Title: Fast Car
Rating: T
Pairing: Naomi/Emily


"Naoms, pack a bag. We're going on an adventure."

Naomi blinks her eyes open and squints through her sleepiness, turning over to face the girl and yawning. "What are you talking about, Emily?"

"We're just going on a road trip, okay? Don't pack light."

Emily is all serious and Naomi doesn't think to challenge her.

So, against her better judgment, she just raises her eyebrows and pulls her body up off the bed, tugging her suitcase from the closet and throwing in God knows how many pairs of shirts, pants, bra and panties. She throws in a hair brush, toothbrush, the necessities, while Emily's doing the same on the opposite side of the bed.

Naomi peaks over at Emily to gauge how much stuff to pack, and fuck it all, it's a lot. What the hell are they doing?

They shut the lights off one by one, write a note to Effy telling her they'll be back soon, they've gone on a trip, and meander down the ways to their car.

Naomi is driving and Emily is directing, her face buried in a map before she says "fuck it. Let's just use this old thing," referring to their Ebay purchased GPS unit. Shaped like an old Nokia phone, the robotic voice that comes from the device sounds like it's coming off of a walkie-talkie. But it works for their needs.

Turn right on Lambeth Bridge.

Naomi looks over at the GPS and curses. "Holy fuck, Emily, Brighton?" It's an hour drive.

"We're going farther than that."

"Gonna remain mysterious throughout the entirety of this insane trip?"

"I'll let you know when I know where we're going," Emily says.

Twenty minutes pass and they're listening to Iggy Pop while traveling down the interstate. Naomi turns it down a notch.

"What is this about, Emily?"

Emily's snapping incredibly well done moving images with the window rolled down when Naomi finally says it.

Naomi feels Emily freeze up and then continue to snap pictures before she slowly pulls her hands into her lap and looks up at Naomi.

"This is about you and me, taking time together to experience whatever we want." She pauses, then continues. "We haven't had many moments like this. We haven't had much time together, and I wanted to, well, I wanted to go on an adventure."

"Uh huh," Naomi says, not sarcastically at all, just unsure what to say.

After staring at her lap for a few minutes, Emily looks up again. "I dropped out of college."

"You what?"

"I dropped out of college, dropped everything, dropped New York. I'm here now. To stay this time."

"No, Emily. You can't do that."

"I did, it's done, I'm staying here. I'm sure about this, Naomi."

"Emily, you have to call them. Tell them you were crazy when you decided this. This is a great opportunity. You're passionate about college, and about photography. You can't."

"I can do photography here. With my girlfriend, the love of my life. I don't need to be off in New York on stupid webcam sessions with you when I can be here finding some other opportunity that'll be just as good. This is what I want, Naoms. Naomi, I want to be with you. You..." Her eyes water. "You shouldn't be here by yourself."

"I'm not by myself. I have Effy."

"You know what I mean. You...you have cancer."

"Yeah, so? I have cancer. Are you trying to tell me that's the reason for this insanity now?"

"I love you," Emily places her hand over Naomi's. "That's the reason. I miss you too much, and I don't want it as bad anymore. It's too hard," she says tearfully, shaking her head. "I'm staying with you, and we're going to see the world - or well, the UK," they smile, "and have a blast. Okay?"


"Say okay."

Naomi looks out the open window, the wind brushing against her face, as she drives into unknown territory. Then she looks into the eyes of her love and she's speechless before turning her head toward the road and laughing despite herself.