Here is a new story, I own nothing concerning Twilight, I used to love it but as I got older, I have seen massive problems, I can't write Twilight any better, but this is just a nice outlet for us to put forth our own versions. Which I love reading Fanfiction to relax, Pm me a good story! Please review!Thanks for reading…This is a story in where Bella isn't with Edward but another Cullen his name Theo he was born around 1919, changed in 1937 at the age of eighteen after a train derailment, it was an accident change.

Where do I start?

I guess the beginning is always the best, but let us get somethings straight, I did everything for her, for Bella. Wouldn't you do all in your power to save your family? She was like my sister but in fact, we're cousins. My father is some big wig in Seattle, his name is Mark a nice generic name like his brother my Uncle Charlie, Bella's dad. Now those two are polar opposites, Uncle Charlie is really down to earth, it isn't about money or a fancy house, even though Bella doesn't know he never touched his inheritance; it was saved for her. My father Mark, he loves me don't get it twisted, but he likes his work, he likes nicer things, he likes money and the power it holds over others.

Now here I was moving back to Forks, Washington. I made my own deal in the end game I wasn't going to live to see nineteen, but I have two years to change my fate, but also to make sure my cousin is safe in the end.

But let me introduce myself, sorry for my manners.

My name is Caprice Jacklyn Swan, my mother and older brother passed in a car accident along with Billy Black's wife Sarah when we were eight months old. I was, well for now I can tell you, I was raised overseas since I was six. Bella ' s mother took her to Arizona because she is a real work of art that and the slimeball she married, some wannabe baseball player, but now she was home, so I wasn't far behind her. Bella and I have remained close that is a bond no one will tear apart. I am 5'4, my hair is black, my eyes blue like my mothers, I was slender and pale a little too pale, but hell I was moving to Forks, bring on the fog, rain and depressing atmosphere. My Uncle was the Sheriff there, he was so much like Bella, thank god Renee didn't force that out of her.

With a glance checking for the tenth time making sure my flight left in five hours, I know the repercussions for my actions, I might sound like a bitch, but I have spent the last ten years on my toes, soon you will all find out my secrets, but honestly, they aren't meant to be hidden for long. But others want their secrets buried and forgotten. I have made sure to learn them all, or as much as I can now back to happier topics, I was leaving soon.

I act as if I didn't hear her enter my private room, every day and everything was a mere act. I have learned so much here, cars, history, so very much. "A shame that you are leaving us," her voice childlike. I can only scoff at her, watching her eyes narrow to slits.

I taunted her, "Let's not be coy, you couldn't be happier at my departure the sooner the better. No worries, I plan on coming back, we both know what that means," my face was dead calm, my heart rate steady as a sly smirk covered my face my eyes challenging her.

A low snarl escaped her mouth, her eyes feral "Well I am off, bye little one," one final jab at her ego as I leave my room the door closing behind me it was cold as I pulled on my large black knitted sweater, it hung off my right shoulder. The stone staircase wound up in a tight spiral so that the inner part of each step was so narrow and pointed it was impossible to use. It curled around to the right with no handrail and only the narrowest of windows to provide light, which crept in gingerly as if unsure it was welcome. The stones were cold, even though my winter boots I could feel my body heat leaching out. Each step echoed around, emphasizing that I was the only one here.

Continuing on to the main hall.

I would be taking a luxury car to the airport alone having said my goodbyes last night. Get this fact straight, not all are bad here, it seems as such though. "Have a safe trip, my dear, we shall be waiting to see you soon. Make sure to send weekly letters to us," by us he meant him.

I answered, "It shall be done," my voice turned cold as I gave a bow of my head before turning on my heel walking into the bright, warm sunlight it took me seconds before my large round sunglasses slid onto my face shielding my eyes.

The car door stands open with a female waiting, she is dressed in a deep blood red, the dress clings to her hourglass body "Come dear one. I will be seeing you off," her smile was welcoming but like hell, she couldn't be trusted.

I only felt halfway safe after a quick check and five hours on the plane before I let out a nice long groan seeing crude stares directed at me. From the window of the plane, the wing engine is semi illuminated, the lower half shining around the rim, the upper half several shades darker. As the plane dips the line between shadow and light moves, and all the while listening to the hum of the rotors.

Even when the pilot comes over the intercom alerting us to buckle up for landing, I become nervous she didn't know I was coming. It was nearly 12:45 am my father already enrolled me at Forks high, I won't lie, I dreaded the normal classroom setting hearing the teacher drone on and on. Taking my carry on as the first class gets to leave the plane first, thank god for wanting to leave the aluminum tube. For once my body was relaxed and rest was all that I had wanted, it wasn't very packed at SeaTac airport but as I descend the escalator I see my father with a sign, obviously not created by him, maybe Drew his secretary made it, but the rare smile that graced his face was his; the one that filled some of my happiest memories as a child.

He bellowed happily, "Caprice! Welcome home angel, come you must be starving and tired." I wasn't used to his fatherly tone, I knew he loved me, more than his own life, but soon you will find out the accident that sent me away ten years ago.

"Yeah, I am, I should get some sleep school starts at 7:10 correct?" my eyes upturn towards him, hurt crossed his face "Yes angel,"

The rest of the drive was filled with his low 80's music, breathing, nothing more, he wasn't a big talker unlike me. I will chat away about any topic, then times I am silent, my behavior varies from day to day. Softly splashing water droplets hit the car windows as we drive onwards. The skies are overhung with a blanket of grey, so much so that I can barely tell the difference between the sky and clouds. Despite car rides feeling tedious, the rain commonly calms me - I watch raindrops race down to the windows. The occasional wave of a puddle can be exciting, but I'd rather be outside in those puddles than stuck in this car.

The house was as I remembered, the vast lush green land the courtyard and fountain beyond beautiful. The house was large, a mansion my mother and father built to have many children, sadly their shared dream never came, it was just me now.

He spoke again, "Sleep well angel, I have a meeting at six. Your Mustang is in your work area, we will talk over dinner tonight," well then, my room was too big a king-sized bed with an adjourned bathroom, this was going to take some time. It had nothing but the bed with a quilt, I would have to go shopping on my own, well I was dragging Bella just to annoy her. But for now, I needed some sleep, it was welcomed as my bags lay forgotten, my eyes closing.

So, what would you do to save your family?

Well turn my world upside down, spin it, through in some Vampires and shapeshifters. Here is my story.

Thanks for reading, please review…Can you guess her power?

please review…Can you guess her power?