Crystal laid awake in her bed in the private hospital she had been transferred to. It had just been a few hours since she was informed of two things.

She didn't have HIV, and she was pregnant.

Pregnant with Andrew Cunanan's child.

It had been nearly six months since she had slept with someone before the rape. She knew Andrew had climaxed inside of her multiple times. She wasn't stupid. They said she was roughly nine weeks along, which matched up perfectly to the time of the rape. The doctor, a kind a gentle middle aged man had spoken to her. He gave her the timeline of the pregnancy, and said a social worker would be in tomorrow to speak with her about her options. If she wanted to termite the pregnancy, they could provide those services. If she didn't, they could take the next steps from there. He just wanted to remind her that whatever her choice was she had an entire team to support her. Crystal figured she was in shock. She barley said a word, nor touched her dinner. She was given her medication, and said she was tired and wanted to get some sleep. But she didn't sleep, not one second. She wanted to contract Donatella, and had asked the doctors if that was at all possible. She understood she was very busy, most of all now running her late brother's company, but it was an emergency. They reassured her that the message would be delivered right away. Until then, she waited. Her grandmother would be visiting by the end of the week, and she really didn't know if she could tell her. She felt so ashamed.

The rape had left her badly damaged. She had been torn open from the attack, and stitched up. They even mentioned there may have to be reconstruction surgery down there as well as on her face. She was still in shock, trying to wrap her head around the fact she was pregnant. She had thought someday she would have children. But in her eyes that was such a huge responsibility. She still didn't feel like an adult, and figured when the time came it would be when she was married, settled, and happy. Damon and her hadn't ever talked about children, and she never once had a scare. After the separation she had gone off the pill, and had simply used condoms. But the night of the attack there hadn't been any protection. Flashes still went through her mind. The sound of frabic wrapping, the pain, the sensation of him bitting her, gripping onto her, his thighs forcefully spreading hers open. She remembered him sweating, pumping into her, that crazed look in his large brown eyes, as he swore and drove himself into her harder and harder. Somehow in all of that a child had been conceived. She laid there, nervously wondering what was she going to do?

Three days later...

Donatella sat across from her dressed in a beautiful blouse and black leather skirt. She sat listening as Crystal finished telling her the blood results. The entire time she had to force herself from not breaking down completely. Finally she looked this kind heartbroken woman in the eyes and sighed, motioning around the private hospital room that felt more like a spa than anything else.

"I don't believe in abortion. I know that's crazy to actually say after what's happened to me...but I just can't do it. I'm not sure if I wanna raise it. I all ready told my grandmother who thinks I should just give it up for a closed adoption. Cut all ties. She explained this baby not only would be a strain for me being single, but with my injuries, and trauma of what happened it's going to be a constant reminder...but I really don't know what to do. Part of me thinks I should just schedule the abortion, and try to block it from my memory...that a child shouldn't exist from such a terrible ugly thing, but another part of me thinks it's half mine. It's an innocent life and hasn't there been enough death? I don't know...but if I do keep it I can promise you I'll never go to the media. I heard there's been rumors of my attack going all through South beach but since Cunanan was gay nobody believes it. I can't accept you paying for my surgeries and medical bills when I'm going to carry the unborn child of the man who murdered your brother. I just can't. So I'm going to check out of the hospital tomorrow. I'm walking fine now and the swelling in my face should..."

Donatella raised her hand and instantly Crystal stopped talking. She sat back, waiting for this woman who had been so kind to her to shout and scream. Instead she took a deep breath and slowly shook her head.

"No, you won't."

Crystal blinked.


"You won't get an abortion if that's what you don't want to do. I agree there has been too much death all ready. But you absolutely will not check yourself out of this hospital. It's completely up to you on when you want your surgeries. I know after the first trimester you can get worked on, but if you're not comfortable you can wait until afterwards. I absolutely refuse to see such a stunning creature like yourself live with the scars of what happened. I salute you for being so strong. You are right...this child is half yours. I can't stop the press from ever finding out about you or the child, that is completely up to you my darling...but I must remind you that the man who murdered my brother and attacked you had a goal. That goal was to be be famous, to not be forgotten. If people know this child is his he wins even after death. You seem like a fair kind woman who has suffered greatly. Have this child, raise it with love, make sure it will never be like the man who fathered it. Raise it to see the beauty in the world...not wanting to destroy it. You have the surgeries when you're comfortable and raise your child."

"What if the world finds out."

"If they find out they find out. It's up to you to make sure that monster's legacy won't go on."

Donatella reached over squeezing her hand and smiled.

"I probably won't see you after this, you do understand?"

Crystal nodded, feeling tears begin to blur her vision. Donatella kindly smiled.

"You heal, you have this child and whatever choice you decide, keeping it or give it a good life, and not let the monster win."

"Thank you..."

Donatella kissed one of Crystal's hands before smiling, looking as if for a brief second she was blinking her own tears away. Rising, she pushed the chair she was sitting in away before taking her purse.

"Be well."

With a simple nod, Donatella turned and left, leaving Crystal alone. Sitting up in the hospital bed, Crystal knew in another week she was going to have to meet with the doctors on her team and start making some major choices on what was next. Sitting up she stared down at her hospital gown, and slowly slid her hand against her still flat stomach. Inside there was Andrew Cunanan's unborn child. Taking a deep breath, she knew if she very well planned on keeping this baby, she had to absolutely make sure the world would never know.

One week later

Crystal laid on the examining table, legs up in stirrups, staring up at the ceiling. A good deal of things had happened since her second, and she guessed would be her last visit by Donatella Versace. She had decided to wait an extra three days before deciding wherever or not she did want to end the pregnancy. During this time, she spent a good amount of sleepless nights reading up on the biggest scandal of the summer of 1997 before the princess' death. The nurses at this clinic were beyond helpful and welcoming. They knew who was picking up the tab, and were being paid very good money to keep their mouths shut. Crystal, who never liked to be waited on was the ideal patient. She was visited by two separate therapist who were working on her case, as well as her regular on staff doctor, physical therapist, councilor, and soon plastic surgeon. She hated being fussed about, but the few looks she did get in the mirror she knew her face would need to be repaired. Next week a private dentist was coming in to fix her broken teeth. She was slowly regaining vision in her damaged eye, and currently the infection was almost completely gone. Still, her cheek bones ached, and she knew the flesh was pulled tight and itched. She asked the nurses for any magazines or newspaper clippings on the Cunanan murders. For these three days she sat up with a stack of newspapers, and magazines she read all about the man who had nearly killed her.









She read up on the deaths of Jeffery Trail, David Madson, Lee Miglin, William Reese, and finally Gianni Versace. She read about Cunanan's beginnings on the West Coast. His parents, his private school, including a very charming photo of the man she had met a few months earlier at her job, younger, very attractive, school shirt open, tie slid to the side, revealing his very muscular chest. Staring at that handsome smile sent shivers down her spine. She started reading about his father abandoning them, and then the lies. She read articles and interviews of friends coming forward, talking about Andrew's longing to be something else. The change not only in his backstory, but appearance, and name. She read about his relationships, and finally building to the beginning of the spree at the end of this past April. She scanned her eyes over the photographs of all five men. Mr. Versace was the only one she recognized. The rest all kind looking men from all different backgrounds. The only thing they sadly shared in common with her was the fact they too had suffered from Andrew's destructive explosive summer. She read the theories, some more outrageous than the rest. She closely read up on the Versace murder, unable to believe that a man who was on the FBI's most wanted list, had somehow hidden in plain sight at South Beach for nearly two months. She saw all the close calls, and how just as fate had it, Andrew somehow had luck on his side. She wondered if she had seen him before? Maybe had walked, or driven by him on the strip? She knew she didn't recognize him until the night he showed up at work. Here he used his actual real name, looking almost exactly the same as he did in these photographs. Why hadn't she seen or heard of him before? She usually kept the news on in the background whenever she was home.

Did she just not pay attention? When she laid eyes on Andrew she was taken aback by his dark tan, almond shaped eyes, charming smile, and good manners. Like so many others, she believed his stories, and was stupid enough to be alone with him. But why her? It said he was gay, in fact he even told her himself he was gay. Why would be risk attacking her the day before his last and biggest murder? She knew from her readings that he was getting desperate, but to do all this just to steal her necklace? It didn't fit the pattern. She knew he was mentally ill, and from what the police explained probably hyped up on crystal meth. But still, as much as she read about Andrew, trying her hardest to understand why this all happened? She still just couldn't seem to get it. Finally she sat back, and knew if she got the abortion it would be over and done with. She would continue with her surgeries and therapy, and leave the hospital and try to pick up the pieces. She slept on it, before finally on the final day tried to see if anything about her showed up.

There were three articles in total. One mentioned reports had surfaced that a young waitress from the South Beach area had been sexually assaulted and violently attacked. The next one was from an unknown source, which Crystal figured was either somebody from work, her condo complex, or a police or hospital worker that had been tipped off that showed one black and white photograph of her sofa at her condo splattered with blood, and had a story which named her saying she had been the 6th unknown victim of Cunanan's spree. It mentioned how there was evidence of rape, as well as robbery. Reading this turned her stomach, knowing very well that as much as she tried to hide, it somehow would come to surface. The last one was another mention of a closeted man who was found killed and tied up in Florida during the eight day length between Versace's murder, and Cunanan's death. It mentioned her name again, as well as the fact sources claimed she had been picked up at her job, and was attacked and robbed by Andrew who was hoping to pawn her necklace after leaving the state. In total that had been it. She counted herself lucky yet again. She knew she could try everything to hide from the public, but people would know. She had plans once she was released from the hospital hopefully within the next two months she could leave South Beach and try to start over. But how? Her grandmother said she hadn't been back to the apartment, but the landlord was holding it, and besides police arriving there twice, it was sealed off. She planned on leaving, but where could she go? Her grandmother was too old to uproot her life, and why ruin it? She knew this had been terrible for her as it was.

She had a little savings, but where could she go? All of the signs was showing her to just either get an abortion or give the baby up. She could find a way to hide the pregnancy as best as she could, do a closed adoption. Make sure the baby could have a real family. Somewhere nice, where it could have a normal life, and never know how this terrible event started its life. There was no way she could raise a baby. Bad enough she was on her own, but to be a single parent? He raise a child conceived in rape? How could she love it? What if the media did find out? Could she really ever give it a normal life? How would it be for a young child growing up knowing his father had been the gay insane killer of five men, including one of the most famous designers in the world? Finally she decided. Her grandmother came in, and she explained her plan. She wasn't going to get an abortion. She was keeping the baby. The future was unknown, but she planned on keeping the baby. She knew all of the councilors, as well as her grandmother thought this was insane, but she didn't care.

This baby was half hers, and even though she wasn't too sure if she could give it a good life, she was going to see how the pregnancy went. If by the end, she felt she could give it a normal life away from all this madness, she would simply give it up. She had given a wonderful adoption agency who told her that they would help her every step of the way, no judgement on whatever her choice was. They did remind her that after the baby was born, if she decided not to keep it, they would make sure it would go to a wonderful loving family, and the adoption would be closed for the child's identity sake. Her grandmother agreed with everything besides the chance she may not want to follow through with giving it up.

"It's one thing honey not wanting to get an abortion, but to keep this child...I don't think you understand how hard it's going to be."

She knew her mother was in the dark and had cut all contact off since that visit at the first hospital. Damon had tried contacting her several times, but she just needed this time to think. She held her grandmother's frail hands, and gently squeezed them, telling her that she was going to wait and see, whatever felt right in her heart she would do it.

"Darling, you have no idea how hard it's going to be when you actually see the baby, hold it. It's going to be so much harder..."

"I know...but in all this tragedy and death, something hopeful needs to come out of it. If I know I can't do it, or give it a good life...I'll give it up. I promise."

"What about your surgeries?"

"I wanted to wait until after the baby was born, but the doctor said the swelling is only going to get worse. I need to do it by the end of next month. I spoke to the doctors and they said even when I'm under I'm not a good chance of having a miscarriage. If it was my choice I would wait but they said I can't. So I'm getting everything done next month, spending another month healing up, then I plan on going back to South Beach and keep a low profile before I figure out what's next..."

"By then you'll be nearly five months pregnant...then what?"

"Then I pick up the pieces, grateful that I wasn't killed, and that I did get this second chance...if I can't do it for my child, it gets another chance as well."

"What if you lose the baby darling?"

"Then it was meant to be."

With that, her grandmother sighed, shaking her head before kissing one of her hands and leaving. She promised to call her, and the rest of the evening Crystal laid awake, weighing the options over and over again like a coin flipping over and over again in the air. This wasn't just about her life anymore, there was a child's as well at stake. Now the week after she laid back, before the doctor rolled over the stool.

"You're going to feel pressure, just try and relax..."

Crystal sighed, closing her eyes and for a brief second she saw him. He was laying on top of her, glasses fogged up, bangs hanging in his face. Sweating, as he roughly entered her. Crystal's eyes opened, bitting the insides of her cheeks not to cry out. Instead she took small breaths, as the doctor took note of her blood pressure and pulse going up.

"Just relax..."

Crystal nodded, before the screen lit up beside her. The doctor nodded.

"Yep, there it is..."

Crystal turned her head and stared at the fuzzy black and white image. Raising an eyebrow, she stared.


The doctor leaned over and pointed.

"Right there, see that flickering?"


"That's the heartbeat, do you wanna hear it?"


"Yeah, take a listen."

He turned a dial and instead and steady thumping filled the room like echos. Laying there, Crystal laid in complete and total awe. That tiny little circular white dot was her baby. It looked smaller than a little bean, but somehow seeing this, and hearing it made it a reality.

"Heartbeat is strong, you're at roughly nine weeks."

"Is it too early to tell if it's a boy or a girl?"

"Yeah, you still have a ways before we can see that, but it looks like it's developing nicely. Now I met with your other doctors. You're set for three surgeries next week. You have been told the risks?"


"Okay then, my best advice is to rest up and I'll see you once you're in recovery."



"If these surgeries are going to affect my baby's...mental development or physical I want to..."

"At this stage in the pregnancy you're biggest risk for a spontaneous abortion."

"A miscarriage?"


"Okay...thank you."

"Do you want a photo printed of the ultrasound?"

"You can do that?"

The doctor nodded, getting her to relax again, as she felt it get removed. He began talking about vitamins, as she stared at the now dark screen, nervously chewing on her lip. Somehow, all of this was a reality now. In less than an hour once she was brought back to her room, she laid back holding her tiny print out. Staring at it, she couldn't help but smile. Somehow in these last nearly three months, this was the first time she found herself actually doing this. She stared at that little tiny circle and nodded.

"I'm going to do everything I can not to lose you next week. I promise."

That following week.

"Okay Ms. Farren, you're going to count backwards, and just try and relax."

Crystal laid on the operating table, her hairnet on, staring up at the friendly masked faces of the doctors and nurses. She nervously glanced at the monitors, looking at her own pulse, as well as the baby's. Nervously, she licked her lips and stared up with wide eyes.

"Just please make sure the baby is okay..."

"Hush now, you and your baby will be just fine. Now count."

Gently the mask was placed over her mouth and nose. Almost right away she felt her eyes getting heavy.

"Ten, nine, eight..."

Crystal found herself sitting back in her condo in South beach. It was daylight, and warm sunlight was coming in through the parted curtains. She was sitting there, but instead her stomach beneath her blouse stick out, large and firm. She stared down unable to believe it. She had to be at least eight or nine months pregnant. She sat there, and felt the tiny fluttering slightly uncomfortable shifts and movements that was the baby inside of her moving. She sat there, mouth open, as her hands slid down feeling the kicks. In a panic, she lifted her blouse, staring down she looked at her pregnant belly. The skin was stretched tight, but as she continued feeling her stomach, she knew this was real. Instantly she shot up, letting her blouse fall back down. She stood for a second, feeling dizzy on her uneven feet. She was wearing a navy blue blouse, and white slacks. Slowly she found her bare feet going across the white carpet of her living room. The last time she had been in here was the night of the attack. She looked around and even though it still appeared to be the same condo she had lived in for nearly a year, it still didn't seem right. She glanced and looked at the fish tank, before turning to the book shelf. She stared and saw the books.

Walking over, she saw they were all art books she had never seen before. That's when her eyes dropped down and she saw the framed photograph. Her blood ran cold at this sight. She stared down at it, eyes widening before she scooped it up and looked in complete disbelief. It was of her...and of Andrew Cunanan, married. She had no memory of this ever getting taken. She was in a gorgeous wedding down and veil. She was laughing, head tilted back, lips painted a bright red, as Andrew, looking handsome wearing a tux and glasses held her, head against hers. With shaking hands, she put the photo down. That's when she heard the door unlock. Freezing, she turned as it opened. Andrew Cunanan walked in, wearing a white dress shirt, and black slacks. The first two buttons were undid, and he had his jacket draped over his arm as well as a very nice leather briefcase. His glasses were on, and he smiled as he entered.

"Hey honey!"

Crystal took a half stumbled step back, blindly reaching for the bookshelf, before her hand knocked into the framed photo, sending it to fall onto the carpet. Right away she felt all color drain out of her face, as her eyes widened terrified. The last time she saw this man in person was after he had raped her five times, and nearly beat her to death with a glass paper weight. Now the man she had stared at from so many FBI wanted flyers, and articles was here, standing right before her. Right away Andrew's eyes became concerned. He quickly sprang into action throwing his jacket and briefcase onto one of the chairs. He hurried over, gently taking hold of her arms.

"Crystal what's wrong? Is it the baby?"

Crystal was now as close as she had been that night. Less than an inch or so away. Staring up at him, she saw his golden colored eyes. He was absolutely one of the most handsome men she had ever seen. She remembered how charming he was that night, and how quickly she was ready to let her guard down. Instead she saw the darkness behind these golden handsome eyes that night, and the madness behind them as he raped her. Now they looked as they did for those new hours at the bar. The same flickering moment of the real human she saw for just a brief moment when she told him back at the bar about her father. From what she pieced together from her reading, she sensed Andrew may have gotten abused himself. Now standing here, mysteriously nine months pregnant, she was back in the same condo he nearly killed her in, arriving like a loving husband after work, now gently holding her. Crystal stared at him before his large tanned hand slid up against her face, gently cupping it. She saw a wedding band on. That's when her eyes dropped and looked down and saw a very pretty engagement ring on her own left hand. She suddenly felt dizzy, as if any moment she was going to faint.


"Come sit down, come on..."

He gently led her over to the sofa, the same sofa he had raped her five times and impregnated her with their unborn child on. He sat her down, before sitting down beside her. He put his arm around her, giving her a gentle squeeze.

"Does anything hurt? The doctor said you still have three more weeks..."

Slowly as if in a fog, Crystal caught herself slowly shaking her head. She sat back, and let her eyes shift over to him.

"No, I'm fine...guess it's the heat. I stood up too quickly...Andrew."

"Jesus, you nearly gave me a heart attack. Are you sure you're okay?"

Crystal sat back, unable to truly process what was happening. Andrew hopped up with the same flamboyant mannerisms and went to the A.C control and laughed.

"That's because you didn't have the air on, here..."

He pressed the button and the steady hum of the air coming from the vents began. Turning, he smiled rubbing his palms on the thighs of his slacks.

"Can I get you something to drink?"

Crystal looked up and slowly shook her head. Andrew smiled before sitting down beside her. He smiled before leaning over, and kissing the top of her stomach.

"How's my boy doing?"

He laid his ear against her stomach as Crystal sat back terrified. She sat and stared, before feeling the child inside of her start giving a steady beat of kicks from inside her. Instantly she thought she was having a complete nervous breakdown. She felt Andrew gently stroke her stomach, as he continued laying his head against her. She stared at his thick brown hair, and could faintly smell cologne. Sitting, she stared forward, before finally he lifted his head and turned towards her. He smiled, before cupping her face, his thumb gently rubbing her cheek.

"You sure you're okay honey?"

Crystal gulped, before taking a shaken breath.

"A...Andrew...I know this sounds strange, long...have we been married?"

Andrew grinned, that same charming grin that she had fallen for, and had been so stupid into inviting him back to this very same condo. Andrew raised an eyebrow, making a face.


Crystal felt her chest tighten, but she faked a nervous smile back.

"I know, I just...was trying to think how long..."

Andrew sat up and tapped his finger against his chin as if in deep thought.

"Hum...let me think. Well..."

He smiled, before dropping his eyes to her stomach.

"Well let's see. We accidentally made Andy Jr. on our first date, and I proposed two months later, and a month after that we married so..."

"About six months?"

Andrew grinned.

"Yeah, that's right."

Crystal stared at him, before he smiled and slowly his eyes lingered on her full breasts.

"You know, we have three weeks but...the doc said we could start trying to kick up some contractions."

He leaned forward, before pressing his lips right against hers. Instantly, she felt his firm lips press against hers, before his mouth opened, and he hungrily kissed her. Crystal sat back stunned, before the sound of a phone started to ring. Pulling back, slightly flushed, Darren rolled his eyes.

"Sorry honey, that's probably work..."

With that, she watched Andrew get up, grabbing a cordless phone, a cellular phone and walked into the kitchen and started talking about a shipment. In seconds he crossed the living room, smirked at her and opened the sliding glass door still on the phone. He shut it behind him, and leaned against the railing still talking. Crystal instantly shot up, grabbing her landline, picking it up she carefully waited before watching Andrew through the glass before dialing quickly. She waited before finally a voice answered on the other end.


"Hi, listen is there any record on a man wanted by the FBI by the name ofAndrew Cunanan. I believe I may have seen him."


Crystal kept watching out for Andrew who's back was turned to her, still on his own phone. Frustrated, she tried to control herself.

"Andrew Cunanan, wanted for...four time murders."

"Wanted by the FBI?"


"Hold on a sec, I'll run it through the computer...spell it"

Crystal rolled her eyes, clutching the phone.

"C-U-N-A-N-A-N, please..."

"Hold on..." There was a click and Crystal felt so nervous her shaking hands were ready to drop the phone. Still watching Andrew she waited a lifetime, before finally there was another click, and the same annoyed voice on the other end.



"Sorry there's no records on anybody named Andrew Cunanan."

"Are you sure?!"

"Yes...miss is everything okay?"

"I know this sounds crazy but...Versace, the designer...he's..."

"That fashion guy?"

"Yes! Is he alive?"

"Um, yeah I'm looking down at the paper right now he just appeared in some show downtown last night."

"Last night?"

"Yep, April 2rd 1998...I'm sorry but is there an emergency?"

Crystal stared at Andrew laughing, holding the cell phone. Almost in a trance, she shook her head.

"No...I'm fine. Sorry..."

She hung the phone up and continued staring in shock before she finally watched Andrew hang up the phone, and use the sliding glass door, to come back in. Looking at her, he made a face, shaking his head and laughing.

"Sorry, my parents are getting orders in from Japan on these new rubies and they got completely mixed up to the New York store."


"Yeah, but don't worry it's all straightened out. I talked to Lizzy earlier and she said Violet can visit after the baby is born for a week."

Crystal continued sitting there, before Andrew smiled, placing his phone down. "So...where were we?" He walked over before offering his hands and carefully helped her stand. He laughed, before he stared down at her, his eyes lingering on her.


Andrew smiled before he began to gently kiss her, tilting his head towards hers. Within seconds, Crystal pulled away and stared at him.




Before she could question this anymore, he kissed her again, before leading her down the hall to the bedroom. The entire time, Crystal wanted to ask so many questions. She wanted to ask him what really happened? Was these past few months in the hospital, the murders, Versace, the attack, the rape all in her mind? Was he really a famous world wide jeweler? Or was he still the conman she had read about? Why didn't anything pick up from the police? Was she married to a killer? She didn't know... He brought her to the bedroom, before he carefully sat her down on the edge of the bed. He smiled, before he gently pushed her back on the bed. Smiling he leaned down and very gently began to pull her slacks off. Laying back, Crystal stared up at the ceiling, stiff as a board, almost frozen. She tried to use her mind to find something, anything to hold onto... What if this was real? She felt her panties get slid off, before Andrew smiled and told her to scoot back on the bed. Carefully she did so, before she watched Andrew gently part her thighs apart. Crystal laid back stunned, before memories began to come flooding back to her, ones that had never existed. Memories of that fateful night. Memories of them stumbling drunk, laughing, and undressing each other. Memories of a wedding, of laughter, and everything she had hoped for. Andrew slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt, before loosening his tie and taking it off. She stared at his muscular chest, and stomach, seeing how he looked completely perfect in every way. She laid there, feeling her heart race, before he opened her legs more. Smiling, he slowly lowered his head. Instantly, she froze before the pleasure hit her like a brick wall.

Eyes widening, she gasped, twisting, and turning as he continued going down on her, making her want to scream.


Andrew was kneeling between Crystal's two spread legs, he was thrusting into her at a steady rhythm and had all ready made Crystal climax a total of three times. His entire body was glistened with sweat, as his bangs hung in his face. He breathed deep, before his eyes snapped shut, and she felt the warmth of him finishing. Breathless, he laid against her, his flat stomach laying against her round one. He pressed his forehead against hers, before smiling. Crystal, who felt completely drained, stared up at him, before he smiled and she felt him give another weak thrust.

"Just give me a minute, I'll get hard again..."

Crystal who was still in the complete haze of her latest orgasm, stared at him, before she slowly shook her head.

"Let's rest..."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I just want you to hold me..."

Andrew smiled, kissing the side of her mouth before pulling out completely, and rolling over beside her. Both faced each other beforeAndrew smiled, reaching and rubbing her stomach. "You okay honey? You seem out of it." Crystal stared at the man who said was her husband, and slowly shook her head, happy, but confused.

"Guess I just had a bad dream..."

Andrew smiled, lovingly staring at her.

"Good thing you got to wake up." "Wake up..."

"Wake up..."

"Crystal wake up..."

Crystal's eyes opened, and for a brief second she so badly tried to hold onto this image, before the darkness parted, and she squinted. She found herself in a hospital room, sounded by machines, feeling weak, and dizzy. That's when she saw her doctor, smiling and holding her chart.

"Crystal, you're going to feel a little groggy and swollen, but you're okay. There's swelling but it looks as if we may now be able to just have to operate just one more time before you're completely healed. You did wonderful."

Crystal's eyes searched the room before she remembered. She was in the private hospital, the same one she had been transferred to after Andrew Cunanan had raped, and nearly raped her to death. She had invited a madman to her condo, he had lied and charmed his way into her life, and nearly killed her. She weakly looked up at the doctor, before she swallowed, never feeling so sore and tired before in her life.

"The baby?"

The doctor smiled and patted her hand.

"Your baby is fine, everything looks perfect, you can rest now."

The doctor spoke some more, but Crystal just laid there, feeling an ache in her chest from whatever dream she had been dragged from, but feeling hopeful that her baby had survived the first surgery. It was a fighter like her, and the reality of it had finally set in. She had survived Andrew Cunanan's massacre, and was now carrying his unborn child.