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Randy P.O.V

"wait what that THING WAS A ALIAN THAT SO BRUSE," Howard said

"I know and to stop it I need help from a group calling themselves the crystal gems" I reply

"crystal gems what kind of shoop name is that," he said laughing

"I don't know but if they can stop this monster then it worth it, "I said heroically

"so where do they live"

"beach city" I reply without my knowing Howard then took out his phone

"I have to get there help so maybe if I get the bus after school and make it on time before school," I said

"or you can call him" he replies

"wait, what," I said surprises

"it says on their website 'if you have a gem problem call us' then it has their number on it"

"oh" I then grab Howard phone and call the number

"HAY" he shouted in defenses

"shhhh," I said back

Steven P.O.V

I heard the phone ring I ran to pick up

"Hello," I said into the phone

"hi is this the crystal gem (A/N NO THIS IS PATRICK sorry I had to do that)" the other side of the line said first thing that comes to my mind is gem mission

"yes this is my name Steven do you gem or alien problem"

"yes I do there a gem monster at a school I need your help"

"ok we will be right there btw what your name"

"oh am I'm the ninja of norissevile high I protect the school but since I never fought this monster before I kinda need the help"

'OMG A NINJA NEEDS MY HELP' "I will be right there" then I hang up and gathered up the gem


"ok steven why are we here," said pearl

"were going on a mission," I said back

"oh ware to" she replied back


"WHAT" pearl and garnet scream surprising all of us

"norissevile is a dangerous place full evil WE WILL NOT GO"

"but the ninja need our help"

"I don't care that the ninja need our help"

"garnet" I used my ultimate move the pubby eyes

"ok we can go" reply garnet


"yes" we then warp to norissevile

Randy short P.O.V

'ugh where are they'

"HAY" I turn around to see a bunch of colorful ladies

"you called"


sorry this is short but I accidentally deleted my old copy of this and I was too lazy to redo it and I never got around to finish it so here you go Plus sorry :(