And I'm back with a new story dealing with Midoriya and Death! And what's this? Shinsou and Sloth! *Jazz hands* This is the sequel to Crimson Murders! I hope you enjoy and support this story as much as the last!

The day was clear. No cloud in sight, letting the sun burned brightly for the earth. Rays of light touching the grass and the people of the earth, ghosting over the animals and plants. There was a small breeze that skimmed the tops of trees, ruffled the hairs of everyone, and ruffled the looser clothes. The playground was filled with kids running and screaming, playing on the equipment or with each other. A small family just arriving. One child, who was holding his mother's hand, glanced at the woman with a small frown. He didn't want to be there. He hadn't wanted to be around the kids. Some of who he recognized. He turned away, his attention was on his father. He did not want to be there either, but his wife suggested it. The man noticed his son's restlessness and frowned, picking him up. "It's okay," he said, petting the shock of purple hair that stuck up here and there.

"I don't want to be here. I wanna go home," he whispered without being loud enough to be heard by anyone else. The man knew how his son was. He knew that this wasn't the best of places for his son to be. After his quirk manifested, after the start of seeing things that no one else saw—well, he didn't make many friends. He was thought of as a villain, thought to be insane and crazy for seeing and talking to nothing but air. He was a freak that had imaginary friends. Things that hung at every corner of his vision, keeping an eye on him and keeping him safe. He smiled more when talking to the things in his vision.

The soft breeze picked up, playing with the boy's hair. The things that he saw were his guides. He spoke to them and played with them. In return, they took care of him and his family. They helped him hide when the bullies would try to hurt him. The things—they were known as Nekos. They were lazy cat-like humanoids with a few sloth features. Claws that extended when ready to fight, sharp like a cat's and long like a sloth. They were good climbers and hung like sloths to sleep. Their teeth sharp and jagged nothing like a sloth's with fangs resembling a cat's. Thick patches of hair grew on their arms and legs, hair long and past their shoulders. They spoke various languages, Japanese being one of the hardest they had learned. The Nekos had always been around him, guarding him and his family and reporting to their leader, the deadly sin, Sloth.

The poor boy who was outcasted by his quirk, by his imagination, was slowly growing up to be withdrawn from others other than his own parents and guides—his own Persona. The day that shined so bright with the sun, it was dull and full of fear for the poor boy who had no want to be outside. Kids who were mean were there. A boy with black hair and pink eyes, a boy who was so mean he gave the boy bruises and called him ugly names and did everything to harm him.

To his right, a Neko with long blonde hair with red and light orange accents stood with piercing black eyes. A sharp, fanged smile reached her lips as she turned to the boy that she helped. She was a tall woman with the sharpest of claws that could tear even the strongest of metal, could cut through glass like it was paper. Her personality was withdrawn from even the boy, always having a resting bitch face that nothing was worth her time, fierce and overprotective for those who she cared about. She didn't like any of those kids that hurt the boy. She would kill them but Sloth kept them from doing so unless given the command by his child. The Neko had been assigned to all children of Sloth for the last couple of hundred years after her own term. This was something she had asked for and was grateful to serve as a guide for the upcoming children. This one boy was one she had enjoyed being around.

The child had led a happy life despite the humans mocking him, but even with little support, it was starting to get harder and harder to appreciate anything. Villain! Shut up! Don't talk! The teachers and peers around him became cruel and cold. They kept the poor boy from speaking after accidentally brainwashing another classmate. At one point, he caused one to fall asleep without even saying anything to them. He had glared at them and they fell unconscious—no matter how hard the teacher or his other peers tried, they wouldn't wake. The child had woken up after the boy got scared and listened to the female Neko who guided him through into waking he child up.

It was slow but the boy finally woke while the Champion was blamed for something he didn't know he could do. They lied and said he had used his quirk on the child.

The family moved after that.

The place they'd move to were of people who whispered of a cursed child. A child who had moved before that family arrived. The whisperings faded and were replaced with silence and the occasional mutter of the new boy in town. Strange but quiet. He spoke when spoke to. There were rumors—none good but better than the last ones he had endured.

The sun had been shining brightly that day. The day his family went to a park and saw the black-haired toddler who'd hurt their child. It was supposed to be a bright day—one full of laughter that ended with crying and a bloody nose. Pink eyes were full of tears and of lies. Purple eyes were full of fear and of denial. He hadn't done anything but protect himself. The other was just lying. He was lying! My son was only protecting himself! cried his mother with anger as his father cleaned his son from dirt and the grass that had gotten on his clothes. Wood chips cling to the fibers of his clothes and he got those off himself. He only wanted to protect himself!

It didn't matter. The boy was only seen as a freak and grew up with no one to speak to but his family and the Nekos. Classmates spoke to him at times before telling him to not brainwash them. It went on like that until he was sitting at the bridge. He spoke to another teenager for the first time who seemed to really understand him without knowing the things he held behind his facade. He was happy to be able to speak with someone who didn't know of his quirk but was okay with any type.

I will be a hero. I won't let anyone tell me different, he thought all those years ago with a smile from the female Neko. He was gonna be a hero and prove people wrong. He was gonna be a hero for the dream had been born when listening to the stories his father told him.

Whelp, this was short and my apologies for that! But hey, new story. Anyways, anyone noticed the parallelism between Shinsou and Izuku? Shinsou will be more in this story.