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This story begins days after the conclusion of the final chapter of Kingdom Hearts Awakening of Zero, although Lelouch has grown into a successful Keyblade Wielder he knows that the conflict against the Heartless is one he cannot wage alone. Deciding to build his own army to better combat the forces of Darkness Lelouch undertakes a journey to find other Keyblade Wielders like him.

A journey that is easier said than done, but destiny might have its own plans.

Well let's get into it, and I'll save the rest of the author notes until the end…enjoy.


"Remembering someone's words."

Journal of Lelouch vi Britannia…

Jan, 21st 2015 A.T.B.

Today I shall head out on my search for the missing Keyblade Master, although I am honestly not expecting much success. The only real lead I had has been sealed behind a labyrinth in the form of a castle only she could unravel.

Even so, I am hopeful my journey could yield unexpected results.

I have waged war against the Heartless and those willing to use them for their own ends for the last four years now, although some of these villains I faced didn't regard me as much of a threat because of my youth.

A mistake on their part, becoming my advantage.

Still, I must find others like me and bring them under my banner, although I have gathered all of the resources and people together I need more for my army to truly form. I must head out and find more Keyblade Wielders like me, and perhaps this heart belonging to one I found could lead me to the first of many who may hopefully join me.

Chapter 1

Harbingers of Darkness

(January 26th, 2015 A.T.B.)

"So what's is this meeting about?"

The question came from an anamorphic duck, who unlike some of the others present was half-duck and half-plant with green leaves-like feathers, vine-like arms, and purple foliage for hair. He was seated at a round table inside a seedy bar with three others who were the closest thing to friends he had.

The four were seated at a round table inside a small seedy tavern along the oceanfront. It welcomed anyone including those wanted by the law as long as they didn't do anything to draw too much attention to themselves. Other than the bartender no one else was inside the bar save for the four seated together, primarily since it was a few hours before sunrise.

"Did Negaduck called it?" A duck dressed as a jester asked before holding up a banana-style doll with a nose, eyes, and glasses on its face with small arms and legs.

"I don't think so," Quackerjack said imitating a low-pitched voice of Mr. Banana-Brain.

"If he did call," an anamorphic dog, whose entire body was composed completely out of water began. "He would've been here by now."

"I agree," the last member of their group said who was another anamorphic dog, but unlike his companion, he had an average body save for wearing a yellow jumpsuit with a battery on his back and a cap on the top of his head resembling a pair of pongs used for a power plug.

"Nah," a new voice that was cheery and carefree, but possessed a overwhelming malice behind it, "your friend Negaduck will not be coming. I called you guys."

"Huh, who was that?" Bushroot asked before a small bear, standing at two feet and one inch tall with an unusual feature in that his body was divided into a white side, possessing the classic expression of a teddy bear, and the right side was more sinister with a jagged red eye and a wicked smile.

The bear was the living example of Yin-Yang, or rather hope and despair.

"Why, hello there!" Monokuma greeted. "Thank you all for waiting! I am Monokuma! I was the headmaster of an academy, but now I am looking to do something big in a criminal sense, but I need some extra hands!"

Everyone stared at the bear in stunned silence before someone broke the silence.

"Hey Quackerjack," Megavolt snapped, "is this some kind of joke?"

"No way I didn't make that teddy bear," Quackerjack replied before turning to his doll. "Do you know anything, Mr. Banana Head?"

The doll, with the aid of his owner, shook its head.

"So," The Liquidator began decided to just move the conversation along. "What do you mean by extra hands?"

"Exactly as I said, but don't worry I'll pay you along with any spoils we get," Monokuma answered before presenting a briefcase. "Consider this a down payment."

Liquidator accepted the black case, after which he opened it to examine the contents.

It was full of diamonds.

"Ok I am listening," Liquidator replied eagerly.

"Uh, what about Negaduck?" Bushroot asked.

Monokuma waved dismissively with one paw, "don't be such a wet rag."

Drawing out a remote Monokuma gestured for the assembled villains to watch one of the overhanging televisions closer to them. Once he had their attention Monokuma pushed a green button that changed the channel from a sports game to a live feed from another location.

They saw a duck dressed in yellow and red tied to a chair with chains. His eyes were blindfolded, although they heard no sound, it was clear the duck was no doubt screaming threats judging by his posture and how he was shouting.

"That's Negaduck," The four villains exclaimed together.

"It was," Monokuma said ominously before pushing another button on his remote.

A rocket-shaped like an Iron Maiden appeared behind Negaduck before it opened up sealing him inside the small craft. Once the rocket was sealed the Monokuma head, its jagged eye glowed red. Then a pair of rockets appeared alongside the base as it began taking off towards space.

Drilling through the ceiling into the sky where the sound of the rocker breaking the sound barrier could be heard prompting the villains to hurry to the nearest window to observe the rocket soar into space.

Megavolt and the others were shocked, but Monokuma passively pointed out.

"What's left will be coming back down."

Sure enough within minutes, the rocket was re-entering the atmosphere becoming a blazing fireball as it was superheated through reentry. It landed in the exact spot where it had launched from, promoting the villains to run back inside to check the television.

Remarkably the camera wasn't destroyed by the impact, but all eyes were on the rocket as it's doors opened revealing the charred skeletal remains of Negaduck.

There was stunned silence from the four villains.

"Come on didn't you four plan to kill Negaduck once after he cut you all out of your shares of the loot," Monokuma pointed out.

"He has a point," Megavolt offered in agreement.

"And it wasn't the first time he backstabbed us," Liquidator added before Bushroot and Quackerjack agreed as well.

"So I guess what's next...boss?" Bushroot inquired causing Monokuma's red-eye to flash for a brief moment.

"Listen close, because if we pull this off, then you guys can call yourselves supervillains."

Meanwhile, across the cosmos, a blue vessel was entering orbit around a seemingly desolate planet upon exiting a wrap gate. The Marianne was entering a low orbit, but upon identifying the world, they were on the ship activated its stealth features to hide.

"Of all the places this could've led me to," Lelouch vi Britannia said gazing at the necklace he was wearing around his neck.

"No sign of anything yet kupo," a Moogle operating a console on the bridge reported.

"Stay alert for anything…this world used to be Radiant Garden," Lelouch said with a grim expression.

Why did this lead me here?

Recalling the events that brought him to this world, Lelouch remembered that began following a visit at the tower of Yen Sid, although afterward, he returned to the refugee world of Traverse Town for a few days before departing. Lelouch had arrived at Yen Sid's tower after an attempt to investigate the whereabouts of Keyblade Master Aqua and her friend Ventus, a fellow Keyblade Wielder, which didn't yield the desired results.

However, his journey there wasn't a complete waste.

Through unexpected circumstances, Lelouch had found a horde of Heartless attracted to the site of an old ruin protected by a magical barrier that was not only repelling the Heartless but everything else. At least until Lelouch discovered by accident that only a Keyblade Wielder could pass through the barrier. Lelouch had discovered this fact by accident while fighting off the Heartless after the Marianne bombarded the area to clear away the Heartless while distracting the rest.

That plan was only half successful, but Lelouch did find a way in.

I never imagined I would've found something like this, Lelouch thought while he held up a silver heart-shaped pendant in his right hand while it was attached to a silver chain around his neck.

Upon exploring the ruins, Lelouch found a passageway which led to an underground chamber. At first, if he didn't see anything until a riddle revealed a clue which unveiled a hidden room, which had a door requiring two Keyblades to unlock.

Thankfully Lelouch already had two Keyblades; the Mark of Sorceress and the Ends of the Earth.

Inside he found a chest containing the heart of a Keyblade Wielder, after he had narrowly escaped the Heartless and brought the chest to Yen Sid to examine its contents since upon opening the final chamber the barrier protecting the ruins fell prompting Lelouch to make a hasty escape.

Lelouch remembered the discussion upon delivering the chest to Yen Sid at his tower roughly a week later due to lengthy travel time.

Using his Keyblade Lelouch unlocked the chest for Yen Sid to examine and he was genuinely surprised upon opening it but was quick to close it after peaking inside. The chest was sitting on Yen Sid's desk on the top floor of his tower while Lelouch stood opposite of him with his mask removed and held under one of his arms.

"This is an unexpected find," Yen Sid began, "you found the Heart of a Keyblade Wielder."

Lelouch was surprised by this, but this prompted a question.

"Is that even possible to store away someone's heart?"

"Under normal circumstances no, but it is possible with proper preparation since a heart will wander and be likely consumed by darkness if one isn't careful. No doubt it would try to find its body to return to it."

"And you think the body could still be alive after all this time? Those ruins and the chamber that chest was in was clearly ancient," Lelouch pointed out.

He was apparently no archaeologist, but even he could tell by the condition of the ruins Lelouch explored that chest was locked away for easily more than a hundred years.

Yen Sid contemplated this before answering.

"The fact the Heart still exists proves the body must be intact and hidden somewhere. Considering the magical protection around the ruins, I am certain wherever the body is hidden in not only a similarly protected ruin but is in a place where time doesn't exist preventing the body from aging."

"Is that possible?"

"Yes," Yen Sid confirmed with a nod. "Although it would take some effort, Merlin and I can create places where time has no meaning as a method of training those in the arts of magic and more if we wished. I believed he used a similar method trading you in magic didn't he."

"He did," Lelouch answered recalling that during his training he temporarily spent time in temporary realms where time doesn't exist to spend as much time training as needed. "I should rephrase that question, could someone keep such a spell going for possibly hundreds of years?"

"It would be difficult, but not impossible as long as you prepared for casting and maintaining such a spell."

"I see, so the body who owns this heart likely still exists."

"I am completely certain of that but," Yen Sid said before stopping for a moment to open the chest to examine the contents. "The heart seems to be in good condition, so I cannot imagine why it would've been removed."

"And they didn't become a Heartless?"

"If only the heart is taken by darkness yes, but if untouched like this then the body merely enters a coma-like state until they are reunited."

"Could this wielder have been a criminal?"

Yen Sid considered that possibility for a moment, "No this heart radiates a strong light, and I detect no darkness from within it."

"I see," Lelouch said before asking, "How do we find the body then?"

"I have an idea," Yen Sid answered before opening the chest.

Using his magic, the old sorcerer picked up the heart with his magic before he magically sealed the glowing golden light into a heart-shaped silver necklace with pink jewels in the center with a matching chain.

"Wear this around your neck," Yen Sid asked offering the necklace to Lelouch. "This will allow the heart within to bound with yours without actually joining with yours. Once the heart has established a strong enough connection with yours, the necklace will direct you to the body that heart belongs to."

"How long should it take?"

"Not long, but I would wait a few days before attempting a search." Yen Sid answered. "Once you find the body mere open the pendant over the body and its heart will return to it."

"I see," Lelouch said putting the necklace on causing the gem to glow faintly. "I'll be sure to keep this around my neck until then. I'll track down the owner of this heart, and hopefully, return with another Keyblade Wielder."

"Before you leave I have something from the Good Fairies for you."

Yen Sid magically summoned a briefcase on his desk for Lelouch.

"This should replace your current traveling attire, which I believe you are due for a proper replacement considering how long you have been using them."

"Heh I can see your point," Lelouch commented after glancing at his attire, which he accepted the case.

Yen Sid closed his eyes for a moment before asking, "before you go you told me the castle at the World of Departure was transformed?"

"Yes," Lelouch confirmed, "and given the nature of the defensive mechanism you told me about I didn't attempt a search of the castle."

"A wise decision, but I suppose we can assume Ventus's body is likely being kept inside the transformed castle."

"And you don't have anything that could lead us to Aqua?"

Yen Sid sighed before answering, "Regrettably I don't."

"Do you know which worlds she has been to?"

Returning to the present, Lelouch had a list of the worlds Aqua had been to. He knew it was a long shot, but Lelouch had little else to go on that could reveal Aqua's whereabouts.

His first order of business would be finding the body of the Keyblade Wielder whose heart he had in his possession.

Still, even if I find one the fact remains we need more Keyblade Wielders, Lelouch noted internally.

Aside from Braig's Heartless who was still on the loose, there was Maleficent, Pete and other villains they might've brought into their so-called alliance he had heard about, were threats Lelouch needed to deal with. Even with Xehanort's Heartless gone and Braig seemingly has vanished off the map Lelouch felt uneasy, although, on the one hand, he was comfortable with the power his Keyblade granted him yet being the only active Keyblade Wielder made him a target.

Technically King Mickey is the only other Keyblade Wielder, but he has lately been occupied with fortifying his world from attempts to invade it.

Lelouch was aware the Cornerstone of Light protected their world from evil such as the Heartless, but in the past creatures called the Unversed who were akin to negative emotions made real. They were the only creatures able to bypass the Cornerstone of Light's power, which was enough to convince Lelouch there are loopholes around the Cornerstone of Light's protection.

And I suspect Mickey is fully aware of this, Lelouch acknowledged internally.

"May my heart be my guiding key," Lelouch muttered as he held his Keyblade forward while letting the heart within the necklace direct him closer to where the body the heart belonged to lay.

"Kupo we're approaching what seems to be an outpost of some kind, no it's more of a research outpost judging from the antennas," Mog reported.

"Let me see," Lelouch commanded as the Moogles brought up the image of an old building surrounded by a wall.

Did someone discover the body?

This only deepened the mystery of the heart Lelouch had found now coupled by the revelation that someone had found the body, which just raised his concerns despite Yen Sid's assurances that as long as the heart remained, it was a sign the body was still intact.

I suppose there is only one way I'll learn any answers about this mystery.

"Take us down, and then hide the ship once I depart. Monitor the area and contact me if you pick up anything." Lelouch instructed as he donned his new mask before leaving the bridge.

"Roger that kupo!"

Using the teleporter aboard his ship Lelouch materialized within the research station's compound, although there was no sign of any Heartless the young man didn't want to linger any longer than necessary. He knew the Heartless was attracted to the Keyblade and carrying the heart of a second Keyblade Wielder would no doubt draw some attention.

Upon arriving Lelouch began looking around trying to determine if the base had been abandoned in a hurry or just abandoned.

So far it looks like this place has remained untouched for a while, which is more concerning.

Lelouch wondered if the body was here if the lack of a heart kept it safe from being targeted by the Heartless.

Advancing towards the building Lelouch summoned both Keyblades into his hands ready to attack anything that could make an attempt upon his life. The entrance to the building was sealed with a heavy steel door requiring a keycard to access, but it wasn't a problem. Lelouch merely aimed one of his Keyblades at the lock before using its power to unlock it causing the door to automatically open.

This place still has power, that's good to know.

Entering the facility Lelouch was mindful of closing the door behind him, so if there were Heartless lurking about the door might slow them down.

As Lelouch walked down the metallic corridor automatic lighting activated upon the sensors detecting his presence. He closed his eyes for a moment trying to feel the direction in which the heart within his pendant was attempting to direct him to, but Lelouch could feel the body of the Keyblade Wielders was close now as the necklace began glowing brighter as a confirmation.

Was Xehanort involved in this somehow?

Lelouch knew that Xehanort was an apprentice of Ansem the Wise, but before that, he was a powerful Keyblade Master who had stolen the body of another to become young again. Then he seized his research, which allowed him to unleash the threat of the Heartless upon the world while corrupting Ansem's own apprentices to the side of darkness.

If this was indeed a type of research facility built far from the ruins of Radiant Garden, then it was a substantial possibility Xehanort was involved, which only increased Lelouch's concerns.

Yen Sid assured me this heart is benevolent, so I should see this through. Still, why didn't he use the body kept here since its lack of a heart would've been useful to him?

In turn, Lelouch began to wonder if maybe Ansem did find out about Xehanort's actions and might've hidden the body away so it couldn't be used, but perhaps upon securing the body and restoring its heart Lelouch would take some time to examine the facility to find any kind of documents that could provide clues.

Locating a stairwell, Lelouch descended towards the basement where he came across a heavy metal door akin to a vault door.

Glancing at the necklace around his neck Lelouch realized what he sought was behind that door.

I hope I don't regret this, Lelouch thought before he aimed the Keyblade at the door using its power to open it.

Once it was done he dismissed his Keyblades for the time being.

After standing clear of the thick metal door as it swung open, Lelouch stepped inside to examine the room beyond. It was a small laboratory with some workstations and a computer console, but in the center of the room was a transparent cylinder pod. Lelouch cautiously approached the pod before wiping away some dust to peer inside where he found something that surprised him.

It's a girl…

Inside was a fifteen-year-old girl wearing a white shirt and pants with matching sandals. She had shoulder length pale white hair and a fair skin complexion. She looked unharmed, but given the how bright the pendant was glowing Lelouch had found the body the heart within belonged to.

Glancing around Lelouch found the computer controls linked to the pod, which as Lelouch suspected was a pod keeping the body in a state of stasis. After spending a few minutes studying the computer and its controls, Lelouch had deduced how to open the stasis pod.

This should do it…

A mist escaped the pod as it opened allowing Lelouch to access the young girl slumbering within, which he quickly checked her pulse.

Even without a heart, she is still alive, but now…

Lelouch removed the necklace before opening it up and releasing the heart contained within allowing it to rejoin its body.

Within moments the girl began to stir, although it was slow the body started waking up. A groan escaped her pink lips as she began to move her arms and legs, which Lelouch deduced after lying in a slumber for who knows how long her body would likely be feeling rather stiff. As she slowly opened her eyes as full consciousness returned to her, she weakly began looking around before her dark green eyes gazed upon Lelouch's mask briefly frightening her, which prompted Lelouch to remove it.

"Relax," Lelouch said upon taking off his mask, "I mean you no harm."

The girl nervously relaxed, which only prompted Lelouch to do more to reassure her that he wasn't a threat to her.

"I am here to rescue you? I found something belonged to you, so I came to return it to you."

"You are not going to experiment on me like they did?"

Now Lelouch was truly confused, because if her heart was separated from her and locked away in that ruin leaving her in a coma so could she shouldn't have been aware of what they had been doing to her.

Although the chest I found her heart in was strangely new compared to the rest of the ruin…yet that can't be right?

The mystery thickened, but for Lelouch decided to investigate the computers and maybe question the girl about what she knew.

"My name is Lelouch," Lelouch offered as an introduction. "What is your name?"

"I," the girl said as she found the strength to sit up, "I don't remember my name. They kept asking and experimenting on me to find out. All I remember are four people and a key."

"I see," Lelouch said before summoning the Mark of the Sorceress Keyblade into one hand, "would the key be something like this?"

The girl was briefly surprised by the Keyblade, but soon calmed down seemingly recognized it yet she apparently couldn't understand why.

"A Keyblade," the girl said, which surprised even her wondering how she knew what it was.

I see,so she has amnesia, Lelouch concluded.

It was disappointing, but it couldn't be helped. However, this meant Lelouch had potentially found another Keyblade Wielder like him, and if she could regain her memories then she would be invaluable to his cause and his efforts to defeat the Heartless and those who control them.

"Why don't we leave this place?" Lelouch said while offering his hand to her, "I can't imagine you wanted to be here right?"

The girl shook her head as she slowly stood up, although her legs were shaky from her long slumber yet she gained proper footing with Lelouch's help as he aided her until she found her balance.

"Can you walk?"

"Yes…yes, I can."

"Alright stay close and be mindful because this isn't a safe place," Lelouch said as he put his mask back on, but before leaving Lelouch attempted to access the computer for any information about the girl.

The computers had been wiped clean, so Lelouch realized he likely wouldn't find anything useful.

"Ok, if you are ready we'll leave."

"I am ready," The nameless girl replied, "I don't like being here."

"Very well follow me," Lelouch said walking ahead of her while ready to face any potential dangers on their way out.

As they neared the stairs Lelouch activated the internal communicator inside his mask, "Mog, get ready to pick me up once we are outside."

Lelouch could've teleported out, but he would end up leaving the girl behind. He would have to attune the teleporter to work with the girl so it could easily pick her up just about anywhere, so until then Lelouch would have to have the Marianne land so she could board it.

"Roger that kupo, we will be waiting for you."

The two silently made their way up the stairs, but despite having closed the door behind him when he had first entered Lelouch and the nameless girl was facing six Soldier-type artificial Heartless that had just appeared in front of them.

I knew this wouldn't end without me getting into a fight.

The nameless girl was scared taking cover behind Lelouch.

"Stay back I'll handle this! Cover your eyes now!" Lelouch commanded before hurling one of his Keyblades, "ROYAL FLASH!"

Unleashing a limit break at the offset of the battle as the blinding light burned the Heartless while blinding them at the same time. Lelouch was quick to follow up his initial attack with one of his preferred spells Thundaga to electrocute the stunned Heartless. The Heartless that didn't die after those attacks were cut down by Lelouch's Keyblades, which didn't last long.

Yet Lelouch knew more would be attacking very soon, which only reinforced the fact they had to escape.

"Stay close and get ready to run," Lelouch warmed knowing there would be more Heartless ahead, so he contacted the Moogles aboard his ship. "Mog, what is the situation outside?"

"Heartless are beginning to appear outside the building. We are tracking two dozen so far."

Lelouch quickly formulated a plan, "Mog I want you to attack the Heartless with the ship while clearing away a landing zone."

"But won't we hit you kupo?"

"I'll stay in the building until the attack is over."

"Ok," Mog replied before ending communications.

"What's wrong?"

Lelouch glanced over her shoulder at the girl, "we have more Heartless outside. My ship will launch an attack to clear them out. Once they land, we're going to make a run for it. Are you able to run alright?"

"I think so..."

"Alright," Lelouch said before hearing the sound of the Marianne's engines approaching them.

The building shook as the Marianne launched an attack as it flew over destroying the area surrounding the research outpost. The building they were in was unharmed, but aside from shaking the lights flickered on and off. The girl was frightened, and she grabbed Lelouch's arm to calm herself. Once it was over Lelouch listened as the Marianne came back around before hearing it land outside the outpost.

"Ok, are you ready?"

The girl nodded nervously.

"Stay close to me."

Lelouch opened the door before he and the girl began hurrying to the Marianne. It had landed just beyond the now ruined walls of the outpost. Its size prevented it from landing any closer, but it was the best location possible for the ship.

It's still a distance away, but we can make it.

Lelouch made sure the girl was behind him as they hurried across, but upon seeing Shadow and Large Body types beginning to appear. Realizing the Heartless would be upon them before they could reach the ship Lelouch used his Keyblade to perform a quick summoning spell.

He had learned summoning magic under the tutelage of the Fairy Godmother enabling Lelouch to summon powerful spirits to fight by his side briefly. The summons are aware of the reason their summoner called them, so they were useful for emergency situations.

"Come forth, Shiva!"

Snow began falling as a single icicle erupted from the ground containing a human woman with pale blue skin, purple eyes, long white hair with pointed elfin eras. She wore frost-like clothing which seemed to be part of her, but following her appearance, she shattered the ice she was encased in before gathering magical energy into her hands.

Hurling the collected energy Shiva flash froze the area in front of as part of her Diamond Dust attack.

The Heartless were stopped in their tracks, but the threat they represented wasn't over yet. There were more Heartless in the area and more likely to arrive if they hadn't already. The sooner they could leave the better, and Lelouch felt the Heartless weren't the only threat he could be facing.

Four Soldier type Heartless appeared ahead of them accompanied by four Shadows attempting to bar their path, but Lelouch hurled one Keyblade before empowering the second Keyblade with magic in preparation for a spell to clear their way. Two of the four Shadow Heartless were cut down by the thrown Keyblade before it reappeared in its wielder hands, but while the initial attack caused the others near them to scatter instinctively, Lelouch unleashed a mighty storm of lightning upon them killing the weaker Heartless while leaving, the stronger ones stunned.

Until Lelouch cut them down in passing before he and the girl continued running for the ship.

Shiva is holding some of them off, but it feels like more are beginning to appear now, Lelouch thought as he looked over his shoulder to make sure the girl was still following.

However as another group of Heartless, this time a pair of Defenders barred their path, a Wyvern type swooped down towards the girl while Lelouch was attacking the Defenders intending to finish them quickly. Using a Reflega spell around himself the attacks of the Defenders, as they tried to smash Lelouch with their living shields caused the damage to be rebounded against them before Lelouch countered the attack with a Zero Graviga to cause the Heartless to float into the air. Then Lelouch finished them with a Blizzaga spell, freezing them solid after they were left wide open thanks to the Zero Graviga spell.

It was then Lelouch noticed the girl was about to be attacked by the flying Heartless.

"LOOK OUT!" Lelouch cried as he turned to attack the Heartless, but he feared he wasn't going to be able to act in time.

The girl turned and realized the danger, but fear froze her in place as she raised her hands in a vain effort to protect herself, but…


The Heartless was suddenly repelled as if it had collided into an invisible wall, but Lelouch saw her hands glowing.

In that one instant, the girl summoned a Keyblade of her own into her hands deflecting the attacking while it released a shockwave that threw the Heartless back. Lelouch was surprised as he took in the Keyblade's appearance. The weapon was colorful with various pastel tones, especially the weapon's shaft consisting of twisting pink, yellow and then blue which burst into clouds forming the teeth of the Keyblade. In the center of the Keyblade's teeth was a pink heart-like emblem trimmed with gold, and at the center of the weapon where the shaft connects with the handle was the face of a gold fox with teal eyes set atop an intricate gold and pink etching.

The long golden handle of the Keyblade was surrounded by long, cloud or wave-shaped segments shifting from yellow to blue on the top and separate blue pieces by the pommel. Connected to the end of the pommel was a chain, its coloring matching the rest of the weapon, with a yellow and pink token possessing a blue eye, with a slit-like pupil, in the center.

"A Key," the girl muttered surprised by the fact she had summoned the weapon just as Lelouch was.

"Come on we can think about it later," Lelouch said putting a hand on her shoulder after throwing one of his Keyblades to slice the repelled Wyvern in two before it could recover.

"Right," the girl replied as she and Lelouch assumed running for the ship.

Thankfully as they approached the Moogles were already using Particle Beam Rifles to fend off the Heartless as Lelouch, and the girl hurried up the boarding ramp. The Heartless were closing in, especially after Shiva's time had expired, but once they were aboard Lelouch hit the switch to close the ramp.

"GET US OUT OF HERE NOW!" Lelouch shouted.

The Marianne lifted off before ascending into the air quickly achieving escape velocity, but as they hurried away from the Heartless infested world, Lelouch helped the tired and confused girl to one of the available crew cabins so she could rest.

"I have an unused bunk in one of the cabins if you want to rest."

"Thank you, but I am truly grateful you took me away from that place. I don't know how long I spent in their cage always using me for experiments," the nameless girl said with a smile of gratitude.

"Not at all, but I am impressed you summoned a Keyblade."

"A Keyblade," the girl said looking at the weapon she had summoned before something came to mind, "Ava."


"My name…my name is Ava."

"Did you remember something?"

"Only my name I think," Ava said clearly confused yet she seemed confident she had recalled her name.

"I suppose it's a start."

As Lelouch led Ava to the cabin, his mind was processing everything that had happened, but what confused him was how Xehonart and his followers discovered Ava's body and yet while she remembers everything they had gone to her.

Her heart was locked away in a place that had apparently been built well before any of them should've been born, Lelouch thought while trying to unravel one mystery.

That aside Yen Sid had been correct that the heart he found did belong to a Keyblade Wielder, but if what he said about the body rendered comatose upon having its heart removed then who removed it from her and how could've have hidden it in such an old ruin.

If Xehanort was genuinely interested in using a Keyblade's body as a host, I doubt he would've been picky about the gender, so why?

There was a mystery surrounding Ava, but one that will require time and more information to solve.

At least I found another who can wield the Keyblade like me, but two won't be enough for the battle ahead.

First Lelouch would return to Yen Sid and report his findings, and then Lelouch could plan his next move.

A/N: Yes, if the fox motif I added in the chamber of the final chapter of the prelude where her heart was kept wasn't enough of a give away the Keyblade Wielder who Lelouch has found and restored her heart to is Ava from Kingdom Hearts X(chi)/Black Cover.

Suffering from some severe memory loss though.

I was also inspired to go this route through the Secret Reports mentioned in the latest Kingdom Hearts game, which I suspect might be her. But I did run into a pickle of deciding on a look for her without her mask. I did some asking around for their opinions, and I ultimately settled on a mix of some of their suggestions. I decided on white hair, which would serve as a sign of the experiments done to her which robbed her hair of its original color.

While I am contemplating pairing Ava and Lelouch together I am also considering Yuffie and Xion as possibilities, although Ava and Yuffie have more opportunities than Xion through but I am just not going to worry about pairings since nothing romantic is likely to happen until Lelouch is seventeen or eighteen so plenty of time.

Anyway aside from that Monokuma from Danganronpa is an active villain in this story, but who is control him? It's not an OC I can assure you, but of course it could always be an A.I. too, but regardless the evil bear is assembling a crew of villains, and that cannot be a good sign. He has already removed a competitor so his leadership wouldn't be questioned using a very familiar method.

Not to mention the Heartless of Braig and Maleficent are still enemies who are out there too, but next chapter as Lelouch is heading back to Yen Sid's tower to introduce the Keyblade Wielder he has found another Keyblade Wielder shall be awakening next chapter.

Thank you for reading and I thank you in advance for your reviews.