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Tony didn't come back. At least not right away and it seemed as though everyone was just as confused about it as Peter was.

"I saw him leave. He just...walked out. Straight from your room to the front door. I don't know where he went. I think he said something about needing to find someone but that's all I got. Sorry, kid."

Peter hung his head, worried for his mentor. "It's my fault."

Rhodey sighed, adjusting the ice pack laid across Peters' ankle to help with the swelling that his enhanced healing exacerbated. "Look, kid, I'm not going to deny that you screwed up but at least you screwed up for the right reasons. He'll forgive you, just give him time."

Peter crossed his arms, hugging himself under his blanket, voice small. "He was so mad. I've never seen him like that."

Rhodey's heart ached for the kid, protective Uncle instincts kicking in for his best friends kid. He settled Peters foot under the blankets and came to sit on the edge of the teenager's bed, tucking the nasal cannula back behind Peters ear where it had sprung free.

"He was scared he was going to lose you, Pete. He's not very good at dealing with that. I don't think anyone is, to be honest."

Peter nodded, eyes pricking with tears again as he thought about how many people he hurt trying to save that one little girl and her mother. "I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I just wanted to help."

Rhodey sighed and shifted again, sitting right beside Peter so that he could hug the kid to his side. "I know, buddy."

Rhodey spent half an hour cheering Peter up again before he was replaced by Steve and then Natasha and then Sam. Peter knew that they weren't just there to keep him company but to also keep an eye on him and their rotating shifts meant that he got a new lecture every hour.

"You can't be running into danger like that without thinking."

"Ask for help when you need it."

"Let the police do their job."

"You took on that many guys while still hurt? Damn, that's impressive!" Bruce narrowed his eyes at Scott, mouth set in a straight line, clearly unhappy and Scott quickly explained.

"Okay, maybe it wasn't such a good idea but that woman got her kid back safe and sound because of Spider-boy and it's not like he didn't know what he was doing. He knew the risks and he chose their safety over his. Isn't that what heroes do?"

Peter shifted uncomfortably as Bruce adjusted the catheter tube running down the side of his bed, checking his urine output and whatever other information his monitors were spitting out. "Not when those heroes are still in school and have been ordered to stay in bed, lest they get hurt again and die. Jumping out his window and fighting crime with bruised kidneys while in his pyjamas wasn't his only option. He could have asked for help or called the police or asked one of us to sort it out."

Scott nodded along with what the doctor was saying, not at all eager to get kicked out of the Avengers clubhouse for encouraging their youngest member in dangerous activities.

"That's true. Sorry, Peter, he's right. You can't do everything on your own."

Peter crossed his arms and looked out the window, tired of the repetitive speeches. "I get it. How many more times do I have to listen to everyone tell me off?"

Bruce tapped at his tablet, writing down all the new information he'd gathered. "Well, that depends on whether or not you've learnt your lesson."

Peter was about to get himself into trouble again with a snarky comment when Friday's voice came over the speakers.

"The boss has returned and he's brought a friend."

Both Peter and Bruce perked up at that and Scott and the doctor made their way out the door. Bruce pointed to the kid in the bed before he left. "Stay."

Peter rolled his eyes but obliged, shifting a little in his bed, trying to get into a comfier position as he listened to the voices and shuffling of footsteps throughout the compound.

He could hear Tony talking to the others, answering their questions of where he'd been and what he'd been doing. "I needed to get something for Peter and I found it."

"I prefer Matt to 'it' but thanks."

"Who is this guy? No, offence, man." Sam sounded as confused as Peter felt but Tony didn't offer a sound explanation.

"Someone that Peter needs to talk to. Come on, Matt."

Peter waited, watching the door as he listened to their footsteps coming closer until Tony pushed the door open, a man in a suit walking in behind him.

"Peter, you're still in bed. That's a first."

Peter couldn't help roll his eyes but he supposed he deserved it and stayed quiet as Tony gestured to the man beside him. "Peter, I'd like you to meet Matt. I thought you two would have more in common than we do."

That stung, Tony was clearly hurt but it wasn't like Peter had wanted to shove that wall between them. Matt shifted somewhat uncomfortably, lifting one hand off his cane to adjust his red tinted glasses, as Tony continued.

"You two should talk."

Peter opened his mouth to say something but Tony turned and left before he could, leaving him with Matt who made his way to Peters bed. He didn't appear to actually be using the cane at all and even though he appeared to be blind, he had no trouble finding the chair beside Peters bed and sitting down.

"Hello, Peter. As Tony said, my names Matt. He asked me to talk to you about your...incident."

Peter looked the man over, still very much confused as to what was going on. "No offence but...why? Who are you?"

He asked as politely as he could, given the circumstance and Matt tilted his head slightly. "Have you heard of the devil of New York?"

Peter nodded, growing excited. "Of course! I saw him beating up some ninjas in an alley once but Mr Stark says I shouldn't get involved with vigilantes I don't know so- wait! Are you him?!"

The corner of Matts' mouth quirked up and he nodded, hands perched on his half folded cane.

Peters' eyes widened, taking in the man in a new light. "Wow! That's so cool! But...wait, aren't you blind?"

Given the cane, the dark glasses inside and the fact that Matts gaze was pointed to Peters' chin, the man finding Peter's face by following his voice, it seemed as though he must have been blind. And if not, he was a dick for pretending.

Matt nodded, taking his glasses off to reveal his blank gaze and Peter watched him carefully. "Yes, but the accident that took my sight also gave me...other abilities. Much like yours, or so I heard from Tony."

Peter smiled, trying to sit up only to be met with the tug of leather as the strap Tony had insisted stay across his stomach pressed him back down to the bed. "You're a spider too?"

Matt let out a small laugh and shook his head. "No, but my senses are incredibly sensitive. I can hear heartbeats and smell things from rooms away. Tony told me you know what that's like."

Peter nodded though he knew Matt couldn't see him. "Yeah! I mean, I don't think mine are as sensitive as yours but they definitely aren't normal. The first day I got my powers I couldn't leave my room because it was all too much. I had a migraine for three days until they finally calmed down."

Matt nodded. "I know what that's like. Tony told me about what happened. You told him that you couldn't ignore that woman's screams for help."

Peters excitement dissipated, leaving the same guilt and morose weight in his chest that he'd had since waking up in the infirmary. "He doesn't have to lay in bed listening to people crying for help at night. I couldn't just sit here."

Matt leaned forward a little, fingers tapping on his cane as he spoke. "That's the exact reason I am Daredevil. I tried to let the police take it, let the law handle it but...it doesn't always work. Sometimes all that seems to help is someone in the street, taking the hits for everyone else."

Peter nodded vigorously, pleased to have someone who understood, finally. "Exactly! Not everyone can do what I can, so don't I have a duty to use my powers to help people?"

Matt nodded again. "Sure. Lots of people in this city need help we can't just sit back and let them get hurt."

Peter tried to sit up again, straps tugging him down but he went still when Matt's words suddenly veered in a different direction.

"But that's why we have the police and firefighters and medics and lawyers. That's why they have shifts and teams to work together. They want to help too. That's their job, that they actually get paid for, unlike us."

Peter felt like he had whiplash, suddenly jerked back and shoved down to earth. "What?"

Matt shifted in his chair, gesturing to Peter as he lay in the bed. "We don't get paid for this. We don't get called in to help, we go looking for trouble."

"No, but-"

"The law doesn't always work but a lot of the toke it does. And when it doesn't there are other people to handle it when you can't. You should use your powers to help people, of course, you should but you aren't the only one in the city that's trying to save others."

Peter felt cheated. He'd been presented with someone who knew exactly what he was feeling, he was pulled in and lured by the promise of understanding and now the rug was being pulled out from under him and revealing just another lecture.

He lay back, glaring up at the ceiling as he listened. "I know how hard it is to leave that responsibility to others. I tried to save people by going to court and pleading cases, fighting for people's rights and lives and when I saw someone in trouble I called the police."

Peter was annoyed, his voice coming petulant and sulky which only irritated him more. "Sometimes you don't have time for that. It doesn't always work."

"Peter, if you put the weight of the whole city on your shoulders, it'll crush you and you won't be able to save anyone."

Peter rolled his eyes, voice raising as his temper grew short. "I'm not more important than anyone else! I don't care if I get hurt! No one deserves to lose the people they love and if I can prevent it then I will!"

Matt sighed, sitting closer as he tried to explain. "I lost someone too. And whoever you lost, that wasn't your fault. But that feeling that you have, that guilt and the weight in your chest that you feel whenever you think about how you could have saved them...that's what you're giving everyone else."

Peter sniffled, lifting a hand to rub at his eyes. He hated that Matt was right.

"There was a really dangerous man going around hurting people a while back. My best friend told me to leave it alone, that we could stop the guy through the courts, with the law on our side. And I ignored him. Do you know what happened?"

Peter had a feeling he was wrong but there was no harm in trying right? "You took him down, saved the day and your friend learned to trust you?"

Matt didn't go easy on him, voice calm with no trace humour. "I got shot in the head. The only reason I was alive was because of my helmet. Foggy found me bleeding and unconscious and dragged me home before anyone could see us. I'm lucky he even talked to me again after that."

Peter looked away, thinking about how Ned had held him and begged him to stay awake, crying over the best friend he thought was dying in his arms.

Matts voice softened, not trying to hurt the kid just needing to make him understand. "Being a hero means valuing others lives above your own. But your friends and family love you more than anyone in the world and they'll do anything to keep you safe. So, next time you have to decide whether or not to put yourself at risk to save someone else, don't choose between you and them. Choose your family and choose to let someone else take the weight until you can do it again."

That actually made sense. Peter looked back at the man, watching him lean back in his chair and shake his head almost to himself.

"Don't fight when you're hurt or take on more than you're able to. Or you'll end up in a dumpster being fished out by a very grumpy but caring nurse."

Okay, that didn't make any sense at all. "Huh?"

Matt sat back up, amending. "Don't worry about it. So, you understand, now?"

Peter nodded, finally broken down after endless lectures and telling offs. "Yeah, I get it. I'm just one spider in a city full of heroes."

Matt smiled and put his glasses back on, nodding. "You got it. And hey, if you ever need a hand or just want to talk again, I'm always around. It was nice to meet you Spider-Man."

He left, shaking hands with Peter before making his way out the door and Peter watched, hoping Tony would come through the doorway and talk to him.

He waited, listening to footsteps approach but slumped back into his pillows when Steve came through, closing the door behind him. His shifting around sent a spike of pain through his back and he grabbed the pain pump and pressed the button, muscles melting with the flush of meds.

"Hey, Peter. How'd the talk go?"

Peter turned back to the window, away from Steve, disappointed. "Fine. I learnt my lesson, Mr Stark can come back, now."

Steve sat in the chair Matt had just occupied, he hesitated, not sure how to explain. "Buddy...look, he just needs some more time to...collect himself."

Peter was tired and with the new pain meds running through his system and his body still healing it was hard to keep all his emotions at bay. His eyes pricked with tears and his breaths stuttered as his bottom lip wobbled.

"He's still mad at me."

Steve looked panicked at the sight of the kid crying and he struggled to deny the accusation. "No, he just...well, he was worried and you know he kind of turns everything into a dramatic performance."

Peter couldn't help it. He felt horrible for making everyone upset and worried and the way Tony had yelled at him before storming out made it worse. "I made him leave and now he doesnt want to see me. But I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at him."

Steve cursed under his breath, not knowing what to do as Peter started to wail. "Kid, stop, that's not what-"

"Mr Stark hates me and it's all my fault! Now everyone's worried all over again and he won't come back!"

Steve stood from his seat, hands reaching for Peter before he gave up and ran to the door, sticking his head out and yelling down the hallway. "Tony, get in here!"

Peter cried, shoulders shaking as footsteps came pounding down the hall, Tony running into the room to see what the fuss was about. His eyes widened at the sight of the teenager sobbing miserably in his bed and he ran past Steve to get to Peter.

"Hey, what's wrong? What happened? Are you in pain?"

Peter hiccuped, cheeks wet and flushed pink as he reached for his mentor. "I'm sorry I made you mad! Please don't leave again!"

Tony sat on the edge of the bed and unhooked the strap across Peters' stomach before pulling him into a hug. "Oh, buddy. I won't leave you. Calm down."

Steve watched the two for a moment before leaving, knowing they needed time alone to sort everything out.

Peter hugged Tony back so tight he had to remind himself to be careful, crying into Tony's shoulder. "I'm sorry I broke the monitor and left when you told me not to. I won't do it again, I promise."

The poor kid was heaving I'm rattled breaths in between sobs, gripping Tony's shirt in his trembling hands. Tony rubbed his back, hugging him tightly.

"I'm glad to hear that, Peter. Hey, calm down. You're okay. What's gotten you so upset? What did Matt say?"

Peter leaves his cheek on Tony's shoulder, tears soaking his mentor's shirt as he hiccuped. "He went out when his friend told him not to and he got h-hurt. He said he was l-lucky that Foggy ever spoke to him again. I don't want you to leave me just cause I made you mad."

Tony let out a little huffed laugh, pressing his cheek to the top of Peters' head. "Aw, buddy there's nothing you could ever do to make me leave you or never speak to you again. I love you way too much for that."

Peters crying was slowing down, breaths coming deeper and calmer and he nodded. "Good. I love you too."

He was growing heavy on Tony's shoulder and he rubbed Peters back. "Petey? You falling asleep?"

Peter nodded, humming an affirmative. "Mhmm hmm."

Tony smiled and laid him back in the bed, Peters eyes opening as he held on. "No, you said you wouldn't go."

The poor kid was so tired after such a long day. Tony tucked him in as much as he could with Peters hands clutching his shirt so tight.

"I'm not leaving. I'll stay with you."

Peter sighed, eyes closing again as he let go. "Thanks.

The meds were melting Peters' brain, or at least that's what it felt like and he whined, hands reaching out again. "Mr Stark I can't see you with my eyes closed. Can you hold my hand?"

Tony laughed again and caught Peters hand with his own. "Sure, Pete. Go to sleep."

"Okay. Night night." Peter slipped into a world of dreams and Tony watched him, smiling.

"Night night, Peter."

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