"Hypothetically speaking, Alice, if you were forced to eat one of the Four Heavenly Knights, who would it be?"

Luka's question carried nicely in the sweet sea breeze. The fake hero and Monster Lord were taking a relaxing stroll through Sentora Beach. With the recent revelation of the Orbs and their purpose, Luka sought the sphere that resided with the Queen of the Southern Seas.

This didn't stop them from bantering along the way, though. Alice paused in her tracks before responding with, "Since you forced me to only choose one, I would eat... Tamamo."

Shooting a surprised glance at his traveling companion, Luka raised an eyebrow. "There are several things wrong with what you just said, but I'm going to start with whatever comes to mind first."

The wannabe hero took a few steps forward before rotating to face Alice. "Why Tamamo? She's the smallest of the four."

"Did you have someone else in mind?" The Monster Lord folded her arms in brooding annoyance.

"W-well, I was thinking Alma. Because she's... You know." Luka outlined a curvy figure in the air with his fingers.

Alice's flicker of annoyance gave way to condescension. "You're thinking too shallowly. I chose Tamamo for a multitude of reasons." She began to slither again, her scaly lower half leaving a side-winding trail through the white sand. Luka followed closely by her side.

"First, lets take into account the phrase 'you are what you eat.' If we assume that it's the tiniest bit true, that would mean Tamamo is at least ninety percent tofu." An odd glint manifested in her eyes as she grinned. "We also have to consider how long she's lived, and the fact that she mostly eats her own hand-cooked meals." Drool started to leak from the corners of her mouth. "All of this combined makes her an agglomerated mass of pure deliciousness. I'm willing to bet that even her tails are as scrumptious as the edges of thin-fired tofu!"

Her open display of excitement was beginning to worry Luka. "It, uh, sounds like you put a lot of thought into this scenario."

"As a ruler, I have to prepare for all situations." Alice swallowed her drool and unfolded her arms to raise a single finger. "My turn to ask a hypothetical question. What would you do if a married mermaid offered you a blowjob in her own household?"

A fit of coughing overtook Luka, and he stopped walking in order to double over and wheeze. "Oi oi oi, are we still on that? Come on, it was a non-consensual blowjob!"

"Uh-huh. You would like it non-consensual, wouldn't you? Dirty little masochistic slut," Alice hissed, shooting a sideways glare at Luka. "See!? You're even blushing!"

"That's because I'm embarrassed! And how can it be rape if I secretly wanted it the entire time!?"

"HA! So you admit it! What, was I not good enough!?"

"First of all, no, you're taking things out of context! Second, you leave me a sobbing mess every time you do me! Maybe I just wanted something less berating and hurtful! Is that really so bad!?" Luka's shout rang throughout the empty expanse of sand. The following silence was painful, chirping gulls and foaming ocean waves only making it worse.

At last, Alice's expression of shock subsided into stoicism. Her proud frame sagged as she let out a held breath. "Luka... Is that really how you feel?"

The hero himself was just as surprised. "No, I don't... A-Alice, I'm sor—"

"Don't apologize. You're right, I was kind of a dick." She straightened and made a point to avoid eye contact, but her voice was genuine. "I... I'm sorry for calling you a masochistic slut."

"I'm sorry too," Luka mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck with a gloved hand. "I won't do it again."

"What did I just say?"

"Ah, no! I'm sorry for apologizing!"

"I'm just kidding, you idiot." Despite Alice's attempts at keeping a level voice, a tiny bit of fondness crept into her tone. "Anyways, lets keep going. We shouldn't be too far off now."

Luka let out a long breath before nodding in silent agreement and taking the lead. Once his initial panic faded, he couldn't help but feel giddy about this turn of events. Being treated as an equal by Alice was a rarity, and it elicited warm, fuzzy feelings from deep within his chest.

Luka has a girlfriend! Luka has a girlfriend! A high-pitched, cheery voice resonated from inside Luka's mind.

Oh come on! Alice isn't my girlfriend. She's just... W-well, she's something. Not a girlfriend though! the hero mentally responded. He could already see the faint image of Sylph dancing before his eyes.

What, would you have preferred beta male boy toy? You just got done saying you weren't a masochist. This time, a deep and rough but distinctly feminine voice spoke up. The fiery form of Salamander briefly appeared before chasing Sylph away.

Luka's a beta male boy toy! Luka's a beta male boy toy! Out of view but still heard, the wind spirit continued her song and dance in the recess of Luka's mind. However, she was abruptly silenced by a loud slap.

Yet another voice joined the others. It was soft spoken and melodious, akin to the quiet murmurs of a sleepy creek. Thank you, Gnome. And as for you...

Ow ow ow, let go of my ear you stupid slime! O-oi, watch the chairs! The sounds of furniture being knocked over clamored within Luka's head, slightly concerning him.

Before he could further ponder what the spirits were doing to his psyche, Alice spoke. "Hey, we're here."

"Huh? Oh, so we are." Luka scanned the familiar surroundings. The nearby rocky outcrop along with the palm trees aroused a light feeling of reminiscence, but the emotion was quickly dispelled with a shake of his head.

"Too early for nostalgia. Anyways, do I just raise the Ball of Guidance like last time or..?" His voice trailed off as he realized Alice was nowhere to be found.

Whipping his head from side to side, Luka couldn't so much as see a sliver of his companion's tail. Apprehension formed an uncomfortable knot in his stomach, and Luka braced himself as he drew Angel Halo out of its shredded sheath.

Hey, do you think she fell down a rabbit hole? Sylph asked, her presence becoming more prominent as the hero's eyes darted up and down the length of Sentora Beach.

Real original. How long have you been thinking that one up? Salamander's exasperated voice joined Luka's thoughts.

Sylph doesn't think! I live in the moment, like a true courtesan!

I can't tell if she knows what that means or not and it's concerning me greatly. Oh, Gnome, it's your turn. Play your cards, Undine murmured.

"Wait, you guys have cards now?" Luka's guard slipped, and the sand behind him exploded.

Two dusky red claws seized him by the waist before pinching down in a crushing grasp. Loud cackling sounded as a crab girl erupted from the ground.

Oi, she's behind ya, Salamander warned.

"I KNOW!" Luka frantically shouted.

Then do something!

"I AM!" Reaching within, he tapped into the overwhelming power of earth. A low rumble shook the ground around him, and with a mighty shout, he pried open the pincers.

"W-what!? You have super strength now!? How is that FUCK—" The crab girl was cut off as an elbow struck her face, followed by a kick with the weight of a large boulder to her human abdomen. Two booming cracks, and she was sent skidding back, tearing up rents in the sand as her many legs struggled for grip.

While Gnome didn't speak, her reassuring power and presence were made known. The four spirits all readied themselves as Luka widened his stance.

Meanwhile, the crab had stabilized, and was cracking all of her knuckles simultaneously. It sounded like someone just fell onto a hard surface from very high up. "Neat little trick there, boy, but it's gonna take a lot more than mere strength to defeat me!"

"That voice is kind of familiar... Hey, have we met before?" Luka's tone was calm, but he remained on his toes.

"WHAT!? You don't remember me!?" Pure rage marred the crab's countenance as she jammed a thumb towards herself. "I am the terror that crawls in the sand! I am the unyielding fighting spirit that will crush all who oppose her! I am Soapy, destroyer of worlds, devourer of gods, and wrecker of your shit!"

It took a moment, but recognition flashed through Luka's eyes. "Oh yeah! You're that crab girl I sealed when I first came here." It took another moment, but he eventually remembered. "Hey, didn't I explicitly tell you to stop doing bad things? Attacking me out of the blue like that is pretty b—"

"Fuck that noise!" Soapy yelled as she scuttled sideways at frightening speeds. With one claw raised, she closed the distance, kicking up huge sand clouds while doing so.

Her carapace-coated limb was swiftly knocked aside by Angel Halo, but she recovered quicker than Luka anticipated. Both of her claws lunged forward and seized the grotesque blade in a fearsome tug of war.

Wow! She's pretty strong! Do you think she was shot by an arrow that draws out latent power? Sylph speculated.

Salamander was quick to respond. Nah, nothing like that. This is clearly the result of spit, grit, and a whole lotta training. I'm impressed, really. She's quite the tenacious bundle of fury. The fire spirit paused before saying, Darn. Now I'm feeling nostalgic.

Mind the hands, Luka, Undine interrupted. True to her warning, the extra hands sprouting from Soapy's shell seized Luka's pant legs during the grapple.

"Ha! Surely you haven't forgotten about my special ability: Bubble Shake Hell!" The crab girl's primary human hands were already covered in the white foam that leaked from her lower mouth. Secondary hands tightening their grip, she violently yanked downwards.

The hero let out a sinister chuckle when his pants didn't budge. "Unfortunately for you, my days of constantly being sexually assaulted during battle has taught me one valuable lesson." A confident smirk crossed his face. "Always tighten the belt."

Soapy's face grew pale with pallid shock. "I-impossible! I never considered the possibility of such a bold move!"

Luka reached deep within once more. "Sylph! Bring forth a gale itself into my body!" A blast of howling wind scattered the sand around him, leaving both crab and hero in a small crater. Now infused with air and earth, Luka wrenched his monstrous sword from Soapy's claws.

Then, he blurred as he spun himself like a top with the assistance of Sylph. In a whirlwind of cape and sword, he stuck Angel Halo out and slammed its side into Soapy's carapace. The resulting displaced air deepened the crater with a tremendous bang, kicking up more sand.

Did you just spin slash her? Undine asked incredulously.

Yeah, I always wanted to do that! Luka gleefully responded.

Please don't do it again, Salamander begged.

My body, my rules! Luka spun around once more before sticking out his sword, but Soapy saw it coming. She speedily sidestepped the gaudy attack. DAMN IT!

The two combatants were locked in a desperate dance of who could strike first. Claws snapped shut and lunged forward, while Angel Halo glinted with a deadly red light.



Why are you two calling out your moves!? The fire spirit's mental voice was drowned out by the colliding attack rushes. Ground shaking with the force of each impact, Luka and Soapy's limbs were just smears as they pushed themselves to overwhelm the other.

The hero had one advantage over Soapy. He wasn't using his own limbs to strike, and while Angel Halo was a blunt and impractical weapon, its life draining capabilities more than made up for the design flaws. The crab girl slowed with each claw-to-sword collision, and at last, she couldn't take it anymore.

Soapy broke free from the flurry of blows and bounded meters back, her breathing heavy and ragged. "No..! NononoNO! It isn't supposed to be like this! This is my revenge story! I can't lose here!" Grabbing her twin hair tails and tugging on them, Soapy let out a screech of frustration.

Luka brandished his blade and stuck his hips out in a pose that oozed over-the-top confidence. A breeze of his own making caused his cape to flutter in the warm beach air, outlining his small frame against the blue sky. "Now you know the clear difference in our power, Soapy. You cannot hope to best me!" He raised a finger and pointed down at the scowling crab girl. "But, if you promise to not jump any more people, I'll let you go peacefully."

For a moment, Soapy looked contemplative. However, it wasn't long before she broke out into a sneer. "Ooooh, right! I'll just forget everything you've ever done to me! And then, I'll dress up as a maid, join you on your adventure, and together, we'll frolic in the fields of friendship and happiness!"

The hero blinked, still maintaining his posture while his lips curled into a small frown. "Oddly specific, but was that a 'yes' or a 'no?'"

I think it's up for interpretation. Like a wind chime, Sylph's voice bounced around the walls of Luka's conscious.

Guys, not now. I'm trying to focus here.

Oh, I know how I can help! I'll sing my focusing song! It starts with 'Chi' and ends with 'Pa Pa!' Here I g—

DODGE! Salamander's warning arrived late as a sparking red beam slammed into Luka's face. An electrifying current ran through his body, which snapped upright as the paralysis settled in.

Soapy let loose a bark of maniacal laughter as she strutted over to the twitching hero. "Ah, no one expects a little ol' crab girl to start shooting laser beams. And judging by your stupid expression, you were no exception." The crustacean was now in front of Luka, and with a gentle shove, he fell over like a stone statue.

You know, yelling 'dodge' is more distracting than it is helpful, Undine muttered, her voice poisoned with irritation.

Oh for the love of— Get off my back woman! At least I tried something! Salamander protested.

Can you all be quiet for two seconds!? E-except for you, Gnome. Sorry for yelling. A wave of gratitude permeated the hero's mind, but Soapy's groping hands dragged him back to reality.

"Damn, this feels great! At long last, my burning desire for vengeance is about to be satiated by washing you out of existence," the crab girl gloated as her primary human hands ran up and down Luka's chest. "Tell me, how does it feel to be utterly dominated by a stronger, more strapping woman?"

"Nothing new," Luka grumbled. His indifferent facade was quickly shattered when Soapy pinched a particularly sensitive part of his chest, eliciting a sharp gasp.

"Let's see how much that smarm helps you after I'm done with your sorry shota ass," the crab taunted, a sneer splitting her face.

I don't mean to rush you, but that's what I'm going to do now. If you have any last ditch plans, please use them. Undine's tone remained calm and enunciated, though a tad stressed.

Y-yeah, just one. Luka let out an exaggerated moan as Soapy began to undo his belt, her dexterous fingers still stimulating his torso. "O-oh God, please stop, I think I'm about to... SALAMANDER!"

Wait, what are—

"—you doing?" Salamander blinked. The fire spirit was now in physical form, hovering between Luka and a confused Soapy. Sharing an awkward moment of silence, fire spirit and crab blankly stared at each other.

KILL 'ER MANDY! Sylph shouted enthusiastically from the mindscape.

"Who's this, your pet crotch warmer?" was Soapy's last words before a flaming fist crashed under her chin. With a rage filled shout, Salamander lifted the crab girl's body off the ground before unleashing an armada of punches.

"ATATATATATATATATATA— ATA!" Her flurry of blows only lasted a couple of seconds, but it was enough to send Soapy flying back. Singed and bruised, the crustacean left the premises of the crater before tumbling to a halt in the sand.

Salamander turned to face the recovering Luka, disbelief and pride upon her face. "Alright, I will admit, you have balls to assume things would turn out the way they did. But I'm not some manifestation of your personality that you can use to face hardship." She pointed a flaming finger down at Luka. "Pull me out like that again, and you'll be on the receiving end of my fists. Are we clear?"

"Crystal," the hero weakly mumbled as he shakily got up. His arms and legs occasionally twitched, but otherwise, he was fine.

After fixing his belt, securing Angel Halo, and brushing the sand off of himself, Luka hopped out of the crater. The fire spirit vanished as he passed her, and the intense yet unfamiliar power of heat returned to him.

Soapy laid prone not too far off from where Luka emerged, slamming all of her fists against the ground in sync. "How is this fair!? First super strength, then super speed, and now pocket monsters!?" Stopping to sniffle, she got back onto unsteady feet. "I would be crying right now if it wasn't for my UNYIELDING RAGE!"

This time, Luka got to see Soapy's claws glow with red energy before shooting out twin laser beams. And unlike last time, he closed his eyes, dispelled wind and earth, and slipped into the flow of the world. All was at peace, and like water flowing around an obstacle, he gracefully dodged the attack.

About time you used my power. Contrary to the shallow barbarism that Salamander loves so much, the serene state actually gets things done. Undine's quiet murmurs took on a superior edge.

Throwing a lot of shade for someone who didn't even teach him the damn thing, the fire spirit growled.

Ouch! I don't think being a slime could save you from that burn! Sylph's giggles were quickly replaced by the sounds of gargles and gasps for air.

Back in physical world, Luka was elegantly dodging the onslaught of crab beams. And with each evasion, he steadily approached closer and closer to the infuriated Soapy.

"I have no idea how you're doing this, but it's bullshit! Stop dancing like a ballerina and let me wash you!" The crab girl ceased her assault. "W-wait a second, dodging every attack like it was predicted years ago... Could it be!? The legendary Intuition Overdrive!?"

Without having to evade countless lasers, Luka was able to close the distance. He slashed once with Angel Halo, and like a hot knife through butter, it cleaved through Soapy's carapace. She let out a cry of surprise as a heavy weakness spread throughout her body.

"Shit! Damn son of a bitch! Get your freaky dildo away from me!" Mustering the last of her strength, Soapy punched downwards with an open claw. But yet again, Luka's smooth and fluid movement proved too much, flowing to the side as the appendage missed its mark. Angel Halo sang through the air as its bladed tip pierced the crab's underbelly in retaliation.

Soapy's scream died before it could escape her lips, the hideous blade traveling upwards and splitting her in two. "Haauuu... I-I ain't feeling too hot," the crab girl dizzily mumbled, separated halves of her face speaking in unison. Eyes glazing over, she dissolved into gray dust. And when she was completely gone, the ashes evaporated, leaving a single, small crab on the white sand.

Luka sheathed Angel Halo as he exited the serene state. He crouched down and pointed at Soapy's sealed body. "Right, now think about what you've done. Ambushing random strangers is rude and you shouldn't do it!"

Soapy gave the lecture a second of thought before leaping up and pinching Luka's finger. She clung on as the hero yelped and flailed his arm around. After a terrific struggle, Soapy flew off his hand and into the ocean, disappearing beneath the light blue water with a plop.

"This was by far the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my young impressionable life." Alice's dry voice sounded out of nowhere from right behind Luka.

To his credit, the hero only jumped a little. "H-hey! It wasn't that bad. I mean, pulling Salamander out was pretty clever, right?"

"Barely legal, you mean. Besides, you aren't the kind of person to let a monster do your job for you."

Turning around to make eye contact with Alice, Luka flatly said, "I mean, it was either that or rape."

"Hmm." The Monster Lord's piercing gaze grew hard as she mentally bored into Luka. "Hora, the spirits are up to something."

"Eh? Oh, yeah, they have been oddly quiet." Before he could get another word out, four streaks of elemental power burst from his chest and materialized on the sand before him. As their physical forms manifested, their words became clear.

"Stupid, boomerang fetishizing, simple-minded, cold-hearted!"

"Asinine, belligerent, abrasive, fight mongering!"

Salamander and Undine were spouting insults at each other, and it only grew worse as the water spirit refused to face her fiery counterpart. Not too far off, Sylph was hiding behind Gnome's head, and the earth spirit averted her eyes to the ground.

"I can't believe this! I work my ass off to provide for our group, yet you still refuse to acknowledge anything I do!"

"Well, maybe if you put the tiniest hint of thought behind your actions, I might consider the notion!"

"You stuck-up bitch! I swear, I'm gonna..! I'm gonna..!" Salamander let out a guttural scream, her flames flaring in size and heat.

At last, Sylph peeked from behind Gnome's head. "H-hey, guys?"

"What!?" Undine and Salamander snapped in unison, pointing their glares at the shivering fairy.

"Y-you're making Gnome cry," Sylph sniffled.

It was subtle. Only the slight shaking of her shoulders and the faint glints of sparkling tears gave away her distress. Feeling the attention shift to her, Gnome hid her face behind her collar.

Both of the arguing spirits quieted immediately, their anger dissolving into dismay and regret. "Oh no... Gnome, it's... We're not mad at you," Salamander stammered, her flames dying down into mere flickers.

A hard shiver ran through the earth sprite, and her quiet sobbing surged in intensity. Alarm flickered through the other spirits as their hearts plummeted. Fire, water, and wind all rushed over to squeeze Gnome in a comforting embrace.

Just as Luka built up the resolve to join in, a hand on his shoulder stopped him. "Let them," Alice whispered. "They need this right now."

Meanwhile, the elementals were nuzzling Gnome while softly muttering apologies and words of encouragement.

"We've been through so much together. I was a fool to allow petty grudges get in the way of our long forged bond," Undine sighed, hugging the earth spirit with her adhesive body.

"Yeah. Heinrich wouldn't have wanted us hurting each other anyways." Salamander buried her face in the nook of Gnome's neck. The fire spirit's flames didn't scorch, only pleasantly warmed. "We're sorry."

"I love you, Gnomey!" Sylph cried out from between sobs as she clung to the back of Gnome's head.

Dizzy and overwhelmed from all the support, the earth spirit raised her head to return the affectionate cuddles, even if slightly shaky. At last, a happy smile crossed her tear-stained face, and she opened her mouth.

Gnome managed an intake of breath before she and the other spirits dissolved into their respective elemental powers. The four streams of energy flew off the ground and into Luka's chest. Staggering, the hero inhaled deeply as power returned to him.

"They've been through a lot, huh?" Luka distantly said, slowly straightening himself to stare at the vast, endless ocean.

"Well, this isn't their first journey around the world with some idiot hero," Alice responded, slithering up to the shoreline.

"Hey! Don't disrespect Hein like that!" Luka broke free from his trance and ran over to stand besides the Monster Lord. "A-also, don't disrespect me like that."

An amused expression intermingled with a hint of affection crossed Alice's face as she observed Luka fumble through his pack for the Ball of Guidance. After a bit, he found the sphere and raised it above his head. A bright glow overtook the pair.


The sky was gray with oppressive clouds, and the air was ripe with holy energy. All around the world, monsters and humans were desperately fighting for their right to live. But this meant nothing to the lone crab girl training on the beach.

"Stupid little punk-ass hero thinks he can get away with humiliating me twice!?" Soapy yelled, her claws pounding a boulder into oblivion. "I'll show him! I'll give him so many handjobs! Handjobs for days!" With the boulder in front of her now a pile of sand, she turned her attention to a nearby palm tree. She seized it with her pincers before tearing it out of the ground. The crab girl roared as she suplexed the unfortunate plant, snapping it in two with a tremendous crack.

Despite her rampage, Soapy didn't feel tired at all. Rather, she was only getting more and more hyped. "And then, when I'm done giving him handjobs, I'll..! I'll..!" She paused. "I dunno, have his babies or something. God damn, he's adorable!"

Suddenly, a suffocating pressure assaulted Soapy's being, causing her to stiffen. Descending meters behind her, a presence made itself known. "'Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold her guiltless that taketh her name in vain.'" A smooth, silky voice dripping in superiority rang throughout the devastated beach.

The crab girl shifted to face the newly formed pillar of light. From its glorious incandescence out hovered a single angel soldier, with short green hair, prominent ahoge, and simple white robes. The beam faded into nothing behind her, and the servant of Ilias flourished her bow.

"Really? You're gonna attack me for saying 'God damn?'" Soapy's voice was dry, her eyes squinting in disbelief. "Seriously, Ilias must be sensitive as a virgin if she lets that get between her divine bosom."

Returning the glare, the angel drew an arrow and loaded it. "Not quite. My squad just happened to notice a lot of noise coming from here, so they sent me to investigate." The arrow glowed with a soft radiance as holy energy poured into it.

"Well, tell your choir that I'm busy training for a much more important fight than whatever you're attempting now. So shoo, shoo!" Soapy promptly turned back around and began to move away, completely ignoring the holy being.

This didn't sit well with the angel. Snarl on her face, she released the tensed arrow. It barely left the bow before bursting into numerous pointed streaks of holy energy, and like a swarm of insects, they darted through the air before impacting Soapy's backside. A brilliant white explosion, and the crab girl disappeared behind a curtain of black smoke.

The angel's confident smirk regressed into an expression of surprise as two, red pinpricks of light gleamed through the haze.

"I'm sorry, but I don't remember stuttering," Soapy growled, her claws glowing as crimson particles amassed at their openings. After a moment, twin shafts of paralyzing energy shot through the smoke and towards the celestial.

"You must be dumber than the ground you walk on if you think that will hit me," the servant of Ilias bragged moments before the lasers impacted her chest. In a red sparking blast she fell to the ground, rigid, stiff, and twitching.

"Ooo, that was too perfect!" With a wave of Soapy's hand, the smoke was swept aside. Thin scarlet trails leaked from her claws and eyes before dissipating as she made her way to her adversary. Once upon the angel, the crab girl's pincers lowered before gripping her arms and bringing her to eye level.

"No..! NononoNO! This is all wrong! You should be a smoldering pile of blood and guts, and I should be able to move! How!?" The messenger of God struggled to break free, but all she managed to do was spasm tantalizingly, her subtle curves straining against her white robes.

"Spit, grit, and a whole lotta training." Soapy's features grew smug as she drank in the sight of her squirming prey. "I threw myself off the tallest cliff I could find until it stopped hurting."

"That's stupid! This is stupid! You're stupid!" The angel's voice cut off with a squeak as Soapy's human arms grabbed her ankles. "W-what are you doing?"

"Letting you go with a handshake, a pat on the back, and a coin for your troubles." Soapy began to gradually spread her victim's legs.


"And now who's the stupid one?" Her lower mouth cracked open, revealing foaming suds and releasing a bunch of bubbles. "Wash, wash, wash the angel clean~! Because she attacked me first, and that was kind of mean~!"

The celestial tried to scream, but as she was brought closer to Soapy's bubbling opening, the other arms sprouting from the crab girl's shell clamped over her mouth.

"Shhh! Don't struggle," Soapy whispered, her free hands cupping the quivering angel's face. "Just lay back, relax, and think of... Heaven." She snickered. "Heh. Nailed it."

Author's Note: Just gonna store all of my future short stories as chapters for the sake of convenience.