Author's Note: There are going to be number labels, based on the Smasher's number from the actual game, indicating the fighter's appearance in all of Smash Bros.

Here's the numbers:

No'37: Lucas

No'20: Falco

No'9: Luigi

No'68: Isabelle


Along with this, I'm giving some info on Toadette as a Primary Spirit

Character: Toadette

Type: Defense

Rank: Ace Spirit

Power: Heals 5% of your health every 5 seconds.


Okay! That's all I'm going to say!

Hope you enjoy chapter 2


Chapter 2: Spirtual Town

[[[No.37's POV]]]

Toadette and I left the Heion Town Inn, slowly opening the door.

I became slightly shocked to see a lot of replicas of Smashers and friends I know back before everything happened.

"This place looks horrible...", I muttered.

Toadette sighed, "I know Lucas... I never knew it would happen."

She briefly stood there, silently.

"But I might know something!"

My head perked up. "What is it?"

Toadette floated slightly above me, and before I know it, she flew. "Follow me Lu-chan!"

I quickly followed her across the invaded town.

The puppets were growing very suspcious about my moves, but I had to ignore it.

Then, a puppet approached me from behind.

I quietly yelped once touched, followed by instantly turning around ready to shoot out bits of my PSI.

What stood there was a puppet Fox, and he looked at me with an aggressive look on his face.

"Eep!", Toadette yelped out in slight shock, "Looks like someone wants to join in!"

Toadette immediately swirled around the puppet, and something flashed from my eyes.

The actual body of the spirit was showing, covering himself up in protection, as if he was shivering in a cold empty room!

Shortly after, Toadette flew back to my side saying, "Lu-chan! Based on this, all I can tell is that this spirit is a friend of Dillion!"

My eyes slightly widened, "You mean, a friend of that armadillo?"

My spirit friend nodded, and shortly after, I felt a small heart-warming heat coming from my wrist.

I looked at the broken chain around said wrist, it was glowing a heart-felting blue and orange, followed by a voice saying something...

Let your mind calm down, then clasp your hands around in a praying style, then close your eyes and embrace the puppets true form~!

That voice!

It was coming from my chain!

The voice sounded fimiliar, but I wasn't certain if it was the real person...

"Lu-chan, are you okay?", Toadette asked.

I looked at Toadette with a heart-warming smile, "I'm fine, just caught something warm deep in my heart!"

After saying that, my spirit friend understood what I meant, and floated a few steps back before allowing me to use my new technique.

I slowly calmed myself down, clasping my hands together as if I was praying.

My eyes started to close, as I felt heat surrounding me.

I saw the true form of the spirit deep inside the puppet.

He was unconscious, and floating limp as if he was dead.

All of his memories were floating around in small bubbles.

Finally, a voice spoke to me about him.

This spirit likes to jump, and takes less damage in the air. He starts of with a Rocket Belt...

Spirit Type: Support Grab

Defeat the spirit to set them free!

My eyes quickly flashed open!

I saw Toadette hovering over me.


I quickly stood back up. "This spirit is suffering in there! He needs our help nya!"

Toadette's eyes widened, as she nodded in agreement.

We both looked at the puppet, who was temporarily stunned.

"What was in there Lu-chan?"

I looked at Toadette with a cute confident look, "We have to fight the puppet in order to bring him back nya!"


The puppet heard what I just said, and started to growl.

He quickly charged at me, but with past knowledge from Smash Battles, I quickly dodge rolled away.

I called out my first PSI move, "PK Paralysis!"

The puppet became temporarily paralyzed, and was slowed down.

He attempted to fly away, but was failing due to the paralysis and slowness.

"Don't let him get away Lucas!", Toadette shouted, as she tried to distract the puppet from fleeing.

I nodded, and ran after him.

"PK Thunder!"

I casted thunder PSI, creating thunder clouds above the puppet, shocking him in the process.

Attempting to fight back but still keeping himself airborne, I continue to cast PK Thunder.

Finally, when he came close, "PK Fire!", I shot him with my fire PSI, defeating him.

The puppet slowly turned into ashes, freeing the true spirit in the process.

"Thank you...", the spirit said. "Thank you for saving me...!

"You're welcome Russ-kun!", I replied back. "We're happy to help nya~!"

Russ smiled a little, as I set him free.

Toadette looked at me with a cheerful look on her face, "You did very good Lu-chan!"

I hugged her dearly! "No problem Toaddy!"

Our victory was short lived, as more puppet fighters have approached us!

All of them were agressive looking, but deep down inside, they were filled with fear...

"Oh puff!", Toadette shouted, "Looks like more wants to join the party!"

I curled up my fist, and my cute face became more like an angry kitten face.

I did the same process before starting the battle, calming myself and closing my eyes, as I clasped my hands together and into the deepend of the spirits prison.

There were many spirits who were unconscious and were limping lifelessly, along with many bubbles showing what they like to do.

When I saw all of these, I know what Toadette and I have to do...!



I immediantly opened my eyes, "It's time to fight nya!"

Toadette smiled confidently, "Let's go!"

With that, all of the spirts came charging towards us, surrounding me in the process.

This didn't stop neither of us!

I charged up a strong PK Love, and attacked Min Min and Gengar!

They were immediantly blown up by that, before being set free from their puppet bodies.

Shortly after, Ashley gave me a full blown wind to the face, giving me 20% damage.

"Lu-chan!", Toadette shouted.

She quickly flew to my side as I weakly got up.

"Let me help you!"

Toadette swirled around me slowly, but became faster as I felt much better, as if I was in a healing field.

Ashnard attempted to attack me while Toadette was helping me heal, instead he got hit and was freed from his puppet body.

"Nice work Toadette!", I complimented cutely.

She giggled, "No problem Lukey!"

I continue to charge up my PSI attacks, bringing out strong psychic abilites!

This hit Cooper and Booker in the process, freeing them from their puppet bodies.

This only leaves me and Toadette againest Ashley.

"You won't cast a hex on me Ashley-chan!", I shouted with cute confidence.

She emtionlessly shrug it off, as she charges up her magic.

I quickly dodge her attacks as fast as possible, and with Toadette's help I was able to avoid Ashley's attack perfectly!

Finally, I charged up my stick, and hit the young witch in the face, before her puppet body turned into ashes and freed the real Ashley.

~~~Time Skip~~~

Everything was back to normal in Heion Town.

Well almost, as everyone I just fought were still spirits, but they were now tamed and tried to continue their normal lives in Heion Town.

It was late at night, and I was at the town's cafe, having a strawberry milkshake (surprisingly, the milkshake is still a real shake, and can be drank by non-spirits).

"We did good Toadette nya!", I said with my usual cute voice.

Toadette, who's having a cherry cake, smiled at the thought, "That's great to hear!"

We paid, and went back to the Heion Town Inn room where I woke up this morning in, changing into my nightwear, and laying down in bed.

I calmly sighed, and looked up.

"I wonder if there's still more spirits outside of Heion Town."

Shortly after, and tucked myself in, and went to sleep.

[[[Normal POV]]]

Lucas peacefully went to sleep, now having a loving dream of being with his friends again.

Meanwhile outside, Toadette was floating around the Smash World, looking down at what has become of all of the world's folk.

She sighed sadly...

"This may take a while then I expected.", she muttered to herself. "I sure hope Lu-chan and I will be able to save everyone..."

Just when she was about to fly back to Heion Town, she saw something...

Something blue, and feathery...