Chapter 39

Song: Butter-Fly (English Fan Dub Ver.)

Artist: LeeandLie (Original Japanese Artist: Koji Wada)

My broken wings dream of the sky,
And they'll never be able to fly.

Only if we never try,
On my loo-o-o-ove!

If I could become just one thing,
I'd be a butterfly-free soaring.

I really miss you...
So finally I'm on my way.

Let's focus on the people we trust
And leave out all the doubt behind us.

So if you're ready...
Can we go? 'Cause there's no time to wa-aste.

I wanna kno-o-ow oh...
If the sky above is only for show.

I wanna kno-o-ow oh...
What tomorrow will bring so let's spread our wi-i-ings!

Maybe this world's an infinite dream,
And there is only hope living in me!

May it not fail me now!
We'll turn this thing around and bring back the lovin' somehow!

My broken wings dream of the sky,
and they'll never be able to fly!

Only if we never try,
On my lo-o-ove!

On my lo-o-o-ove!

Last time, Team RWBY are unfortunately exhausted from a long trip through the jungle as Weiss is about to tell everyone who Yang and Blake are going to be up against.

Weiss looks at her Megadex, "The gym leader uses Pokemon that have an island theme to them. Certain Pokemon such as Corsola, Chatots, Surfide, and something along those lines."

Surfide. The surfer Pokemon. Water-type. Surfide go long lengths to decorate their surfboards made out of planks. The more intricate one's board is decorated into, the more respect it holds among fellow Surfide.

Trivia: This Pokemon is from Pokemon Solar Light & Lunar Dark

"What about the gym leader?" Blake asks.

Weiss checks, "The gym leader's name is, Adrian. Born and raised in the Galar Region with a Galaran father and Alolan mother. Hmm... According to this, we was quite the athlete before becoming a gym leader. Yet he is more passionate dancing?"

Ruby looks at something that looks like a jalapeno that she got from the jungle, "This almost looks like a jalapeno." and eats it whole.

Yang looks at Ruby while lying on the ground, "I think it is."

Ruby's face turns bright red and steam coming out of her ears and nose before screaming, "AAAAAHHH!" she runs around, "WATER! WATER!" She heads over to the sea and dunks her head in. But comes back out all disgusted, "BLECH! Salt water!"

Weiss snickers at Ruby's misfortune with Blake and Yang.

"Now we know why it's called the Salsa Jungle." Yang says between snickers, "Good thing we didn't tell her."

"As much as I hate to admit it, but yes." Weiss admits it is funny, "That would explain all the ingredients used in salsa."

"ALOOOOLLAAAA!" a man shouts from the direction of the sea. Yet it sounds like a mix of a cockney and Scottish accent.

Weiss, Blake and Yang dash over to where Ruby is and see someone surfing towards them. The person has a dark complexion, yellow eyes, smiling his pearly and sparkly whites, has his black hair in the form of very short dreadlocks, wearing a black and green swim trunks with the green areas on the side looking like lightning bolts. He is also wearing a bracelet made of small, white seashells. Team RWBY watch as the man surfs a large wave and is waving 'hi' at them before the wave dies down and make his way on the beach on his black surfboard that matches his swim trunks.

"Ay-up! Name's Adrian." he gives the girls a friendly greeting, "S'appening lasses? Are yer here for a fat boy slim battle? Tis been while for challengers since nob any go pass the greenwood."

The four look at each other and go, "Huh?"

Adrian laughs, "Sorry bout that. Old force of habit from me father's homeland. What I was trying to say was: Ya here for a gym battle? It has been a while since anyone goes through the jungle."

"Ooooh." the four finally got it.

"Why do you talk like that?" Ruby asks.

"I was born in a certain part of Galar where people talk like this." Adrian explains. "Picked-up from me father since I was a young lad."

"Okay." Ruby is still a bit confused but goes with it anyway.

Yang asks, "Can we postpone our battle until tomorrow? We've been traveling through the jungle and are exhausted."

"No problem. If you want, there's a special cabin for travelers right by the gym if you want to relax."

"Thank you." Weiss says.

"Not at all, love. Truth is, you lot ain't the first crazies that go by the jungle. Some of them usually come by boat."

Ruby, Weiss and Yang go, "Wait, what?" and glare at Blake.

Blake ducks her head in her shoulders and give a nervous giggle, "Um...I didn't see that part in the Megadex."

Adrian laughs, "That Prof. Acacia! He knows how to do a good joke!"

All the members of Team RWBY...aren't exactly happy. But on the plus side, they got some new Pokemon. So that's good at least.

"All let you lot head over and lax your weary plates of meat."

"Uh?" the four went.

"Sorry, old accent again. What I mean is, 'relax your weary feet.'"


But before they do, they notice something drifting towards them.

"What's that?" Ruby says.

"Is that...a person?" Yang sees the figure drifting towards them.

"That's Rusty!" Weiss immediately recognize the outfit.

"We have to help him!" Blake springs into action and pulls Rusty to the beach with Adrian's help.

"You know this bloke?" he asks.

"Let's just say...he's not all that bright."

They flip Rusty over and Blake starts giving him chest CPR. She press hard on his chest until he wakes up. When he did, he sat straight up and spat all the water he had onto Blake before coughing. Blake is not happy.

"You alrighty there, mate?!" Adrian asks, "You gave us quite the scare!"

"Yuck! Blech!" Rusty can still taste the salt water in his mouth. "That's the last time I board a boat."

"So you basically fell overboard?" Yang put the pieces together on what happen to Rusty.

"No surprising." Weiss just rolls her eyes.

"Wait, am I at the gym?" Rusty looks around and sees the Galaran-style gym. He springs to his feet, "I am! Holy Miltank! I made it!"

"Easy there, lad!" Adrian is surprised by Rusty's quick recovery, "You still need some medical attention."

Weiss whispers to herself, "Probably mental medical attention."

Ruby heard a little bit of that, "What was that?"


"Are you the gym leader!?" Rusty is eager for a battle, "I'm Rusty and I'm gonna win my second gym badge!"

"So you finally got your first badge, huh?" Weiss speaks in a sarcastic tone.

"That's right! It took me ten tries to win it!"

Everyone is dumbfounded by what Rusty just said. It took him ten tries in order to get his first badge. Now he's gonna try to win his second. Team RWBY would probably guess how long it will gonna take for Rusty to win.

"Come on, let's go!" Rusty then runs over to the gym as fast as lighting.

"Wow, he's fast." Adrian is amazed by Rusty's speed, "Remind me of when I was a young lad."

Rusty is already at the entrance and is getting impatient, "Come on already!"

"Hold your horses there, trainer!" Adrian approaches, "I'm comin', I'm comin'."

"So what do you girls say?" Yang asks her teammates, "Looks like things are, at the moment, beached. Eh...?"

Weiss states, "Ignoring your bad attempt at comedy, we could watch the match. Might even learn about his Pokemon and tactics."

"I'm game!" Yang is enthusiastic, just as much as Rusty.

"Sounds like a plan." Blake agrees.

"But what about some quality time at the beach?" Ruby was looking forward to some R&R after traveling through the jungle.

Yang drags Ruby by her hood, "Come on."

"Oh come on!" Ruby isn't happy that she is being dragged.

Weiss says, "Study now, party later."

"But I wanna play in the ocean!"

Inside the gym, in the arena, the whole place looks like a football arena.

AN: Okay, I know that some people call it soccer, but in other parts of the world, it is football. Which, to me, makes sense. They actually use their feet to kick the ball. So...why the changes? You know what, I don't care. Moving on.

There is a grassy area with white lines that resemble a Pokemon battlefield. The rim of the arena are lined with seats where a massive audience can watch the fight. Team RWBY are in the front row seats and watch the battle closely to see what Adrian has. Rusty is standing on one side (the left to Team RWBY) and is anxiously waiting for his gym battle. Four large holographic screens started to switch on as pictures of Adrian and Rusty appear with two slots on the top right next to Adrian's picture with six slots on the lower left next to Rusty's picture, representing their Pokemon.

"Yeah!" Rusty is all excited, "I can't wait to win my second badge!"

Over where Team RWBY is at, Blake asks, "How long will Rusty last?"

Weiss says, "Probably get wiped out in less than ten minutes."

Yang makes a bet, "I'll bet fifty Pokedollars if Rusty wins."

"Make it a hundred." Weiss says.


Ruby looks at her team, "What's goin' on?"

Before the match could begin, a football (soccer to some) comes flying out of Adrian's side of the field and nearly hit Rusty. Rusty manages to dodge out of the way before a loud buzzer sounded to signal a goal.

"Good reflexes there mate!" Adrian approaches in a football uniform, "Sorry, couldn't resist the urge to kick the ball. Ya' right?"

"I'm good!" Rusty gives the thumbs up.

"Good to hear! Now for the rules, I'm only gonna use two Pokemon and not gonna substitute. You can use all of your Pokemon and can substitute in battle. Got it?"

"Got it!"

"Then let the battle begin!"

Adrian throws his first Pokeball, "Go, Chatot!"

Chatot comes out and is ready for battle.

"What is that?" Ruby asks.

Weiss goes, "Is that a parrot? With a musical note for a head?"

Yang pulls out the Megadex and they all learn what a Chatot is.

Blake admits, "This world is getting weirder and weirder by the minute."

"Ha!" Rusty sounds confident, "I got a Pokemon that will rock your world! Go, Boldore!"

Boldore comes out and is ready for battle.

Yang has her Megadex out and everyone learned what a Boldore is.

"Holy cow!" Weiss is impressed, "That idiot is getting smarter!"

"How so?" Ruby asks.

"Boldore is a rock-type Pokemon while Chatot is a flying-type! Flying-types are weak against rock-types."

"So he is getting smarter."

Blake notices that something is off, "Wait a minute. Where's Rotomdex?"

"Ah crude, mate." Adrian is in deep trouble. "Chatot, use rain dance!"

Chatot does a crazy dance as rain clouds form over the battlefield. Then it starts to rain. Good news is that it didn't reach the seats, which Yang is thankful for.

"Now use fury attack!"

Chatot charges in with its beak and repeatedly pecks Boldore. Yet Boldore is unphased.

"Now use chatter!"

Chatot opens its mouth and releases a loud sound from its beak, causing Boldore to hold its ears in pain.

"Now use steel wing!"

Chatot's wings started to become metallic and charges in at Boldore and landed a hit. On the screen, Boldore's HP is now in the yellow.

"Use steel wing again!"

Chatot charges in for another attack.

"Now dodge!" Rusty orders.

Boldore dodges out of the way with blinding speed that shocks Chatot and holds back before hitting the ground.

"What the-?" Adrian is surprised to see how fast Boldore moved.

"Gotcha!" Rusty says.

"Did you see that?!" Weiss is surprised, "His Boldore was moving just as fast as Ruby!"

"No way." Ruby is impressed.

"Weak armor." Blake states.

"Uh?" Yang went.

"Weak armor. It is an ability that lowers a Pokemon's defense yet raises its speed when hit by a physical attack. The more it lowers its defense, the faster it will become. Not only that, with the grass being wet and slippery, it can use it to its advantage."

"So Adrian's rain dance backfired."

Rusty orders, "Now use power gem!"

Boldore's spine protrusion started to glow bright amber and fires an orange beam of energy right at Chatot, and it was a direct hit.

"Oh no!" Adrian says as Chatot almost landed on the ground but saved itself in the last minute. "Use steel wing, quick!"

"Use mud-slap all across the field!"

Boldore uses its pincers to slam the ground to cause waves of mud to appear in each area that it slams with its amazing speed. Even though Chatot is unaffected, Chatot can't seem to find Boldore under all those waves of mud. Once everything has settled down, Boldore disappeared.

"Where did it go?!" Adrian says as Chatot tries to fly low to find Boldore.

Rusty starts to smirk, "Now use smack down!"

Boldore pops out from the ground under Chatot and fires a metallic gold orb of energy from its pincers and hits Chatot, which causes an explosion. Chatot's HP reached zero and is returned to its Pokeball. Rusty won the first round.

"Holy-!" Weiss is completely taken by surprised. "That moron actually won!?"

Ruby is dumbfounded, "He did it."

Yang grins, "Guess Rusty managed to rock us. Eh?"

"I have to admit, I'm surprised." Blake is just as surprised as everyone else, "Rusty could barely do anything when we last saw him. Not to mention he did say that he lost ten times in his first gym battle. But now, he managed to win his first round without losing any Pokemon. Rusty also managed to goof things up with type matching during the license test. Now, it's like he's different somehow. Still the same personality wise, but different."

"Yeah." Ruby nods as the rain dance stopped, "Did Rusty actually studied at that school? And where is his Rotomdex?"

"I already asked that earlier."

Adrian gives a haughty laugh, "Okay, I gotta admit, that was amazing! Using the field like that under the weather condition it is in! You got a lot of guts!" Then he starts to get serious, "But!" he pulls out his next Pokeball, "Are you ready for a challenge!?"

Rusty is all fired up, "Always!"

Will Rusty be able to win without a hitch? Will he come out on top? And what did happen to Rotomdex? Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion of Rusty vs. Adrian!

AN: Okay, not the battle you guys were expecting, but you gotta admit, it was cool. And Rusty has gotten better than he did in the series on Dorkly. As I stated before, there will be no chapters in December so you'll have to hold in your anticipation. Also, I made a forum to crowd source information about different races that can survive in WH40K. If you guys have some idea, please leave a reply in the link to the forum below.

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