this story takes place before the question and after the plane rose also take place after the final of randy cunningham plus I have bad grammar and dyslexia so yeah please enjoy

I don't own steven universe or randy cunningham 9th-grade ninja

randy p.o.v

"I can't believe you eat my entire lunch!" I shouted at my best bud

"sorry Cunningham I was hungry," Howard said

"you had your own food why didn't you eat that"I reply

"well I eat my own food and then I was still hungry," he said pouting

"AGUH" I groan

"AHHHHH MONSTER"I heard someone shout

"yes it ninja'o clock" I quickly dash of to find a place to go, ninja,

I got into the bathroom and put on my mask and lept into action I found the monster in the hallway

"ok monster prepare to get de-stank- wait who are you" as working as the ninja I know whos who but this monster was different it had multiple hands and a weird gem on it stomach

"ok what the juice are you" the monster the pounce "ninja dodge" I jump out of the way of the monster and it hit the wall it then I jump down and slice it then it poof into a cloud of smoke on leaving the gem that was on its stomach

"what the juice was that"I shouted I pick up the gem and put it in my bag then grabbing the ninja nomicon out of it and zipping shut "ok nomicon i just battle against a monster that wasn't stank what was that" open the nomicon and I sloop in I fell till I hit ground I look around to see I was at a cavern and muscine where digging into the grown then the nomicon spook " at the beginning of time a race of alien land on our plant they wanted to take our plant for our self they call them self gem they had been turning our plant to a gem hub for travel between there planting our plant was going to be ruled by pink diamond and it was the first plant she was going to rule but soon she learns that earth is full of life and she didn't want to take over the planet she confronts the other diamonds blue, yellow and white but they refuge so pink chose that she will start a new life so she changes into rose quartz and she faked her own shattering she started her new life she gave other gems freedom many-many year have rose meet a human and fell in love with him she gains a new son but to give life to this baby she has to give up her form to make him many year pass and the boy grown up with rose allies pearl garnet and amethyst and gaining new like peridot lapis and bismuth they form the crystal gems to protect earth" the nomicon ended "holy cheese so there alian living here on earth and i can get help for them about this gem" the nomicon then sloop me out i woke up only to find mu bag tron apart and the gam gone

"oh that so wonk"

End of chapter 1