July 20th 1997 South Beach Florida. Crystal walked out onto the back deck of the restaurant in her signature tight leather black cocktail dress, and ankle strap high heels. Her hair tied up in a bun, with loose strands that fell from each side of her face, perfectly framed with the large hoop earrings she had. All of the waitresses at The Ocean Diamond dressed the same. Leather dress, high heels, hoop earrings. But for Crystal, she wore her dress with pride. She had a nice skinny little figure, golden tanned skin, and enjoyed the fact that the full swell of her breasts was a huge factor in her insane amount of tips she made any night she worked. For her this was a good way to make extra money as she finished up school. She was twenty-four and currently trying to play catchup earning her degree after she put off college for several years after graduating high school. She had married her slightly older boyfriend at nineteen after just a mere three months of dating. She was young, foolish, and downright stupid. Still, Damon was an artist, and had come to her hometown hired to do a mural at the city center. He swept her off her feet, and throwing caution to the wind, they moved down to Dallas. She worked as a waitress, as he painted. Money was tight, but they were happy. They lived in a tiny apartment with a mattress on the floor, and Damon had painted the walls accent colors, and they would spent nights listening to records, drinking cheap Mexican beer, making love, and drifting off to the music in each other's arms. Sadly it didn't last. It wasn't anyones' fault, just the stress and reality began to set it. Finally Damon sat her down and agreed they should separate. He was being hired for larger jobs, the next one on the West Coast. He claimed he loved her, but noticed they were drifting apart, and arguing more. Crystal had sensed a distance between the two of them, and began not feeling the same fluttering in her chest whenever she saw him. Damon's work had begun to suffer, and they seemed to be fighting constantly.

As heartbroken as Crystal was, she actually understood where Damon was coming from. Both didn't want to keep this going as they got "worse". In the end, they agreed as much as they wanted to try, it simply wasn't in the cards. She flew back home feeling slightly ashamed, as well as frightened, truly wondering where would she go now? The marriage hasn't lasted more than two years, and she was in her early twenties, with only a high school degree, barley any money, and now "seperated" the terrible sense that she had failed, and maybe hadn't tried harder. She briefly moved back home to her hometown Orlando where she crashed on her mother and step-father's couch. She where her mother nagged her to no end, reminding her that she had warned her about marrying Damon, and that the whole separating on mutual terms was complete bullshit. That Damon was probably cheating on her, and wanted an easy way out. Knowing she needed to get herself out of this tiny little apartment, she made a call to her grandmother who lived down in South Beach, and slowly began making plans on making the move down there, and start in trying her hardest to pick up the pieces of her life. For the first year she lived with her grandmother in her condo right near the beach. She liked this area and had only visited several times as a child. Now plenty of distance away from her judgmental mother, she was welcomed back home by her grandmother who had always been close with her, as well as very understanding. The first night back, her grandmother sat up with her in the tiny kitchen over iced tea, and allowed Crystal to pour her heart out over the last two years. She felt that she had failed her marriage, and allowed the stress, money, and arguing to get the best of her. She loved Damon. In fact, she knew she always would. He was older, mature, fun, creative, and very talented. He had never raised a hand to her, and had always worked so hard. When she moved out, she had hugged him tightly and wished him the best. As always he winked at her and said he would see her around. Just like that, the marriage was done. She cried, and even admitted that they didn't even legally get a proper divorce yet since both couldn't really afford a lawyer.

So on the papers she was still Crystal Martin, even though she was back to being Crystal Farren. She was overwhelmed, missed Damon, and didn't know what to do now? Here her grandmother swallowed her hands with her own, and gently squeezed. She explained that her marriage to Damon wasn't a failure, but a life experience. Now it was time to keep going, and not look back. For a solid year, Crystal worked two jobs. One at a makeup counter at one of the surrounding malls. The other was working as a waitress at a nearby bar. The Ocean Diamond. Her grandmother helped her slowly get out of her depression, and really start enjoying the area again. By the end of the year, Crystal had moved out using the money she had saved, and was currently renting out a small condo of her own right off the main drag. Making tons of friends, she decided it was time to go back to school. Taking classes at a local community college, she started using the talent Damon had urged her to express when they were together. Wanting to study design, she started really enjoying taking these classes, and figured she could finish her degree in the next three years if she continued working full time, and going to school part time. She only worked at the mall twice a week now, and the Ocean Diamond 5 nights a week. The tips were insane, and the owner Larry was a really nice sport. He had bouncers who kept an eye on the ladies whenever some drunk jerk got too loud or handsy with them. She made friends there, and was saving more money than she knew what to do with. She always sent her grandmother some money despite her protests, wanting to help her out, even if that mean she could have money to go to the market with. She visited with her every Sunday for brunch, and and begun working out, taking better care of herself. Tonight she had taken an extra shift for her friend Marcy. She had only an hour left, and made her way out to the deck carrying her tray to her assigned tables as music blasted through the speakers that were pointed towards the back of the restaurant. She smiled, stopping at the first two tables, placing drinks and napkins down, smiling at the regulars, she then saw somebody sitting at the rear table near the railing all the way towards the back.

She had ten tables in total on her assigned side, and last time she came out to take orders, only nine of them had been filled. Half of them were regulars, the other ones tourist. She usually preferred working inside where the bar was, but Marcy's tables were on the back deck that overlooked the strip, and past that beach. The lights from outside glowed a bright pink and blue neon. The tables were high tops, all lined against the railing. She smiled and saw the person sitting there was all alone. He was young, mid twenties. He wore a red baseball cap, glasses, a light grey T-shirt and white shorts with sandals. He sat alone, staring out at the street below and darkened beach. Even from this distance, she knew he was cute, but more than likely gay. Dating in South Beach was certainly a struggle, seeing that most of the guys were either junkies, or gay. Still, it didn't hurt that he seemed cute. Smiling, Crystal tucked her silver tray under her arm, and walked towards him.

"What can I get you?"

The man looked lost in thought before turning slightly revealing his full face, the color of the neon lights reflecting off his glasses. For just a moment his eyes appeared troubled, flickering with sadness, before as if a switch had been flicked, his large brown eyes lit up, and a handsome charming smile spread across his face.

"Whatever you recommend."

Instantly Crystal smile, charmed by the smile, and boyish good looks. Still, just by hearing his voice, and seeing his mannerisms, she instantly knew he was gay. Still, she couldn't help but admire how smooth, tanned, and flawless his face was. His teeth were straight and white, and even from where she was standing she could fell the faint mixture of aftershave, and bronzer. She smiled, and held onto the tray pretending to think.

"Well, that depends, what are we looking for? Taste? Effect? Or price?"

The man grinned.

"A little bit of all."

Crystal laughed before nodding.

"I can get the bartender to make a peach sunrise."

"Sounds tasty, I'll take it."

"One peach sunrise coming right up."

"That's a very beautiful necklace you have."

Crystal took a second before remembering that she had her late great grandmother's necklace on. She wore it so often she actually forgot about it. The necklace was gold with diamond stones lining it. Her grandmother had gifted it to her, starting it was the only thing her own mother had owned and wore proudly during the depression. Her husband, a factory worker and saved every penny he had to given it to her. Since then it had stayed in the family for years. At first Crystal said she couldn't possibly take it. Instead her sweet darling grandmother insisted, and claimed she never gave it to her mother since from day one, she knew she wouldn't wear the necklace proudly as she should. She knew vaguely that her mother and grandmother had a strained relationship ever since they had a big falling out years ago when she was just a girl. She supposed this was over her own father, finally taking off. Still, those memories were painful no matter how much time had passed. She wore the necklace constantly at work, always mindful not to wear it whenever she visited the beach or went swimming.

Besides her wedding band from Damon, which she no longer wore and kept in a jewelry box on her dresser, it was really the only real piece of jewelry she owned. Instantly her slim fingertips touched the shinning stones that laid against her chest and she smiled.

"Thank you."

"Are they real?"

Crystal took a second before the man waved his hand and laughed.

"Forgive me, I'm a jeweler from back East. I'm here for the summer on vacation. I'm sorry, it's a habit from the trade."

"Oh! Don't worry about it! Yes it's real, it belonged to my great grandmother...it's been in my family for years."

The man sat forward on his stool and squinted from behind his glasses before smiling and nodding.

"I knew it. I can usually spot a truly beautiful one of a kind piece of jewelry from twenty paces, but that necklace is truly stunning. In fact, it makes you stand out from all the other waitresses."

Crystal couldn't help but feel color rise in her cheeks, as she smiled proudly.

"Aw, well thank you darling. You are too sweet."

"And you are too beautiful. I'm Andrew."

Crystal shook his hand and found the handshake firm, dry, and welcoming.

"Crystal. So what brings you to South Beach, you said you're on vacation?"

"Yeah, my family owns a jewelry company back in the Philippines. Cunanans. I usually fly back and forth to do the selling and dealing since we're the middle man between the diamond and jewel mines in Europe, and the privately owned companies back home. I decided to take the summer off, and came back to South Beach for the first time in God...seven years? It's where I spent my honeymoon with my ex wife if you can believe it. Guess I just love bringing back bad memories as a way to punish myself."


Instantly Crystal felt confused. He mentioned an ex-wife. Still, she could have sworn he was gay. Smiling, she looked around.

"Are you vacationing alone?"

"Yes, I'm trying to stay at different hotels and get the whole experience every week. Tonight I was supposed to meet some old business clients of mine but unfortunately they had to cancel, but at least that brought me here, talking to you."

Crystal raised an eyebrow still smiling.

"Well Andrew..."

"Please call me Andy, everyone does..."

"Well Andy, I guess it's their loss and my gain. I'll bring you that sunrise right away."

Turning, Crystal walked towards the booming music that was coming from inside, feeling this mysterious man's eyes on her the entire time.


"It's not much, but I'm currently trying to decide if I want to lease it for another year. The rent isn't exactly terrible, and I have a great view..."

Crystal said, feeling slightly drunk and buzzed as she unlocked the front door her condo. It was right off the main drag, and less than five minutes from work. She was on the fifth floor, and had a tiny balcony that had a great view of the harbor, and city lights. The condo was small, but nevertheless she really loved it. There was one bedroom, a bathroom, a tiny kitchen, and living room. The floors were white carpet, and Crystal had spent a few hundred buying used furniture from a department store that was going out of business when she first moved in. There was a couch, chair that she liked she do her school work in, a few potted plants, her TV, stereo, and graphic design sketches she had spread across her glass coffee table. The A.C was on, and was softly humming in the background. Crystal flipped on the lights in the kitchen, as fish tank that sat on the tiny white tile counter that divided the kitchen from the living room casted cool blue rays against the white carpet and couch. She headed straight to the fridge and opened it up, holding a six pack of wine coolers she had bought earlier that week.

"What flavor you want? Strawberry? Peach? Or blueberry?"

Andrew smirked, walking over, eyes scanning her small condo before squinting at the six-pack and taking one of the glass bottles.

"Um, I'll stick with the theme and grab a peach. Do these need bottle openers?"

Crystal smiled and shook her head setting the pack down near the stove before taking a bottle for herself out and twisting off the cap. She took a swig, and tasted fruity blueberry. She smiled, and raised her glass.

"No, twist offs, sorry I don't have anything fancier."

Andrew continued smirking, before clinking his glass with hers.

"This is great, now show me this view."

Crystal giggled, unable to help herself. The last few drinks she had consumed had really gone to her head. She didn't drink too often, besides maybe a few glasses of wine or a wine cooler while studying or hanging out with friends, but after her shift ended, the last two hours had been a total blur, and she walked across her living room as Andrew scanned the apartment feeling giddy and excited that she had such a handsome guy with her. She unlocked her sliding glass door and felt the warm city heat hit her as she faint heard car horns and faint music below. She walked to the railing and together her and Andrew leaned against the railing of the balcony, looking out at the view below, nursing their drinks. Crystal's shift had ended nearly two hours ago, and right before clocking out, she ventured back to Andrew's table just as he was paying his check, and leaving her a very impressive tip. She had made small talk with Andrew durning the course of the three drinks she bought out to him, and found him absolutely fascinating. He was well mannered, interesting, and handsome. He ended up offering to buy her a drink, where they venture to the bar next door and sat for an hour, drinking and talking like old friends. Andrew said he came from a wealthy family of jewelers, and had married straight out of college. He had caught her cheating, and the two divorced just six months ago, and had a little daughter who lived with his ex on the West coast. He produced a small photo of his ex-wife, a pretty blond, as well as an adorable little girl.

"That's Violet. We have shared custody, it's hard seeing her with my job but after I'm done here I plan on making a flight out there and taking her to Disney. She's a little princess. Last Christmas I bought her a hand tailored gown just like Cinderella. My heart melted when she opened it. She wore it for two straight days."

Crystal smiled looking at the tiny photograph before handing it back over, adoring the look of love that showed deeply in his big brown eyes as he sighed and stared down at it for another second before tucking it back in his leather wallet.

"Yeah I miss her like crazy, thankfully me and my ex are on...okay terms. I really am hoping with her new job I'll be able to relocate and maybe get to see her more often. Nothing better than feeling those tiny arms wrap around my leg crying 'Daddy! Daddy! I miss you!"

"She's beautiful."

"What about you, I notice no ring...no boyfriend, ex? Kids?"

"A boyfriend and kids no...and ex yes."

"Ah, we're the same in that department. How long?"

"Two years, married straight out of high school. He was older, an artist...I loved him, but I was too young. Things fell apart and I guess we could have fought harder to keep going, but I did what I always do..."

"Which is?"

"Get scared and run. I came back home basically broke. Lived with my mother and her husband for a while which was a complete nightmare..."

Andrew laughed as he ordered them another round, insisting. Once the waitress left, he leaned forward, giving strong eye contact.

"So your mother...why was it such a nightmare?"

Crystal shrugged, playing with her straw. She usually didn't talk about this to anyone, let alone a guy she just met at a bar.

"My relationship hasn't always been great with her. My dad...well he was a total scumbag. Truck driver, drank a lot...when I was seven I went to her and said that one night while she was working an over night at the nursing home she currently employed at and well...I told her that whenever she wasn't home daddy would...give me a shower, only it didn't feel right. I told her what he was making me do, and how he was touching and hurting me and she flipped. She called me a little lair. She beat the shit out of me, and cut all my hair off, later saying I had gotten gum stuck in it. She said if I ever made up a story like this again she would leave me at an orphanage. I was scared to death. Well...a week later my dad did it again, and this time...I told my teacher. Long story short, my dad took off...nobody has heard from him since. My mother denied all of it, claiming she had no idea and suddenly was on my side, claiming that she felt awful that this monster had been touching 'her baby' but I knew the look in her eyes. She hated me, and blamed me. We never talked about it again, but things were never the same. I think that's why I took off like I did. She re-married an okay guy, but she was always casting judgment. I could never do anything right. When I came back home after the divorce she wouldn't let me live it down, so...I came down here where my grandmother lives. I picked up the pieces, started going to school, and hopefully in a few years will graduate and get a job I actually like and don't have to wear cocktail dresses at."

She sadly smiled at her own joke, but saw the look of absolute heartbreak in his eyes made her for a second wonder if she said too much. Here was this handsome well cultured stranger who had invited her for some drinks, and she was pouring her heart out saying she was basically touched as a kid. She knew having these drinks were making her have loose lips. Instantly she hated herself for saying such a major private detail about herself. He probably thought she was white trash or something.

Instead, looking back...this was maybe the only time Crystal actually saw the real Andrew Cunanan. He looked heartbroken, and unknown to her, he knew exactly what kind of pain this was. Instantly her cheeks burned, ready to mutter an apology, brushing it off that it happened a long time ago and it was nothing. Instead Andrew stared at her, before leaning forward from across the table, and kissing her. Crystal's eyes widened, taken slightly off guard as his lips touched hers. Instantly she felt his mouth open and close, feeling his tongue flickering against hers. She slowly responded, unable to believe what a great kisser he was. It lasted just forty or so seconds, but once the kiss broke, he pulled slowly back and stared at her. Instantly he smiled, readjusting his glasses before reaching and tucking a strand of her hair out of her face.

"Say, you got any drinks back at your place?"

Crystal smiled, and didn't see the first warning sign. If he was staying at a fancy hotel...why didn't he invite her back to his place? Instead, she felt on a total high from the kiss and drinks and smiled, unable to believe her luck. She said sure, and the two received their drinks less than a minute later. Crystal began to feel comfortable with Andrew despite the fact she had just met him. She went more into her marriage with Damon. The entire time he listened, and by the time he paid the bill, it felt as if they had known each other for years. Andrew admitted he knew how it looked. He often got mistaken for a gay man, but he had been raised in a family with four sisters, and noticed he wasn't like most guys. He loved labels, fashion, and his parents being jewelers always welcomed that behavior. He wasn't gay, but got teased for wanting to dress nice and loving the arts.

Still, he loved women, and were fascinated by them. He loved his ex wife, and hopes to have more children further down the road. He loved traveling, and said it was his dream to settle down in Spain, hopefully getting Violet out there, and open his own jewelry shop. He said he hoped to have a shop just for the stars, and during this he dropped several highly popular names that often dealt with his family's business. As they walked out, he remarked that she shouldn't feel ashamed or stupid over what happened to her as a child, or her failed marriage. He briefly said that a family member when he was younger had molested him a few times. Nothing ever came to it, but like her father this person took off like a coward.

"It stays with you, like invisible scars, it's awful...but we're survivors. That's how you need to see it Crystal. We're survivors."

She smiled, deeply touched by this. As they walked he remarked that he looks at life as a new start for an adventure each day. Smiling, she nodded and told him she like that. He smirked back at her. Crystal had noted that he was a complete gentleman the entire time they were at the bar and walking on the sidewalk. He had bought all the drinks, pulled her chair out for her each time she came back from the rest room, held doors, and had listened the whole time when she spoke, never taking his eyes off her. Both had spent the last two hours laughing, happily buzzed from the drinks, and even talked about music. She had mentioned that she had a pretty impressive vinyl collection that she couldn't wait to show him. As they walked, passing the other night clubs, listening to music blasting from the decks, and bars, he slipped his hand into hers.

Crystal looked down and smiled. Crystal suspected she might actually get laid tonight. It had been quite some time since the last one night stand she had, and she figured this might be a good way to just numb all the stress and exhaustion that had been building lately. She truly loved her life here, was grateful for everything she had worked so hard to get...but it was still so much. She worked constantly, and had to juggle school, as well as paying bills on top of it. Besides, he seemed perfectly fine, and she had a whole box of condoms underneath her sink. If he was a creep she had pepper spray hidden under her nightstand, and figured if a guy was this nice and charming he honesty might be a catch after all. Crystal had never been so wrong before in her life.

They entered, and Andrew remarked that he loved it. Crystal knew he was just being polite since he was probably used to staying in places a million times bigger and fancier. In fact he said he had a suite at the Mondrian. Still, he seemed intrigued as soon as she mentioned she was renting out a house boat just a few blocks away. She knew she was drunk, and being forward, but for that last hour sitting with him, happy buzzed, feeling floaty, giddy, and enjoying the attention Andrew was giving to her. He was easy to talk to, in fact, Crystal found him downright fascinating. He was well spoken, interesting, and told the most fantastic stories. As she listened to music, sipped her fruity, but strong drink, she became lost in his large brown eyes hearing him talk about how wealthy his family was. Stories about vacations in Paris, and Africa. Searching for precious gems, and traveling around the world. By the time they arrived at her condo, Crystal decided to throw caution to the wind and see if tonight she could have herself a fling. It didn't exactly always happen, and she couldn't help herself blush when Andrew finished telling a story of how he found several rare gems off the coast of Italy just by blind luck, and how his goal was to have his jewels featured by the top designers on the West Coast.

"I could see that. In fact, we have Gianni Versace from around here, his mansion is just a few blocks away. I've seen him around before, he's really nice."

"Oh Gianni, we're old friends."

Andrew said casual as he played with the straw to his drink. Instantly, the alcohol buzz Crystal has been feeling intensified as she grinned and leaned forward.

"Get out! You know Versace?!"

Andrew nodded casually and shrugged.

"We met years ago at a garden party he was holding back in Italy. Nice enough guy. Was a fan of my families business since he had bought several precious stones from my farther to put them on a few gowns during 95's fashion week."

"Oh my God! I love his stuff. God knows I can't afford any of it, but I love looking at the models in the magazines."

"I love fashion, I know...for a straight man seems odd, but I'm a firm believer in fashion, and what looks good. My wife adored his clothes. In fact I hired Gianni to design her wedding gown. What a waste..."

He gave a humorless laugh, telling stories of shopping in Europe, and how his sisters all used to help him pick out the best clothes to wear out dancing whenever he had dates. Crystal bought it all, as Andrew went on as if it was nothing. He even charmed her a bit further when he remarked that his favorite precious stone was a 'crystal' with that his much larger tanned hand that swallowed hers up rubbed her palm. He smirked at her, and instantly Crystal felt sparks fly as she smiled and knew right then and there he was going to invite him back to her place. Now an hour later she walked back from the balcony, having both finished their drinks. She carried both bottles to the kitchen to get new ones, while Andrew slid the door closed behind him. He scanned the small living room behind his round framed glasses, taking everything in. Crystal walked around the counter, and grabbed two more bottles, twisting the caps off.

"You're renting this?"

Crystal nodded heading around smiling, feeling her cheeks burn.

"Yeah, actually my lease is up in a new months but I think I might just stay here until after I'm done school. Neighbors are nice enough, and at least my car is safe in the lot."

"You didn't leave it at work?"

"No, I usually walk. Mine was the Honda we passed before going to the elevator."

Andrew nodded before taking his drink from her. He smiled, and both clinked glasses together. They had talked for the last twenty minutes on the balcony. In fact, Andrew had done most of the talking. He spoke about his travels, his family's business, his darling daughter, his shared love of fashion with her, as well as some of the most exotic beaches around the world. He was a wonderful storyteller and Crystal hung onto every word. He honestly seemed like a spy from one of those paperback novels she usually picked up at the used book store. He was fascinating. Crystal went to her record player, and put in a Tangerine Dream record.

Once the dreamy music started to play, she walked back to Andrew who smiled and took her hand. There he have her a playful spin around twice, before taking her backwards in his arms. She laughed, still holding onto her drink, before he gazed down at her and bent his head down kissing her. When the kiss broke, she knew she was going to throw all of her morals out the window and say screw it. She was going to invite him to spend the night. She turned, looking at him, before feeling a hunger she hadn't felt in what felt like a lifetime. She had slept with three other men since Damon. One was a three month relationship with a guy from her gym, the other two one night stands. She had always been careful, and tonight she figured with somebody with a body like Andrew, he was fully capable of giving great sex. She breathed heavy and smiled.

"Do...you want to spend the night?"

Andrew stared at her for a second, before she saw a flicker of sadness in Andrew's eyes as he gazed at her. Smiling, she raised an eyebrow.

"What is it?"

"Nothing...it's just...you remind me of somebody?"

"Ex wife?"

"No a friend of mine...who I lost recently. You two have the same eyes."

"I'm so sorry, how did they die?"

Andrew placed his bottle down down on the side table near the couch for a moment, before reaching forward. His large fingers swept across her face, tucking a strand of loose hair from behind her ear like he had done earlier.

"They were shot...murdered."

"Oh God, I'm so sorry!"

Andrew continued to gaze at her, before Crystal felt from beneath her drunken haze, something wasn't right. Her heart skipped a beat, and that tiny voice from inside her head whispered...

"You shouldn't be alone with this man."

"I've never made love to a woman before Crystal. I've always wanted to know what it was like to fuck a girl. I was offered before by a friend of mine...but I could never do it. Seeing that things are really happening, I think I may want to fuck you."

Crystal laughed again, confused.

"Wait what?"

Andrew smiled.

"I lied to you. I've never been married. My family isn't wealthy, nor owns a rare jewelry store. I'm not here on business...in fact I've wanted by the FBI. I've killed four people...one of which was the love of my life David...you have his eyes. I need to steal your necklace, but I'm wondering...what would it be like to fuck a girl?"

Crystal felt her stomach drop. Trying not to show how frightened she was, she nervously laughed. "That's not funny Andrew..." Andrew sighed, cocking his head, staring at her with the same heartbroken eyes he had shown her earlier.

"You really are beautiful Crystal, but you should be more careful of who you invite back to your home..."

He reached forward and with one hard yank, snapped the chain to her necklace and pulled it off. Crystal swayed for a second, her neck hurting from the necklace getting snapped off her. She gasped, and stared at him outraged as he held the necklace. The rays of the stones reflecting off the light from the fishtank, dancing across Andrew's now insane looking dark eyes.

"Hey! You can't..."

But before she could say another word, his face crumpled, looking completely insane. With that he lifted the bottle off the table and swung it as hard as he could, slamming it against her head. The pain was like an explosion, sending a flash of white light across her vision, before it clouded up into darkness. She felt the pain, before warmth and then she passed out. Later... When she did awake, her eyelids felt heavy. They fluttered slowly open, her long lashes batting weakly, before her blurred vision cleared slightly, and she found herself staring up at the ceiling of the living room. For a second she thought she had fallen asleep on the sofa. She had returned from work, slightly buzzed, before crashing on the sofa. Then, suddenly her vision focused, and she saw what was happening. No, this couldn't be happening. This was just a dream, she would wake up soon. She was laying on the sofa naked. Her cocktail dress off, but her lace black and gold bra still on. Her panties were missing, and her wrists were tightly bound by a scarf she usually tied in her hair. The last time she saw it, was yesterday in her bedroom. She tried to wiggle her wrists but found them so tightly bound, she wouldn't even wiggle them despite how hard she tried to pull them apart.

She had something shoved in her mouth, nearly making her gag. A dishcloth perhaps? She tried to scream, but found it muffled. Her eyes bugged out from their sockets, as she struggled, crying from beneath her gag before seeing Andrew. He was completely naked. His body as tanned, smooth, and she saw his penis. It was hanging between his muscular thighs, as he stood there, glasses now off. Laying there, Crystal couldn't believe any of this was happening. She continued struggling, her cries and screams muffled as she shook her head at him outraged. Andrew stood in the darkness of the living room and held up her necklace.

"Sorry Crystal, but I need this more than you. I'm planning on murdering somebody very important...someone who will learn that in death nobody is special. We all end up the same...tomorrow people will learn my name...I promise you that."

Crystal shook her head, her eye makeup running as Andrew stepped forward, slowly with ease as he approached her. Slowly and he slid on the edge of the couch, before he was just a mere foot away from her. He scooted forward, and when Crystal tried swinging her legs at him to hit him, he roughly grabbed both ankles before revealing a box cutter she had bought when she first moved in to help her unpack. This she kept under the sink in the kitchen. He pressed the button to slide up the blade and instantly it reflected in the moonlight that shinned in through the closed curtains. Smiling, he stared down at her, breathing slowly, and sweating lightly. He leaned down and used the box cutter the cut her bra open. Instantly the lace frabic tore, and her full breasts fell out. He cocked his head again, scanning them, before leaning down, and reached down touching one. His hand hovered over it, before he found her nipple and roughly pinched it. Crystal snapped her eyes shut humiliated, as he pinched harder, and rubbed the swell of the other breast.

He leaned down, licking the nipple which had sprang to life from him roughly playing with it. His tongue ran over both, before he buried his face between her breasts, licking her skin. In just seconds she felt his teeth clamp down on one of her breasts, as she cried out, feeling the screams get muffled by the gag. He raised his face, flushed and excited.

"I'm gay Crystal...well gay to anyone who wants to hear I'm gay. I'm also straight to anyone who wants to learn I'm straight. I have never been intimate with a woman before, even though their bodies fascinate me. I always dreamed that after David and I were married we would get my best friend Lizzy to carry our child. The two of us with fuck her one after another, and we would never know who exactly was the father. You would have been perfect to carry our children...I would lie and say you were a supermodel from Europe. I always wanted children until recently. At least now that crazy hag of a mother of mine might learn her darling baby boy actually stuck it in a girl once..."

He laughed, shaking his head looking flamboyant as well as insane.

"The world is officially going to change tomorrow, I decided to get as many life experiences out of my system before it's too late...and lucky you Crystal. You can say you had sex with 'the" Andrew Cunanan. Hopefully you're clean, even though that this point I can't vouch even for myself really...so I guess we'll see."

He went to grab her legs again when she flinched and tried to pull away. This time Andrew reached down, grasping her throat with his bare hand and squeezing. Instantly Crystal felt the air get choked out of her as her eyes widened completely frightened. Andrew breathed heavy, tightening his grip, when suddenly his rather large penis sprang to life. Her large eyes looked down at it, and she screamed from beneath her gag. Andrew continued glaring down, when suddenly he noticed his penis beginning to slowly lift enough to touch his stomach. Grinning, he continued keeping his hand on her throat, easing up enough so she could breath. He leaned down, breathing down on her in hot breaths, before he smiled and ran his tongue down across the side of her face. Instantly sickened, Crystal snapped her eyes shut, and began to silently pray she would wake up.

"Just wake up...just wake up...just wake up..."

She kept telling herself. That's when Andrew used his other hand and guided his penis right into her with one direct motioned. It took him a second, before he stared directly ahead, almost lost in what he was doing, before letting his weight collapse against her. The pain was unbearable. Crystal had had five different lovers in her life, and this sex...no rape was nothing ordinary. His penis jammed into her with such hard direct force, she felt her insides cramp. He was gentle, or slow. Instead he clearly didn't know what he was doing. Crystal's eyes watered, before she shrieked from beneath her gag. She tried to close her legs, but his body laid in the weigh, prying her own legs open with his muscular thighs. He laid there for a second, before staring down at her, looking completely insane. "David?" He blinked, staring down at her, and clearly not really seeing her. He cupped her face, looking her, before running his tongue across her face again as he gave a hard pump. Crystal laid still, now knowing that this was really happing, she was being raped.

She laid there, big fat tears running down her cheeks, as Andrew wrapped his arms around her and stared down at her puzzled, as if he really had no idea what he was doing. He didn't give her breasts any further attention, before giving another hard thrust. The couch squeaked by the movement, as he went into her again. He clung to her body, as his bare ass pumped up and down, rising and falling inside of her. She laid there, motionless, before he found a rhythm. He became frantic, as he grasped onto her body, and began pumping up and down into her at a frighting rate. He slammed his hips into hers, and continued moving inside of her looking frantic. He kept this going for a solid forty seconds, before suddenly as he pumped his way inside of her, the thrusts became more frenzied and drawn out.


He screamed as he pumped into her once, twice, and finally the third time he climaxed. Crystal snapped her eyes shut, knowing this was coming. She felt the warmth of his spunk go inside of her. Exhausted, he collapsed on top of her, the smell of his sweat strong. He laid on top of her, still very much inside of her and laid that way for a few silent minutes as he tried to catch his breath. Finally, he lifted his head and grabbed his glasses from somewhere off the coffee table. They instantly fogged up for a second, his bangs hanging in his face, and his face flushed. He stared down at her, before roughly pulling out. His penis flopping out, and his spunk oozed out between her two spread thighs. It hurt worse than anything she had ever felt. The cramps were unbearable and she knew she was bleeding. Andrew stood up naked, penis now limp before turning and staring at her disgusted. He stood there with his hands on his hips, before he stared down at her.

"I liked you Crystal...I believe in a different life we would have been best friends...I'm sorry."

Crystal whimpered, before Andrew began tugging on his penis again. Crystal knew it was going to happen again. Her inner thighs were slick, and she knew he was probably going to kill her. She watched as he closed his eyes muttering that name David again, before she saw him erection return. Just like that, he climbed on top of her, now getting a handle on what to do. This time he used his teeth more, and as much as Crystal tried to let her mind escape to somewhere else, this second time in her eyes lasted a lifetime. He came inside her again, before flipping her over and had anal sex with her three more times. By the time he was done, the couch had blood stains all over it. Crystal was torn, and bleeding. She was shaking all over, and figured she was going into shock. He had bit her in places that were bleeding and deep. He roughly yanked her off the couch before straddling her naked. He climbed on top of her, glaring. His glasses were fogged up again, and his bangs hung in his face. Crystal stared up at him, eye makeup now caked and running down her face. She stared up at him, not crying, not saying a word. Andrew's penis laid against her stomach, as he glared down at her. Sighing, he picked up a large glass paperweight Crystal kept on the coffee table.

He stared down at her, before gently cupping her face one last time. He stared at her, looking sad...before his expression changed in an instant His face crumpled again before he raised the paper weight and brought it down into her face, again, and again and again. Crystal's hand twitched, as blood splattered onto the white carpet.


Andrew used Crystal's shower. He used nice hot scalding water, tilting his head back, washing the blood and semen that was smeared all over his stomach, groin, and inner thighs. He used her shampoo, and soap, and even used her blowdryer to dry his hair. He changed into her clothing that he had removed before raping her Crystal, and tucked his wallet into his back pocket, before stepping into his sandals. He knew he would have to swing by his truck later for his backpack. He grabbed his hat. He stared down at Crystal's bloody beaten body and sighed. The sex hadn't been rewarding. He had always wanted to be in control like he was tonight. He liked violent sex, and had dabbled in it, but tonight he truly for the life of him couldn't remember much of what happened. He knew he had climaxed, and he gotten harder the more he bit her, and took her from behind. Besides that, he knew the whole time he pretended it was David who laid beneath him to make it possible. Still, he felt sickened, and wanted to leave right away. Still, he took his time, looking around the small modest condo, knowing had things worked out with David he would have been perfectly happy living in a small place like this. He went through her closet, looking at her clothes. As cheap as the clothing was, she still had nice taste. He then went through her junk jewelry, really not seeing anything worthy of taking besides a small gold wedding band. He shrugged, not even bothering to take it before tossing it back. He pocketed the necklace, before returning to the living room. He stared down at the body, before shaking his head. With what he walked out and never looked back.

The following morning, within a few hours all of South Beach would know Andrew Cunanan's name. Unknown to him...Crystal was still breathing. Barley, but still breathing. She floated in a dark abyss that seemed impossible to escape from.

Crystal was sadly the unknown victim in Mr. Cunanan's downward spiral murder spree, that ended tragically just nine days later in a housecoat when he ate a bullet, truly trying to wonder how it had all ended up like this? He had vaguely thought of Crystal, and wondered if her body was found, but due to Versace's story which hogged all news coverage, nothing had been mentioned of any woman being found raped and beaten to death just a mere ten blocks away from the very same houseboat Andrew had broken into and ended his life in. Little did he know a part of him would live on even after his death.

This was Crystal's story.

It all started the next morning when Crystal didn't show up for her shift at the mall. She had also agreed to help re-stock the bar that afternoon as well for a little overtime. Crystal who always called in if she couldn't come in, began to worry her co-workers when they didn't hear anything from her as the morning grew on. Instead of doing anything, they called a few times, just hearing the phone ring and figured she might be sick in bed and too tired to get to the phone. Tomorrow they promised they would try again. That night Larry, her boss at the bar raised an eyebrow when one of the other fellow waitresses entered his office, stating that Crystal was on the books to work tonight. The waitress said Crystal hadn't clocked in, which wasn't like her. Larry thought about it, remembering that the morning manager Davis said one of the girls hadn't shown up. Instead he opened his phone book, thumbed through the numbers he kept for the cooks, bartenders, and waitresses, before finding Crystal Martin's. He dialed the number, waited before he heard the phone ring, and ring, and ring. The waitress waited, leaning against the doorway, before he waved her away annoyed. Rolling her eyes, she let out a huff and walked away, before he tried again.

The phone continued ringing. On his mini TV the news were muted, stating that they now had a new identified suspect on who shot Versace. A young man named Andrew Cunanan. Nobody at the bar remembered that this was the guy Crystal had waited on, and left the bar with. Looking for Crystal's emergency contact, he dialed her grandmother who lived on the other side of the island. A sweet old woman answered, and when Larry asked if Crystal was visiting her, or had called saying she was sick or out of town. Instantly the woman sounded worried saying no, she spoke to her last week, and were planning on taking her to brunch after a doctor's appointment. She asked if everything was okay? Larry said of course, that he thinks he got her nights mixed up that's all. Her grandmother asked if she could be any help and maybe call or swing by her place. She may be out, but she wasn't sure. She did know she didn't have any classes these next few days. Larry nodded and said no need, he would try again and call her right away. Not wanting to spread any panic he thanked her, said he would call her back soon, and hung up. Here he looked up the number of Crystal's condo complex, and called the condo's landlord. He waited until somebody from the office picked up. Larry said he was Crystal Martin's boss and she hadn't shown up to work today and tonight which was very unlike her. He called her grandmother who said she hadn't heard from her either.

He had called several times, but no answer. He was wondering if he could swing by her unit, knock on the door and see if anyone would answer? The landlord was a nice easy going sounding guy, and said sure and took his number calling he would call him back in twenty minutes. Larry hung up, still feeling uneasy when the same waitress walked back, chewing gum, and asking if he heard from her? Larry shrugged saying he called her grandmother and she hadn't heard from her, but he's having her landlord go check out her place. Instantly the woman looked worried.

"You think she's okay?"

"I'm sure she's fine...any of you see her last night?"

"Jane saw her, she left with some guy."

Just then the phone rang, cutting off Larry's thoughts. He snatched it, knowing it was too soon to be the landlord, instead it was one of his trucks which were delivering a new order of kegs for tomorrow. The waitress rolled her eyes again, and returned back to the bar where everyone was sitting watching the news covering Versace's murder, unknown that his killer actually sat at this very same bar. Crystal's landlord took awhile to get going since he had to finish up two lighting fixture jobs at two other units on the third floor. He grabbed his key ring, and walked in that direction, humming to himself. he noticed Crystal's Honda was still in it's spot, and figured she might be home. She might have taken the phone off the hook. He took the elevator up, remembering Ms. Martin. She was a pretty girl, worked two jobs, and went to school. She always sent him a card around. the holidays, thanking him for everything. She was happy go lucky, friendly, and always took her trash out, and never made too much noise. When he reached her floor, he walked down to the condo 11F and knocked. He waited, before ringing the buzzer. He waited again before knocking a little harder.

"Ms Martin?"

He waited before pressing the buzzer again. Nothing. Sighing, he didn't like this. He took his keys out and unlocked the front door. Carefully he let himself in, before stopping. Something wasn't right. The lights were off besides one in the kitchen. The fishtank was lit up as well, and he saw empty beer bottles on the counter. He stepped in, nervously looking around.

"Ms. Martin?"

He called. Stepping in, he saw a pair of bloody legs sticking out from the other side of the couch. Instantly his eyes widened in horror before he screamed. He ran out, heading straight to his office, dialing 911, shouting that there was a dead body in one of the condos. He didn't stay long enough to see, but there was blood everywhere. Most of the police were busy on the manhunt for the man who had shot Versace, police check points everywhere. Still two cruisers, and an ambulance came right away. Larry had tried calling back when he didn't hear anything and got no answer. He wouldn't learn what had happened until the following day when Crystal's grandmother phoned the bar sobbing. Neighbors came out, wondering what had happened. Several of which all hoped what they had heard wasn't true. They had all liked Crystal, and had heard a dead woman had been found. Police shut down the floor, refusing anyone to leave their apartments, before the police entered Crystal's condo. They carefully put the lights on, and found the body.

At first they believed she was dead, beaten to death, her face a bloody pulp. It wasn't until one of the officers knelt down by her naked badly mangled body that he found a pulse and shouted for the paramedics to hurry. She was loaded and taken up as they called it officially a crime scene, police coming in snapping photos, ignoring the neighbors crowded around demanding to know what happened? They covered Crystal's body, as they bagged an oxygen pump over her, and hurried her down the elevator, and into the ambulance. "What do we have?" "Young woman, mid twenties, raped and beaten..." They revealed her face, her eye swollen shut, her cheekbones broken and caved in, her skin split open, her hair plastered with blood. She didn't even look like herself. She looked as if she had been involved in a terrible accident, her face mashed in, and swollen. Her lips split and peeled back, some of her teeth broken. The paramedics quickly worked on her, trying to keep her breathing as the ambulance screamed to life and raced down the street.

The paramedics shinned a pen light, and saw her eyes couldn't even open. Unknown to them, the man responsible for this actually heard the the ambulance's sirens as it raced down the highway, unaware that his only victim that had gotten away was inside.

Crystal's badly beaten body was taken into emergency surgery for almost eighteen straight hours. There was swelling in her brain, and she was in a coma. Her injuries caused a terrible infection, and it was finally confirmed it was Crystal who was the Jane Doe brought in. Her grandmother arrived but wasn't allowed to see her. The police covered her condo, but for the time being didn't link it to all of South Beach on lockdown after the shooting. Andrew's face was plastered everywhere, and for the time being the police only knew Andrew for the now five murders he had committed...not the rape, and beating of this poor unsuspecting woman he had stolen her necklace form. The very same necklace that had been found in his bags when the police stormed the houseboat and near his lifeless body. Crystal was taken to the very same hospital Versace was taken to and died at, and rushed into another emergency surgery before dawn. Her injuries were terrible, and her heart rate slow. When her grandmother was questioned they looked into her ex husband who lived in Texas, as well as her mother up state.

Her grandmother cried against a social worker in the waiting room, not understanding why this happened? The following day her co-workers and friends were interviewed and none of them really remembered what the guy looked like when she left the bar with him. It wasn't until she herself beat the odds and awoke telling the truth that everyone found out the disturbing truth. The teeth marks, and semen found all over the condo as well as inside of Crystal were finally linked to Mr. Cunanan when it was all too late. It didn't fit the profile since he was a gay man who targeted gay men. Still, nothing could hide the fact he had indeed raped Crystal, hurt her, and then tried to beat her to death. Days later finally some of Crystal's co-workers said they saw a man fitting Andrew's description but didn't think anything of it until the news aired. He had come in a few nights ago, ordered a drink out back, and was waited on by Crystal. In the end the stories were straightened out and they all heard the horrifying truth. Andrew Cunanan had raped and attacked and nearly killed Crystal Martin. Her friends, grandmother, and boss all said the same thing. Crystal wasn't the type of girl to pick up strange guys at work. They left willingly, and must. have returned back to her condo where he attacked her and stole her necklace along with some cash from her purse. The police were puzzled over the rape but they began to understand it just showed how unstable he truly was. None of this made the news until after Andrew was dead. By the time Crystal woke, she had been in a coma for nearly two months. Her face was badly disfigured, her cheek bones fractured as well as her skull. Her vision in one eye only now at 50%. She was covered in scars, and had to have three ribs removed. When she awoke, Andrew Cunanan was dead. Shot himself in the mouth like a coward across the harbor from her condo where he raped her several times, and tried to kill her. For the first week she showed stable brain activity, her eyelids fluttered open once, before shutting again. When she was fully alert, her first words when her blurred vision stared up at the nurse checking her IV, she cleared her throat and said...

"Thirsty..." She slipped in and out of it for days, before finally she awoke to find her grandmother squeezing her hand, weeping, and praying. The doctors brought her in for more tests, more scans, and finally the police came to interview her. She at first didn't remember much, the details hazy, and the pain horrible. She was informed who this man was, what he had done, and how he had died. She was shown articles, photos, and filled in the police the best she could. She waited on Mr. Cunanan, when she got off her shift they went to another bar for drinks. She invited him back to her houseboat, and that's when things turned sour. She couldn't remember much, only flashes. She remembered him raping her, and then hitting her until she blacked out. When she finally saw what she looked like, her face badly swollen, and covered in ugly stitches, the skin blistered and red, and she completely broke down. She felt like a monster. The days were long, filled with pain, and no sleep. She spent her time getting test after test, scan after scan, going to PT, talking to shrinks, and finally watching the news. Cunanan's murder spree had died down since the princess' death. She felt in a bubble, trapped. Her mother visited, crying when she saw her, muttering how stupid she was for inviting a strange man back home, served her right. Laying there in shock, she asked what her mother wanted, besides reminding her of the terrible mistake she had made that clearly couldn't be changed. Her mother then spoke about the interview requests, how reports were banging on her door wanting to hear her story, there might even be a book deal. She motioned to her saying clearly she wasn't camera ready, but if she allowed, she could handle her affairs, and make the statements. Staying calm, Crystal made tiny fists before staring up at her mother. She told her that if she gave any interviews without her consent she would find a lawyer and make her wish she had never been born. Her mother gasped, demanding an apology. She told her she had no right to speak to her that way even though she was just looking out for her future seeing that this horrible tragedy happened. For all she knew that man could have given her HIV. Instead of screaming, instead of crying, Crystal took a deep breath, and told her she wasn't going to allow her to make a profit over her mistake, and calmly told her to leave before she had security called.

Her mother left in a huff, grabbing her purse, before motioning to her, and saying she better hope that waitress job starts paying better so she can have some plastic surgery to fix her mangled face. With that she stormed out. Crystal waited, making tighter and tighter fists, before finally she snapped her eyes shut and broke down. At night even the heavy duty pain meds she was on didn't cut through the pain. She laid awake, news on mute, feeling her face burn, and whenever she did drift off had vivid nightmares of Cunanan roughly spreading her legs, and grinning like a madman. When morning came, she felt depressed, as well as lonely. Besides her grandmother, she refused visitors. She knew her friends were worried, but she couldn't face them. Her grandmother was on her side with the argument with her mother, calling her a monster. That's when she told her that her ex-husband Damon had been calling non-stop. He was here a week after she was taken to the hospital. He demanded to see her, but wasn't allowed. He kept calling, begging to be updated so he could fly back and see her.

"And see this?"

He motioned to her face, swollen in different directions, shinny, and sore.

"I was such an idiot...I was raped by this monster who killed five men, who was insane, who did this...I have no money, and medical bills are piling up. I have nobody besides you, and all I can do is blame myself. If this infection continues I might lose parts of my face. I won't ever get another job again, or be able to show my face in public...all I keep remembering is that night and that crazed look in his eyes..."

She lowered her head, her tears stringing on her hurt face, when her grandmother reached over and stroked her hand.

"Listen to me...you have a visitor later on today. It's up to you if you want to see them. It's going to be very private, but I wanted to ask you first. It's not your mother, Damon, or friends..."

Crystal blinked.


Her grandmother sighed.

"Versace's sister."


Security had made sure the visit had no media coverage, and this portion of the wing had been shut down from any outside visitors for the next hour. Crystal had been given her latest shot, and was sitting up, feeling horribly naked. She knew how her face looked, despite the fact she refused to look in a mirror. Her grandmother insisted she have this visit alone, and went downstairs to grab lunch. Sitting up in a few hospital gown, her hair held back, she smoothed out her sheet, feeling nervous. Finally there was a knock, and Crystal looked over before clearing her throat.

"Come in."

The door opened and there walked in the woman who she had seen on the news countless times. Donatella Versace. She was a beautiful Italian woman with blond hair, and dressed in a black pants suit. She walked in alone, no security team, no doctors. She simply came in, before closing the door behind her, not even blinking or staring at Crystal's disfigured face. This was a wealthy beautiful woman surrounded by models all day, and instead she walked over and smiled, offering her hand.

"Pleased to meet you darling. My name is Donatella."

Crystal stared up, before shaking the woman's hand, smelling her sweet perfume.


Crystal instantly wanted to kick herself for sounding so stupid. Instead this woman smiled warmly, and motioned to her tray which hand't been taken yet. She picked up the small uneaten green jello cup and smiled.

"May I?"

Her accent was thick and rich sounding as she took Crystal's plastic spoon and dragged over a chair. Crystal sat there stunned, before she did something she never thought she would do since the attack. She smiled.

Later... Donatella spoke about her brother as if he was still alive. How he was a brilliant artist, and the tragedy that had followed. She told little stories of them growing up in Italy, making Crystal laugh. They made small talk, and Crystal sat here, unable to believe this millionaire was sitting, eating hospital jello as if she was any other person. Finally she sighed, and looked at Crystal.

"You too have been a victim of Andrew Cunanan."

Crystal nodded.


She couldn't finish, but she saw Donatella notice the still fresh bite mark scars all over her arms. Donatella nodded.

"I heard. I'm very sorry."

"I got out alive...I should be the one who's sorry. You lost your brother."

"Yes, and those families of the other men lost friends, brothers, sons, lovers, fathers...but you lost something else. My brother loved women in a different way. He loved them like living breathing pieces of art, and would have been heartbroken to learn what that monster did to you before taking your life."

"I'm not going to the press...I just want to move on."

"I understand, but you do whatever you must to have closure. My brother will live on with his company and clothing. You...must live as a survivor, but I refuse to allow you to have scars external as well as internal. I am paying to have one of the top plastic surgeons to repair your injuries. You are being transferred to a private hospital. All medical bills, as well as this year's rent, and expenses will be paid for...you need to heal, and if you wish to stay out of the public eye, I want you to do so without worrying."

Crystal gulped, before slowly shaking her head.

"I can't...those men...their families need more help than me...I..."

Donatella squeezed her hand and sternly looked her in the eye.

"We can't change the past, but I want to help you with your future. You are a beautiful woman. I don't want that monster to have decided your fate. Let me help so your beauty shines through again. I refuse to hear you say no."

Crystal felt hot burning tears to fill her eyes as she stared at this woman who she merely a stranger to her.

"I...don't know what...to say..."

Donatella leaned down and kissed Crystal's hand before smiling, tears in her own eyes.

"You say yes?"

Crystal nodded before Donatella smiled.

"I...don't know what to say."

"You say nothing. This will be a private affair, you don't mention my name. Your doctors will start the paperwork to get you transferred, and you will meet with the surgeons next week when you are stronger. My only wish is you continue to move on and live...live for those men and my brother who can't."

Crystal nodded, still crying.

"Thank you..."

Donatella rose from her chair, before smiling and gently cupping her swollen hurt face with her hand. She smiled, and with that left. She heard the door close, and Crystal laid back unable to believe it. Laying there, she finally let herself cry, laying there was the Florida sunshine came in through the window, knowing truly how lucky she was to have this second chance. Two days later... Crystal had been transferred to a private hospital up state. Her grandmother couldn't stop crying, squeezing her hands, telling her that tonight she was getting on her knees and thanking God for this. She told her she would visit in a week, and couldn't stop smiling. Crystal meanwhile was nervous. Before her ambulance came to transport her, one of the police officers came in, unable to hide the shock of seeing her face before clearing his throat looking uncomfortable. He handed her an evidence bag, which contained her necklace. The necklace Andrew had taken. "This was released from the police, it was found on Mr. Cunanan's person." Crystal slowly took the evidence bag, and held it, before nodding thanking the officer. When he left, she made a mental note that she would give this to her grandmother. she knew it was only worth a few thousand, but it was truly all she had. She wanted to send something, or do anything to the families of the men who were murdered. She thought maybe a scholarship, anything... She felt so stupid, and knew it wasn't worth much, but she had to do something...anything.

She was alive, and getting this very generous second chance. She would do anything to take this pain away.

Anything... Besides, she couldn't stomach holding this necklace ever in her hands again. When she was taken to the private hospital, she couldn't believe how nice it was. When she was taken in, the doctors welcomed her warmly before stating they were going to run blood tests, and start planning the first of what they suspected would be three to four surgeries. Crystal laid in the bed, hooked up to new machines, feeling for the first time since this all happened that maybe she might be okay. A few hours later, her new doctor, a kind middle aged man came in smiling and sat on the edge of her bed before patting her leg.

"We can fix your face, it's going to be a long road, but we can do this."

Crystal began to cry with happiness.

"Was my blood work okay? Did...my rapist give me AIDS?"

"No, in fact he didn't have AIDS. The police tested his body. You're fine Ms. Martin."

Crystal let out a deep sigh, trying to control her tears.

"I was...so scared...I really thought I caught it."

"We did find something though, that was hard to spot due to your constant surgeries and injuries. Now I'm going to have a social worker come in and speak with you. It's completely up to you on what choice you wish to make. Whatever it is, you have a wonderful support team here okay?"

Crystal nervously plucked at her sheets with her hands.

"What is it?" "Ms. Martin, it appears that you're pregnant." Crystal sat there, and yet again found herself trapped in another nightmare.