Operation B.A.B.Y.S.I.T. T.W.O.

Barbaric, And, Bratty, Youthful, Situation, In, Trouble. Task, Worth, Operational.

This is a sequel to my first Operation Babysit story. I just like the chemistry between Harvey and Fanny. For some reason?

Harvey McKenzie was in his room playing with his toy action figures, His parents were both going out for tonight. And Rachel their oldest daughter was at an
all girls summer camp. So Mrs. McKenzie called Fanny Fulbright a.k.a. Numbuh 86 to look after him for the rest of the night. As young Harvey was still playing
upstairs. Mrs. McKenzie from downstairs hollard out so he could hear her.

"Harvey, Please Come Down!...The Babysitter's Here!"

After smashing his toy solder to death with his fist, He replied.

"I'll be right down in a Second!"

Meanwhile, Fanny who was in the living room with Mrs. McKenzie. And while Harvey was running straight downstairs, Mrs. McKenzie said to both of the kids
right just before she and her husband were about to leave the house.

"All right, We'll be back before 11:00. make sure Harvey eats his dinner, brushes his teeth, And go's straight to bed."

Fanny then told Mrs. McKenzie while waving goodbye to her. And with young Harvey who was also waving goodbye.

"Don't worry ma'am, I'll take care of everything have a good time Bye, Bye!"

Right after The McKenzie's shut the door, Fanny then says to Harvey. While he had his arms crossed.

"Now listen twerp, I'm in charge Now! And what I say Goes! You understand me boy?"

Suddenly, Harvey then sticks his tongue out at her, And tells her.

"Yeah, Whatever you stupid red head."

Fanny's face was turning red HOT! and gave a loud Growl. "GRRRRRR!"

She then starts to bang her head on the wall. While Harvey was in the kitchen trying to break a plate just to in her. She quickly ran over and grabbed
the plate from his hands, And she told him while pointer her finger at his face.

"Not on my Watch Punk! Don't even think..."

But by accident she drops the plate on the floor and it broked in half, Harvey begins laughing at her and saying.

"HA, HA, HA! Oh man, What A Dum Klutz!"

Fanny with anger in her eyes. grabs his shirt with both of her hands and says with a growling tone.

"GRR! You don't want to mess with me Brat! I'll..."

Suddenly, Harvey quickly pushes her arms away and shouts Out!

"Hey! Don't Touch Me! I Do Not Like Being Touched! REMEMBER!"

Fanny was now about to lose It! But with calmness, She then says while taking deep breaths.

"Look!...Why don't we just watch some television and if your good, We'll have some chocolate ice cream. Okay Numbuh 363. How does that sound?"

He then told her.

"Well...All Right!"

Meanwhile...At the Kids Next Door Moonbase. Numbuh's 35. and both 44 and 44. Were both battling Cree and Chad. The teens decided to get back
the Code Module from The Kids Next Door operatives. Numbuh 35. suggested that he call Numbuh 86 who he knew was babysitting Numbuh 363. But
he had no time and One of the teens was totally kicking his Butt. So. Numbuh 101. made the call on his KND communicator to 86's.

While back at The McKenzie house. Fanny and Harvey were both watching The Rainbow Monkey Show. Harvey who was sitting on the end of the couch and looking really annoyed at what he was seeing, said to Fanny who was really enjoying the show.

"Do we really have to watch this? I hate Rainbow Monkeys."

Fanny while holding the remote in her hand. told him.

"Too bad, If you want the ice cream you'll do what I say and were watching this...Got It."

Now with his right hand smacking his forehead in disbelief. He thought.

"Why can't something exciting happen?"

Just then, Numbuh 86's communicator starts ringing. And she then answers it. Numbuh 101. who was on the other line, said.

"Come In Numbuh 86! This Is Numbuh 101! Can You Read Me?"

She quickly responds.

"Yes Numbuh 101! What is the problem?"

But all of a sudden, A big teen boy punches Numbuh 101 in his stomach. and the signal gets lost. In shockness she then turns off the communicator
and while she was now getting her helmet out from her bag, She then tells Harvey who was at first a little confuse?

"Come On! We have to go The Kids Next Door Moonbase Right Now! Something bad has happen up there and I can't leave you behind."

Harvey who was now also putting on his KND helmet, quickly shouted.


As Numbuh 86. got out her keys to her rocket ship to the Moonbase. She at first tries to grab Harvey's hand, But he again got furious at her for being Touched.


He then says while leaving the front door.

"And don't think about helping me in the craft, I'll hop in myself."

Fanny then said to herself before leaving and shutting the front door.

"That twenty bucks had better be worth It!"

To Be Continued.