Not so very long ago, there was a selfish ring-tailed lemur.

And his name was... King Julian.

Not only he was selfish and annoying king of all lemurs and self proclaimed king of New York, but sometimes he had the tenancy to get somebody to overact, which got him into trouble a lot. And because of that, Sonya distanced herself from Julian until he's changed.

Like the other day...

Mort was having lunch with King Julian and Maurice when he heard a loud crash sound!

Now that was the Penguins practicing, but of course Julian didn't know that and he didn't care at all.

"Uh... what was that?" asked Mort.

"It was just the Pen-"

Maurice was cut short when Julian started to scream as if he were in grave danger.

"It is an AVALANCHE!" screamed the ringtail. "It's coming this way!"

Hearing this, Mort screamed and ran around the circus.

"Avalanche! Avalanche! Avalanche!"

This caused the entire circus tent to go into chaos, the animals were running around like crazy and food went flying everywhere.

"Whoa, whoa, people!" Alex said, trying to calm the crowd. "Guys, what's going on?"

"There's an avalanche coming this way" said Gloria, panicking.


"What are we gonna do?" asked Melman.

"We'll flung poo at them!" stated Mason. "They won't stand a chance!"

The circus animals stared at Mason as if he was insane.

"An avalanche? I don't hear an avalanche coming" Alex answered. "They would have announced it on the news."

"Alex is right" said Gia. "There's no avalanche. There's nothing to worry."

"But King Julian said there was an avalanche" squeaked Mort.

Hearing this, the circus animals turned their heads toward Julian.

"What?" he asked.

"Julian, you've gotta stop making people overact out of nothing" frowned Alex.

"Yeah, every time you cry 'wolf', nobody's gonna believe ya" agreed Marty.

But Julian was not listening at all, he was staring at himself in a funny mirror.

"Uh, come again?" said Julian, acting like he didn't hear them.

"You heard them, Julian" snapped Gia. "You cry wolf, no one will believe you."

The circus animals nodded in agreement before leaving to return to their peaceful meal.

Off to the side, the Penguins shook their heads.

Kowalski was counting the days Julian has cried wolf on his clipboard.

"That's the tenth time he's cried wolf, sir" answered the tall, smart penguin.

"That deranged ringtail is going to get killed one of these days" remarked Skipper.

"Shouldn't we tell him, Skipper?" asked Private.

"Negative. We'll just see how this plays out."

To be continued...