"Hey, want to hear the story again?" A young girl said as she looked up at the sky.

A boy laid in the tall grass as it swayed to and fro. His arms under his head. As his eyes remained closed, a shadow blocked what little light entered. Then, he opened his eyes, to see the girl staring directly at him. Smiling the best she could, he short black hair, that reached up to her shoulder, swayed in the same direction as the wind. Sighing, he answered.

"You've said that story over a thousand times. Doesn't it get old?" He responded.

"No, it doesn't. Cause this story is going to be past down for a long time." She answered.

"Go ahead." He answered in defeat as he turned around laying on his right arm.

As she heard his response, she looked up once more, closing her eyes, and started to breath slowly. In and out, in and out. Opening her eyes once more, her lips began to part as she began to force words out.

"It began just a few days before the beta ended, our heroes met, played and fought together. Through thick and thin, they continued to play together, until the faithful day arrived, when their friendship and loyalty to each other were put to the test. Out of everyone fighting in the front lines, only two continued to push forward, but in their time of need, everyone came to help. They are known as "The Heroes in our Shadows."

"Pretty lame name don't you think?" The boy responded just as soon as the girl finished.

"Well we are only still children, and besides…" She stopped before looking up and continuing. "It has only been 2 years since the incident."

As the boy got up, he looked at the virtual sun that hung over their heads from the first moment they entered. Covering part of his vision with his right hand, he felt something hold onto his left. Turning his attention towards the girl besides him, he spoke.

"Is something wrong?"

"Do you ever think, we'll see our family again? Do you think they still miss us?" the girl asked with tear forming in her eyes.

"I don't know. Afterall, we're still children. We can't do much. So, we have to rely on the adults to get us out."



As the girl looked directly into her partner's eyes, she said with confidence:

"Want to get married?"

As the wind blew, the boys lips began to move. His answered left her in tears, but she looked up and smiled the biggest, most purest smile that he had ever seen. Then they both turned their attention towards the sky, hoping that one day, they'll be set free from this dark, cruel castle in the sky.