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Second Time Around

Chapter 1

Leia raised her eyebrow and placed her hand on her hip. She looked back at Han. "It's a bit small, don't you think?"

Pushing their luggage cart, Han crossed the short entryway, surveyed their quarters for the night, and realized that Leia was right. Directly to his right was the bed, which faced a dresser with a holoscreen on top. Crammed between the other side of the bed and the far wall was a loveseat and kaffe table. Behind him on either side of the door were the fresher and a mirrored closet.

"Well, what'd you expect, Sweetheart? It's late," Han grunted as he heaved a suitcase off the overloaded cart and onto the floor of the hotel room. "Not my fault that they messed up our reservation."

Nodding her head in resignation, Leia stared at the only bed, a queen-sized one. "And this is our only option. So we'll have to make do."

"Yeah," Han grumbled, wiping sweat from his brow.

He had a bad feeling about this.

Vacations are supposed to be fun, but this ain't fun, Han thought to himself. He had planned this trip as a surprise for his lovely overworked wife, hoping that this visit would have fewer complications than their first. "So far, not so good," he mused in frustration, regretting his choice to travel under assumed identities. The benefit of anonymity, of course, was privacy, but the unintended side-effect included losing their suite to what appeared to be a Zeltron bachelorette party.

Turning back to the cart, Han reached for another bag just as a small force darted out of the fresher, careening into his legs and nearly toppling him over.

"Hey! Calm down, little buddy," Han exclaimed, reaching for the five year-old mischief-maker, but the boy dodged to the right, then scrambled onto the bed.

"Sorry, Daddy! Come play with me!" he exclaimed, giggling as he bounced to his feet and began jumping. Noticing Anakin's joyful exuberance, Han felt his exasperation begin to fade. An uncontrollable urge to grin overtook him, and he covered his mouth and turned away, not wanting to encourage his son's considerable energy at this hour.

His smile suppressed, Han turned back around, ready to admonish Anakin. At that moment, Leia looked up from her unpacking at the foot of the bed and gave their son The Look, a pointed expression that tended to inspire both respect as well as a sprinkling of dread in its recipients. "Anakin! You need to stop. People are sl…"

The door swung open, hitting the door jamb with a bang and two figures burst into the room. Startled, Han instinctively grabbed for his currently absent blaster, then stopped himself, realizing their identities, but not before slamming his funny bone on the luggage cart. Tingling pain shot down his arm, and he rubbed his elbow. He attempted to smile at their seven-year-old twins, but it felt more like a forced grimace.

Jaina's excitement boiled over first. "MOM! DAD! THERE ARE VENDING MACHINES DOWN THE HALL!"

"AND AN ICE MAKER! CAN WE…?" Jacen began.

"Shhh…" Still holding Anakin's arm, Leia held a finger to her lips as she spoke to their children. "Inside voices! People are sleep…"

Jacen continued in a quieter yet still excited tone, while Jaina smiled encouragingly at him. "Ok, ok. Can we get Super Sugar Blasts…"

"...or Zamberry Nerfherders?" Jaina finished her twin's question, looking hopefully at her mother.

Leia shook her head and responded, "Not tonight. It's bed time for you three."

"I want a Wookiee Cookie," Anakin chimed in, now sitting next to their mother on the bed, appearing quite interested in the topic his siblings had introduced.

"Pleeeeease?" All three wheedled simultaneously, their hands pressed together as if the Goddess might assist them in their quest for goodies.

Shaking his still-tingling arm and laughing darkly, Han turned to them and replied with a stern "No."

Two little faces gazed at their father, eyes wide and lips turned down in disappointment. The third, the oldest, albeit by only five minutes, changed her strategy. She picked up the ice bucket from the dresser. Grasping it in both hands and holding it to her chest as if it were a prized possession, she squared her shoulders and said in a voice beyond her years, "I'll get some ice so you two can have a refreshing glass of ice water, and while I'm there, I'll get treats for everyone." Jaina smiled expectantly, glancing from her father to her mother and back again.

Han shook his head. "No. Any more sugar and none of us will sleep." He pointed at his daughter and smiled. "Nice try though."

"We all need our rest so we won't be too tired to do fun things tomorrow," Leia explained as she reached into the suitcase and pulled out pajamas for each of them. "There are many places to explore on Ord Mantell."