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When he boarded the train, Draco had no trouble finding an empty compartment to sit in. He had been right about most parents pulling their students to send them overseas. As he began to settle in, he thought back to the Malfoy family tapestry. Ever since he had seen the burn mark of the last disowned Malfoy the night before, his thoughts had been plagued with finding out exactly what happened to that particular lineage.

It seemed like the right thing to think about.

His father was in Azkaban, never to come out again, and his mother had died soon after. He was all alone, except for his mother's blood traitor sister and cousin's son.

And they were really no people to call family. Even if they were the only real family he had left, Draco wanted to never see either of them again.

She had looked so much like Bellatrix that when she had shown up to his mother's funeral, he felt that he was back in the War, training with the sadistic witch.

Before he could have even lashed out or done anything embarrassing, he noticed her company. She was with Potter, Granger, and a little boy with hair that kept changing colors.

Knowing that Bellatrix would never be seen with such people, Draco had relaxed a little. Though he was still miffed to see them.

Who were they to show up to his mother's funeral?

They were the only other ones there, and a heavy, awkward silence had fallen as they stood before her grave.

His aunt had looked at him, and Draco had almost said something, but the four of them left before he could decide what. Since his mother had died a few weeks after his father's sentencing, his father was unable to attend the funeral. After his aunt and the two Gryffindors had left, Draco had just stared at his mother's grave.

He had never felt more alone, which was an unusual feeling.

Even during the war, he had always felt like there was someone close by. Of course that someone was a Dark Lord who was overly paranoid that anyone around him would turn their back on him, but still.

Even if there was only a slight possibility of another Malfoy branch, Draco needed to know. He wouldn't give up on finding out what happened to them.

As he was thinking about how the Malfoy Diaries he'd brought in his trunk might help him find out what happened, the trolley lady knocked on the door.

"Anything from the trolley, dear?" She looked exactly the same somehow.

"No." There had been a time when Draco had never bothered with the trolley because he knew that his mother would send his favorites when he reached Hogwarts anyway. It would never happen again. "Actually, on second thought, could I please have a chocolate frog?"

"Of course, dear."

After paying for the frog, Draco looked out of the window. Hogwarts was beginning to come into view. At least they'd be at school soon.

Before he could even open the packaging of the Chocolate Frog, there was another knock at the door.

Granger had opened the door. Well, that was unexpected, Draco thought.

"Hello." She just stood there, like she hadn't expected him to be in this compartment.

Draco just stared back. He didn't want to have small talk with the Gryffindor.

"I was just going through all the compartments to see who else from our year is here," she said.

"And?" Draco raised an eyebrow as he asked, he wanted to know as well.

"Well, this is the last compartment. Other than you, and Neville, who isn't really a student anymore technically, it's just me."

"Oh, is that so?"


"Did you have anything else to say? Or are you going to just stand there for the rest of the trip?" Draco did not exactly want to argue with her, but he just wanted some peace and quiet before reaching Hogwarts.

She rolled her eyes. "Well, as I said, we're the only ones from our year back. I was wondering if we could be on good terms."

"Ok." Draco shrugged. Now that she had her answer, maybe she would leave him alone.

"So," She smiled as she sat down- Draco grumbled internally- and continued. "What classes are you taking?"

"Granger, could we save the small talk for later?" What would it take for this witch to leave him alone, Draco thought.

"Oh." She had clearly thought that they were going to be friends or something, Draco assumed. "Well, okay then. See you later."

Thank God she finally left, Draco would never complain about being alone again. It was much more preferable to be alone than to be bothered by Gryffindors who insisted on friendship after years of hating each other, Draco thought.

As he unwrapped the chocolate frog, he looked at the card.

Of course, it was Granger. He groaned.

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