Chapter 11: The Melancholy of Isabelle

[No.20's POV]

"Ugh...", I weakly groaned, "What just happened...?"

When I opened my eyes, I saw some of my friends look at me with concern (with the exception of Luigi straight-up glaring at me).

"Falco-kun", Flint questioned, "Are you alright?"

I nodded, slowly getting up from the bed.

"Oh thank christ!", Luigi said in a slight angry tone, "You're birb brain is finally awake!"


Luigi looked at James, when he was about to respond to his question, "What..."

James just remained quiet, "Nothing sir...My apologizes..."

He rolled his eyes sighing at the thought of why James was acting so quiet all the time.

"Luigi-san!", Birdon shouted, "That wasn't very nice!"

James looked at my secondary spirit partner with a small nod, as if he meant to say the samd thing to Luigi.

"Whatever...!", Luigi replied in annoyance.

I looked around the room for a brief moment, before realizing something which made my feathers feel stiff.

"Wait! Luigi-kun, where's Lu-chan?"

"Oh?", Luigi looked at me without question, "Your little child is just hanging out in the bar nearby the Heion Town inn. Why you ask?"

From that I jumped up from the bed, before immediately running out of the inn's room to find Lucas.


[No.37's POV]

Earlier after I came back with Isabelle, I asked Luigi if I can go get ice chocolate in the bar.

He allowed me since the bar mostly serves sweet drinks and not strong tasting ones.

Now I was drinking my glass of ice chocolate, feeling a bit sleepy from staying up too late.

Toadette and Driblee were having different smoothies, being strawberry and blueberry respectively, and we just hit it off.

All the tame spirits surrounding us continue doing their jobs like they would normally do.

I played with my drink, by tapping it with a spoon, before sighing at the sight.

Just by thinking about it now, Isabelle was acting extremly nervous around me and my spirit friends.

I just wonder why.

knock knock

I turned around to where the entrance was.

The door's entrance swung open, revealing a meek Isabelle.

"U-Um...H-Hello again Lucas-kun...!"

I smiled sweetly at my new puppy friend, "Hi Isa-chan!"

[No.68's POV]

I quietly approached Lucas along with his spirit partners.

Roll followed me shortly after.

"Hey Lucas-kun!", she happily said, "Thanks for helping us last night!"

Lucas chuckled at Roll, "You're welcome Roll-chan nya!"

The two started chatting happily with one-another, while I was sitting there beside them just watching them talk.

Lucas turned around with a sad kitten look on his face, "You okay Isa-chan?"

I snapped out of my thoughts when he called my name. "O-Oh yeah! I'm fine Lucas-kun!"

In reality, I wasn't okay...

Before I could respond, I heard a loud BANG coming from the entrance.


It was that bird Daisy mentioned to me about!

"Oh puff...!"

If he sees me with Lucas, then I'm going to be roasted puppy!


I quickly turned around to face Lucas, "Y-Yeah?"

"You feeling alri-?"

I quickly grabbed his arm saying, "I'll explain later!", before quickly running out of the bar, with our spirit friends following us, while avoiding the bird at all costs!


"Whoa! Isa-chan!", Lucas questioned in confusion, "What's wrong nya? You didn't have to do that you know."

Roll, Toadette, and Driblee went close shortly after to catch up.

"Isa-chan...", Roll asked with deep concern, "What's the matter?"

I shivered in place, as if I became completely paralyzed from my fear of being found out.

My heart started to pick up a faster pace, racing down to not reveal my true intentions!

I didn't dare told anyone else other than Roll, as I only trusted her due to us having the same goal of trying to find our brothers.

Roll sighed deeply and showed a sincere smile, "Lucas and the others won't judge you about your true intentions..."

I looked up at her with a nervous shiver, "Wh-What...?"

Roll nodded, as if signalling me to admit my true feelings and intentions.

"Please Izzy, I promise I won't tell anyone...", Lucas said with a sincere smile.


I was frozen solid from sincerity, I didn't know what to feel anymore.

Ever since I was freed because of Daisy, I blindly followed her until I realized her true intentions...

That's when I broke, after Lucas gave me a comforting and sincere hug...

"Just let out your tears Izzy...~", he said in a kind sincere manner.

From that, I bursted into tears, which felt like a waterfall of despair flowing down deep from my tainted and manipulated heart.

"Oh Lucas!", I whimpered, "I couldn't do it!"

"Do what?", Lucas asked with confusion and sincerity.

"I didn't want to follow her, I didn't want to! B-But I had no choice, cause I will only be sent back to the void!"

His eyes widened in shock, at the same time Roll along with the other spirits joined in the comforting.

"You mean...?"

I nodded fast, making all the tears flow on Lucas slightly, "Y-Yes! Daisy manipulated me along with the other newcomers to do her bidding! She said she got it from "the lord"...I don't know if it was Galeem, but it might be him!"

I just continued crying into Lucas' arms, now feeling all my fears and tears fading away.

Lucas and the others looked down with sorrow, with sincere remorse.

His soft fingers comfort me, as he rubbed my back gently to comfort me, whispering comforting words, telling me that everything is okay.

"I promise to you, that everything will be fine nya..."

I continued to cry for what it seems like a few minutes or so, before wiping away the tears and stopped.

Lucas and the others smiled sincerely and kindly.

"Feel better now Izzy?", Lucas asked.

I smiled a little, and nodded.