I am the vanquished and I have a question for those who have come after me.

Why is my brother, the victor, the one who tells the story of our lives?

Why is his story read and revered while mine is ignored and vilified?

I know that my story is no less riveting than his, and I want to be understood.

I have heard that some of you hate me because I fought and killed my brother.

But I plead with you to not rush to judgement, but instead find out about who I am.

Don't you know that I did not want to make war with my brother?

We serve the same Lord and He loves both of us.

We love each other too.

We are brothers.

So, why is my story left behind when the pages of history turn?

I would like a chance to speak.

I would like a chance to tell what happen to me.


I am the victor and I have heard my brother, the vanquished, calling for our attention.

All he ask is that we listen to him and I believe we should because his story is a worthy one.

It angers me when no one gives him a chance to speak.

For those who will come after us, let me give you this warning.

Do not puff out your chest in pride at my brother's expense.

Do not sneer in arrogance at him.

I was not victorious because our Lord blessed my hand over his.

In truth, He smiled upon us both in life.

He protected us and inspired us both to great acts of heroism.

He taught us both to look to Him when we were afraid.

And He cradled us both in death.

My brother's story is actually very much like my own.

In fact, it is so similar, you will think of me when you read it.

But that is because we are brothers.

Author's Notes: "A Higher Call" is a true account about the encounter between WWII German ace fighter pilot, Franz Stigler, and American bomber pilot, Charlie Brown, in the sky above war-torn Germany. It is well worth reading!