Chapter 8: Into the Facility

[No.37's POV]

We continued to follow Toadette through the starry night, ignoring all the huff and fuss surroundings us.

I held up my left hand, holding some fire from my PK Fire ability in order to see better.

Isabelle looked around aimlessly in a cautious manner.

"Isa-chan!", I asked, "Are you alright nya?"

She slowly nodded, "Yeah...I'm f-fine...!"

Driblee and I looked at her with concern, worried about why she was like this.

What I've just noticed now is that she was look at her right almost the whole time we were walking, I just figured out why.


Isabelle, and the yellow holographic ghost yelped in shock.

"Lucas?!", Roll questioned, "How did you notice it was me?"

I meowed in response, "I can easily see chu you know nya."

Roll shrugged a little and chuckled, "Guess it's fine, glad to see that someone other then my Smash friend, Isabelle, can see me!"

Isabelle just stayed quiet, making me more concern.

And speaking of Roll, I shouldn't tell her about seeing the holographic ghost of her "older" brother, Rock (Mega Man), this morning.

[No.68's POV]

I remained silent throughout the rest of the walk, I didn't want to make more commotion.

I'm at least glad that Roll understands a bit of my condition, but I just didn't feel like trusting Lucas that much, he may sound sweet and cute, but what if he knows my real intentions?

Finally, we came to a stop.

"Here it is guys!", Toadette said happily.

I looked up, and with some fear, saw the entrance to a facility.

"Isa-chan?", Roll asked with conern, "Is something the matter?"

I looked at her with concern as well, "Are yoy familiar with this place?"

Roll looked again, and slowly shook her head, "Not that I've heard of."

"Hey guys", Lucas pointed at a nearby passcode area close by the facility, "Maybe we can try and open the gate!"

Roll flew over, trying to see if she can try to open the gate.

"I wouldn't consider myself a hacker, but maybe I can try..."

Driblee flew over beside Roll, "Or, I can just do this!", she proceeded to splash out water onto the passcode area, and made it malfuction a little, forcing the gate to open.

"D-Driblee!", I shouted in fear and shock.

She sighed, "I apologize, this may be one way to get in."

Roll looked at us with a slight sadden look, "This passcode isn't very familiar to me, so I wasn't able to crack down the code..."

Lucas smiled a little to comfort her, "It's okay Roll-chan! We understand!"

I couldn't help but smile a little too, as everyone here is now feeling fine.

"Come on guys!", Toadette said, "Let's go in!"

[No.37's POV]

We entered the facility, not bothering to check the random blue side of the entrance.

When we got in, there were already some spirits that were roaming around free already, they don't even have puppet bodies!

Luckily though, no hostile spirit is around, so that's a good sign nya!

Driblee flew towards the barricaded holographic wall, before turning to me as if wanting me to give her the signal.

I nodded with a smile, and she nodded back with another, and proceeded to splash water onto the barricades in order for us to proceed.


I turned to face Roll, "Yeah?"

"I was wondering if Isabelle and I can check out the otherside of the facility."

"Roll-chan...", Isabelle muttered, thinking it was a bad idea to ask.

I smiled in agreement to Roll, "I don't mind nya! Toadette, Driblee, and I will be fine! We handled much worse in the past, so it will be okay!"

Roll chuckled, "Thanks Lucas-kun!", she turned to Isabelle, "Let's go Izzy!"

Isabelle smiled nervously, and the two proceed to walk to the other pathway in hopes of finding someone.

Toadette and Driblee smiled, and the three of us continued to proceed forward.

Finally, we reached a deadend, a familiar one...

"Do you think there's somebody here?", Driblee asked.

Toadette flew around, "I'm not sure..."

Suddenly, there was a loud building noise.

I "meep"ed, and slowly turned around, now seeing a huge gorilla robot growling hostilely!

[No.68's POV]


I slowly looked at Roll, "Y-Yeah...?

She flew by my side, and touched my shoulder to comfort me, "Are you okay?"


Roll realized what I meant, and showed a sorry look, "Oh...That..."

I looked down with sorrow saying, "I'm sorry Roll...I didn't w-want you to be r-reminded again..."

She gave me a sincere smile, something I've never seen from Daisy or the rest of Team Yami, "Hey, it's not a problem Izzy. You may not have Digby, and I may not have Rock, but we still got each other!"

"Yeah...", I smiled a little, "I guess you're r-right...Th-Thanks for staying by my s-side Roll..."

She chuckled and smiled, "Don't mention it! I'm just glad to help!"

We continued to move forward, with me now feeling safe thanks to Roll.

That is, until we saw something, well someONE, that made Roll show fear and slight anger.


I looked at her with fear, "Wh-What is it?"

"That man...Dr Wily...", Roll flew straight forward, "We got to stop him!"

I became shocked, Roll told me a lot about this Dr Wily person, but what I didn't expect right now is to bump into his puppified version of the mad scientist!

Cause of that, I put my determined face on, and rushed beside Roll.

But when I got there, she was shaking in fear. "R-R-Rock...?!"

I yelped and quickly look at the direction she was looking at.

Two green-and-white robots with red eyes, exactly like mine, were looking at us with cold glares.

"Roll...?", I questioned, "Is that suppose t-to be...?"

Roll slowly nodded in defeat.

She was shivering in place, showing how she didn't want to hurt her own brother, despite it not being the real one!

"Roll...", I started to comfort her, "It'll b-be fine Roll-chan! We promise to look a-after each other! S-So let's do out b-best, and b-beat these fakers!"

Roll smiled with confidence and nodded, "You're right Izzy! We CAN do this!"

"Don't forget about us nya~!"

Roll and I turned to a loud sound of giant footsteps.

We looked up to see Lucas sitting on top of the shoulder of a giant robot gorilla.

"Took a while to tame and reason Galleom nya...", Lucas said, "But it was worth it!"

The robot gorilla, Galleom, gently put Lucas back down on the floor, along with Toadette and Driblee floating beside him.

"Keep chu waiting?", Toadette questioned.

Roll shook her head and smiled, "Nope! Not at all! You guys came just in time!"

Then, the doctor version of Mario (I'm assuming) approached us.

Followed by that, he commanded all his Rock clones to come forward, before turning into one big version of Rock!

{Ready? Go!}

"Quick! Get on Galleom nya!"

I nodded and quickly got on the side of the giant robot's shoulder beside Lucas.

"Y-You came?", I asked with a small smile.

Lucas meowed a 'yes', "Of course I did! Why wouldn't I? You're my friend, and I never leave anyone behind!"


Roll and the other spirit friends kept distracting some parts of the fake Rock's giant body, knowing the fact that it's just 8 Rock's in total collided into one giant Rock.

Lucas commaned Galleom to charge forward, "Hold on tight Isa-chan!"

I nodded in agreement, and held on tight to him.

This battle was like watching a 4D action anime robot scenes, something that my brother, Digby, sometimes watches!

Lucas kept commanding Galleom where and what to do, and also kept telling me that everything's okay.

Shortly after, all the fake Rock's were split back into 8, and were defeated, leading the fake Doctor Mario in the process.

"Galleom! Stomp on this imposter nya!"

Galleom listened, and stomped on the imposter, with Roll nodding in approval.


[Normal POV]

Galleom gently put Lucas and Isabelle back down, before slowly turning into his spirit form.

"You did great sir!", Lucas said with approval, "I'm glad we got over our differences back in the Subspace incident."

Galleom slowly nodded, and left with a nice farewell.

Isabelle gently put Dr Wily (spirit) inside a fairy bottle, with Roll taunting him.

"You did very well guys!", Roll complimented with a happy smile.

The young puppy looked at the blonde psychic with a thankful smile, "You really care for me this much...?"

Lucas meowed, "Of course I do! I couldn't just leave you there! You're my friend!"

He gave Isabelle a comforting hug, and the truth is...That hug was extremly sincere, admittingly sincere.