Perfect for Me



Rating: M

Genre: NC (non canon); AH (all human); Romance; AU (alternate universe); OOC (out of character)

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One year later…

Jasper glanced at the expansive park surrounding his parents' estate. The view was beautiful with nary a cloud in the sky and his beautiful Bella attempting to climb a tree in her bare feet while wearing her wedding dress.

Thinking back to last year's tumultuous Fourth of July ball, Jasper couldn't believe this day had come. His mother had finally come around to his side. Edyth Cullen Whitlock's unwavering support had come at a small price for him.

After his boxer's break had healed, he had to take karate lessons alongside her because seeing Bella defend both him and herself made her realize she needed to become stronger physically. Now, it seemed, everyone in Houston was taking some sort of martial art.

She also, much to Bella's chagrin, taught her about beauty and fashion. To his girlfriend's horror, his mother frequently picked her up for some girl time, so she could take her shopping, get massages, and even get facials and mud wraps. It was everything Alice had wanted.

Speaking of Alice, many unwelcome changes came to her family. Rich Brandon was arrested for insider trading about six months after the Fourth of July Ball. Before his arrest, he was able to make arrangements for his wife and daughter. Alice was now married to Edward Masen, a millionaire Chicago businessman, who fell in love with her at first sight, and whom her father was able to offload most of his assets prior to his arrest. Jasper saw the guy on the news and thought he was even more of a strutting peacock than Rich Brandon.

Nan Brandon, without Edie's support, became a social pariah and was rarely seen in Houston society. Bella and Jasper ran into her once at the Super Walmart where they were picking up groceries.

As far as his friends were concerned, his grandfather did, indeed, hire Peter and Sam away from their employers. They were given significant pay raises and were thriving in their careers. Paul, too, was hired as an in-house attorney for Whitlock Energy. He tried to hire Bella, but his Grandpa Carlisle was one-step ahead of him and hired her as Senior Engineer in charge of robotic technology. She brought her friend, Jacob Black, onboard. They were working closely with Peter and Sam in order to streamline the eventual merger of the two companies.

Jasper, on the other hand, was going back to school in the fall. He realized he was miles behind everyone and had absolutely no right to be an engineer. So with everyone's blessing, he applied and was accepted to Rice University, where Bella received her master's degree.

His grandparents and parents were both proud of his decision. With his MBA and his higher-level engineering degrees, he should be able to bring both Whitlock Energy and Cullen Oil into the next generation successfully.

He smiled as he caught sight of his Bella sitting on a tree limb with her wedding dress on. "Get back down here before you break your neck."

"Oh, fine."

He held his arms out to catch her as she jumped down. Wrapping his arms around her, he whispered, "I suppose we should get back. The reception is starting soon."

"Oh, do we have to? I like it here. It's so peaceful. Besides, once we get back, we have to deal with both of our families. It's an open bar. What if our fathers decide to go popping off shots with their rifles again? We should grab a few minutes of peace while we can."

"Maybe a few more minutes then…" Off in the distance, they could hear the band practicing their music. On a whim, Jasper twirled Bella on the lawn and began dancing to the music with her. The way her eyes sparkled in the sun filled him with pleasure; everything about her filled him with joy.

"I'm so happy, Jasper." She squealed as he spun her around again. "And I'm so in love with you!"

He pulled her snugly to his chest and simply swayed, immersing himself in the feel of her skin next to his and marveling at how they got to this point today.

She tilted her head and looked up at him, her eyes dancing with amusement. "What are you thinking about that has you so contemplative on our wedding day?"

He kissed her soundly on her lips and felt a thrill of electricity as she cooed and melted into him. "I love you, Bella." He held her gently and tilted her chin so he could gaze directly into her beautiful eyes. "You are perfect for me."

And they lived happily ever after...