I've always had this fanfic in my head of portraying Ga Eul as a good girl/country bumpkin gone bad as she has the looks, allure and the personality for it (or the actress, Kim So-Eun, who portrayed her did) and I have read my share of fanfic that explored this story and I am sure there were countless fanfic writers who have written this but I have yet to read those stories.

But what if Jan Di has this OOC transformation of a good girl gone carefree? Jan Di has such a strong personality when protecting other people but very shy and vulnerable, when it comes to herself. What if she goes a little selfish? Where and how would the story go?

So that is the little nugget of an idea that I want to be explored in my story. This story will be OOC for both Jan Di and Ji Hoo but I do try to make it as close to their characters in BOF. The story is AU because, in my imagination, it should have been natural that Ji Hoo saved Jan Di in the pool.

And I love to write them in sexy love scenes so I may have gone overboard in my narrative. So I wrote a Lemon early in the story, so it is rated M (not yet in this chapter, though).


DISCLAIMER: The Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers is from the Japanese shojo manga by Yoko Kamio. The Boys Over Flowers South Korean TV series is written by Yoon Ji-Ryun, produced by Group 8 and broadcasted by Korean Broadcasting System. I do not own the characters or the original plotline.

This story though is a product of my imagination and are my words, based on the beloved characters. This endeavor is not for monetary gain but is borne out of love for Jan Di and Ji Hoo, whom I would love to end with a happy ending in the series.




Jan Di POV

The weightlessness of my body and the serenity at the bottom of the pool created a peaceful cocoon from the outside world with its constant hurts, tears, and disappointments. I wondered if I still wanted to resurface back and saw in my mind's eye the pain it will cause my parents, my brother, my friends, and if his memory gets back, Jun Pyo. I marveled at how the F4 wormed their way into my heart and occupy an important part of my life now.

I feel my heart getting heavier as the seconds pass and Jun Pyo still has not rescued me. Will my death be worth the sacrifice for him to get his memory back and remember me?

Then, I saw another face, one that has been always there for me. I know he will take my death hard because he cared for me, Ji Hoo Sunbae, my honorary firefighter. Will he still hear the alarm, now that I feel like giving up?

I felt myself floating outside my body and a montage of memories of what has transpired in my life flashed rapidly - my crazy, loving parents, Kang San's birth, Ga Eul in kinder, the porridge shop and Master, my rescue of Lee Min Ha, Shinwha High School, meeting the F4, Namsan Tower, New Caledonia, the roadside kiss, our promises, Madam Kang, heartbreak in Macau, Jae Kyung Unnie, and Yu Mi and the other dizzying display of memories chokes me, because a lot of them are of Jun Pyo, the man who forgot me.

At one spectrum though, I fondly watch as memories with Sunbae flashed, the good, the bad and the sad - the woods where I first met him, Seo Hyun Unnie, our kiss in New Caledonia, Macau, our special space at the stairwell, my last swim and the awarding ceremony, toasting on my new-found dream to be a doctor, playing the piano with him, volunteer work at the clinic, reuniting him with Grandpa, him cutting my hair, us washing his car, then at the fishing village when he declared he cannot live without me, why does my mind linger to memories with him now that I'm near knocking on heaven's door?

As I struggle between wakefulness and my doom, I felt frantic hands circling my waist and dragging me up but the darkness has already enveloped my senses.

Ji Hoo POV

When I heard the splash, I hurried over to where Jun Pyo is, while he bewilderingly stared at the pool. I willed him to rescue the love of my life. It pains me to not rescue her myself, but this is what she would have wanted to trigger his memory. I know she is waiting for Jun Pyo because he rescued her in the resort. Jan Di told me Jun Pyo has learned how to swim. But will he be able to snap out of it in time before it's too late for Jan Di?

As the seconds drag on, my instincts took over. The alarm bell which has been ringing loud in my heart has grown frantic and I could no longer wait. I kicked off my shoes and dove into the pool to reach Jan Di. I dragged her to the edge of the pool, anxious as I feel her lifeless body.

I performed CPR while breathing on her mouth. My fears intensifying as I surveyed her pale face, her lips turning bluish. I shouted for someone to call EMT, called the heavens to bring back the girl who has my heart.

I was begging Jan Di to get back, to breath, to return to me as I repeatedly performed CPR and breath to her mouth, mindful of the minutes that pass and knowing each second count. Telling her I love her and to fight and be alive, not caring as my tears freely flowed.

Jan Di POV

I woke up with a tightness in my chest. Coughing and sputtering water and my lungs burning, I opened my eyes to the worried face of my Sunbae. He heard my alarm! I smiled weakly but I could not mask the disappointment in my eyes. At least I am alive; I really thought I have gone on and would have welcomed the serenity I felt below but I cannot make my loved ones suffer by giving up my life.

I closed my eyes and felt Ji Hoo's arms enveloping me with his warmth. We just sat there, waiting. I laid my head over his chest, over his racing heart and felt peace. I know I will always feel safe and secured while I am within his arms.

The EMT arrived and checked on me, Woo Bin took over, answering some of the questions. I just nod and say so little when asked. Ji Hoo won't agree to take me to the hospital through the waiting ambulance, Woo Bin has to take over assuring them that Ji Hoo will take responsibility for me and assuring Grandfather is a doctor who can look over my welfare.

Ji Hoo still held me, we were given blankets to keep us warm and advise to change from our wet clothes. I was getting tired that I fell asleep, still hugging Sunbae.

Woo Bin POV

I shook my head in astonishment at the events that have transpired. The announcement of Yu Mi that she and Jun Pyo will be leaving for the US. Jan Di falling over the pool with Ji Hoo rescuing her. Then, the usually stoic Ji Hoo begging Jan Di to live, his emotions in full display.

I called the EMT then took charge answering their questions, as Ji Hoo was preoccupied taking care of Jan Di. As it is, Ji Hoo won't relinquish his hold over Jan Di. I had to assure the EMT that Ji Hoo is capable of caring for our friend and that his grandfather is a doctor for them to release Jan Di over to him.

While everyone is fussing around, I found the necklace Jun Pyo gave Jan Di. I pocketed it and decided to return it to her afterward.

I need a long, hard drink after all this drama, looking over at Yi Joung and giving a signal to meet me at the club.

Jun Pyo POV

I watched as my usual stoic best friend rescued that girl who tried to give me a necklace, insistent for me to call her name and who willingly fell over the pool.

Why does she think that I can swim and that I will rescue her? Didn't she know of my kidnapping incident? I was surprised at Ji Hoo's rare public display of emotion which proves that girl is his girlfriend. But then, why is she so persistent that she is my girlfriend?

Yu Mi took my hand and implored that we leave. So we left when the EMT arrived.

While in the car, Yu Mi kept the conversation going about our impending trip to the US. I remained quiet while I thought about the incident. Though I know Ji Hoo has rescued the girl and she had recovered, why does my heart feel so desolate all of the sudden?

Jan Di POV

I got startled into wakefulness still in the arms of Ji Hoo, shivering as I am still in my wet, gauzy pink dress. Ji Hoo tightened his hold, arranging the blanket on my shoulder to envelop me with warmth. My throat is dry so I inquired with my eyes where we were. Sunbae's eyes are still etched with worry and he remained silent while watching me. I broke our stares and noticed the luxurious interiors and noted I am inside his car.

The car stopped. Ji Hoo did not relinquish his hold of me as he tried to get off the car, discovering belatedly and to my chagrin, I am actually sitting on his lap. I wiggled my body so I that I can stand when we alighted. Ji Hoo held on and scooped me up despite my feeble protest and we went inside his home.

Ji Hoo POV

I remembered that Grandfather is not at home this evening. But no matter, I'll have a doctor over if needed. I cannot let go of Jan Di tonight. I know I am being irrational. I need to be assured she is alright but with me at her side as I nearly lost her.

I carried her inside my room, carefully watching over and assisting. I gave her a pair of my pajamas, then let her go to take a shower and change. I am feeling the adrenaline that keeps me slowly draining away. I went to the other bathroom to hurriedly shower and change myself. Then stood guard in the bedroom to wait for Jan Di.




I would like to acknowledge Mandy (JHsgf82), Nerwen, akuryo, cutestuff024 and countless JanHoo writers who have written fanfics before me. They certainly kept my interest alive and have cultivated my love for JanHoo. Special shoutout to Mandy who chats with me and encouraged me to write.

I am not a writer in the strict definition of the word but I write these from the heart.

I hope I get JanHoo fans happy with this story. Enjoy!