~August 5th~

~Earth 1~


~The Waverider~

Things have just began to sink in. I'm on a time machine. I'm actually on a time machine. If Wally was here he'd be running around shouting names of machines and algorithms that I wouldn't be able to understand. But he's not. He's not here.

Everyone on the ship seems pretty nice, even Zari, considering if it was me I'd actually stab the person in the shoulder. So good job not stabbing me Zari. I have to admit it really is weird how trusting this Ray guy is, he's shockingly optimistic. What's even weirder than that they have another Wally on their ship. Obviously it's not the same Wally but it still hurts me to look at him.

Knock, knock. It's probably Ray trying to get me for the end of the tour. I open the door to see a smiling Ray somehow looking even happier, god , how many times can a person win the lottery in one day? It's the only plausible explanation for him. "Artemis? Are you in there?"

I walk over to the door and it slides open before I can even touch it. "Yeah, I'm here." I reply to his question.

"Great, let's go." His smile only seems to get larger as time goes on. I'm halfway expect his lips to explode in a couple of minutes.

~Earth 1~


~The Waverider~

After about a half hour of just walking around the ship with Ray who was constantly pointing out differently sciencey terms that I half understood (Wally talks in his sleep). If Wally was here in under 5 minutes they would have matching nerdy baseball hats and be best friends. But I have to remind myself that Wally is my past, these people are my future.

"... And this is the kitchen, which you already knew." Ray exclaims, probably finishing a speech that I definitely wasn't listening to.

"Great!" I exclaim with an uncharacteristically large grin on my face. "Now I have a horrible hangover so I'm going to get coffee before I pass out of exhaustion." I walk over to the counter top I was sleeping on when I notice something. "Um, guys? Where is the coffee maker?"

"Oh, we have a food creator thing instead." Wally exclaims- god, it's so hard to attach the name Wally West to anyone but my goofy redhead. "Here I'll show you." He leans over to reach it but I stop him.

"I can figure it out on my own." I interject. I'm a badass, no matter what earth I'm on. Ray chuckles slightly but stops when Wally turns around, glaring daggers at him. The design is fairly simple. It has buttons with letters on it and I suppose that you just have to type in the food that you want. I type in C-O-F-F-E-E and in a couple of seconds the machine dings. I open the door and inside there's a cup of coffee resting in the exact center of a white dish. "Wow, that actually works." I turn to face the team. "You could end world hunger or something." I exclaim, drinking the creamy liquid.

"Yeah, it does taste good." Zari exclaims, and then frowns. "So how exactly did you two meet? All I know is you got drunk and beat some guys up."

"Well it's actually a pretty funny story." Sara exclaims.

"So, Sara was pretending to be an innocent girl who didn't mind being hit on, just so she could beat them up more later." All of the people in the ship looked confused, because they probably had no idea why anyone would want to do that.

Something clicked in Nate's mind and he says: "Wait, Ava stood you up?"

"Real observant aren't you?" I say, they can except me spunky or they can't except me at all.

"So you brought something else back instead of Ava." Rory exclaims, leaning back in his chair and taking a large swig of his beer.

"No. For two reasons. A: I'm just getting over a bad breakup, I'm not going to start one in a timeship where I don't what goes on at all. And B: Sara has told me a lot about Ava and I think that their meant for each other. If true love is even real." I say. Like I said, I may not be Miss Congeniality but I sure am Miss Cocky.

"Then you're free game?" Rory says.

"I would just stop talking if I were you." I exclaim.

"Why?" He say, taking another giant gulp of his drink.

I knock the drink out of his hand and it smashes against a wall. I lean over him so much that I can smell his pungent breath perfectly. "Because the last guy that touched my ass without my permission ended up in the ER." The words grit through my teeth like a forbidden song, so perfect saying it, but also deadly. I can hear several people snickering behind my back at Rory's dumbfounded face. I turn around and say: "That goes for all of you as well."

Suddenly the entire ship shakes, throwing everyone but me to the ground. I spread my arms out to regain balance. "What was that?!"

Sara hastily exclaims "A time anachronism."

Zari looks concerned after the quake stops and says. "I thought we destroyed all of those."

"Yeah, well apparently not." Sara says as she tucks a lock of her hair behind her ear with an annoyed look on her face. The entire team runs out of the kitchen, even Rory gets up in his bathrobe and starts to hobble out of the room. For a second a flash of confusion crosses my face and then I remember their headed to the Parlour. I run after them, quickly surpassing Rory, who mumbles something that sounds slightly like ´hey'but in the moment he was drinking yet another beer.

When I get there the rest of the team is already huddled over a table in the middle of the room. ¨Um, hello? Newbie here, whats going on?¨ I question and Ray turns around with his usual happy grin, only slightly de-elevated but the situation.

¨It´s a time anachronism." I raise one eyebrow. ¨It´s something messed up in time.¨

¨There you go.¨ I reply. ¨Where is it?¨ The second after I say that I continue with: ¨or more like when is it?¨

¨Now you´re thinking like a legend.¨ Sara answers to my question. ¨And it seems to be in 1341. The Plague was released 6 years before it was originally supposed to."

"So?" Zari asks, obviously annoyed by this blip on her schedule.

"So the Black Death spreaded farther, to an island called Java, Java is home to one of the most famous empire's of Indonesia and Southeast Asia, called Majapahit. Without Majapa- you know what I'm just gonna call it Maja, some of the greatest empires were never inspired to be great." Sara pauses and looks up at Zari. "Without Maja The Great Britain Empire was never formed so-"

"The continent of Euorpe will be much smaller!" Nate finishes.

¨I never really liked Europe with their fancy-pancy accents and crumpets.¨ I exclaim carelessly. The whole of the group (except for Rory, who is still drinking his beer) stares at me with shocked expressions. ¨What?¨

¨We have to fix it!¨ Nate finally says, with an irritated look on his face.

¨Oh!¨ I exclaim. ¨So... What do I do?¨

~Earth 1~


~The Waverider~

When we all get into the area appropriate clothes we´re ready to go, except for that Artemis wasn´t there. Behind me I hear the stomping of shoes down the hallway. When I turn around I see a completely different person than the Artemis I saw before. She was wearing an off-white blouse tucked into a brown skirt. She had put her hair in a bonnet to hide her short cut, and the chain of the necklace she was wearing was tucked into her blouse. Her makeup wasn´t completely gone, it was just more natural colors, making her blue eyes only stand out more. It´s obvious: Artemis is beautiful.

Artemis catches me staring. ¨What? Do I have something on my skirt?¨ She questions, putting her hands on her hips in defense.

¨No, you just look... Different.¨

¨Yeah, I can deal with leather, skirts? Not so much.¨

¨Alright everyone. Let´s go make history.¨ Sara exclaims.

Everyone starts marching out and I expect Artemis to do the same, but instead she leans in to whisper into my ear: ¨Does she always do that?¨ I think I´m going to like Artemis being on the ship.

~March 19th, 1341~

~Earth 1~


~Sicily, Italy~

As soon as we stepped out of an alleyway that the Waverider is parked in (invisible time ship, why am I not suprised) the whole world seems so... Exotic. Everyone was dressed in the same clothing I was and the building were completely era appropriate. I have to admit I let out a little "wow" after seeing the sights.

Ray chuckles a bit then says: "Time travel will do that to you." And leans in on my shoulder with his elbow.

I shove it off within a heartbeat and step forward, taking in the sights all around me. "Yeah, I guess it does."

Sara walks up in front of our group. "Alright everyone, we have eight hours to find out how the plague got released. Instead of being released in Europe it was released in Sicily." No one moves. "What are you waiting for? Lets go plague hunting!"

~Earth 1~



I have to admit, Artemis is a pretty great person to be around. If you get past her snarky exterior she can actually crack a joke without offending anyone. Which is a pretty impressive feat if you're taking into account that the first time I met her she was wearing a leather jumpsuit. Pretty impressive.

I paired up with Artemis for her first mission, since I'm one of the originals Sara thought it would be appropriate, and I tend to agree. We're currently walking through an cobblestone alleyway, much alike of the one we parked the Waverider in.

"Well, everything seems fine we should start to regroup with the-" I start to say, but it quickly interrupted by a loud shriek. I turn around to see a withered hand holding Artemis and a woman leaning on the feisty leather-wearing legend.

"Help me." The woman croaks out before collapsing on the ground.

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