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Chapter 10

Jasper stared up at the windows, picking her scent up from the window by the tree. He shouldn't be there and yet he hadn't been able to stop thinking about her. Was it creepy that he was at the Swan house? He hesitated but then leapt for the tree, able to see her asleep in bed, another difference between their kind. Should he wake her? He found himself tapping gently on the glass before he realised it, and then the bedside lamp flicked on, Bella sitting up.

She squinted, and then she was up and moving to the window. "Jasper?"

"I'm sorry, I should go."

"It's okay, come in." she pushed the window up further.

"Chief Swan?"

"Can sleep through a hurricane and besides, I'm not actually his daughter." She stepped back, and he slipped through the window. Bella went back to the bed, piling the pillows up, sitting and patting the mattress beside her.

Jasper followed her, stretching out beside her. The bed wasn't really made for two, pressing them close, but the warmth was nice as long as his own coldness wasn't a problem for her. "Get in trouble for ditching school?" he asked, and she laughed.

"No. You?"

He went to lie but looking down into concerned brown eyes, and found he didn't want to. "The family was concerned, any odd behaviour, anything that makes us stand out more…"

He lowered his head, inhaling her scent, just being around her had him acting so differently. Maybe Alice was right and Bella was his mate, despite their differences in species. Could it work? Would she want it to? Did he?

She reached up and traced his face. "Jasper," she whispered.

"Bella, I…" he didn't know what to say, how to explain what he was feeling when he didn't really know himself. With his own thoughts and emotions so confused, it was harder to read others as well.

"I know it's been a long time, but is there a chance…could we still," she looked up into his eyes, searching.

It was good to hear that she was wondering the same as he was. The longer he spent with her, the more he was drawn to her, but was it real or because of who she had been to him as a human? Alice seemed so sure…but she hadn't seemed to have realised Bella was 'human' in her visions so maybe she'd gotten things wrong? "Do you want to?" he asked, lifting his fingers to run through long hair.

"It's always been you Jasper," she admitted. "There's a reason I was always a widow back when it was expected for a young woman my apparent age to be married. Or a friend would be pretend to be my husband without it being anything else but on paper."

He grimaced slightly, feeling ashamed. "I…there was…the one who made me."

"You were with them?" She asked, and he nodded.

"Her name is Maria, she chose my because I was a soldier, she had an army and needed someone who could help train and control them. When I woke up," he paused.

"You didn't remember me at all," she finished for him. "When did you?"

"I'd been hunting, ended up near our farms. I saw two pictures on a mantle, one of myself in uniform, one of you, I saw them, my parents and siblings. Then I found what must have been your room there, found male clothing, even took a pair of boots since mine were worn through."

"They thought it safer with the pregnancy for me to move in and I didn't want to stay on the Swan farm with just Anna."

"I found a partially written letter and a diary, I took the letter, read it once I was away from the house. There was one line in it, 'Please come home Jasper', that was when I knew. I saw the graveyard then, your headstones. I've still got the letter, I managed to hide it from Maria. Until that day, I thought what we had was love, but it wasn't, it was lust and control. I knew if she saw the letter she'd destroy it and punish me. But I didn't know any way out, not until Peter and Charlotte," he was rambling, trying to explain without touching on the horrors he had seen…had been part of.

"Shh," Bella whispered, stroking his cheek.

He closed his eyes, basking in her emotions, no anger or anything like that at him having been with another. He opened his eyes to find he'd moved even closer. He closed the last distant between them, touching his lips to hers as gently as possible. He felt her arms wrap around him even as he held himself up on his elbows. It was crazy, they hadn't seen each other in over a century, and yet he was…he was drawn to her…like he'd felt from Edward and Alice. Oh.

She kissed him, harder than he had dared to try and he matched her, figuring that was safe enough.


Alice stopped mid hunt, her eyes widening as she saw…oh! She giggled as she saw Jasper give in to the mating pull, kissing Bella. He was being ever so careful and hesitant, obviously scared of her hurting her, but Bella didn't seem to mind at all. She quickly focused on something else, while she very much doubted anything more would happen, she didn't want to see it, although she'd keep an eye out for any danger.


Jasper held Bella as she slept, amazed by the trust it showed, then again he felt no thirst around her. Everything would change now, but they had to do it in a way that wouldn't bring too much attention from the humans. They could claim to have known each other as children, before he was adopted, if Rosalie would agree to play along. Then it would be natural enough for them to begin dating in a few weeks, a month? And…he was planning long term, to have her in his life for as long as he existed.

There would be obstacles, especially should the Voltari notice they had someone who appeared human with them. They couldn't hurt her, not physically, but…they could use him against her, threaten his existence fort her compliance. It was something they would do, after all, if Bella allowed it, they could feed from her forever.

He wondered if more memories would return with her back in his life. Did he want them to? It wasn't like they had a married life for him to remember thanks to the war. Growing up together would mean memories of his family.

It would be sunrise soon, he should leave, return home to get ready for school, but he didn't want to leave her. How would Chief Swan react to finding him in her bed? He may not be her Father, but he was family. Then again, in a way, so was he as Bella's husband. Were they still married if they had both died?

He was surprised when she stirred, opening her eyes and then smiling at him.

"Morning," she murmured.

"Good morning," he smiled when she kissed him. "I need to go, we have school in a few hours and I should hunt."

"I'll see you at school I guess. How are we going to explain yesterday?"

"Well, does your background have you living anywhere other than here and Phoenix?" he asked.

"California and Arkansas."

"I can work with that, we can saw we knew each other as kids, which isn't a lie," Jasper offered, running his fingers through his hair. "How soon is reasonable for old friends to start dating?"

That got him a big smile. "Well…if we're childhood friends, I'd say a few weeks to catch up."

"I'll need to talk to Rosalie since she plays my twin, not that she ever talks to anyone at school. I'd like you to meet Carlisle, so we can work things out."

"Dr Cullen?" she asked, and he nodded.

"He's older than us, he was born in the 1600's."

"Does he know about me?" she shifted up on her elbow.

Jasper nodded, "just the very basics. I went to him for advice on what to do."


She wasn't surprised he'd spoken with someone, it was why she had only given basic facts. And it made sense that it would be his 'Father'. She'd reached out to her friends after meeting her first vampire after all. She was kind of surprised he'd stayed the night with her but very happy that he had. She loved him and always would, but 'dating' would be good for them, they needed to learn about each other again.

"You'll need to let them all know," she admitted. Maybe it was risky but what else could be done if they were going to give things a go? Bella kissed him again and then shoved him playfully, not that it had any effect. "Go catch breakfast and I'll see you at school."

"Yes ma'am," he smiled, letting his accent break through, sounding more like how she remembered. He kissed her and then stood up, putting his jacket and shoes on before heading for her window.

She got up and watched him vanish into the woods.


Charlie nodded as Bella walked downstairs to join him, dressed for a day at school. She seemed…brighter, happier, as she moved around the kitchen. "Good first day then?"

"Very good," she grinned.

Charlie stared at her and she sighed, handing him a travel mug full of coffee as she poured some for herself.

"Remember how I told you there are more…species out there?" She asked, and he nodded. "Have you met Jasper Hale?"

That seemed an odd shift. "No, I haven't met any of the Cullen kids, why?"

"Because Jasper Hale is actually Jasper Whitlock."

He froze, staring at her. "As in my many times great-uncle…your…"

Bella nodded. "My husband. So don't be surprised when rumours begin of our dating."

"But he's not like you?" Charlie pressed.

"No," she put her mug aside and grabbed her bag. "He's a vampire," and with that she was gone.

Oh, he was a vampire…Wait. WHAT?!


Jasper let himself into the house, needing to clean up and change before school. He found Rosalie waiting for him.

"Where were you all night?" she demanded.

"Where do you think I was?" he asked, slipping past her to head upstairs.

"Stalking that human girl?"

Jasper felt a flash of annoyance that melted into cheekiness. Why not? "Actually I was in Bella's bed," he told her before closing his bathroom door to strip off and shower. He smirked as he heard Alice laughing. That had kind of felt good…but Rose would get him back for it somehow.

Of course the whole family was there when he came down dressed for the day, well, minus Carlisle who had already left for work.

"You're serious? You were in her bed?" Edward asked in shock.

"By Bella's invitation," he told his brother. "She is my wife after all." He felt so...light and happy compared to normal.

"Jasper!" Rosalie snapped at him.

"Calm down," Esme told her. "Jasper please, stop riling your sister up."

"Sorry Esme," he told her, feeling chided. He hadn't meant to upset her, he walked up and kissed her cheek. "Bella Swan is Isabella Whitlock, my wife," he explained.

"That's impossible, she's human!" Rosalie glared, arms crossed, and Emmett put a hand on her shoulder.

"Not exactly," Jasper admitted. He sighed, running a hand through his hair before giving them a very brief explanation.


Rosalie watched the old red truck pull into the lot, parking, before Bella Swan got out, slinging her bag over her shoulder as she looked around. That girl was Jasper's mate…his dead wife? She forced herself to really look at the girl, imagining her dressed in Civil War era clothing…and yes, she did look like the picture of Jasper's wife. If that was the case then she could hardly call her a girl, she'd be Jasper's age.

She knew about the wolves on the Reservation…but even more species different to humans? The idea of a race that were indistinguishable from humans…it was just unfair. The girl looked over and their eyes met, Swan offering her a small smile. She refused to smile back but nodded slightly, even as Jasper moved away from them to greet her.


Bella smiled at the icy blond who she had assumed to by Rosalie, more sure now with the similarities in looks to Jasper. No way he could pass as the other girls twin after all. And then Jasper was walking towards her. She smiled at him and he grinned back, both of them ignoring the comments. "Hey," she greeted.

"Good morning Bella." He kissed her cheek and then took her bag. "Looking forward to class?"

"Not particularly," she admitted as they headed inside.

"Mom's invited you over on the weekend to meet everyone," Jasper told her, loud enough to be overheard. Setting things up for later.

By lunch time the whole school knew that they had known each other years ago, just as planned.


Carlisle worked with Esme to prepare a meal for their guest. He was looking forward to meeting the young woman who Jasper had been pining for without even realising it for so many years. Looking at his behaviour before and after seeing her, it was easy to see that was what had been happening, even with so few memories of her. And some of the excitement was from meeting someone who was proof of something new. They'd be arriving soon and he hoped the rest of the family would make her welcome.


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