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We are all but beast in cages

Torn from our world into this garden

Endure the death we shall to memoriam of ages

We await our long-desired Eden.

Morgan awoken with a shocked expression, he is not the type to be easily shocked after everything he went through, dying over and over, killing monsters beyond the monster rex in the dungeon, but that verse? What does it mean? He a beast? Surely who ever thought of such thing are fools.


Rubbing his eyes of any traces of sleep he slowly stands up, looking around while patting his own pockets and body to see if any of his money or items are stolen during his short nap, a revelation, the city has changed in such short notice.

How long was he gone? Weeks to month's? maybe a year perhaps, surely, he can't be gone that long, like what his old captain saying after all.

"keep your hope and dream up, as it maybe your source of hope" he recites the saying perfectly.

It getting quite late, how long was he asleep on said bench? An hour maybe after he leave the dungeon, the Terrarian golden eyes flicker against the setting sun in the distance, ah perhaps it best to find a place to sleep, as he still has a few valis on hand.

Morgan wonder, is that place still open?

Yes indeed.

The legendary place where adventurer can rest and eat to their heart content, well perhaps with a deep wallet to accompany them.

Nearly choking on his food with the stray thought, curse said thought nearly making him spit the soup in his mouth, as he swallows the food he looks around, adventurers all across the city, but what caught his eyes were the white-haired boy who sat just a few stools from him, said boy reminds him much of…of his old self, before that day.

"Hoy! Boy if your goanna gets gloomy get a drink for once!" Mia grand the owner of this place and one of the few member of the Freya familia Morgan actually tolerated, least she is not an insanely devoted individual.

"will do, maybe later" Morgan grunt at the impact, god she still hit hard despite her age.

"and your room is upstairs third from the left" The owner directed, while slamming a mug filled with alcoholic's drinks "drink up lad" she told.

"what?! I-I didn't order this!" Morgan stuttered a little, this is a nightmare! He should have seen this coming, apparently her infamous giving drinks outside the ordered food and drinks still remain.

The rest of the customer gave Morgan a pitying look that also include the white-haired boy, as a new victim have been selected for this cruel scheme of her. With a reluctant sigh, beside he could hold acholic beverage better now after spending several plats with the Tavernkeeper back then.

Not wanting to wallow in such mindset Morgan swing the mug to his mouth drinking said beverage into his gullet.

Taste rather light compared to the ale with a hint of fruits, a good choice to elevate one mind from the darker side of the mind, after Morgan was done drinking, he put it down on the counter, a thin smile was present a smile that vanish as quickly as the white-haired boy slam the door as he exits, not paying what so ever.

At first, he may think that boy have committed a dine and dash but that was not the case as he saw a werewolf laughing like a maniac.

"mia grand, I'm done, I would also pay for that white-haired boy food too" Morgan said white, holding his temper back, dying over and over didn't change his temper at all it seems.

"ho, how generous of you to pay for his food" She said while taking his plate and the white-haired boy plate as well "it will be 2000 valis".

Without saying anything Morgan put the exact amount with a bit extra for his room for the night, wordlessly he walked to the second floor intend to look for his room and having a goodnight sleep, how long has it been? To sleep without the fear of being attacked by monsters of the night?

Reaching to his room, Morgan just strip the armor and jacket, as well his shoes not caring to its interior or anything just the bed laid there, soft and look very inviting.

How he yearned a safe and sweet solace of sleep.

Falling down to the bed like a wooden log slowly but surely sleep is overtaking him.

What a fulfilling tomorrow awaits him.

Waking up in the morning was never his strong suite, well Never was anyway. Looking around he groaned as he sits up, rubbing his eyes from any sleep that remain, walking to the bathroom he did, he stripped down to the barest form, scars marred his body, some would be fatal if not for the hundreds of health potions he consumed regularly.

Bracing for the cold morning water that he splashed to his body, Morgan shivered at the cold water his tooth's clatter with each other. He was never fond of cold especially the snow biome and its icy ponds and don't get started on the underground snow biome. He had enough of thin ice breaking underneath and sending him plummeting to a cold watery death.

After bathing Morgan wonder, what clothes he should wear today? Only wearing the towel to cover his lower part, he put his hand on his chin thinking what he should wear. Snapping his finger causing his previous set to disappear and another to reappear.

This set was his favorite as it was the first gift from the old tax collector, unfolding the clothing to reveal a lighter and cleaner colored Tax collector suit, it looks much neater and modern, the darker red scarf is also cleaner, he won't need the counter or worm scarf yet, for the pants he wears the buccaneer pants, the brown does contrast well.

The brimstone blade that he used yesterday was replaced for the orichalcum sword sure, it may be embarrassing to swing a pink colored blade or wear the pink armor, but here orichalcum is the main material to make Durandal trait weapons and this weapon is made with pure orichalcum…it made him scared, on how destructive his weapons could be.

Sure, it is tempting to use one of his newer weapons that he recently obtained, the one still inside the loot bag of the supreme Calamitas. Curiosity peaked as he reaches to the bag about to open it just a few second before the bag is opened, he closed it again.

'not the time yet.' He almost forgot the important lesson, a high tier weapon can stunt one growth, there is a reason lv.1 didn't use lv.2 weapons, and the fact his falna is missing after his death is another factor, worse he might need to repeat at lv.1 again.

Such a shame, he was a lv.6 before.

Clapping his cheek twice, no more in this mindset anymore he needs to find that white haired boy or his Familia, he rather joins a small poor Familia compared to the top tiers.

With no Valis left the only chance to have more money.

"well, another day another adventure it seems." Morgan mood becoming better he walked away from his room and down to the lounge.

"oh, you're leaving?" Mia grand asked to Morgan.

"yea, thanks for the room yesterday" The terraria thanked the pup owner, then she picks a small lunch box and gave it to Morgan.

"give this to Bell will ya?".

"Bell? The white-haired boy?" Good, with the boy name known it would make his search much easy.

Taking the box and exiting the pub, Morgan squinted at the sun behind the dungeon, marveling the scenery he walked to ward the tower.

"now then, let see how the dungeon handle a Terrarian"

The trip to the dungeon was uneventful.

First 4 floors were a walk in a park, its not even funny how easy it become. Morgan sighed again, wanting to scream in frustration, maybe he should let lose some steam? "nah better not, I don't want any Familia to rush into good old me" he spoke to himself.

His musing was cut off when a scream was heard the 3rd floor? But who is there? Not wanting to see dead bodies again, he rushed there with the celestial tracers coming to life leaving a burst of white feathers.

In seconds he found the source of the scream, the white-haired boy! Morgan mind went into overdrive as the adrenaline began to pump itself into his vein, time began to slow as he unsheathe the orichalcum blade it will be enough for now the pink colored blade shine menacingly as he took Another step that crush the floor beneath him propelled the former child of Zeus forward closing the distance between himself anf the skeletons who was wearing an rusted armor possibly looted from an dead adventurer.

With a quick slash and stab, and a pierce that break the monsters he is facing, his eyes widen in horror, these monsters they are dungeon monster not from here but the dungeon from terraria. He won't take risk, he needs to eliminate this skeleton before it rally more to come, currently his enemy is a Hell armored bones, he always hated this kind of bones especially this axe wielding variant who can call for reinforcement, best to silence this monster first

The bones let out a silent wail before attacking the terraria it swung its large war axe downward intending to cleave the enemy inform of it, Morgan backstepped while grabbing on the white-haired boy by the collar. As he landed, he tosses the boy to the wall for safety.

"stay!" Morgan ordered Bell the white-haired boy. Side stepped the axe again this time stepping on its handle breaking the hell bones fingers while lodging the palm to the pommel. With its weapon stuck and Morgan stepping on it, the bones desperately attempt try to pull it out revealing its weakness the exposed neck. With a quick movement Morgan slashed at the neck, his hunch was correct as the bones explode in a mass of black smoke, somehow monsters from the dungeon starting to spawn with integrated magic crystal as its core, sooner or later these minor monsters won't be a problem, as if someone accidentally summon the polterghast on this floor of the dungeon the tragedy would repeat itself.

Remembering the white-haired boy just a few moments ago, he looks at him…to be honest he maybe looks very menacing at the very moment, time to test if that person saying is true.

"food is the base of every friendship".

Morgan took the lunch box from his inventory and hand it over to the boy who look shocked at this. Then Morgan spoked in a gentle tone "want to eat together?" at this point he really need to practice his socializing skill again. Whom Bell only nod at the invitation.

"I see" Morgan nodded at he took another bite from the lunchbox, so far, he been asking Bell questions and what happened in the past times, to his shock its been 15 years! 15 years since his apparent death against the one-eyed black dragon.

In that time both Freya and Loki Familia push the weakened Zeus and Hera Familia out of the city to preserve order, understandable and bit frustrating, it made him curious though, where did the surviving member go after the disbandment.

"Morgan-san… have you joined any Familia yet?" Bell asked already finished the meal with a trace of a hopeful tone, this kind of moment…remind him much of his early days. Not wanting to join any high class and keeping his promise to the old man Zeus, Morgan shook his head signifying he didn't join any Familia yet.

"i would rather join yours" Morgan said with a straight face to bell who look shocked or happy maybe even both. Must be a fun familia from what bell reaction is, no matter how small or insignificant a Familia is, once it deems fun to Morgan would stay with them.

The very same reason he is attracted to the Zeus Familia after all. With all said and done both pairs began their journey to the surface, exchanging story and knowing each other, for Morgan he need to lie a little, can't stain this little rabbit after all.

Wonder what await these two children of Zeus.

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Here is Morgan stat after he reobtain the falna from Hestia.

Morgan Bloodmary

Strength: F350.

Defense: G400

Dexterity: H250

Agility: F380

Magic: I50


Inventory of the immortal: store item and weapons in "inventory" space.


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Auric Knight: -TBA-

Slayer of calamity: -TBA-

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