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Mass Effect Darby

DATE 2018

Jack took cover from the incoming fire that came from the Decepticons. As the sound of gunfire echoed throughout the street, Jack took a deep breath, checked his weapon. Seeing that he still had 3/4 of ammo left in the magazine, Jack quickly popped out of cover, aimed and fired two consecutive shots straight to one of the Vehicons legs, bringing it down. Back in cover, Jack grabbed one his grenades, pressed the red button at the top at flung it behind him. Two seconds later the sound of a powerful explosion was heard along with the pained screams of the Vehicons as they were blown up by the grenade, the sound leaving a ringing in his ears.

Peeking from his cover, Jack saw the remains of the Vehicons as large parts of metal and wiring was strewn across the area. Nodding to himself, Jack was about to head towards the rest of the Autobots when his comlink radioed in.

"Jack, where are you?!" Arcee's voice cried out.

Placing two fingers to his right ear, Jack answered. "A little ways south from you guys. Had to deal with two Vehicons. What's your status."

"We've got what we need. We are leaving. Get over here!" Arcee said, as the sound of blaster fire could be heard in the background.

"Understood." Jack replied as he quickly ran towards the sound of battle.

Sprinting through the forest, hearing the sound of blasters and shouting getting louder, Jack was starting to worry that the Autobots were being whittled down just so he could get to them. As he vaulted over a fallen tree, Jack heard his comlink beep, signalling that there was was someone contacting him.

"Yeah?" Jack asked as he continued to run through the trees.

"Jack where are you! We having a little trouble keeping the Decepticons at bay! I don't think we can wait for much longer." Arcee said as an explosion was heard from the other end.

"Damn it! Get your asses out of there. I'll signal for a GroundBridge when it's safe. Now get out of there." Jack said as he stopped running.

"I'm not leaving you behind!" Arcee argued as more explosions were heard in the background.

"That is an order Arcee! Now get the hell out of here! Go!" Jack ordered.

The sudden sound of a snapping tree was heard. Turning quickly, Jack saw none other than the leader of the Decepticons himself, Megatron. His blood red optics, staring down at him with his shark like teeth in a grin, Megatron raised his cannon towards him and prepared to fire. Jack however was quicker and aimed his rifle at Megatron's right optic and fired, blinding the warlord and sending him into a frenzy as he quickly covered his damaged optic.

"Arcee to Jack, we're back in base. Now send us your coordinates for GroundBridge evac." Arcee's voice said in his comlink.

"A little busy at the moment Arcee!" Jack replied as he heard Meagtron scream in rage and chase after him.

Sliding under a log, Jack quickly pressed the Autobot logo on his left breastplate, right where his heart was. The logo lit up in blue as it sent a signal that gave his location for Arcee to sen the GroundBridge.

"Get back here boy! I will rip the flesh off of your bones and show your skull to Optimus!" Megatron raged as he ran after Jack, smashing through tress or batting them aside.

Suddenly a GroundBridge opened a few feet from him, knowing that he did not have time, Jack grabbed a flash grenade and tossed it behind him, hoping that Megatron would be blinded. Except that when Jack did so, Megatron was aiming his cannon at him, hoping to kill the boy before Jack reached the GroundBridge. With Jack tossing the flash at him, Megatron missed his shot and instead of hitting Jack, it hit the GroundBridge.

One thing about Groundbridge or even that of SpaceBridge Technology is that it creates a stable point between two separate points in space and time. It uses Energon to power the bridge to create the energy needed to open the wormhole that links those two points. If two GroundBridge'e are close to each other, they create a feedback loop that sends whoever is unlucky enough to the Phantom Zone that exists outside of regular 3 dimension. Anything that exists in the normal dimension cannot affect the Phantom Zone, and vice versa. However communication is still viable. The only way to escape the Phantom Zone is to repeat the same occurrence or to open a GroundBridge with the same frequency as the Phantom Zone.

Since a GroundBridge/SpaceBridge are made of energy, more specifically regular Energon, if a shot from a blaster were to fire int the Bridge, the shot would simply be absorbed by the Bridge. But if another sort of energy were to come into contact, then it would cause the Bridge to become unstable.

That was the case when Megatron, who had Dark Energon running through him, making his shots that much more deadly and dangerous, fired his weapon at the GroundBridge by accident, causing the Bridge to behave erratically and unstable. Jack did not notice any of this as simply ran into the Bridge. Once stepping through however, the combination of having normal Energon mixed with the dark and chaotic effect of Dark Energon and the body of a young 20 year old caused the GroundBridge to explode in pure energy, causing Megatron to be blown off of his feet and a small crater where the GroundBridge was now lay.

The Autobots would not see Jack Darby again after that incident and well after the war had ended with them victorious. Jack would not see Raf become a significant scientist in the world of engineering. Nor would he see the rise of humanity in to the 22nd century as humans found out about the Mass Relays hidden at the end of their system. He would not see Humanity fly into the stars and meet their first alien which would lead them into the First Contact War. He would not see many things, but the most important to hi was that he would not see his daughter be raised by Miko and grow up.

DATE: 2176 CE.

The lush fields of Elysium stretched out, with it's many trees and mountain ranges, many consider this planet a wonderful place to retire. The planet had a sizable population of 8.3 million inhabitants that went about their daily lives. From Humans to Asari, Turian to Elcor, everyone had a place in Elysium. Many in the Alliance Military and other alien military's come here to retire in peace, thus allowing a sizable defense force should anything happen to the colony.

It was this thought that ran through the mind of one 24 year old Jack Darby.

After exiting via GroundBridge in 2172, Jack had learned that he was sent 154 years into the future. He would learn everything that had happened to humanity since he left and the outcome of the Autobot Decepticon War. He learned soon after his disappearance, the war was made public to the rest of humanity and that NEST, the organization that he served under was now renamed as the Interplanetary Combative Training (ICT) Program. He learned that Humanity had found ancient ruins of a race called the Protheans on Mars, which would accelerate humanities venture into space. He learned about the Mass Relays, giant constructions created by the Protheans that allowed for travel throughout the galaxy, about the First Contact War and the Battle at Shanxi.

While Jack was learning everything he could, he also tried to find out about what had happened to his friends and family. He learned that Raf had become one of the greatest engineers/scientists in his time. He created what humanity used in their daily lives. He learned that Fowler and his mum had stayed together for a while before June passed away in 2025 due to a terrorist attack. Fowler had continued with the NEST Program, even though the war was over as a way to bring other soldiers from different countries together. The Autobots had returned to to Cybertron to rebuild their war torn world and would not return until years later when Bumblebee had been tracking a fugitive from Cybertron. When he had asked if any of the Autobots had returned to Earth since then, he was told that they have not and that they mostly keep to Cybertron, although they have been known to visit the Citadel.

When he had learned what had happened to his family, Jack cried to himself when he learned that Miko had raised their daughter without him. It seemed that after he had disappeared, she had decided to stay with Raf and raise their daughter with Raf's help. They had told her about him and why her father was never with her growing up, something that Jack truly wished he had. He had found all of this when the military had provided him with his mother's dairy of her last few years.

After he had learned everything he needed to know, which only took about an entire month to study and practice everything that needed to be learnt, he was invited to train under the ICT. Even though he was considered a founding member, there were many things that he had to learn in order for him to get through the program. However, it did not take him long to finish his training and was thus awarded the internal designation of N1. He would return yearly to complete the N-School training and by the time he was 27 he had graduated to N6, the highest designation one could receive before N, which very few could achieve.

Deciding to take some time for himself, Jack left Earth for Elysium, somewhere quiet to just relax and set his priorities in order. He had rented out an apartment to stay in, carrying with him his weapons and armour, as well as some clothes for him to wear. While he doubted anything had could happen in Elysium, he wanted to be sure.

That was two weeks ago.

Now, Jack was fighting for his life as Batarian warlords, pirates and slavers launched a full scale assault on Elysium. It happened so fast that many didn't know what was going on. Jack did not have the time or patience to find out and just strapped on his N6 armour, grabbed his weapons and ran out the door. As he had left his apartment, he could hear a massive amount of gunfire coming from his left. Sprinting towards the fire, Jack spotted a squad of Batarians shooting down fleeing civilians.

Snarling at the sheer brutality and death of those civilians, Jack grabbed his customized Hahne-Kedar Lancer Assault Rifle and blasted the Batarians down with ease. While the factory model of the Lancer Assault Rifle had a fairly moderate overheat time, Jack had made sure to switch the weapons cooling capacitors with an upgraded version, thus making the rifle nearly impossible to overheat, unless he was using explosive rounds, which would cause the rifle to overheat in about five shots. He also customized his rifle to have a scope at the top for better accuracy and a longer barrel that reduces the spread of his shots.

"Run! Get to the shelter!" Jack ordered as he ran further into the city.

As Jack ran through the city, firing at any of the invading party, Jack kept a look out for any other Alliance soldiers that he knew were helping with the defenses. Turning a corner, Jack immediately took cover behind a fallen column as he saw a large group of Batarians and pirates speaking to each other.

"Come on! I heard that the civilians are being held in some kind of shelter." One of the Batarians said.

"It's going to be well defended though." One the pirates said.

"Don't worry. We' have that covered." the Batarian said.

The pirate nodded and followed the Batarians to where he knew the shelter was. Knowing he could not let them get to the shelter, Jack popped out of cover and sprayed the enemies with bullets from behind the group, catching them by surprise.

"Ambush!" One of the pirates shouted, as he and the others took cover.

Getting back into cover, Jack kept his head down as the Batarians and slavers kept firing at his position. Suddenly the sound of explosions caught everyone's attention. peeking out of cover, Jack saw that most of the Batarians were dead from an explosion.

"Behind us!" one of them shouted as he looked around hoping to find where the explosion came from.

Using this chance, Jack quickly shot down the rest of the pirates until there was none left. Coming out of cover, Jack searched for where his mysterious rescuer was. Not finding anything, Jack looked at the bodies of the dead Batarians and pirates, hoping to find any information on who it was that was leading this assault.

"I didn't think that i would find another N6 operative here." A female voice sounded out.

Reacted with years of training, Jack held his rifle in his hand and aimed at where the voice came from. He saw that he was aiming at a human woman with short fiery red hair, with glowing green eyes that held the same spark of fire that he once saw in Miko. Jack recognized her immediately as Jane Shepard.

"Jane! Good to see you!" Jack greeted with a wide grin, as he lowered his weapon. "What are you doing here?"

"Same as you I suppose. Finding out who the leader of this assault is. If you mean by why I'm here on Elysium, then I'm on shore leave." Jane answered.

Jack nodded at her explanation as he stood up. "I think it's best if we make our way to the shelter. The civilians will need someone to defend them." Jack said as he began to run towards the shelter.

"Got it." Jane said as she followed after him.

"Keep firing! We can beat them back!" Jack ordered as he continued to fire his weapon at the slowly approaching army of batarians, slavers and pirates.

"Damn it! Weapon's overheated, cover me!" Jane cursed as she hid behind cover.

"You know you could just upgrade your weapon to not overheat so quickly." Jack said as he killed one of the slavers with a headshot.

"I would if I had the time." Jane replied as her weapon had finally cooled down.

The sound of screaming was heard from their right flank as the marines that were there were all killed by a grenade, leaving their entire right flank exposed.

"Damn it! Cover me while I make my way there!" Jack ordered as he sprinted towards the cover where the marines just were.

They're getting closer!" Jane shouted as the Batarians sensed a weakness in their defenses.

"Just hold them off!" Jack shouted back as he fired at a propane tank killing ten of their attackers in the resulting explosion.

The sound of engine's roaring drew everyone's attention. Looking up at where the sound was coming from, everyone was shocked to see an F-61 Trident Fighter in silver perform a steep dive towards the ground. It shocked everyone even more when the fighter seemed to shift and transform and soon enough a two-story tall robot was towering above them.

"I know that face." Jack whispered as he was shocked to see him still alive.

"Fear me lesser creatures! I am Starscream! And I am here to conquer this pathetic planet!" Star scream boasted as he aimed his weapons and both sides of the battle.

"It's a bloody Decepticon." Jane whispered, both in awe at the robot and in fear as she knew the amount of destruction they could unleash.

"Your still as cowardly as you were with Megatron, Starscream! How are you still alive!" Jack called out as he switched his ammo to his explosive rounds and aimed his rifle at Starscream, with Jane doing the same.

"What! How are you still alive! I thought Megatron killed you!" Starscream asked.

"I'm hard to kill." Jack said before firing his weapon at Starscream's legs, blowing them off.

"AHHHH" Starscream screamed. "My legs! You shot my legs! I'll kill you boy!"

"I'd like to see you try." Jack said as he fired his weapon once more, this time at Starscream's head, killing him.

A silence hung in the air as everyone was left speechless on the fact that this young human had not only killed a Decepticon, which were known to be as hard to kill as a Thresher Maw, but also seemed to know him, making this encounter all the more shocking.

"Who's next?" Jack asked, aiming his weapon the invaders.

The sound of hundreds of weapons falling to the ground was heard as every single Batarian, pirate and slaver dropped their weapons and ran off.

"This is the SSV Agincourt to any ground teams. The invading forces have pulled back and are on full retreat. Reinforcements are on their way." Someone said over the radio.

"Looks like we did it Jane." Jack said.

"Yeah, yeah we did." Jane replied, her voice breathless.

"Something the matter?" Jack asked.

"On no, nothing's wrong, except that you just managed to take down a Decepticon with ease." Jane snarked back.

"You do realize that the only reason it was so easy is because he was shocked at seeing me." Jack said.

"So how do two know each other?" Jane asked.

"Starscream and I were at odds many times in my younger days. Back then I was not part of the military, however when I did, it made me an even bigger target as I was one of the few that managed to meet him and survive and to do so multiple times." Jack explained.

"Well it seems that your rivalry has finally come to an end." Jane remarked.

Jack chuckled. "Yes well, that at least closes that chapter of my life. Now all I have to do is live out the rest of my life in peace and quiet."

Jane gave a bark of laughter. "Ha! The day they don't need us, is the day there is no more conflict in the universe." She said.

Jack chuckled. "Well, lets at least enjoy the fact the civilians are safe and that this is over." he said as he watched the SSV Agincourt, along with other frigates and fighters fly overhead.

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