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This story takes place between after the events of Volume 1 and before Volume 2.

Chapter 1

It is the middle of the night out in the Emerald Forests as animals of the night search for food and Grimm stalking under the light of the shattered moon. However, there was a huge earthquake that can be felt from the forest all the way out to Beacon Academy as something starts to rise from the ground from time long forgotten.

In one of the dorms at Beacon, Ruby fell down from her bunk and is startled.

"Earthquake!" she shouts in a panic, "EARTHQUAKE!"

Yang immediately jumps out of her bed, "Everyone take cover!"

Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang hid under the desks as the bunk bed being held by books start to collapse onto the bed bellow. Same that went with the bed being held by ropes that snap. Books on the shelves start to fall over, a painting of the Forever Fall Forest drops onto the floor, and the glass at the window shatters. Some of the students screamed as the earthquake continues. After ten minutes of rumbling, it subsided. All four girls looked around when the quakes stopped and see the mess.

Ruby moves out from her desk and looks around the room. "What a mess!"

Books all over the place, beds in pieces, the painting frame destroyed, some of the lamps got knocked over, and some of their ammunition got scattered all over the floor.

"Well." Yang came out. "This is a rocky morning."

Weiss comes out furious at Yang. "Seriously?! You make awful puns at a time like this!?"

Blake is the last to come out from one of the desks. "But what happened? Earthquakes don't just happen at random."

"Probably someone using an earthquake semblance?" Ruby makes a guess.

"Plausible." Weiss crosses her arms. "But highly unlikely. We're nowhere near a fault line last I check. Not only that, the shockwave felt like it came from Emerald Forest."

"Giant Grimm waking up maybe?" Yang throws her two cents. "Or some sort of mining?

"Possible." Blake is unsure. "But there is no known species anywhere near Vale or Beacon that can cause a quake like that. Not to mention that everyone is asleep at this time so there shouldn't be any negativity. That, and there shouldn't be any known mining activities since the academy owns the forest which we do our initiations."

"Well doesn't matter now." Weiss move over to the beds. "Let's salvage our beds and clean-up tomorrow after an early breakfast." Weiss look at her teammates, "Agree?"

"Agree." the three say in unison.

So they just get their mattresses, pillows and blankets onto the floor after moving some stuff around and go to sleep with their beds on the floor.

Next morning, Team RWBY got up and start cleaning as the sun came up.

Weiss sweeps the floor where all the glass fell down while saying, "Whoever heard of an earthquake at Beacon?"

Ruby and Blake pick-up the books with Ruby going, "That was weird."

Yang tries to gather what is left of their beds, "Ruby and I are born on Patch Island so this is the first for me."

Ruby says, "Yeah." But then notices the book she is holding. "What's 'Ninjas of Love'?"

Blake swipes the book in embarrassment, "That's, uh, mine." Then puts it in her backpack.

Weiss then uses her glyphs to put all the gathered glass into the trash can while Yang finishes putting the remains of their bed posts aside for the moment.

Yang dust off her hands as she looks at the mattresses, "I think we should get actual bunk beds."

"I have to agree." Weiss agrees with Yang. "So that way our beds won't fall onto each other like last night."

"There!" Ruby says as she gets up from the floor. "All finished reorganizing!"

"Time for us to get ready for class." Blake follows soon after.

Before they put on their school uniforms, the PA system dinged with Glynda making an announcement. "Attention all students. Classes have been postpone for the day due to an earthquake last night. School will resume tomorrow."

"No school today. SWEET!" Ruby says in excitement.

"Time to party!" Yang says as she wears a yellow and orange party hat on her head.

"But we still need to get bunk beds for our room." Blake states.

Then another announcement was made, "Would Team RWBY report to the Headmaster's Office. Team RWBY, please report to the Headmaster's Office."

All four girls look at each other with confusion on what is going on. Why would Ozpin request them for?

The team made their way towards Ozpin's office to see what is going on.

On the way up the elevator, Yang asks, "Any ideas on what is going on?"

"Probably to investigate the source of the quake." Ruby says yet unsure.

"Possible." Blake says right before they made it to the top floor.

The four made their way to Ozpin's front desk to hear what he has to say.

Ozpin takes a sip from his mug before speaking to Team RWBY. "Morning, girls. Sorry for pulling you away from your business but there is something I need from your team."

Ruby gets excited. "A secret mission!"

"You are exactly right, Miss Rose." Ozpin puts his mug down as he debriefs them. "It is about the source of the quake last night. The source of the earthquake came from a temple of some kind that has risen from the ground in the Emerald Forest. However, this is a covert mission that must be handled diligently and with steady hands."

"A temple risen to the surface?" Weiss asks. "How is that possible?"

"We don't know. But what we do know is that this is an unknown temple that may lure in those with greed. And such a negative emotion may attract the Grimm."

"So you want us to go over and investigate to prevent any form of thievery and ensure that there isn't any Grimm." Yang guesses.

"Correct." Ozpin nodded. "However, this is a covert mission so we cannot send in any of our staff members to help you. So instead, you will be accompanied by a second-year team."

"Second-year?" Weiss seems a little confuse right before the elevator dings.

The four turned around as the elevator doors open to reveal members of Team CFVY.

"Velvet!" Ruby says with joy as she charges at her to give her a hug.

"Hey Ruby." Velvet says as she pets Ruby's head.

"Ready to assist with the assignment." Yatsuhashi says as he takes a respectful bow.

"Can we make it quick?" Coco complained as she pushes her sunglasses. "There's a sale at my favorite clothing store and I don't want to miss it since school is cancelled for the day."

Yang says to Coco, "Really? Like what?"

Fox just stood there and waves hi to everyone.

Blake waves back along with a smile.

"Very well." Ozpin says to the two Huntsmen teams. "Good luck."

Both Team RWBY and Team CFVY arrive at the location where the strange structure is supposed to be in the Emerald Forest. Yet they arrived at a very familiar spot.

"Hey." Ruby says as she notices their surroundings. "Is this where we found the relics?"

Weiss, Blake and Yang look around and noticed that the place seems familiar. They see the stone altar where the chess pieces were and the cliffs where the team took down the giant Nevermore.

"You're right." Weiss agrees.

"So the strange structure is close to where we began as a team?" Yang says. "A bit too much of a coincidence."

"I have to agree." Yatsuhashi says. "As a matter of fact, there are some questions that need answers."

"I got one." Coco says. "Do you think the temple we're searching for maybe related to these ruins?"

"That is one. But one of the biggest questions is this: 'Why would a ruin suddenly come up from the ground?'"

Blake then says, "That is a good one. But I think we should get there to find out."

The teams went to find the temple further into the Emerald Forest. Along the way, they noticed that the area is too quiet. There are no birds chirping or any signs of Grimm which makes things a bit uneasy. But when they found it, they were at awe by what they see. Some sort of Mayan or Aztec style step pyramid that have some amazing statues on it. They approach it to get a better look.

"How is it possible for something like this to rise up form the ground?" Weiss asks while looking at the structure. She is astonished by it yet confused.

"This place is huge!" Ruby says in amazement.

Velvet started to take pictures with her camera.

Coco then approach one statue that seems to be a statue of a man made of gold with antlers and silver eyes standing in front of a strange statue of a deer-like creature made of sapphire and obsidian along with having golden antlers with different colored gemstones on them.

"Hey." she says as she turns to face everyone. "I think this is supposed to be the God of Light."

Blake takes a closer look at the statue Coco is seeing. "You're right. It is the God of Light."

Yatsuhashi is on the other side of the doorway entrance in front of a man-like statue that is made of purple diamonds yet has goat horns in his head and his eyes made of obsidian and rubies. Behind that statue is another statue yet it looks like a mix between has a combination of avian and draconic traits made of rubies, black diamonds, gray moonstones, and sapphire eyes.

"And I think this is supposed to be the God of Darkness." Yatsuhashi says to the others.

Weiss takes a closer look at the statues and notices something that shocks her. "They look like they were machine made." She takes out her scroll to use the magnifying function to take a closer look at them. "These statues are completely flawless. No scratch or errors to them. It is impossible to make by hand."

Coco whistles. "For ancient people, they must've been pretty sophisticated."

Blake points at the deer-like creature statue, "If these are supposed to be gods, what are they supposed to be?"

"Hmm." Coco went as she rubs her chin. "Familiars maybe? Or some gods that were forgotten long ago."

Velvet is located a few feet above the doorway, "I found more up here!"

Close to velvet are four unique statues that seem draconic animal shape to some extent with one being made of platinum and blue diamonds, another made of pure white pearls and purple pearls; another statue that is made of obsidian, gold, rubies, and platinum. The fourth and final statue is made of silver with golden tip hooves, looks more like some sort of qilin creature, and has a strange golden ring on its body with different colored plates made of different gemstones on it.

Everyone gather close to the main entrance while looking up at the four statues.

"So who are they?" Ruby asks while looking at the statues.

"Don't know."Coco shrug. "But they must've been pretty important for them to get up there."

Velvet looks at the door and approach it. Despite the fact that it has some dirt on it, she rubs them off and noticed some strange writings on it. She look at them and notice that all the letters have eyes on them. "Hmm." she went as she takes a closer look at the door.

"Find anything?" Weiss asks.

"Some sort of lettering on the door. They look like our alphabet but I-"

Yang just runs up and breaks down the door with her fist. "Let's hurry this up." She looked back at the group who are shocked. "Well, Coco wants to hurry this up and I wanna enjoy the day off from school." Then looks back at the hole she made, "So come on. Time to explore the great unknown!" she sounded a little dramatic at the last sentence.

Weiss looks at Yang and goes, "Really?"

All eight of them went inside the temple as they look at some of the carvings and paintings on the walls about some strange animals. There are some that depict the same creatures that look like the statues as they shine their lights on them from their scrolls. They even found some drawings about the Two Brothers and their ascension.

Velvet take some pictures and is astonished. "This temple depicts the origins of the Brothers! This temple tells about how they came to be and how they create Remnant!"

"So we're in a temple that tells the story about how the gods came to be." Weiss says as she takes a closer look at the drawings.

"Indeed." Yatsu nodded. "But we do have a problem."

Weiss looks at Yatsu until Fox pointed something down the hall.

"There's a fork on our path."

Everyone look at the curved fork in the hallway that spits into two sections.

"Divide and conquer?" Ruby suggests.

"How about two members of each team split down one direction while the other group goes down the other?" Coco suggests. "The first group will be me, Velvet, Ruby, and Yang. The second group will be Yatsuhashi, Fox, Weiss, and Blake. If anyone finds something valuable, keep it on you until we leave so we can discuss what to do with them later. Agree?"

"Agree." everyone says.

Coco's group head on down to the hall to the left while Yatsu's group will be heading down the right.

While going down the hall, Coco asks, "So how are things between Weiss and Blake since you guys find out?"

"They seem to be getting along." Yang says.

"At least I hope so." Ruby states. "We're suppose to be a team and teammates have to work together."

"Although I did see her looking at pictures of black kittens. Yet she was also looking at photos of baby Faunus that have animal ears."

"Really?" Ruby finds it a bit of a surprise to hear that.

"Yeah. Although I think we should introduce her to Zwei just to see what kind of reaction we can get."

"Who's Zwei?" Velvet asks.

"He's our pet corgi and has mad skills when using mechanical tools." Yang looks a little proud of herself.

Velvet smirks, "Really?"

Ruby scoffs, "Of course he is. He- OW!" Ruby stubs her foot on something on the ground.

"What happened?" Coco asks.

Ruby is hoping on one leg and has her hands on her right foot. "I think I kicked something." She looked down at noticed a large bag on the ground. So, Ruby checks the bag to see what's in it. "Holy-!" she says with amazement as she pulls out a large golden orb. "We struck gold!" Inside the bag are 19 more identical golden orbs in the bag.

Ruby has obtained 20 Big Nuggets.

"Sweet!" Yang says. "Let me see what else is there." Yang checked behind the bag and found a small pouch that contains 20 gold coins and 32 silver coins. "Hey-hey! I got some money!"

Yang has obtained 20 Relic Golds and 32 Relic Silvers.

"Hang on." Coco says. "Lets see what else is down here."

However, a secret lever was activated that caused Ruby and Yang to go down some sort of chute screaming.

"Ruby! Yang!" Velvet jumps down to go after them.

Over at Team B, they continue to travel down the other hall and found a few more writings, carvings and drawings down the road. Although, there is an eerie quiet between the four.

But Blake broke the silence. "Weiss?"

"Yes?" Weiss responds.

"Are you okay with me despite...you know?" Blake points the bow on her head that hides her cat-like ears as they twitch in the bow.

"Well..." Weiss begins to speak. "I'm actually okay with that. I mean, you're a skillful fighter, a wonderful person, and a lot more quiet than Ruby and Yang."

"Oh. Thanks, I think?"

The two stop as Weiss goes, "By the way." She leans closer to Blake and whispers to her cat ears, "I think those ears are super adorable."

Blake gets embarrass, "Wait what?!" She backed away into the left side wall that triggers a secret button that caused a bag to drop on her head. "Ow!"

"You okay?!" Weiss asks all worried.

Yatsuhashi and Fox turned around with Yatsuhashi asking, "What happened?"

Blake rubs her head, "I think so but something landed on my head." She noticed the bag and grabs it. She checks the bag and pulls out a string of pearls and notices a bunch more. "I was not expecting this." She is extremely shocked that some treasure just dropped on her head.

Blake has obtained 5 Pearl Strings and 20 Big Pearls.

"Those are some big pearls." Yatsuhashi says and is impressed.

Fox agrees as he nods his head.

"Holy cow." Weiss is impress. She looked up at the hole where the bag fell down and heads on over to where it fell. She reaches in while Blake step aside to see what kind of treasure is there. "I got something!" Weiss pulls out some sort of crown-shaped relic from the hole.

Weiss has obtained a Relic Crown.

But when she removed it, some sort of stone click was heard that opened a trap door that caused both Blake and Weiss to fall down.

Yatsuhashi reaches out in vain as he cries out, "Blake! Weiss!"

Where Ruby is at, she fell down right in a center of some sort of domed room and lands onto her belly while still holding her bag.

"Ow!" she grunted.

But then Yang comes down and lands on top of her. Then Weiss and Blake showed up and landed on top of them.

Ruby weakly groans while being crushed, "Please...get off...me..."

Yang looks down, "Oh crude!" She shoved everyone off of her and checks on Ruby. "Are you alright?!" she says in a worried voice as Weiss and Blake check-up on her as well.

"I think all my bones are broken." she puts on a weak smile.

"INNNNNCCCOOOOOMMMMIIIINNNNGGG!" Velvet yells as she comes falling down and lands on top of the other girls right before rolling over with her weapon accidentally hitting something. Velvet gets back up and rubs her head, "Ow! Not the smartest idea I ever-"

Then some sort of blue energy shield sparked to life that illuminated the room to reveal four stone statues that look similar to the ones on the top of the temple's entrance. Yet the shield keeps Team RWBY in and keeps Velvet out. Velvet tries to bang on the shield as Team RWBY gets lifted up a few inches off the ground.

"What's going on?!" Yang panics.

"Is this some sort of zero-g room or something?!" Ruby asks.

"Coco might be right about the ancient people being sophisticated." Blake says.

"We have to get out of here!" Weiss says in a panic while twirling in circles in mid-air. "I'm gonna throw-up!"

"Not in here you're not!" Yang says.

Ruby says, "We have to-"

But then, a flash of white light shined in the room which caused Team RWBY to disappear while their weapons, Dust, and scrolls fall to the ground. Velvet is horrified by what happened and screams. But unbeknownst to her, Team RWBY didn't die. They were transported to another world. A world far different from their own where new adventures await.

Somewhere at an unknown location. Spotlights shined on a stage to reveal a man with a black dreadlocks, dark colored skin, wearing a lab coat over a green Hawaiian-style t-shirt with orange tropical islands on them, jean shorts, and red flip-flops.

"Hello there." the man says with a welcoming greeting, "And welcome to the World of Pokemon. My name is Prof. Acacia. I'm often referred to as the professor of Pokemon. There are some pretty interesting creatures that inhabit this world and possibly other worlds as well. And more over, they are known as Pokemon."

Acacia snaps the fingers of his right hand which causes holograms of silhouettes of Pokemon to appear.

"For some reason, Pokemon are pets. While others prefer to use them in battle. We find ourselves co-existing in various styles."

Acacia reached into his left pocket and pulled out a pokeball. Then throws the pokeball up in the air that caused a Zoroa to come out. The Zoroa gets caught in the Professor's arm and snuggles him a little.

He looks at the camera in front of him with the Zoroa, "Are you interested in learning about this Pokemon World? Then I'll be-"

"Ahem!" says another person coming from his left. It turns out to be an identical looking Prof. Acacia. "Zoroark, are you doing my intro again?"

The Prof. Acacia on stage turns out to be a Zoroark as it transform back into its original form with Zoroa jumping off. Zoroa chuckle at the joke while Zoroark rubs the back of its head out of embarrassment yet smiles at the prank it had made.

The real Prof. Acacia takes center stage and clears his throat right before continuing where Zoroark left off. "Then I'LL be your guide for stories of dreams and adventures. Now," he takes a dramatic pose, "the world of Pokemon awaits!" The red curtain behind him opens up to reveal a bright white light. "Let's get started!"

AN: Hey Pokemon and RWBY fans! I hope you enjoy this preview I made for a series that is coming out in Summer of 2019.

There are a few things you should know just so you know what you're stepping into. One of them is that there is a bunch of fan-made Pokemon called, Fakemon, that will be in this series from Pokemon Sage, Pokemon Uranium, Pokemon Solar Light & Lunar Dark, Pokemon S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. (to some extent), Pokemon Vega, Pokemon Sardonyx, Pokemon Insurgence, Pokemon Project Azurite (to some extent), and Penkin's Ruby Hack. I'll try to sneak in Pokemon Sweets Version while I'm at it. So there will be some Regional Variants, some Mega Evolutions, and something called Crystallization from Pokemon Project Azurite, which is sorta like mega evolutions but a more crystallized version which is available for the Sinnoh starters.

I try to get Pokemon Sienna, Pokemon Cyan, Pokemon Order & Chaos, and Pokemon: Giratina Strikes Back but don't have any wikias or any of those sprite icons that you see when looking up a full list of Pokemon, your party, and/or scrolling down your Pokedex. Not to mention no information about their moves, EVs, IVs, types, and many other things. There is Pokemon Dark & Windie, yet again, no sprite icons for the Pokedex that I've made. Although I would like to get some Fakemon from Mr Buddy's What if (this place) was a Pokemon Region.

Yet I did manage to get some Delta Pokemon that will be part of the story which will appear later on.

Next, there are four new types that will appear. First is the Nuclear-types that came from Pokemon Uranium. There is also gonna be Cosmic and Digital types from Penkin's Ruby Hack. And there is the Crystal-types from Pokemon Project Azurite. Although despite the Crystallization, there is gonna be only one regular Pokemon that will be a crystal-type regional variant thanks to the Orange Island series from the original show.

Next, whenever our heroines and other characters use a Pokedex, I won't write down the data about the Pokemon that we all know and love from the real series. Instead, I'll type in the data about the Fakemon instead just to save time. If you want more info on them, here's a list: (the spaces are meant for the dots.)

Pokemon Sage - capx wikia com

Pokemon Uranium - pokemon-uranium wikia com

Pokemon Solar Light & Lunar Dark - pokemonsolarlightlunardark wikia com

Pokemon Spectrum - p-spectrum wikia com

Pokemon Vega - pokemon-vega wikia com

Pokemon Sardonyx - rtw-wiki nebulonranger org/mw

Ruby Hack - ruby-hack wikia com

Pokemon Insurgence - wiki p-insurgence com

Pokemon Sweets - pokemonsweets wikia com

Now, for some ground rules.

1. There will be no trade evolutions with the exception of Karrablast and Shelmet. Because it is dumb. I've played Gen 1 on the Gameboy and I managed to get a Gengar and a Machamp without that dumb mechanic. Pokemon that require a certain item to trade and evolve can evolve by leveling up while holding the item. But there is one special stone that I discover from one of the fan games that can evolve the two Pokemon that I mentioned earlier and can instantly evolve the Pokemon that have the items. The others that just require trade evolution without the items will just evolve by leveling up.

2. ABSOLUTELY NO POKEMON CLOVER OR POKEMON SNAKEWOOD! Because of some inappropriate content that they have. But I will add one ghost-type Pokemon family from Pokemon Clover but will be a bit more child friendly since the series is K+. They will appear later on and I'll tell ya' the name of them when it is time. If you guys do look 'em up on Google Images to see what they really look like, there's your nightmare fuel for the evening.

3. I'm gonna have to take some creative liberties when making this series. A LOT of creative liberties. So don't complain that some of the stuff doesn't match the lore of the official Pokemon series. This is my story and I can do whatever the heck I want.

4. Since this is a K+ story, there will be no swearing. Pokemon is a kid's franchise that should be enjoyed by all ages. Which means that there should be no adult material of any kind. Including what you guys put in the reviews!

I think that's it. See you guys on the Summer of 2019. Later!

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