Seeing Harold Finch sitting on their bench in Queensbridge park brought a smile to John's face. There was something reassuring in the familiarity of the scene. It wasn't an odd familiarity, it was a real one. John couldn't explain why, but he knew it was his Harold, their bench. Not another version of reality.

Lost in his thoughts, Harold didn't seem to hear him approach, and he startled slightly when John materialized by his side. An earnest smile illuminated his face as soon as he identified his friend, though John couldn't help but notice the dark rings under his eyes, and a slight sink in Harold's posture. Clearly Harold hadn't slept much in the past couple of days.

"Mr. Reese, it's such a relief to see you."

"Harold, you were worried?"

"You had never ventured so far from… New York, before."

John smiled. "I actually spent the night in the library. It was just as messy and abandoned as it was before we made it our quarters here."

"How was it, on the other side?"

"Weird. And beautiful in some ways."

Harold shot him a questioning look.

"Jessica's alive. Ingram's alive." John explained, as his gaze lingered on the South end of Manhattan. "Hell, the towers are still standing."

"So you managed to save her?"

A soft smile brushed John's lips. "I did. With a little help from Harold Wren and the other me." John chuckled. "That sure was the most bizarre mission ever. But hey, I got them all safe in the library, introduced them to the Machine..."


"You, me and Jessica."

"And you told them all about the Machine? Isn't it too dangerous? And Jessica is not exactly a field agent..."

"Neither were you, Finch. Jessica's a nurse, and she's very capable. She'll be a good addition to the team. Also, I'm guessing Wren will tell Ingram."

Harold turned to John, a disapproving frown on his face. "You can't tell everyone about the Machine, John."

"It's different over there, no one knows about the Machine. There's no one looking for it, for them. Don't tell me you never wished to be doing all this with Nathan. Over there is like the paradise we've lost here. The two of us saving numbers, but with all the people we love."

Suddenly filled with melancholy, Harold looked in the distance. "Almost all..." he whispered.

"Oh, don't worry, I didn't forget you. I gave Wren Grace's name."

The disapproving frown immediately reappeared.

"Don't worry, Finch, they'll all make a good team. And they have Wilson – the other me – to protect them all."

"Wilson?" Harold smiled. "You don't look like a Wilson. I like Mr. Reese better."

"I guess Kara wasn't as inspired on the other side," John said with a grin. "So, tell me, Finch what other government secrets did you discover when you first plugged in the Machine?"

"Nothing else of much importance beyond your usual little State secrets. The US spying on their allies, Russians spying on everyone. Oh, and that decommissioned time machine, secretly stored in a military facility on the West coast."

"A decommissioned… what?"