The next morning, Julien woke up with a loud yawn.

"Good morning, my subjects!" he cried happily.

But, there were was no response.

"Hello!" he shouted.

Julien checked all over the tent and the train for the circus animals. But all was quiet... Too quiet... Like in those horror films from the 80's to modern day.

It didn't take him long to reach Maurice and Mort in the caboose, fast asleep.

"Mort! Maurice!" called Julien in a singsong tone. "Wake up, you sleepy heads."

Maurice and Mort didn't move however, this made Julien slightly nervous.

"Eh, why won't two wake up?!" he demanded.

He kicked Maurice and Mort, but then he saw something that made him scream.

Mort and Maurice are covered in 'blood'! Actually, it was ketchup but of course we're going to make Julien think the other thing.

The ring-tailed lemur was panicking.

And then, suddenly a large, muscular wolf appeared! It growled at Julien, foaming at the mouth with saliva and blood (actually ketchup).

Shrieking, Julien ran as fast as he could, yelling out 'wolf!'

When he got to the tent, he saw the animals sitting backstage.

"Everyone, there's a wolf!" he cried.

But when he pulled the tarp, Stefano, Marty, Sonya, Gloria and Melman lay on the ground dead.

Two more wolves appeared, snarling and they were joined by their cubs.

This frightened Julien so bad, that he ran out of the tent.

"Help!" he screamed. "Mad wolves on the loose!"

He checked to find the elephants... they were dead.

The white horses... dead!

Mason and Phil the chimps... dead!

But then, he realized that he has to find the penguins.

Inside the train engine, the penguins were relaxing.

"Ahh, bliss" sighed Skipper. "And no sign of Julien crying..."


The penguins jumped as Julien climbed into the train.

"Help me, penguins!" begged the lemur. "The wolves are coming after me!"

"We could if we would" said Kowalski. "But you keep crying wolf too many times that we actually do not believe you."

"You got to believe me! They're coming this way!"

Kowalski and Skipper peeked through their binoculars and were shocked.

"Wolves are approaching" said Kowalski.

"What do we do, Skipper?" asked Private.

"Play dead!" ordered Skipper.

And that's what the penguins did, but Julien was scared.

"No!" he shouted. "If we play dead, we'll be dead!"

"Do you wanna die?!" hissed Skipper.

But at that moment, the wolves appeared and advanced on Julien, who was shaking and whimpering.

"No! NO!" he cried. "Don't eat me! I taste bad! I only did one harmless prank! Please! I will never, ever play a joke again!"

The wolves were about to close in on Julien when...

"That's all we wanted to hear" said a voice.

The lemur's eyes widen and looked up to see Alex, Gia, Vitaly and the dancing dogs, who were cleverly disguised as wolves with gray/white paint all over their bodies. Even Alex had to adjust his beautiful mane to resemble a wolf.

"Eh... what's going on?" asked the confused Julien.

"Oh, nothing" smiled Gia. "Just making a fool out of the foolish animal."

The penguins got up, laughing.

"We got you good, ringtail" chuckled Skipper.

"So, what? Nobody's dead?" gasped Julien.

"Of course not, silly fuzzbucket" answered Alex.

Then, all the circus animals came out of the train cars and poked their heads into the train.

"GOTCHA!" they shouted.

Julien was baffled, he really thought his friends were dead. He was really scared.

"You can thank the penguins for setting up the prank" Alex finally said.

"After they overheard you ranting" Gia continued, "they planned with us to turn the tables on you."

The penguins high fived the circus animals.

"How does it feel to have a taste of your own medicine?" Marty said with a sly grin.

"Yeah, I hope you learned your lesson" agreed Melman.

Then, Julien got down on his knees.

"Okay, I apologize" he said. "Now, have mercy!"

The circus animals laughed.

"But what about the blood?"

"Julien, it was ketchup" Gloria said.

Mort took a bite of the ketchup on his body.

"I love ketchup!" said the mouse lemur excitedly.

Seeing this, all the animals laughed, even Julien.

And from that day forward, Julien never pranked the circus animals again.