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Two years later…

"Are you sure about this?" Raoul asked hesitantly as he walked inside the bedroom that he shared with Christine.

Erik sent a grin in his direction. He had just finished taking off his shirt. To avoid the possible stains, Erik had told him. "One would think that you want me to change my mind."

Raoul shifted from foot to foot. "Of course not, but…"

"I know." Erik replied softly in a knowing tone. "This isn't exactly going to be fun for me, but it's what has to be done."

"We won't be able to stop once we start." Christine informed as she stood up from the bed and made her way over. She took Erik's hands in her and led him forward. "If we do, you could die."

"Yes, as you have explained to me countless times." Erik countered. He squeezed Christine's hands in his. "You two are the ones that brought the subject of me turning in the first place. I finally say yes, and you hesitant."

Two years. It has been two years since the night Erik first told them he loved them, after which they had taken their relationship to the next level and started an official relationship. Since then, not much has changed with everyone. The biggest thing that had happened within the year span was Mr. Khan proposing to Rook and them getting married. Because of it, Mr. Khan had moved out of the apartment but still paid his part of the place for Erik to stay in it.

As for the three of them, not much changed except that they went out more on what could be considered 'dates.' The vampire couple could still be found hanging out in Erik's shop when they could, however, they also were able to invite Erik back to their apartment or the other way around. After a year of their relationship growing, Christine and Raoul had decided to tell Erik about being turned. It took another year of a lot of questions and discussions before Erik finally said yes.

That day had been the happiest and scariest day of Raoul's life. Today, however, was quickly taking its place.

"When you said yes, it suddenly became real." Raoul explained. He walked over until he stood behind Erik and wrapped his arms around his waist, letting his chin rest on Erik's shoulder. "Honestly, we weren't sure you would ever agree but wanted you to know that it was an option."

"Oh?" Erik questioned, turning his head to meet Raoul's. "Why's that?"

"Madam Giry." Christine answered. "Mr. Khan. Meg."

Erik hummed in acknowledgement, intertwining his fingers through Christine's. "I will admit, it was a large factor to overcome."

Raoul felt Erik's shoulders roll as he let out an exasperated but fond sigh. "However, they certainly never let the topic go once they had found out. Dear Antoinette was especially avid about it."

"Madame Giry, got to love that woman." Raoul sighed admirably. Raoul had learned over the past couple years that the madam was truly a force to be reckon with and had grown to admire her.

"Yes," Erik snorted before taking on a serious frown. "The four of us talked about this immensely and they are aware of what will happen after."

"That's it then?" Christine asked, leaning forward and standing on her toes to be at Erik's height. "You ready?"

Erik shrugged, but Raoul saw the cautious grin appear on his lips. "As ready as I'll ever be."

"We'll try to do it as quick as possible, hopefully, since there's two of us, it will be." Raoul trying to be reassuring. He knew that if he had a working heart, it would be pounding in his chest with how nervous he felt. Christine had turned him centuries ago and now he was going to help turn their human mate into one of them. That was already enough to make him edgy, but there was also the fact that, unlike him, the transformation will be painful for Erik.

Raoul listened to Erik's heartbeat spike up a little however outwardly Erik nodded calmly.

"I know." Erik whispered, shifting in Raoul's arms and tightened his grip on Christie's hands. "Best get started then."

Raoul's eyes met Christine's and she nodded. Licking his lips, Raoul willed his fangs to come out. They poked out of his gums and he swallowed as his vampire side came forward, instincts demanding that he claim and turn Erik. Forcing himself to focus, he cleared his throat and glanced at Christine one more time. He saw her fangs also out and the encouraging smile she gave him.

Together, they leaned forward and bit into either side of Erik's neck.

Instantly, Erik let out a choked gasp in pain and tried to move away, but Raoul and Christine tighten their grip on him to make sure he didn't. Raoul quickly withdrew his fangs from Erik's skin and began to suck the blood out. His senses exploded as his mate's blood touched his tongue, almost causing him to groan. Erik had given them more of his blood through the years, but only through a needle, never directly. Erik's blood had been delicious from those thermoses, but Raoul felt like he was tasting ambrosia and he wanted it to last as long as possible.

He snapped back into focus as he felt Erik's legs collapsed from under him. Raoul easily caught his weight and he and Christine brought him down slowly onto the floor, neither one breaking their hold. As he did, Raoul suddenly became aware of the harsh trembling Erik's body did against his, the sweat that covered it, and how hard his heart fluttered in his chest as it tried to fight back the rapid loss of blood.

The thought of Erik truly dying made Raoul hesitant. What if they messed up? What if they caused Erik to die? What if…?

Raoul felt a hand touch his and instantly knew that it was Christine's. She squeezed it, but made no move to back away from what she was doing. Raoul took comfort in that. If nothing else, his vampire mate knew what she was doing. Squeezing her hand back, Raoul focused on what he was doing, this time not allowing himself to be consumed by Erik's taste.

Eventually, Erik went completely limp in his arms, telling him that he lost consciousness. Raoul yanked his head back from Erik's neck and saw Christine do the same, her lips ruby red from Erik's blood, she quickly licked it off.

"The bed. Hurry!" Christine ordered.

Raoul lifted Erik in his arms and quickly but gently place him in the middle of the bed on his back. He watched as Erik's breathing stuttered and slowed, his heartbeat struggling to maintain a beat.


Raoul turned to see Christine holding out a knife to him, her wrist bleeding. He took the knife and followed her example, slashing his wrist open. Ignoring the pain, he sat down on one side while Christine sat on the other. Together, they raised their bleeding wrist over Erik's mouth and the blood drops fell.

Raoul watched anxiously as their blood trailed down Erik's lips and down his throat. Erik let out a choked noise before falling silent completely. Christine had told him that this was part of the transformation but being no longer able to hear Erik's heartbeat and seeing him perfectly motionless was unnerving to Raoul. Even though Christine had warned him about this, the fact that Raoul no longer felt the pull towards Erik made him angsty.

He stood up from the bed, not caring about the blood dripping down from his wrist, and began to pace to try to calm his nerves. Christine stayed where she was, her gaze fixated on Erik as she waited for a reaction.

Raoul didn't know how long he paced and Christine stared but when Erik suddenly let out a large gasp, Raoul felt like a giant weight had been lifted from him.

He walked back to the bed and found Erik still unconscious but breathing. He watched as Erik's eyebrows furrowed down and he let out a pained whimper.

"This isn't going to be pretty." Christine whispered sadly, reaching out to take Erik's limp hand in hers.

"Now he has to heal." Raoul agreed, sitting back in his previous spot and took Erik's other hand. Together they waited.

They watched as the color drained from Erik's skin and held him when he regained half awareness to slump forward in agony as their blood healed everything.

Including his blindness and disfigurement.

Raoul watched in fascination as the scars burns on Erik's face healed, leaving behind sharp complete features and unblemished smooth skin. It revealed what Erik really looked like if it hadn't been for the fire incident as a child.

When they knew it was going to be over, Raoul turned off all the lights and closed the curtains to make it as dark as possible. Erik was asleep on the bed, completely transformed and Raoul wanted to make sure that the first thing Erik sees wasn't going to blind him from the harshness of light. An hour after they had done this, Erik opened his eyes.

Upon seeing him, Raoul had to hold back a gasp at the sight of those eyes. Before they would glow like molten gold but now they blazed as if two liquid suns were in Erik's eyes.

"Angel?" Christine whispered gently, taking a cautious step towards Erik whose eyes zeroed in on her.

Erik squinted towards them before looking away, eyes roaming over everything around him. The sight made Raoul breathe out in relief, Erik could see again.

"Was it always this dark in here?" Erik remarked. "Or am I forgetting what it was like to see before?"

"No no. We made sure the lights were off, we wanted to give you a chance to adjust. How are you feeling?" Christine explained, making her way over and sat on the bed facing Erik.

"Hungry." Erik mumbled, pressing his hand to his eyes, but jerked back startled.

Raoul smirked at the reaction. "Your eyesight wasn't the only thing that was healed. Want to see what you look like?"

Without waiting for a response, Raoul went to the bathroom and came back with a hand mirror. He held it out to Erik, who took it with shaky hands. He brought the mirror up and gasped at his reflection, using his free hand to touch his face as if not believing what he saw. "I'm…"

"Absolutely gorgeous? Yes you are." Raoul cut in cheekily. He sat down next to Erik and snickered. "Christine and I are going to have to beat all the women and men back for the rest of our lives."

Raoul knew that expression, and if Erik could still blush, he would be. Instead, Erik placed the mirror down and squinted his eyes at them.

"You two mostly look as I imagined you." He remarked, then frowned. "Though I did not think about freckles."

Christine giggled and poked at Raoul's face which had a three freckles. One next to his mouth, another on his cheek and the last one at the corner of his eyes. Raoul rolled his eyes and brushed her hand away from him. "As long as we aren't a disappointment."

Erik raised his eyebrow. "Raoul, I might have not physically seen what I looked like before but I know that it wasn't anything pretty. I would never judge a person by appearances, especially you two, who were able to look past the deformity and still love me."

"Got that right. I can really call you Angel now." Raoul grinned. "But first, let's get you something to eat."

It took three months before Erik was able to fully get the hang of things. He had taken longer than Raoul had but unlike Raoul, Erik was not only adapting at being a vampire, but also being able to see again. At first, Erik would even purposely close his eyes because it was easier to get around for him, but practice made perfect and he was able to get the hang of it eventually.

During this time, Erik had remained in contact with the others, but refused to let them see him, or him them until he felt ready. When the three of them were completely confident in Erik's ability to handle himself and he invited his family over to his apartment.

Raoul and Christine were waiting with him on the couch, Ayesha resting in the arm chair across from them, eyeing them warily. The Siamese had been suspicious at first towards Erik, since he was the same creature as Raoul and Christine, whom she still didn't like. But after a few minutes with Erik, the cat had batted her head against his hand in affection, recognizing and acknowledging her owner.

Raoul heard the doorbell ring and felt Erik tense up next to him. He grabbed his hand and brought it to his lips in comfort.

"You'll be fine. They want to see you as much as you do."

Erik sent him a grateful grin before standing up. Raoul had to hold back the urge to grab him and pull him back down.

He really needed to get used to those eyes intensity when they were focused on him.

Raoul heard the door open and two gasps in shock. There was a thug sound and Raoul turned around to see Madam Giry with her arms thrown around Erik's neck and Erik's arms around her torso. They leaned into each other as if they were the only thing keeping them upright, the sounds of the Madam sobbing echoed in the room.

Erik eventually pulled back and cupped Madam Giry's face, his thumbs brushing away her tears.

"Antoinette?" Erik whispered in awe, his eyes taking in his best friend's appearance. "You look…"

"Old?" Madam Giry offered with a watery smile.

"Never." Erik replied firmly. "I was going to say even more beautiful than I pictured."

Then Mr. Khan walked in with Rook and Erik gave each of them a hug. When he pulled back from Mr. Khan however, his hand clasped against the elder's neck and gave him a long look.

"You look older than I thought." Erik stated seriously but there was a spark of mischief in his eyes.

Mr. Khan, having noticed the spark, huffed and brushed Erik's hand away. "I'll have you know that every wrinkle and gray hair was caused by you."

"My turn." Meg's voice came from the front entrance.

Erik's body froze for a moment at the sound of his niece's voice and slowly turned around to face her. Unlike Mr. Khan and Madame Giry, Erik had never seen Meg before, and he was seeing his niece for the first time.

"Wow, you look younger than I thought you would." Meg stated humoredly as she walked further inside.

"And your mother named you well." Erik countered, his voice choked up. He held out his hands for her to take. "For you are as beautiful as the pearl you are name for."

Raoul's chest filled with warmth at the sight of Meg rushing into her uncle's arms and the two embracing each other.

Later that night, when everyone was gone and it was just the three of them again, Erik took both of them by surprise by giving them a long and sweet kiss each.

"What's that for?" Raoul asked after Erik pulled back, forcing himself to not follow his mate's lips.

Erik smiled and it was breathtaking to Raoul.

"For puking on my front door step."

Raoul snorted in surprise and Erik turned back towards Christine, he continued. "Funny how that was what started everything."

"For once, Raoul making a fool of himself paid off." Christine agreed teasingly.

"Hey!" Raoul protested, but was cut off by Christine's lips. He hummed in content and was grinning when she pulled back.

"Are you two going to stand there or join me?"

Raoul glanced up and saw that Erik was smirking playfully at them. When Erik noticed Raoul looking, his smirk widened, and he suddenly disappeared, using his new speed to move. Raoul turned back to Christine and saw her smiling happily at him.

"Let's go catch our mate." Raoul stated, taking Christine's hand in his.

Together they sprinted after Erik's scent.

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