As She was now waking up, Poor Fanny was sitting in a chair in a dark room all tied up and with a gag in her mouth. She then notice Harvey who was
also tied up and gagged. Suddenly, A voice in the distance. Was now calling out Numbah 86's Name. It went like this.

"FANNY!...Welcome to your DOOMED!"

Just then, Numbah 12. Jumped out from a dark corner. And took off her black robe. When Numbah 86. saw who it was, Her eyes got Wilder! Numbah
12. Was now walking over to where Fanny was sitting at. And she said while holding The Code Module and waving it in front of her face.

"Remember This!...Oh, Fanny. You poor sweet girl. I've been waiting on you to come back to The Moonbase! I knew you would want
the Code Module back. That's why we captured you, And you're little boyfriend to."

After she got done talking to her, Numbah 86. then shouted under the gag in her mouth in dispute, While raising her eyebrow.

Numbah 12. Then replied.


"Enough talk, It's time to Eliminate you two LOSERS!...I think we should slice you into tiny itty bitty pieces, Bring Out The Big Gun!"

As now Numbah 12. was snapping her figures for the other teens to get out their secret plan weapon, Which turned out to big one of the biggest
Laser Canyons in the world! Both Numbah 86's and 363's eyes got bigger of what they were looking at.

As The other teens brought out a huge Laser Canyon to cut people in half with it. Numbah 12 who decided to twirl Fanny's red hair, Said to her with an evil grin.

"Oh Fanny, The luck of the Irish won't save you this time. I'm afraid we'll have to say goodbye to you two."

But all of a sudden, One of the teens who was operating the Canyon, Accidentally Sneezes. and moves the direction of the laser, and Numbah 363 moved half of his body to have it only slice just the ropes, And he was able to get Loose! Then Numbah 86. was mumbling. "Get Me Loose!"

Suddenly, Harvey got out a small pocket knife from the inside of his shoe. And he begins to cut through the ropes so poor Fanny could get loose.
While she was now removing the gag from her mouth, She then got out her special Ray Gun and hid Numbah 363 behind her back, To protect him. And
she was now blasting some of the other teens and knocking them out. She eventually shot Cree and Chad knocking them out as well. Now, It was only Numbah 12, Numbah 86, and Numbah 363. all left in the dark room and with just one big light on in the room. Numbah 12. then said to the two.

"Well, Well. It's just me, you, And your little boyfriend Too!"

Suddenly, After hearing those words yet again. Numbah 86. quickly gets FURIOUS! and yells out. Right before battling her.


Now as Numbah 12. and Numbah 86. Was now fighting with martial arts moves. Young Harvey was enjoying every minute of It! And as the two girls
continue to brawl on the floor. One of the main doors was now opening up, An it was Harvey's sister, Numbah 362! wearing only her Summer Camp
uniform on. Numbah 363. was Surprised! as were also Numbah's 86 & 12. To see her entered the room. But she also had a bunch of other KND
solders to capture Numbah 12. And the other teenage punks. While they were cuffing Numbah 12 and escorting her to out of The Moonbase.

She then turns around and said to Numbah 86. Before taking her away.

"I'm real sorry Fanny, I was just doing my Teenage duties...You undertand don't you?"

Suddenly, She gave Numbah 12 a hug before she was finally taking away. Numbah 362 then says to her little brother.

"You better hurry up and get home, Mom and Dad will be upset if they found out about This!"

Just then, Numbah 86. quickly rushed and grabbed Harvey's hand and said to him.

"Come on shorty! Or I want get my twenty Bucks!"

Numbah 363. Said before being pulled away.


Right as Numbah 362. Was giggling she then realized The Code Module was still missing? And she was thinking.

"Hey...Where's The Code Module?"

As The screen was fading to black. Numbah 362 Shouted Out.


The End.