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Summary: Years after the events in Paris, Miranda finds one of her darling Bobbsey's remained in touch with the assistant that got away, Andréa (Call me Andy) Sachs. What will happen when the editor comes face to face with her past? Will she still see a lot of herself in the brunette?

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Miranda sat in the hard chair, her legs crossed and her hands clasped firmly in her lap as Andy sat on the examination table, swinging her legs as she tugged her fingers nervously, waiting to be seen to.

It had been a long process to get to this point, bringing a mixture of anticipation, anxiety, hope, and fear. The process started with the initial call to Miranda's gynecologist, followed by the questionnaires relating to their health history, to the collection of all of their prior medical records, to the day Andy had her first physical exam, including blood testing.

Then had come the day they had their counselling session to address any psychosocial issues relating to the use of donor sperm, which thrilled Miranda no end. A week later they signed the consent forms.

Since Miranda had the foresight to have her eggs harvested years before, even before the twins had come along, it was decided her eggs would be used.

The finding of a suitable donor with hazel eyes and dark curls turned out to be rather straightforward. They had eventually chosen a man from Upstate New York who played baseball throughout high school and college. He had a wide smile, dark expressive eyes and dark curly hair. He was a graphic designer and painter in his free time. Miranda declared he was an ideal candidate.

Nine weeks after the initial call, the embryo transfer was completed and fifteen days later, she'd had blood drawn and found out the test was positive. Now, four weeks later, Andy would have an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy.

The ultrasound technician rushed into the room, a wide smile on her face as she gazed at the two women. "Shall we see what's what?"

Andy was scared, she knew this was the all-important moment that would confirm whether a pregnancy was proceeding normally. The days leading to this one had felt like months and she needed to pee desperately after spending the hour before drinking 1.5 litres of water.

"Well, move at a glacial pace." Miranda stood and moving beside Andy, took her hands, rubbing them soothingly before stepping aside for the technician.

The ultrasound technician eased Andy onto her back and covering her with a sheet, advised her to bend her knees.

The transducer was covered with a condom and lubricant before being inserted gently. Andy gasped although she had tried to prepare herself for the moment. There was a solid pressure applied bit no pain, thankfully.

The ultrasound technicians face gave nothing away as she glanced at the TV monitor beside her and although Andy knew they were trained to keep their faces blank, she grew concerned.

The technician turned and grinned. "Everything looks good." She reassured removing the probe. "I'll have the doctor come speak to you as soon as possible."

"Thank God that's done," Andy whispered to Miranda's back as she redressed. "She used so much lube that I may spend the rest of the day squelching as I walk."

Miranda's snort showed her amusement, but her shoulders relaxed.

The doctor came into the room and looking at the results on the monitor smiled. "Well, mommies. Would you like to meet your baby?"

"Yes, please." Andy and Miranda said in unison.


Miranda stepped into the townhouse and made her way idly towards the kitchen. It had been a busy few months at Runway, with Miranda making provisions to take time off to be with Andréa and the baby.

In just a few short months they would be welcoming a son or daughter into the world. The fact Andréa had insisted on not being told the gender of their coming child was not surprising. She had advised as long as the baby was happy and healthy, she had no concerns and Miranda had to agree. Whatever they had would be a welcome addition to their world.

As busy as she had been, she had not missed one appointment with the Ob-Gyn. She'd also managed to be there for every milestone, including Andréa's insatiable sexual appetite, the cravings, the tears and tantrums and the little flutterings that had recently turned into quite a furious kicking.

Smiling, she leaned against the doorframe and watched as Andréa blew a curl from her face and stirred whatever was cooking on the stove. Inhaling, she caught the scent of Chinese five-spice and star anise and understood she was preparing one of the many one-pot wonders their family had come to love over the last year. The Vietnamese Beef Stew would be inhaled by their growing children, who were due in from school anytime.

"Are you just going to stand there staring or come kiss me," Andréa asked, her voice holding a smile.

Miranda pushed off from the door and her feet carried her quickly to the brunette. Wrapping her arms around the expanding frame, she pressed a kiss against her neck and inhaled again, this time taking in the scent of vanilla on Andréa's skin. "Hello, my darling. How are you and my daughter doing today?" She teased.

"You're going to be shocked when another bouncing boy explodes out of me." Andréa smiled happily. "We're good though, he's spent most of the day being active but settled around an hour ago."

"I'm glad she's settled." Miranda grinned. This to-ing and fro-ing back and forth had been going on for months now causing the betting pool at Runway to grow to epic heights.

The door slamming shut behind their children had Miranda groaning but then Isabel's voice rang out. "I hate you sometimes, Cassidy Priestly." Feet thundered up the stairs and a door slammed.

Miranda stiffened at the chilling words, knowing how they would affect her sensitive daughter. Pulling away, she took two quick steps back.

Andréa spun on her bare feet and sighed. "We should divide and conquer, you speak with Izzy while I handle Cassi." She stated quietly.

"Acceptable." Miranda husked. They had found out the hard way that Andréa handled her daughter's easier, while Isabel listened to her. The only one that they were in accord over was Ethan, he was simply a gorgeous boy and rather easygoing.

Ethan and Caroline trudged dejectedly into the room, offering quiet greetings.

She stepped into the foyer and as she passed her teary daughter, placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder, squeezing it before moving slowly up the stairs.

Standing in front of the room opposite that of her daughter's, she knocked at the door twice before she let herself in and closed the door softly behind her.

Isabel looked up at her and Miranda's heart clenched at the sight of tears in her eyes, moving forward she sat beside the young woman and wrapped her up in a loose embrace. She spoke softly. "You know, I was surprised to hear your declaration of hate. I hope you realise when you say it to someone you love it can lead to feelings of rejection. As a parent, I have expected to hear my children say it, but it is terrifying, especially after all the care and hard work that has gone into nurturing them to be good people. I must admit, it would destroy me to hear it from Andréa's lips."

"She was so stupid today." Isabel sobbed. "Cassi was so mad at me for talking to Ryan and...and..." She chokes on her explanation. "...she dragged me away from him and told me to stop flirting." She looked up at Miranda. "...I was just trying to be nice. He's new to the school and...it was so embarrassing."

Miranda sighed knowing her daughter could be as subtle as a sledgehammer when displeased. "Do you love Cassidy? Does she make you happy?"

"Yes, but..." Isabel stopped talking as Miranda pulled away to face her.

"Cassidy is my daughter and I love her dearly but saying that I know her faults. She is her mother's daughter on so many levels." Miranda told her.

"You're okay though, Miranda. At least you don't treat momma like a possession." Isabel claimed, sniffing back her tears.

"There are times it is only by my sheer strength of character I have not bared my claws when I perceive something I believe could threaten my happiness. If someone dared to try to interfere with my relationship with Andréa, I would unleash as I believe Cassidy may have done today." Miranda sighed. "One thing I taught my children is that hate is not the opposite of love, it is the opposite of understanding. Now she will think you do not understand her and she will question everything that has grown between you this past year. That does not mean the way she behaved is in any way acceptable, she crossed a clear boundary, but I understand where she is coming from, now what you need to ask yourself is, do you?"

"It's because she loves me and doesn't want to lose me." Imogen breathed.

"Exactly." Miranda smiled ruefully. "Every relationship is a learning curve, Isabel and I would not have Cassidy hurt while in one." Miranda cleared her throat softly. "We are all fools in love, darling and I know right now you are angry at Cassidy but hate is so strong a word. Hate is ugly and most importantly it is destructive. To hate will drain your spirit and tarnish your soul. It will make your days darker and eat you up inside. I do not recommend it."

"Have you ever hated someone?" Isabel asked hesitantly.

Miranda turned to glance at her, knowing her eyes would show her truth. She decided to speak. "My hatred was the worst kind. Self-hatred." She admitted. "I have achieved so many things in this life but I spent many years turning my feelings of dislike onto myself, which is equally damaging. I will not go into detail but suffice to say, it caused me to engage in risky behaviours and cut off those who loved me. It was a punishment of sorts for feeling insecure, lonely, unattractive, and overly self-critical. I had to learn to heal and forgive myself for the things that caused my self-inflicted emotional wounds and all my pain has led me to the life I now have. I would not recommend anyone go through the journey I have to get to this point in life..." Miranda leaned in and brushed a light kiss on Isabel's blonde curls. "...I wouldn't trade any of it for anything now I have what my heart desires, although I would rather not hear you screeching through the house like a banshee." Miranda sat back and smiled.

"Do you think Cassi will forgive me, Miranda?" Isabel asked seriously.

"I'm certain of it and I am certain she will make other silly mistakes where her feelings for you are concerned." Miranda raised an eyebrow. "Relationships aren't like fairy tales and forgiving those little mistakes is the true act of love."


As her pregnancy developed, Andy found herself more sexually responsive than ever and luckily for her, Miranda was happy and willing to do what she could to ease her frustrations.

She was carrying high, and from behind she looked no different than normal, it was only when she turned to face someone the bump was obvious and it had Christian and Nigel cracking jokes about her swallowing a basketball.

Having a rare child-free night, Miranda had taken the initiative to leave Runway at a reasonable hour and was now lavishing her body with so much attention, Andy felt loved and desired, despite her increasing size and lack of grace.

Andy was trying so hard to resist coming undone but gave in as Miranda's fingers slid down between her parted thighs. It took very little coaxing with Miranda's eyes on her for her to spread herself further. She felt pampered and cherished as Miranda's tongue worked over her extended abdomen, licking around her belly button.

Two of Miranda's fingers teased around the entrance of her pussy before easing into her. Andy bucked her hips as she curled them up and she let out a long moan that ricocheted off the walls.

"Relax, my darling." Miranda urged.

With her small pregnant belly rising between them Andy felt like snapping that relaxing seemed like an impossibility.

As the beautiful silver-haired woman coaxed her toward orgasm, she took a deep, shuddering breath and she felt the tension drain out of her as Miranda's warm breath crested against her pussy, her lips close enough to tease her with promises of kisses.

Miranda inhaled and hummed making Andy whimper. When her tongue ran along the outer lips gently and made contact with her sensitive clit, Abdy trembled and let out a keening wail. "Miraaaaaanda!"

Miranda increased her efforts, thrusting into her quickly as her warm mouth teased. "You are heavenly, Andréa." Miranda husked. "You're so wet for me," she observed as she added another finger and with practised ease, hit her g-spot.

Andy groaned. It was always like this, with Miranda's voice, low and intense, just increasing desire and longing for her, so when the demand for Andy to come was eventually made, she had no choice but to comply.

"I think it is time for you to come. Now." Miranda declared a few moments later before she wrapped her mouth around Andy's clit and sucked it firmly between her lips.

Andy's back arched and her fingers laced into Miranda's hair as she came against her mouth. She shook uncontrollably as waves of pleasure cascaded through her and she fell back against the pillows, satisfied, at least for now.


Miranda walked into the house and shrugging out of her jacket, let it drop to the floor so it landed against her luggage. Ignoring the items littering the foyer of her home, she made her way quickly up the stairs.

After a week away, for Paris Fashion Week, she couldn't wait to see her Andréa and lay her hands on the growing bump that showed her child was growing strong inside the woman she loved. She stalled as she reached the doorway of their bedroom and heard the low moan.

Miranda smirked and her thoughts roamed to the only thing that could be causing Andréa to make such a sexual noise.

"Oh, fuck!" Andréa's groan was loud. "Oh God, I've missed you..."

Miranda stiffened and grew furious as a new thought filtered through her mind. Who the hell was Andréa talking to in such a voice, the voice that was usually for her ears alone?

"Oh, you taste so good." Andréa moaned.

Thinking the worst and remembering the time she found Stephen getting his rocks off in their guest bedroom with his assistant, Miranda threw caution to the wind and the door slamming against the door had Andréa jumping up, screeching in fear.

Miranda's eyes widened at the sight before her and she felt relieved. "Andréa, what is all this?" She waved her hand over the mess that was their bed.

"Fuck, Miranda. You scared the shit out of me, I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow." Andréa yelled, her cheeks flaring red in her embarrassment at being caught.

Miranda's lips twitched in the barest hint of a smile as she watched Andréa's eyes flick away guiltily to look down at the large box of pizza open on the bed. "Eating in bed..." Miranda shook her head and curled her lip in disgust as she shuddered.

"What else would I be doing while you are away?" Andréa asked, batting her eyes innocently. "

"I thought you had company," Miranda stated softly.

"You thought...seriously? Surely, you know I love you and only you, Miranda?" Andréa whispered brokenly. "I can't believe you would think...in our bed..."

Miranda sat on the edge of the bed, her hand coming to rest on Andréa's thigh. "It has happened before and I fear I will lose you. You are so very beautiful, my darling. You are glowing, evening in your pregnancy and could have anyone you wanted."

Andréa twisted the ring that had sat on her finger for the last six months. "I agreed to become your wife, Miranda. I would have never have admitted my love for you if I wasn't sure this was a forever thing." She breathed out.

Miranda saw the tears sparkling in the brunette's eyes and knew the truth of her words. "I'm sorry, my darling."

Andréa closed the pizza box and leaned forward as best she could with her large bump, to brush her lips against hers. "I'm sorry too, Miranda. Come, help me up and I'll change the sheets."

"Later," Miranda whispered, snaring Andréa's lips with her own and feeling the absolution of the gentle touch. Pulling the younger woman closer, Andréa tangled her hands in her hair and tilted her head back to trail her lips against the fluttering pulse in her throat. Miranda moaned softly, feeling herself growing wet under the brunette's ministrations. "Oh God, I love you." She moaned.


Andy stepped into Dalton and moved as quickly as she could down the hallways towards the auditorium. At seven months pregnant, walking was becoming more difficult, turning into more of a waddle.

She marvelled at the nods she received as she moved through the busy hallways. She was well known now, as a freelance writer as well as from being Miranda's partner and a second mom to Cassidy and Caroline.

Ethan had started at a pre-school program nearby that fall, attending his pre-k classes with joy, in preparation for attending Dalton's First Program the following year.

He adored his teacher with a childish passion, often raving over how beautiful and clever she was.

Miranda had been surprised upon first meeting Ethan's teacher, a short, chubby African-American woman with a wide dimpled smile and natural warmth. She carried herself well and all the other children seemed to love her just as much as Ethan did.

Smiling softly to herself, Andy entered the auditorium and saw Cassidy waiting for her. When Cassidy noticed her, she ran towards her to wrap her arms around her in a tight hug. Andy brushed the thick red hair from Cassidy's face and looked down at her. "Are you ready for tonight?" She asked.

"I'm nervous, Andy," Cassidy admitted. "Mom is coming, isn't she?"

"She's home and rounding up the usual suspects. Is everyone else ready?" Andy asked.

"Yeah." Cassidy breathed. "Except for Izzy." She looked down sadly. "She stopped coming to the GSA meetings after..."

"Give her time, Cassi. She may be finding her sexual identity now, but she loves you. You just have to have faith." Andy assured her.

"I've been so stupid, Andy and because of that I've lost her." Cassidy was close to tears. "She's been keeping me at arm's length."

Andy pulled Cassidy back into her arms but when people started arriving for the evening's entertainment, she pulled away. "Now, I'll be there when I'm needed. You are going to do great and I'm so proud of you." Tears sprang into her eyes.

Cassidy rolled hers and grinned up at Andy. "Don't start, momma." She smirked up at her. "Mom will kill me if she thinks I've made you cry." She teased.

Andy snorted out a bark of laughter. "You leave your mom to me, love. I can handle her." She watched as Cassidy stepped away and eased herself into a seat at the end of the first row.

When a young woman made to take a seat leaving just one seat between them, Andy glared. "The three seats are taken." She stated. The woman huffed and moved along leaving three seats between them before trying to return the glare. Andy was not oblivious but smirked. After a year of having to deal with the press as Miranda's partner, she was no longer intimidated by the behaviour of others.

Within a few minutes, just before the lights went down, Andy was joined by the rest of her family and smiled at them happily. Ethan climbed up on her lap, his hand rubbing her tummy absentmindedly as she rested her head against Miranda's shoulder and greeted the editor warmly. "Hello, sweetheart. I'm glad you got here on time."

Miranda huffed. "It was a chore to get Isabel moving, but I managed to talk her around." She sighed. "How much longer do you think we'll have to put up with this nonsense between them? It's been three weeks since they spoke to each other."

"She'll forgive Cassi, I'm sure of it," Andy told her quietly. "I have hope, I live on it." She breathed as the lights lowered and the first act was introduced.

Andy grew nervous as Dalton's pupils performed a variety of activities upon the stage. When it got to the act before Cassidy was due to perform, she stood and Miranda glared up at her as she sat Ethan in her spot. "I need to pee." The small lie came easily.

"Hurry." Miranda hissed only to glare at a man who dared to attempt to shush her. He looked away quickly upon realising who he'd dared to scold.

Andy grinned and made her way out of the auditorium as quickly as she could.


Miranda grew concerned when Andréa didn't return to her, but focusing her attention onto the stage, she saw her daughter cast in the low floodlights, the final act of the night

Cassidy sat rigidly at the small piano, clearly tense and Miranda wondered over her nerves, it was unusual, to say the least.

When Cassidy started to play, her fingers dancing across the ivory keys, Miranda recognised the opening melody immediately. But what surprised her was the rising of her daughter's voice.

"For you, there'll be no more crying.
For you, the sun will be shining.
And I feel that when I'm with you,
It's alright, I know it's right."

She caught the motion as Caroline nudged Isabel and leaned in to whisper. "This is for you, dumbass."

Miranda glared at her eldest daughter and glancing around her at Isabel, saw her shock.

"And the songbirds are singing like they know the score.
And I love you, I love you, I love you, like never before."

Cassidy continued to play, her voice rising beautifully.

"And I wish you all the love in the world.
But most of all, I wish it from myself."

As the song ended, people jumped to their feet to applaud but Cassidy didn't move, instead, simply turned her head and glanced at Isabel before turning and hunching over the keyboard and starting to play again as the applause died out.

"You're broken down and tired
Of living life on a merry go round
And you can't find the fighter
But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out
And move mountains
We gonna walk it out
And move mountains
And I'll rise up
I'll rise like the day
I'll rise up I'll rise unafraid
I'll rise up
And I'll do it a thousand times again."

Seeing her daughter, laying bare her heart was wonderful.

When the stage lit up suddenly with around thirty parents and school children standing to the side of Cassidy as the recognisable six-colour rainbow flag was projected on the far wall, she realised the school's parent and student G.S.A was there alongside her Cassidy, with Andréa front and centre, leading the others in singing along with her daughter.

"All we need, all we need is hope
And for that, we have each other
And for that, we have each other
We will rise
We will rise
We'll rise, oh oh
We'll rise."

The flag on the back wall changed, cycling through the various ones that depicted the vast differences within the L.G.B.T.Q+ community.

"And we'll rise up
Rise like the waves
We'll rise up
In spite of the ache
We'll rise up
And we'll do it a thousand times again
For you oh oh oh oh oh
For you oh oh oh oh oh
For you oh oh oh oh oh
For you."

Miranda felt like she could burst with pride as the last note rang out and the stage went black causing a moment of silence before loud cheers and applause erupted around the room.

Cassidy launched herself from the stage and Isabel jumped up to meet her halfway, and they hugged one another tightly before sharing a chaste kiss. She turned to find Caroline holding hands with the boy, Paul. The one she had called a fat-head on that fateful day she and Andréa had reconnected again. Ethan was dancing on the spot as he watched his mom waddle slowly towards them.

The final message has been clear for everyone in that room to see. A quote.

"Be fearless in the face of what sets your soul on fire."
- Andy Priestly-Sachs