This is after Gwen loses Sarah. She stills blames Theresa so do Ivy and Rebecca. Theresa was briefly in LA but went back to Harmony after Ethan and Gwen arrive. The story starts at Sarah's funeral. Theresa never shows up but asks Fox to come and get Gwen's wedding ring her son found in his room to her. On with the story.

-Chapter 1-

It was the morning of Sarah Winthrop's funeral. The day dawned gloomily and ominous. Gwen and Ethan were at the church with their mothers and most of the town. Gwen walks up to the tiny coffin and says with a sigh, "Oh, my sweet Sarah, why did you have to die? If Theresa hadn't chased my husband, then I would have had you safely and you wouldn't be gone." Most of those assembled heard what Gwen said. Though many didn't echo those statements, Rebecca and Ivy did. Ethan though did not share. When he found that Theresa was in LA he immediately told Gwen that Theresa was there before them. Ethan also told Gwen that when Theresa realized that they were in LA that she immediately left for Harmony. Theresa wanted Gwen to have peace of mind. Theresa had tried to leave Ethan and Gwen alone. After Alistair gave her Ethan Martin, she tried to keep a distance between her and Ethan. Theresa still worked for Crane Industries as head of the fashion division. Just before finding out that Sarah was stillborn, Theresa even found her own home for her and her son. Fox once thought he was in love with Whitney but realized after arriving in LA that he was really in love with Theresa. He came back too Harmony not long after Theresa. Fox was also given a job at Crane.

How can you blame Theresa Gwen, she wasn't there the day you lost Sarah, you are blaming the wrong person, thought Fox as he watched the scene unfolding before him. As usual, Rebecca and his mother were siding with Gwen. He knew that all three women blamed Theresa for the fact that Gwen was having a difficult pregnancy and the loss of Sarah. Just as he was trying to stand watching the drama that Gwen's mother was causing by her loud sobs, his cell rang. Answering it he said, "Fox Crane." "Fox its Theresa. I know you are at Sarah's funeral, but I need you to come and get something to give back to Gwen and Ethan." "What's that Resa?" "I found her wedding ring in my front room. I need you to give it to them because I don't want to cause trouble for Gwen today. She lost her daughter and I don't want to make waves," said a reserved Theresa. "Be right there," replies Fox and he hangs up this cell. As he makes his way to the door of the church, Ivy spots him leaving. "Fox where are you going? You should be here to support your brother and his wife," snaps an irritated Ivy. "Mother there is something I have to take care of. I will be back before the start of the funeral," says Fox as he leaves before Ivy can stop him again. Ivy huffs and returns to talk with Sam.

Fox goes to Theresa's house and back to the funeral before is started. Coming back into the church he sought out Gwen. Finding her in a huddle with his mother and Rebecca, he says, "Gwen this was found in Theresa's living room. She told me to give it to you. By the way how did it get in Theresa's house anyway." Stuttering Gwen states, "Theresa must have stolen it." "How she hasn't set foot in the mansion for months. She couldn't have taken it." "Fox you know what type of person Theresa is. She must have stolen it. As to why, she wants to hurt Gwen because she is angry that Ethan choose her and not Theresa," says a confident Ivy. Gwen and Rebecca nod vigorously, agreeing with Ivy's statement. "Yeah, tell it to someone who believes you," an irritated Fox. He leaves the trio and goes to stand by Pilar and her family.

Just as Gwen was getting angry, the priest call everyone into the main church for the funeral of Sarah Winthrop. Everyone files into the sanctuary somberly. The priest talks of angels and prays for peace for the child's parents. For them to trust that God has a plan and that with faith they will overcome this heartache. They take the coffin to the gravesite and lower it into the freshly dug grave. Rebecca, Gwen and Ivy all vow to make Theresa pay for the death of Sarah.

The funeral soon breaks up. Some go to the Crane Mansion, some to their own homes. Fox decides to go to Theresa's. Fox knows that Theresa doesn't know how he feels about her, but she knows of the crush he had on Whitney. He wants to spend time with her and her son. Oh, how he wishes he had a mother like that growing up.

While this was going on, Theresa was at her home doing some paperwork for her job. She had a meeting with Alistair that next morning. As she was absorbed in paperwork, she heard a knock at her door. Opening it, Theresa saw Fox. Fox is invited in and asks Theresa if she will go to the Seascape with him both her and Ethan Martin. She says yes, she would like that. She gets her son and they go to dinner.


The next day, Gwen woke up in her and Ethan's room at the mansion. On impulse, she goes into the nursery and sees all the baby stuff they would have used for Sarah. Anger and grief fill her. Damn you Theresa, you will pay for killing my daughter, thinks an enraged Gwen. Ethan who was up before Gwen hears her crying in the nursery. Coming into the room he gently takes her into his arms and says, "Gwen I know its hard now, but we can try again and have a family." Looking up into Ethan's blue eyes, she thinks she sees a flash of something. What she doesn't know is that how he wishes he can be with Theresa. He doesn't blame her for the loss of Sarah but is sadden at the thought that she seems to not want him in her life. Dismissing the flash Gwen asks Ethan to go down to breakfast with her. The couple leaves for the breakfast room of the Crane Mansion. They are joined by Ivy, Rebecca, Julian and surprisingly Alistair.

They eat, while all of them wonder why Alistair is in Harmony. Ethan knows that nothing good came of Alistair except Sheridan. Alistair was just enjoying the uproar he was causing. Still smirking, Alistair finished his breakfast and left. Shortly Ethan and Julian did the same. The women went to the front parlor and started talking. There were ideas thrown about of revenge. Rebecca said to her daughter, "Gwennie, mother promises that the taco slut will pay. She will not be allowed to get away with killing your daughter." This made Gwen feel better. Ivy echoed the statement. The three of them spent the next hour talking. Soon, Ivy took her leave and went to Sam's. Her plan was working and soon Sam would be hers. Gwen and her mother decided to go shopping. Rebecca shivered when she thought of Alistair. She felt that there was more heartache in store for her and her daughter. Putting those thoughts out of her mind she tried to have an enjoyable day.

At the Bennetts that morning, Grace was sitting in the kitchen sipping coffee. She had decided. Sam soon came into the kitchen and told Grace good morning. "Sam, I have made up my mind. I am going to ask Father Lonogin to start annulment proceedings to end my marriage with David," says Grace. This fills Sam with joy. "Alright Grace," says Sam, "The good father can hopefully get it done soon, then we can remarry in the church." This makes Grace smile.

Down the stairs come Kay (she didn't move in with Tabitha, and Grace didn't kick her out). She sees the happiness on her mother and father's faces. Asking, "Daddy, Mom what makes you two happy this morning?" Grace was the first to tell her, "I chose your father, I am having my marriage to David annulled." With a strained smile, Kay replied, "That's great." Grabbing some juice from the fridge and some fruit from the counter, Kay turns around and goes back to her room.

Grace sighed. She had hoped that Kay would have given up on her hope that she and Miguel would be together. Kay was pregnant and firmly believed that Miguel would marry her, and they would raise the baby together. Sam knew that Kay was in for a lot of hurt. Miguel told Kay that he would be there for the baby. He had confided in Sam that he had doubts about the baby. While Sam and Grace were in the kitchen, there was a knock at the door. Leaving the kitchen and answering the door, Sam sees a strange man. "Is Kay Bennett here," asks the man. "Yes, hold one," Sam tells him. Calling up the stairs Kay is soon in the living room. Going to the door after her father tells her that someone is here for her. "Yes, I'm Kay Bennett," says a confused Kay. "You've been served," said the man who turned out to be a process server. "What," states Kay. She takes the papers out of the envelope. Reading the papers, fury raises up in Kay. "What are they for Kay," asks Sam. Hearing this Grace comes into the living room where Kay and Sam are still standing at the door. "Miguel wants a DNA test on the baby. He doesn't believe he is the father," says a shaking Kay as she hands the papers to her father. Flashing back to the conversion he had with Miguel last week, Sam realizes that Miguel really doesn't believe that he could be the father of Kay's baby. "Don't get all worked up Kay. It isn't good for the baby," says Grace. "Miguel just wants to know for sure. He wants to know that the baby is his or are you lying to him," Sam says gently. Calming down, Kay tells her parents that she will be in her room. As she climbs the stairs, Kay is filling with a sense of dread. She knew that the test will say that Miguel isn't the baby's father. Kay says to herself that when they do the test she will somehow change the results. She couldn't lose Miguel. He was the love of her life.

At the Lopez-FitzGeralds, Pilar was in the kitchen making breakfast. In come Miguel and Luis. Telling her sons to dig in. the trio eat their own breakfast. Looking at his mother, Luis asks, "You are watching Ethan Martin today Mama." "Yes," replies Pilar, looking at her watch, "and I must be going." Pilar gets up and gathers her things. She leaves heading to Theresa's house. Luis asks Miguel how things are going for him. Miguel states, "I filed with the courts to have a paternity test done on Kay's baby. I don't believe I am the father." Luis studies his brother for a few minutes, Luis nods his head. The two of them soon finish their own breakfast, both left to go to work.

Then at Crane that day. Ethan and Julian were worrying about why Alistair was here. Ethan worked steadily until noon, then he and Julian left to join Rebecca and Gwen at the Seascape. Fox asks Theresa to have lunch with him and she and he left for the Seascape, not knowing that is where Ethan, Gwen, Julian, and Rebecca would be.

At the Seascape, Ethan, Julian and the ladies are seated at a table. Just as they were seated, so to was Theresa and Fox. As she was trying to decide what to have for lunch, Gwen looks around. Spying Theresa and Fox at their table, Gwen is infuriated. How dare that baby-killer show her face around town, what is she doing following me, thinks Gwen as she tenses up. Seeing his wife stiffen, Ethan looks at where she is looking. He too sees Theresa and Fox. This alerts the other two at the table. Rebecca is just as furious, and Julian knows that this will set off all three women. Rising before anyone can stop her, Gwen makes her way to Theresa and Fox's table. "How dare you show your face," Gwen spits out. Heaving a sigh, Theresa looks up at Gwen and says, "What I am doing here is none of your concern. Go back to your table and leave us alone." Standing up Fox grasps Gwen's arm and practically drag Gwen back to her table. Gwen is shrieking and demanding that Fox release her. Finally letting go of her arm when they are at the table, Fox says in a low voice, "Gwen don't do that again, I will not be as forgiving as I am today. You need to realize that you don't own the world and Theresa has every right to not only be here but anywhere in Harmony she wants. Don't cross me again," Fox hisses. "You are not the boss of me. I will do what I please," Gwen snaps back. "Just try me," intones Fox. At these words all four feel massive tendrils of fear grip their hearts. Not letting Fox know, Gwen turns to her lunch companions. Fox heads back to his table where Theresa was waiting. "I promise you Theresa, Gwen will leave you alone or so help me I will ruin her," Fox promises. "I appreciate your help Fox. God knows that Gwen wants me ruined. She has tried so many times in the past, I won't stand for it any longer either," says a determined Theresa. For the rest of the lunch Theresa and Fox put the others out of their minds. But that wasn't for the others at the other table. Gwen embarrassed at the scene, vows to herself to get even with the tramp anyway she can. Rebecca decided to add Fox to the plans. No one embarrasses her daughter and gets away with it. Soon both parties leave either for their jobs or the mansion.


It had been two weeks since Sarah's funeral. Gwen was beside herself. She had just been to an appointment with a specialist. The doctor told her and Ethan that Gwen couldn't have another child. There was too much scar tissue from the pregnancy with Sarah. Ethan was at a loss of how to comfort her. When he was alone, Ethan often wondered what would have happened if he had followed his heart and chosen Theresa. There was only two option open to Gwen and him. Surrogacy or adoption. When their mothers heard this their thoughts went right to Theresa and how she must've caused this. To kill another mother's child but to render her barren too. That was an outrage. Ethan and Gwen began discussing it and decided to go with surrogacy. Rebecca also told them that she was going to get Julian to take Ethan Martin from Terrorista and they will allow Ethan and Gwen adopt him. Then Gwen would be a mother and Theresa would be out in the cold. No child, no job, no nothing. Gwen remarked that it would be grand. Ethan was leery at first but agreed when he saw the happiness on Gwen's face. Ivy asks, "Are you sure that you can get Julian to do that?" "My Pookie will do whatever I want," states a jubilant Rebecca. Ivy bids the other three good bye and leaves.

What Ivy doesn't know is that Sam and Grace are recommitting to each other. When she arrives at the Bennett house that afternoon, Sam asks her to come into the kitchen. He is going to tell me that Grace is leaving him for David, that or that he wants me back and is leaving Grace, thinks a smug Ivy. "Ivy you know I care for you deeply, but I think its time you moved out. Grace is getting an annulment from David and we will marry in the church," says Sam with a huge sigh of relief. This stuns Ivy. How could he choose Grace over her? Didn't he know that she loved him. That she was supposed to be his wife and they were supposed to be a family with their son. Composing herself, Ivy replies, "If that is what you want I will leave." With that Ivy heads up to the room she was using and gathers her things. While doing this, she calls Rebecca and asks to stay at the mansion. Rebecca consents to this, smirking inwardly to herself at Ivy's troubles. Ivy leaves for the mansion.

At the mansion, Rebecca also puts a call into CPS. She also talks to the social worker that will do the investigation. She tells the lady to name her price, all that the social worker would have to do is say that Theresa is abusing and neglecting Ethan Martin. The social worker does and they come to an agreement. Joining her daughter, Ethan, and Julian in the dining room, not even Alistair's presence could bring Rebecca down from her cloud. She just knows that the chalupa will lose her son and be out in the cold. What Rebecca doesn't know is that Alistair has heard all that she planned. He knew Rebecca thought she had the upper hand but what she forgets is that Alistair knows the whole truth. The tabloids, setting up Theresa to take the fall, everything.


It was the day for the paternity test on Kay's baby. She, along with her parents arrived fifteen minutes before the time of the appointment. Miguel and Pilar arrived a few seconds after them. Kay keeps praying that she can change the test results before the group hears them. She had to, or she would lose Miguel forever. The tech called Miguel and Kay into the lab to take the samples. The tech tells them that the results will be in a few hours. Kay silently leaves with her parents, vowing to get back in later. Miguel just hoped that he wasn't the father. He knew that sounded bad, but he didn't recognize his friend anymore.

Kay does try but is caught by security. Her parents are called, and they arrive shortly thereafter. The hours pass quickly. Soon they all were gathered in the waiting room for the results. "Miguel Lopez-FitzGerald is not the father of Kay Bennett's child," the tech tells them sadly. Miguel is both angry and relieved. Angry that his friend tried to trick him into marrying her and relieved that he wasn't going to have a baby with a woman he didn't really love.

Kay is devastated. Though she knew this would happen, Kay felt it like a real smack. She knew now that she will never have Miguel. Miguel and Charity had made up and Kay could tell that they will stay together. Sam and Grace take a trembling Kay back to the house. Grace felt bad for her daughter. Kay was having a baby, plus she wouldn't tell them who the father could be.


The weeks have past. Theresa has had an investigation against her with CPS. Though it wasn't with the social worker that Rebecca bribed. Theresa was also served with custody paper. She had a new attorney. His name was Jordan Williams. He came on the recommendation of Alistair. Williams was Alistair's personal attorney. Williams met with Theresa and went over the strategy for the custody hearing. The CPS case was closed shortly after it was opened. They found nothing.

It was the morning of the hearing. A confident Gwen got ready for the day. Ethan got ready too. He didn't want to hurt Theresa, but he couldn't hurt his wife too. Gwen, Ethan, Rebecca, Julian and Ivy all made their way to the courthouse. They arrived and were greeted with the sight of Theresa and Fox talking to an unknown man. It took Ethan a minute to place him. Once he did, he told his group who the man was. They were also shaken at the sight of Alistair standing with Theresa, Fox and Williams. The bailiff called the case, and everyone headed into the court room.

As they all stood, the judge came out. But instead of Rebecca seeing Judge Reilly, a different judge came out. This judge was named Mitchell, and as he took his seat he told the others to be seated. "I have some ground rules. First there will be no outbursts, second if you have an objection then do it through your attorney. I will rule on facts not what you feel is the truth. If you can't back it up then don't bring it up," Mitchell tells them.

He tells Ethan to go first since his client filed for this hearing. "Your honor, my client is seeking sole custody of his child with Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald. He believes that his son is in danger and that Ms. Lopez Fitzgerald is abusing and neglecting him. So, we ask the courts to grant Mr. Crane custody and terminate her parental rights," states a confident Ethan. Rebecca smirks at Theresa even though she is rattled that Judge Reilly wasn't hearing the case.

"You honor, my client is a terrific mother. She supports her son on her own with no help from the child's father. The is no abuse and no neglect. We ask that custody remain with my client," says Williams.

"I see that CPS had been called and they have submitted their report. There is a finding of no abuse no neglect. If an independent agency finds in this matter, why would you, Mr. Winthrop would like me to believe that abuse and/or neglect is taking place," asks the judge. Ethan and his group pale. They thought that CPS found the proof. Gwen sends a murderous glare at Theresa. The judge tells Ethan to get on with presenting his case. Ethan precedes to call Rebecca, then Julian to the stand. He questions both and so does Williams. While Williams succeeds in making Julian and Rebecca look bad, by getting them to admit to playing "games" in front of the child, Ethan rests. Williams starts his case by calling Theresa. She is questioned by both Williams and Ethan. Ethan, though he was reluctant to hurt the Irish-Latina, he tries to make her look like a gold-digger and an abuser. This backfires massively. Williams then calls Alistair. Alistair is questioned and tells the court that his son and his daughter-in-law aren't fit to raise a child. That Ethan Martin would be best cared for by the child's mother. Ethan tries to trip up Alistair, and get him on Julian's side, they fail. The judge calls a recess to make the decision. He retires for fifteen minutes, while both sides remain in the court room. Gwen comes over and tells Theresa that she won't be Ethan Martin's mother anymore. Gwen will be known as Ethan Martin's mother. That she will never see the boy again. Theresa just ignored the blonde. This angers Gwen, she soon returns to where her mother and mother-in-law is. The trio of ladies talk. Soon the fifteen minutes are up. Mitchell comes back in as the court room is called back to order.

"I have reviewed the facts in this case. There is no proof of abuse or neglect. As to the fitness of Mr. Crane as a parent, I find that he is harmful to the child's mental health. That the environment that he and his wife aren't fit to be parents. So, currently I find that it is in the child's best interest to remain in the custody of his mother. Furthermore, I find as to visitation rights, that Mr. Crane and his wife must attend parenting classes, counseling and alcohol and drug classes. I'll revisit this matter in six months. So, ordered," with that the judge banged his gavel and dismissed both parties. This stunned Ivy, Rebecca, and Gwen. Ethan was relieved for Theresa but hurting for his wife. He knew that she hoped to be a mother to Ethan Martin. Julian had a feeling that Theresa would retain custody. What he didn't count on was the rest of the judge's order. He knew that this will make Rebecca furious.

Theresa left the court room with a light heart. She was keeping her son. Grateful for Alistair's help and Fox's support, she knew that the battle wasn't over. Rebecca would be coming for blood now that she lost the case. Both parties left and went their ways.

Arriving at the mansion, Gwen was devastated. She had lost to the trollop again. Was there no justice for her daughter? Ethan knew this was hard on his wife, while part of him was glad Theresa didn't lose her son, he knew his wife was upset and that the war between the women was not over. "How dare that little chalupa win," an angry Rebecca mutters loud enough for the others to hear. "Alistair probably fixed the hearing, how else do you explain it," states an angry Ivy. Ethan tells the ladies and Julian that it won't do any good to try and take custody again. It would only paint them in a bad light. Suddenly there was a knock at the front door of the mansion. A maid answers and comes into the parlor escorting two men.

"Is a Gwen Winthrop here," asks one of the men. "I am. Why are you here," states Gwen? "My name is Detective Munns and this is Detective Murphy. We have a warrant for your arrest" says Detective Munns. "What" came outraged shouts from the three women. "On what charges," asks Ethan. "Assault and murder in the second degree," says Murphy. "Assault and murder of who," asks a fearful Gwen. "The assault of Carmen Ortiz and the murder of Sarah Winthrop," says Murphy as he crosses to Gwen telling her to stand. Numbly, Gwen stands, and the detective places the handcuffs on Gwen. Then he and his partner lead Gwen out while Munns reads her Miranda rights. Gwen looks back at Ethan and imploring demands, "Ethan you gotta stop this. I am being unjustly arrested." "Gwen I will meet up at the police station and put a stop to this," Ethan tells his wife. Gwen in put into a waiting car and they drive off. Ethan, Rebecca, Julian and Ivy all head to the police station.

It takes less than fifteen minutes. Ethan and the others enter the building they see Gwen being taken to the holding cells in the back. Spying his father, Ethan approaches Sam. "Sam what's going on? Why was my wife was arrested? She hasn't done anything," says Ethan as he stands before Sam. Wearily, Sam lets out a deep sigh. "Ethan, the DA in LA has obtained an indictment against Gwen. You know as well as I do that Gwen lost her baby after coming to the Crane Apartments and attacked Carmen Ortiz and fell causing Sarah to be stillborn. Gwen is responsible for the death of Sarah and she attacked a person just for looking a little like Theresa. There is nothing that anyone can do. They are extraditing Gwen back to LA to face trial," Sam bluntly tells his son. Sighing, Ethan asks to see his wife, she needs his help in the interview. Sam says he will do what he can. Going back to the others he tells them what is happening. Called back by Sam he is told that he can see Gwen. The detectives from LA are going to talk to her now.

Entering the interview room, Ethan see his wife. Sitting beside his wife the detectives precede to ask her questions about that night. Gwen tells them what she saw on TV that lead her to go to the apartments. Before she could get to the part about the attack on Carmen, Ethan shuts down the interview. Gwen is taken to be booked and fingerprinted. The extradition hearing was in two hours.

The hours pass slowly, soon it was time for the hearing. Gwen is lead in front of the judge. Both sides present their arguments. The judge states that Gwen will be extradited to LA with all due speed. Gwen is then returned to the jail to await being taken back to LA. Ethan tells their mothers and Julian that they need to go too as well as find an attorney in LA that is a good criminal defense attorney. They agree and Go home to pack. Soon all of Harmony will know what happened in LA, and what happened to Sarah Winthrop.