging me to get the heck away from where I am. I wish I could answer the fear. But all I can do is close my eyes so I can't see the crowds of screaming people, all begging for my release. However, I know this can never be.

I hear the footsteps walking slowly toward me, but I can't move my head to see who is. It's pinned to table I'm lying face down on, situated on a balcony high above the teeming masses of people so they can all witness my death. My body tenses as I feel a hand touch my shoulder, and I open the eyes I had kept pressed shut, my executioner's face in my own. I try to keep my face emotionless, but I can't keep the look of betrayal out of my eyes as he looks into their ice blue depths. It is him.

He says something to the crowd, but I can't hear him. I don't want to listen. Out of the corner of my eye however, I can see the sun's glare shining off of the weapon I myself forged, the feeling of betrayal growing ever stronger.

I wish I could take back what I'd done. They would have lived perfectly fine in their ignorance. But there's no use in thinking these things any longer. My life is over.

I shut my eyes tight, hearing the familiar whistle of my blade rushing through the air, knowing that my end is near. Then time seems to slow, and I can see again, though my eyes are closed. A whiteness so all encompassing that I can barely feel it as the edge touches the back of neck and continues through.

I wish I could take it all back. but I can't

My name is Delasaris.

This is my story.