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Story Start!

"Maaaaaan, and I so wanted that baby."

4 women walked together, covered completely in clear saliva to show that they had recently been in the mouth of something dangerous.

The first girl, the speaker, had tanned skin with bright blond hair that covered her eyes, with an eye shaped hair-clip on her head in the shape of kooba eyes... which fit with the fact her blond hair was shaped like a koopa's head. She had an athletic build to her, though with rather large breasts. She wore a plain white Tank-top with extremely short, green shorts and matching green boots. She walked with her arms behind her head, mostly unaffected by the ordeal they went through.

Koopa, though not a normal Koopa, since most of them had the appearance of monsters.

The second girl, completely silent, just nodded her head. She kept her upper body completely covered by a bright red hoody, her light green hair pooking out from behind a clean white mask with black eye holes and a black mouth hole. She had brown belts around her waist, chest, and to hold her mask over her face. The only indication of her skin color was her thighs, what wasn't cover by white stockings, was peach colored.

Shy Gal, and she wasn't one for words.

"I really enjoyed having that baby with us."

The third girl, the most provocative of the foursome and the tallest of them (over 6-feet in height) with her eyes covered by a red cap with white dots, and a white rim with false teeth designs on it. She wore a dress that showed most of her breasts, that had the same design as her hat but reverse, so it looked like her dress and hat together formed a mouth. She had long, fluffy green hair, the largest breasts of the group, easily the size of all of their combined, and was generally the most sexual of them, wearing nothing visible but a hat, dress, and red heels.

Piranha Plant, and though she looked human... she was indeed a plant, but by the same magic that transformed her friends, she too had suffered the same Kamek curse and attained a human form by eating a cursed mushroom.

"... too much I would say."

The final of the foursome, the shortest girl, while Piranha Plant was over 6 feet tall (6'5 in height with her heels on), she was easily a head shorter than even Koopa or Shy Gal, who were about the same height. She was only about 4'8' in height, with more pale skin and a rounded face. Like all of them, she kept her eyes covered by her white bangs. Her only clothes, again visible, was a brown hoodie that she used to keep her hands in the pockets of, with two black eyebrow-like extensions coming from the hoodie, and brown boots.

Goomba, affected by the same cursed Mushroom that they each took a bite of, wherever that cursed mushroom might be.

While Piranha Plant has a seductive hourglass figure, Koopa had an athletic body, Shy Gal being naturally petite but still with a great body, she had her own great body, but a tiny bit more normal figure.

Shy Gal pointed her covered hands at her in agreement.

"That freakishly large Yoshi wouldn't have attacked us, if somebody-" Koopa spoke with her hands behind her back, her green eyes peeking out from under her hair (as well as the 'eyes' on top of her hair) glancing towards Piranha Plant. "-didn't try to do nasty stuff to a baby." Koopa mentioned with a glare at the trouble maker of the group, the one that understood nothing of social norms.

Since they had each gained these humans forms, Piranha Plant had the most fun with her new body, experiencing things that she never knew of when she was a mere plant. She now knew what pleasure and pain was, and some of her plant functions did transfer over to her new body.

Also, she didn't understand that while you could have sex with men... you were not allowed to do that with kids and toddlers.

"We didn't get hurt too bad, and it was kind of fun playing with the baby for awhile." Goomba did relent a little on how their day had gone, though it wasn't exactly a great day. They got to pretend to be mothers for a day, while running away from a very paternal dinosaur that wanted to protect said-baby.


They each sighed, though Shy Gal's sigh was completely unheard by anyone.

She mined the flapping of wings.

"Good idea, I'm sure if we ask the Stork, he can bring us a baby of our very own. With my Goomba's sensible attitude, my natural maternal instincts, Shy Gal's... Shy Gal, and Piranha Plant's... nutrient filled breasts-" Koopa had trouble finding where Shy Gal and Piranha Plant would fit into the dynamic, considering one pointed a gun at the baby today, and the other tried to have sex with a baby (mostly out of her own ignorance that you weren't allowed to do that). "-... I'm sure we can add up to one decent parent." Koopa didn't know how badly to over or underestimate their parenting skills.

Shy Gal crossed her arms in annoyance.

The baby was crying, and attracting a Mutant Yoshi to them, she had been scared and unsure of what to do. Pulling a gun on the baby had been her go-to option, though Piranha Plant did drop kick her because of her actions (despite her... actions, Piranha Plant did know not to kill or hurt children).

"I mean, Storks only deliver babies to families who apply for them, I'm pretty sure that we don't fit that category." Goomba was the one who reminded everyone that they weren't actually a family, and they had no real home.

They weren't even rich, like King Toadstool, who was awaiting his own baby that he applied with the Stork for.

-In the Sky-

'Gotta get this baby to Toad Town, King Toadstool is waiting for this baby.' A large white bird with a white cloth package hanging from it's mouth flew through the sky without a worry.

A large stork, flying in the opposite direction, nodded it's own head towards it. The two Storks gave each other knowing looks, and saw that the second Stork was carrying a larger package... that had spikes going through the back of the cloth.

"Mushroom Kingdom, how bout you?"

"Koopa Kingdom, delivering royalty... same?"

"Yep, careful, that nasty Kamek has been using his magic to mess with Mushrooms, you don't want to go eating any of the Super Mushrooms... he supercharged them, anything that eats them takes female human form."

With that, their quick conversation (muttered out the side of their mouths) was over as they stopped flying together and started to go back towards their destinations.


They were both startled when they heard a loud female scream, both of them dropping the babies they were carrying. The magic sacks that were being used would protect the babies from any damage via the fall, but dropping babies was a pretty bad thing to put on their records.

"... We finished out deliveries, right?"

"Yep, perfectly safe and sound."

-Back on the Ground-

"It's a kid, a kid, a cute, cuddly, little kid... baby fat, he has baby fat on his little cheeks." Koopa gushed when she saw a kid that was laying in a bush, curled up into a ball. While they were walking, they had stumbled across a young boy in an orange suit, that was putting a toddler down into the bush. Blond hair, peach skin, and three whisker marks on each cheek. He couldn't be older than maybe three years old, and he was sleeping soundly.

Shy Gal turned her head, and watched as the white haired boy that ALSO had three whisker marks on each cheek, dropped a note behind as he created a portal and walked through it. She turned her head back to everyone, and pointed urgently to the portal, but nobody was paying attention to her.

"This one isn't a baby, can I-"

"Three years old is still too young!" Koopa smacked Piranha Plant on the head the second she looked like she was going to take her thong out from under her dress. She saw a male, and she went for it way too quickly. "Anyway, look at this point... Hello, my name is Naruto, I'm unloved and have no family ... this is so bad... no family, I'm please raise me with love and care." Koopa finished reading the note, and looked down at the sleeping child.

This child had no family.

Goomba blinked when she saw something golden fall out of the sky, through the trees, and landed right smack dab on Naruto's head. She gasped when she saw the heavens themselves grant this boy a crown. The crown had landed so perfectly on his head, that there was no way this was just random luck.

Nobody but a nearby Yoshi noticed a little baby girl in pink, hanging safely from a tree branch by a white cloth, wiggling around.

"This child has a crown, a crown... I think this might be... Blond hair, blue eyes, peach-" Goomba pointed at the baby's peach-like skin complexion. "-like skin, and a crown? I think this baby is Prince of the Mushroom Kingdom!" Goomba actually took her hands out of her hoodie pockets to point at the baby.

"Must be, there is no way a crown could fall out of the sky and land on a kid's head by luck... it would be a massive misunderstanding on like a cosmic scale."

There was no way, it would be impossible for mere luck to allow a crown to fall from the sky and land on a person's head without hurting them. This had to be a sign from a higher power that this boy was meant to be the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. Meaning they knew they should deliver this boy to King Toadstool... and the King was currently without a wife, surely he would allow the four of them to stay and help raise this child they so painstakingly brought to him.

They all had the same idea, within moments of each other, realizing this was the way they could get a make-shift son.

-In Another Part of the Forest-

"Better check to make sure that nobody is eating my secret mushrooms. Who knew that if you magically enhanced a Super Mushroom, you could give it the family to turn anything into females... not just Toadettes." Kamek flew on his broom towards the forest, and down a hill that had some broken tree branches and some other damages. Super Crowns were super rare, he only had a few of them, and usually you didn't eat them, you wore them.

He had to finish his research, before the next ruler of the Koopa Kingdom was delivered to them.

Why was the ground damaged like that, actually?

Flying down into his secret spot, he saw that the damage got worse and worse. The damage led right into his secret batch of Super Mushrooms, which made him pale when he saw a white cloth. Flying into his hidden spot, he saw blond hair and blue eyes looking at him, as well as super sharp teeth, and a green turtle shell with spikes coming from it, not to mention two horns sticking out of a baby girl's head as she went to town on all of his Super Shrooms.


"Lord Bowseeeeeeee-" Kamek knew the name of the child to be delivered was Bowser, but that was before this unfortunate accident happened. "Bowsette, Young Lady Bowsette, allow me to transport you home." Kamek adjusted quickly, knowing that he was going to be filing a complaint with the Storks because of this.

The last name on his brain had been Toadette, so he naturally just combined the two names together.

-In the Forest, Another Location-


A normal Yoshi jumped into a tree, and blinked when it saw a baby girl clapping her hands. He had heard from another Yoshi, and some babies were being dropped by the Storks in the area, and they were suppose to be taken to the Plumbers place. Seeing as this was a baby, it would only make sense for this baby to be one of the Plumber babies that were suppose to be delivered.

Well, better take this baby to it's new home then!

Chapter End!
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Naruto, by pure mistake, will become Prince of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Princess Peach will become one of the Mario Siblings.
Bowser, through accident, has now become Bowsette without needing to wear the crown.