Here is the last chapter for this story, I do have two more fanfictions planned but not sure If I should post them, we will see.

I stand in front of our shared English class, reading my dictation as had every other student, we loathed it.

My doc martens scuff the floor, my rip jeans letting the cold seep through, but now the end not just of my speech but this school year. I spoke, "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today? Today is the present! The past that I relished and yet deplore. The future that I await yet apprehend. This roller coaster, called life, astounds me with a sudden feeling of wonder and astonishment at times or strikes me nefariously, without a warning. At a point, it's like a congruous, concordant blend of bliss and felicity and at other times it's just outrageously wicked. It lets me experience mirth at the fullest, then leaves me despondent and in a state of melancholy. And yet here I am anticipating life's thrilling adventures, waiting to enshroud its deepest mysteries. I know not the perils that life withholds, nevertheless, I choose to live it to the fullest and reveal every aspect of it...!" another year down, only giving me three years left to deal with the current state of my life as it was also coming to an end.

I tried to skip prom but since Theo wrangled Alice and Charlie into having her go to have a normal teenage experience. It was a forest green form-fitting strapless gown, it was sleek and alluring, the dress was ravishing featuring a strapless neckline and slim-fitting silhouette. Lavish lace adorns the entire ensemble highlighting an intricate detailing while shimmering sequins add a pop of glitz and glamour. The bodice is sheer and not lined, Edward and I had a decent night. Pictures that Esme took of us all, induvial pictures would last a lifetime.

Edward and his family were hunting, so it was Bella and I. "Bella the dreams of you looking like Grandma Swan will never happen, I promise you. You just need to bide your time everything will be how it was meant to, that means you being not only a Cullen but a Vampire," Theo is headstrong and stubborn but in the end, she was her own boss and would be one if she wanted to.

She smiled back at me, "Thank you, if not for you I might stay human until I die of old age,"

"No, he would give in for whatever reason or one of his siblings would turn you," I just knew it, Alice wanted her around forever and no one would want to be around Theo for the next hundred years after Bella passed.

We eat pop-tarts for lunch in my room, "I might have to go overseas for a little, not really sure yet. Before you ask, no Isabella you cannot go,"

"You think you will have too,"

I shrugged, "Might,"

For just a few moments it was silent, we both had our issues but she knew how hard mine where. She's was not falling down every five seconds, but like I warned her, her bestie Jacob liked her, and she had to be on guard. I knew her feelings for him were never going to be what he wanted but he would guilt her. She understood but that would be her little issue and she had to work it out on her own.

Alice's laughter chimed again as she pounced into the room with Rosalie, who like the angel she looked like had McNuggets' with BBQ sauce. "Thanks," Bella was not the biggest fan but like that Alice produced a nice sandwich for her while I just didn't give any fucks, Nuggies are life.

Rosalie gave me a wary look, "Heard you, why would you need to go overseas? And eating those might kill you,"

Scoffing, "I don't care, how about you turn me right before they do. I still have things to do there, not saying I am. And now it is harder due to Edward. And since you ladies arrived where are they?"

"Be here soon enough," Alice was absent-minded, her fingers moved with grace braiding Bella's hair.

"I would,"

Now I pounced, "Good, Alice if it comes down to it you have to turn Bella. I mean it is her choice, I understand Theo is your brother in every way but Bella is your sister now. I am not always going to be here and I want to know you will have her back,"

Our eyes locking, not everyone not even Bella could hold eye contact with a vampire for long. But I keep mine on her's showing her not only my emotions but showing her that I meant it.

"I will. Theo is unreasonable as much as Edward,"

This was all I could ask for, in the end, we both be okay with these two dangerous ladies backing us.