Here is another chapter.

This was the first time that Edward had called in twelve days, "I miss you," I whispered knowing it was true now, he was mine and I was his for as long as we both lived.

"I know, Caprice. Believe me, I know. It's like you've taken half myself away with you."

I asked, "How long?"

"Soon, as soon as I possibly can. I will make you safe first." His voice was hard, Theo joined him a few days ago.

"I love you," I reminded him.

"Could you believe that, despite everything I've put you through, I love you, too?"

"Yes, I can, actually." It was never hard to fathom.

"I'll come for you soon." He hung up never giving me a chance to speak.

A few days later, I stand in front of Uncle Charlie; he was fuming mad right now but at the wrong person. Fires of fury and hatred were smoldering in his small narrowed eyes as he weighed the pros and cons of the various and creative means available to him for exacting revenge. He grunted, "Theo has something to do with it," It was a general statement.

Rose was outside with Emmett, I sighed running my fingers through my messy hair my eyes carried dark bags under them with the lack of sleep. "Uncle stop the bullshit. It is that Ex-wife of yours she manipulated Bella to come back, Theo has been in torment due to her leaving. It sounds easy to blame him and it is easy, but it is wrong, you're wrong. Theo loves her and you know this deep down, I am talking to her and she is coming home so stop blaming the wrong person, seriously if you keep it up when Bella is back where she belongs, she will leave again. I have to go just wanted to alert you she will be coming back soon," it wasn't always the best idea to just be out walking around, but with school and the Uncle issues, it was mandatory.

I can feel the tiredness inside me like a worm, slowly but deliberately draining my life. I'm alive, but I'm not really living. I hear, but I'm not really listening. Everything seems to move in a dragged pace, all submerged into a hazy fuzz that is my vision.

Insomnia has this effect on you; it turns you into a living zombie. You've been awake and working for the last fifteen hours. Your body beg's and begs for you to rest. But you can't. You must work; you must finish this now, or you will spend the rest of the night tossing and turning and stressing over it. I cocked my head to the side Rose and Emmett are not alone anymore, but Charlie was safe since Bella acted like such a snot when she left they wouldn't mess with him.

The mud is pitted and without a single print - just the same as it is after snowfall but deep brown. It isn't pristine of course, but the fragrance of the pines above is so fresh. I walked my gaze shifting to the forest that was once so alive now chills me, it was him it had been two weeks and now he finally shows. The female was the diversion now this James was watching, I spoke, "Finally you showed up," my feet making their way to my Mustang, the smell of the rain-soaked grass filled every breath before I was in and the door shut behind me.

My point was to get away from Charlies, my Mustang spun before I was doing a hundred miles per hour down the wet road heading home. But he gave chase, he was toying with me now, but it was not important because for the love of god I was raised by a sadistic vampire.

His hair flashed in the forest as he followed me onto my father's land, "Guess it's time," sink or swim, Caprice.

I strode from my car seeing him walking up to me his movements cat-like, his eyes were hungry. He was standing a few feet away from me, arms folded, looking at me curiously. There was no menace in his face or stance. He was so very average-looking, nothing remarkable about his face or body at all. Just the white skin, the circled eyes I'd grown so used to. He wore a pale blue, long-sleeved shirt and faded blue jeans. His voice was dull and not alluring like all the others I have run into over my many years. "For you, it was Edward's protectiveness and the unexpected presence of Alice, I felt excited about starting this most exciting hunt ever and decided to get to you and the other human at all costs and then finish off Alice—the prey I had never got to. Her smell was like a drug but the old caring vampire turned her and I left her alone in this world," it made me very angry he was also going after Alice.

I moved closer, his head cocked to the side I was not acting scared or normal as my heart rate was steady. I sighed it came out as more annoyed, I was alone right now none are close or not that I can tell. "James, you have really messed up,"

He smiled, "I only hurt the other one, this Edward and Theo rushed to her aid with Alice and her war-torn mate. She is alive but not for long, you are very intriguing," I was but never for the reason's he thought.

My anger peaked, "You will die, the hunt is over for you," like a light being turned on, pain flared my own powers being brought out, it was years' worth of training to come to this extent, to use them as human. His poster changed it was no longer relaxed as I smiled at him. "You won't remember my eyes red, you will not alert them of this,"

"How is this possible?" snarling at me his teeth bared.

"I was raised in Italy; I am a very powerful human and will be turned on my eighteen birthday. Now that we know each other please try and kill me," I have never in no way killed a vampire but have trained to.

But like that it was over, my body relaxed and this alerted him I was not alone anymore, but it was too late for him. Edward, Theo, Carlisle, Emmett, and Rose walked from the forest, each snarling so loud I could hear it from here. "Guess that is my cue to leave," Rose was hauling her blonde ass towards me, James didn't think she was at all dangerous.

Then he slumped forward, into a crouch I recognized, and his pleasant smile slowly widened, grew, till it wasn't a smile at all but a contortion of teeth, exposed and glistening.


He was in front of me in a flash, I didn't react my heart was steady year and years of training was always show no fear, it was a weakness. But before he could touch me he was flying back, Rose was snarling in front of me he was shocked seeing her.

"Kill him," was snarled from her bared teeth, when she loved you that was it.

But he lunged at her, knocking us both back my body slamming into the fountain with bone crushing pain. But there was Rose fighting until the boys came, it was over, he was gone his body burning in the forest as Carlisle walked closer.

I was dizzy now "Your arm is broken," a calm voice informed me.

A howl of rage strangled on Edwards' lips as Rose held my head in her lap. "I am so sorry, Caprice," if she could cry she would be.

"If not for you it be much worse," it was the truth.

I felt a sharp stab in my side.

"Some ribs, too, I think," the methodical voice continued.

But the sharp pains were fading. "Where is Isabella?"

"Forks General, she will be fine," this was Carlisle speaking. 'You will be joining her, Edward get her to the car. Rose and Emmett, please make sure the fire is done and put out,"

"You can sleep, sweetheart, I'll carry you," Edward soothed me.

And I was in his arms, cradled against his chest.