Item: Roller Skating
Amount of words: 1310
Characters: All of Yes 5, Startwinkle, Fresh, and Healin' Good are here! However, only Kurumi, Nodoka, Nozomi, Miki, and Yuni speak, the rest are more mentioned.
Notes: Um...I didn't mean for this chapter to get so long but here we are...Whoops...I dunno what's with me giving the spotlight on Kurumi with one of the blue cures of the day (Either to become friends or hate) but welp...I hope you all love the little hurt/comfort I put in between Kurumi and Miki.

Also I did realize that at the beginning I said Kurumi was the only one who couldn't skate then later it was Kurumi and Asumi. I believe I started writing this before Asumi joined the group so I'm just gonna chalk it up to Kurumi and Asumi haven't passed by much each other at this point so Kurumi didn't know. Also we do have a little bit of no one's point of view at the end.

I like stationary surfaces. I like them a lot. Do I really need to explain myself on it? No? Good. Now that we got that out of the way we can continue on with the story. Currently I was holding onto one of the edges of the skating rink for dear life. I had already fell like what….At least ten times. The red mark on my back and around my butt should be proof of that. While I'm looking like an idiot on the floor Miki came up skating perfectly in the blades she rented. Nozomi and the others discouraged me from getting blades like her and instead made me get regular skates and now I can see why.

"Hey Mimino? You okay?" the model asked. She looked concerned so I know she wasn't doing it to make fun of me. Still, I feel so angered that she could be perfect at everything while I'm here making a fool of myself.

Trying not to show that I was annoyed I tried giving off a big smile. "Y-Yeah! This is no problem for me!"

Miki raised one of her eyebrows as if she didn't believe me. But even if she doubted me she just decided not to pursue it. "All right. If you say so...Just, please don't overestimate yourself." And with that, Miki skated away doing one of those fancy roller skating tricks.

With her back turned I pouted at her a bit. How come she felt like she could say that to me? That just felt like it came off rude. For a moment I forgot to keep my hands on the edge and fell flat on my face. Nozomi, who was the one skating the closest at the time, came over to help me up with a soft, "Careful now…"

We both sighed once I got back onto two feet. It only seemed to be me having any problems. Along with our group, we were joined by the Fresh group, which should have been obvious from Miki there, the Startwinkle group, and the Healin' Good girls. Everyone was on the rink except Nodoka, who excused herself in case she felt faint while skating.

Back to my narration though, no more side tangent. Nozomi left me with a nod to rejoin Rin and Coco. The next to pass were Setsuna, who seemed to struggle a little bit but still kept herself up, and Hinata as they giggled. See! Even Setsuna got it down! I'm the only one having problems.

Okay, calm down Kurumi. Maybe it was time for a break, yeah?

Slowly so that I wouldn't fall on the rink again I walked over to the nearest exit while keeping my hand on the railing to support me. It took a little longer than I'd like to admit. I made it to the benches eventually and sat down next to Nodoka in a huff.

I could see her worried face as she glanced over at me. "Hey Mimino, are you doing okay?"

"No…" I slumped my head down as soon as I groaned that but the leader Cure didn't seem phased. "It just annoys me how everyone is at least decent at roller skating and yet here I am not being able to stand on my own two feet."

Nodoka opened her mouth to reply. Unfortunately, someone came up to us from the edge of the rink and beat her to the punch. "It's not a big deal though."

My eyes glanced over at the voice. It was that perfect Miki again.

I tried to not roll my eyes at her but that was honestly easier said then done. I could hear Hikaru and Lala talking in the background with Hikaru trying to help Lala stand on her own feet. Even the alien was doing better then me! (However considering her planet used hover boards I guess I can't complain can I?) But my eyes were glaring straight at Miki.

As Miki made her place at the rink edge right across from us, I just kept glaring. Nodoka seemed to notice and was trying to calm me down but it didn't work at all. We all stopped what we were doing for a second and looked in concern as Asumi hit the wall too hard while trying to stop. With a soft, "Sorry," Nodoka excused herself to go take care of her teammate. Once she left we went back to our previous situation.

"Okay…Something's up Mimino. You've been acting weird around me all day. Plus I'm getting tired of that glare." Miki shot a glare of her own back at me but it didn't phase me. "Spill it."

"Oh nothing at all miss 'I'm perfect with anything.'"

Miki gave her own sigh as she stopped her glaring. "I see…So that's what it's about…" she murmured to herself before exiting the rink to come and join me on the bench whether I liked it or not. I just gave her a huff, hoping she would leave but it didn't seem to have any impact. "Mimino, that wasn't what I was intending at all I'm sorry. I know I'm usually…That sort of intimidating. But I didn't mean to rub off that way on you."

I looked over and raised an eyebrow at her, trying to mentally tell her to continue on with her story.

"I guess…I was trying to impress you guys but I came off as that cold girl again didn't I? I'm not good with interactions that aren't as social as I am. I mean you are but it's kind of a…How do I put it…Front per say."

Well I don't mean it to be a front but…In a way she's right. I am social but usually to hide the truth about Palmier and Pretty Cure. I let out a huge sigh as I apologized, "No…You're fine. To be honest it's my fault too…I'm always trying to be good at the basics that anyone who was raised on Earth would master. It's just me being selfish about not being able to skate as well as the rest of you…"

Before I could finish that specific thought, we both heard a "Asumi not again!" being yelled by Nodoka before the blonde ran into the same spot she did just moments before. Okay…Well at least I wasn't alone on that front.

"It's human," Miki continued once Nodoka dragged the unconscious Asumi off the rink. "Sometimes you can try and control your emotions but they get out another way. But…" The purple haired model got up and stretched her body out. "I feel better now. I do feel really bad though that you felt that way."

"Nah," I chuckled back before starting to get up with a little stumble myself. "It's fine. Talking about it made me feel a bit better. To be honest, you aren't as stuck up as I always thought you were."

"Hey, how about this…"

No P.O.V.

Elena and Madoka kept pace with each other as Hikaru was pulling Lala quickly around the rink against the alien girl's will once again. Yuni refused to join in, half to keep her reputation in check and half so she didn't have any motion sickness (A spaceship is fine, Hikaru pulling them was a different situation) and just went at her own pace. That was when she caught up with Nozomi and saw the two purple haired girls next to each other. "Hey, did something happen to those two that made them get friendly with each other?"

Nozomi glanced to where Yuni was pointing. To her surprise, Kurumi and Miki weren't thankfully ripping each other's throats out. They weren't even fighting. Miki was actually teaching to a willing Kurumi and Kurumi was responding wonderfully.

As a smile grew on her face, Nozomi just replied, "I'm not sure, but I'm also not complaining."