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"Bowsette... care to explain... actually, better yet... would both of you like to explain why the go-karts I worked hard on... are so very different then when I shipped them to you?"

Naruto seemed quite polite in his speaking.

His eyes were closed though as he spoke, since his eyes never lied about what he was feeling, he couldn't keep them open if he was feeling as much raw fury as he was at the moment. He had laid eyes on everyone's Go-Karts, and not a single one of them was in the same condition that he had sent it to them in. Everyone had changed the designs completely, a design that he worked in such a way that everyone would have a fair and equal playing field.

Slightly more power for those with heavier bodies, so that the speed of the vehicle would be the same as those with lighter drivers.
More traction on vehicles with lighter drivers, so that they could make turns a little easier without worrying about slipping.

Everything was planned as to not give any one Go-Kart an advantage over the others when driven by the person it was intended for.

"I... thought it-"

"Queen Bowsette of the Koopa Kingdom."

"I crashed it, me and Jr were playing around, and we drove them off a bridge and they were destroyed by a chain chomp." Bowsette admitted to what she had done. She had been practicing driving, but it had been so much fun she just simply got distracted and didn't pay attention. She crashed into Jr by mistake, and the two of them went off a bridge and into their chain chomp pit. The chain chomps didn't like to be disturbed, so they attacked and one of them destroyed the karts. "... I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner."

Naruto grabbed her by the ear.

"Did you NOT read the instruction manual that I sent with the Go-Kart, the manual that explains how each Go-Kart was carefully made for you, or how you're suppose. The manual listed very clearly what kind of modifications I would allow-"

"I'm allowed to modify-"

"-Do not interrupt me Queen Bowsette of the Koopa Kingdom." Naruto told her with his closed eyes still managing to twitch. He kept up the polite tone of voice, a miracle, and other than his closed eyes, his face maintained the same deadpan smile. If anything, only the numerous kidnappings allowed Bowstte to understand just how dangerous the mood Naruto was in would be.

Naruto was pissed.

She had completely redid the design of the kart and changed it into a 10 foot tall rocket on wheels.


"Now you see... these are specialized Go-Kart races, and while I did say in the instructions and race rules, you can modify your kart, I listed very specific rules that needed to be maintained. Look at Bowsette Jr, her Kart is modified by has still managed to follow all of the modification guidelines I set forward." Naruto gestured to Jr's kart, which was about the same size as the kart that had been destroyed, and while it was shaped differently, it was clearly still a Go-Kart by nature, and not a racing monster.

"I didn't want to get spanked."

"So, instead of coming to me and honestly explaining your situation, I would have been happy to come here and take the karts away to be repaired... but no, I had to find out because I noticed that your castle budget seemed to be lacking some funds and there were reciepts for parts you had no reason purchasing." Naruto stated as he unbuttoned his jacket, and he set it down over the chair. He rolled up his sleeves, and went to the toolbox in the garage they were in.

He was going to tear down this monster and build it back, but following the rules and guidelines that he had set forth.

They weren't the only ones who crashed their Go-Karts, but they were the only ones to hide the fact.

Mario submitted an application for legal modifications to his Go-Kart, that would change the frame but not change the weight and statistics of the kart overall. Luigi changed the kart's design to be much like a vacuum cleaner in appearance, but still basically be the same overall. Even Peach went through the rule following line of thought and explained to Naruto that she crashed her kart while she was taking it for a spin, and crashed it into a tree while avoiding a Yoshi that popped in out of nowhere.

Queen Booette sent a letter saying that she crashed it because she forgot that she was driving a vehicle that couldn't go through walls, and tried to drive it at full speed through a wall. He could understand the honest mistake there.

"Sorry-" Bowsette got a screwdriver tossed into her hands.

"We have about 6 hours until Peach gets here to rescue me, so until then, we're going to take this thing apart. Then when I get back to my castle, I'll take your designs into consideration when slight modifications." Naruto stated as he he slammed his fist into the side of the vehicle.

It fell apart.

"Oh my..." Bowsette watched her hard work come apart so easily.

"This is why I created the Go-Karts to be able to be modified, but you clearly didn't follow the modify instructions either... my..." Naruto covered his mouth in surprise when he saw the destroyed remains of the original go-kart mixed into the parts of the horror that had replaced it. Naruto took a deep and calming breath, before he bit the inside of his cheek to control himself.

His nerves were close to their limit.

"See, I made sure the original kart was inside of it, I couldn't throw away something that you gave me, it's a very precious gift from my future husband!" Bowsette boldly proclaimed. She spoke with such pride, that her own daughter was filled with pride at her words as well.

"Momma could never-"

"This does not make up for the fact you tried to hide your rule breaking from me. Now, lets get to work in building." Naruto unbuttoned his shirt and took it off so that nothing would get on his clothes. Bowsette's jaw slightly dropped when she, for the first time in a LONG time, saw what the prince looked like without a shirt on.

His body was still just as perfect as it always was, but the way he was slightly sweating from the heat of the inside of her castle. The way that he got to work on rebuilding the kart she destroyed, made him seem far less like a simple prince.

"Yessir!" Bowsette and Jr both saluted Naruto.

-8 Hours Later-

"Prince, I'm here to save... you?" Peach was confused when she saw Naruto holding up a finger to silence her.

Bowsette Jr was laying on her belly, fast asleep with her head in his lap. Bowsette was covered in grease and was asleep on her side. She was late because she one of the castles and fake Bowsettes was a lot tougher than usual. She didn't expect to see her prince was buttoning up his jacket while petting Jr on top of the head, the young koopa grabbing his pants and holding on tightly. He gently picked up Jr and held her like a princess, she was a princess actually, before he went over to Bowsette and placed the woman's daughter in her lap.

"Give me a moment, it would be rude to just leave without leaving a note. How has the progress on your kart gone?" Naruto asked Peach in a low tone. He was already writing a letter to Bowsette explaining that Peach had rescued him, and that she fell asleep.

Usually, this would end with Bowsette being thrown into a bomb, or tossed into lava, but this was a very peaceful resolution to the usual kidnapping outcome.

"Oh... they're going... well?" Peach was still a little weirded out. "Are you sure it's okay to invite... them to the race?"

"The Koopa Kingdom's leadership wishes to conquer other nations because their leader is a woman who is all alone in this world. Bowsette is not evil by nature, she was raised in a way that she never grew up with rules or regulations. Bowsette is many things, and I believe deep in her heart she can be a good person. I want to extend my hand in fellowship to her, so I will not exclude her from the race simply because of the tension her nation creates." Naruto finished writing the letter, and he placed it next to Bowsette. He walked over to Peach, and he nodded to her to show he was ready to be rescued.

"She's evil."

"I'll be the judge of that." Naruto responded simply.

He knew some things that Peach didn't know after all.

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