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After all these years... Harry never thought he'd actually come to the point of using it. Still, as he stared out into the meadow before him, sun setting and dyeing the sky red and orange, he felt he would most likely be making the right choice.

He fingered the pendant at his neck, the shining blue crystal that had not left its place since that fateful day at Ollivander's. He could recall it clear as day and smiled softly.

"You-Know-Who did great things after all, Mr Potter. Terrible, yes, but great."

Harry hadn't known how to feel about that. After years of being just Harry, of being Freak and a burden, he was suddenly the Boy-Who-Lived and destined for greatness like his parents' murderer? The thoughts were unsettling to say the least.

"You will face many trials, Mr Potter." The wandmaker then continued, as though oblivious to Harry's inner turmoil. Suddenly a brilliant blue crystal was pulled from the man's robes, hung on a leather cord. He'd never seen anything so beautiful.

"This is a crystal, filled with Aether. It will transport you to a world of adventure, should you wish it. You would be leaving this world behind for several years, to accept Hydaelyn's call. Think wisely before using it, Mr Potter."

It had been a cryptic day to be sure. Harry had understood almost none of that, but had been told that he should hold the crystal in his hand and speak 'Eorzea' in order to use it. The crystal would never be removed from him and was invisible to everyone but him. He knew Hermione wondered why he so often played with the collar of his shirts.

The crystal had been pure temptation for the 8 years he had been fighting the dark lord Voldemort, but he had persevered for the love of his friends and the world he had learned so much about. The world that had saved him from the Dursleys.

It had been two years since the dark lord's defeat and though he never would have believed it before, the urge to use the crystal had only grown. Even with his friends and he going into their careers at the ministry, even with Ginny by his side... It wasn't enough.

The world had become a mess. Former death eaters and sympathisers scrambled to cover their assets and positions while the light factions did everything in their power to completely eradicate the 'darkness' from the face of Britain. It was unsightly. Nothing had changed, the balance merely tipping in the other direction.

Harry wanted nothing to do with it.

The sun set completely and with a small smile and hope in his heart, a single word was whispered into the night. No one would know what had happened to their Saviour, but they would not see him again for many years to come.