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I woke up in a cold sweat.

'Where am I? What… Who am I?' I thought to myself in confusion. I looked around my room, which is currently occupied by a bunch of kids. Wait. My room doesn't...

Let me get something straight, my room has posters of my favorite anime, like My Hero Academia, Black Clover (Don't judge me! It's coming out in Jumpforce!), a few romcoms, and slice of life anime, plus some little stuff my older sister would bring me when she came back from Japan. I had a queen sized bed with blue covers that were EXTREMELY soft, and the most comfortable rug you will ever feel in your lifetime lying on my floor. I have a mini fridge on one of my dressers for when I get thirsty or want to open up a coke and chill in my room. It's my safe haven, a place where I can stay and rest and not have to deal with the BS that's life. A place where I won't feel judged or pressured to do my schoolwork and just be myself.

But I didn't wake up to my room. My safe haven.

Looking around this worn down room, I don't feel safe. The floor looks slightly jagged from the wood not being completely smooth. The beds look like they were just carved today… by a novice carpenter. I look down at my sheet and see how thin it is. This...thing can barely keep me warm at this decent temperature and doesn't seem very reliable. This room is very spartan looking and doesn't have the vibrancy and life mine has. Speaking of, THERE ARE KIDS HERE.

I've already established that this isn't my room, and I don't know where I am.

'Okay, I just need to slow down and retrace my steps. What did I do last night, and what led to me being here?'

Alrighty. Game Plan! So last night I had dinner by myself around 9, during my marathon of watching the last few seasons of Naruto Shippuden. Then I started to get tired, and put away my dishes in the sink and headed upstairs to get some sleep. I think that was around 3 then? I lied on my bed for a while, and then I must have fallen asleep. What was I thinking about?

I squinted my eyes and tried to think. I was thinking about Naruto and how cool it was. I remember thinking of what it would be like if I was in the show, and what I would do.

That was the thing with Naruto I always got frustrated with. For some reason, Naruto was shown as an idiot for the longest time. He could barely do any justu, and the ones he knew were spammed in an attempt for a lucky shot. I often joke that Naruto's bloodline is his stupid amount of luck, because SERIOUSLY! How the hell would he have survived otherwise? Charging in head first? Spamming rasengans to people who were already aware of how it worked in an attempt to get a lucky shot in? Making tons of Shadow clones to make up for the fact that without them, he was useless? I think that's what ended up pissing me off the most. Yeah sure, he got strong at the end of the show, but at that point, it didn't really matter. For the longest time, he was nothing, until the author decided he needed to be buffed. All that filler didn't mean anything!

'I wish I could be Naruto. I mean… if I were to wake up as Naruto tomorrow, I'd damn well do much better than he ever would that's for sure…'

My eyes, which were beginning to close, shot open in shock.

My last thought before I fell asleep. No… that couldn't mean anything. That didn't really happen… did it? But then why does everywhere around me feel familiar?


Welcome to the game!

Due to a higher being granting your wish, you have now been kidna-transported to the world of Naruto! Because of the being's grace, you have also been granted the power of the Gamer, which is the first of its kind. Happy playing!

I read it over 3 times. 'This is a joke, right? I'm still sleeping?' I decide to touch the screen. As I move my finger towards it, I touch it, to feel something solid. 'N-No way…' I swipe it like I would my phone and it went away. I stare at the spot in abstract awe and disbelief.

'Wait, doesn't this mean that… I can never go back home? If this is true, then I'm either in another dimension or even just put into the show, making me nothing more than a character in an anime. My family… my sister… my friends… my anime… everyone I knew… gone… never coming back…'

My eyes start tearing up.

'Everything. Absolutely everything I worked for in my life. Getting through high school, all of my struggles, all of my ups and downs, worth nothing. Damn, I didn't think I would be so worked over this but…' I was starting to regret my wish. But… 'I need to move on, I need to… do SOMETHING. I'm Naruto, right?' I look at my small hands and catch a glimpse of blond hair. 'Then that means that I can do cool stuff, and later be the best. With this gamer thing, which reminds me a lot of this Korean comic I briefed through a long time ago, I can speed up my progress, and maybe… make my way back home. After beating this stupid game first… or anime… or life… wow, this is confusing.


Quest: Make Your Way Back Home!

Description: You are in a new world, in a new body, with new powers, and despite this are feeling a little homesick. Beat the Game and find a way to get back home!

Rewards: ?

Yes / No

I clicked yes.

Time to get a move on then. I sit up in my ratty, stiff mattress/cot thing filled with a determination never before seen on a child my size. If this is anything like an RPG or a game, then I should be able to look at my stats. So maybe I just think, 'Stats.'

Naruto Uzumaki

Lvl: 1

HP: 5,000

MP/CP: 10,000 (needs to be unlocked)

CC: 1%

STR: 1

DEX: 1

VIT: 10

WIS: 1

INT: 1

CHA: 5

LUC: 5


Huh. Not bad. I was expecting a little less considering I feel young. Speaking of, when I looked at my body, I can't help but notice that I'm young.

Like really young.

If I were to be… reincarnated? Transported?... and become Naruto, I figured I would be him around the time of the Genin exams. But this is way too early. Oh well, guess I'll deal with it.

Okay, so I glimpsed around the room before, but let me really think about this. I'm Naruto, which means I am in Konoha. Naruto was in an orphanage when he was younger right? Maybe that's where I am. It would make sense, seeing as there are other kids and we are in a ratty room. I'd imagine civilians in an orphanage (because why would ninja clan kids be in one of these if they had family) wouldn't get much funding in a village that focused most of their funding on military and military education. So unless these civilians want to be ninjas, they live in squalor until they join the academy or ninja program, and gain benefits. This would lead them to be loyal to the village that made their lives better! It makes sense. Very smart strategy.


Due to your analyzation, you have gained 5 Wis and 5 INT

Wait, does this mean that I can affect my stats without using points? Awesome! Plus it makes sense. So if I work out I'll gain strength, if I run a lot I gain DEX, and if I can...take hits?... then I raise VIT. At least that's what I'd assume. I already established how I can raise my mental stats, but how would I raise CHA and LUC? Oh well.

Okay, now that I know where I am and what I am doing, I need a plan. Where do I go from here? I'm Naruto, so if I haven't already, the Sandaime should visit me soon. Maybe I can plea to him for separate housing? Because I don't want to be around a bunch of kids, sure I used to tutor and babysit when I was a teen, but living as one and being around a bunch of them, no. Just no.

Okay, when or if I can get that done, I need to sign up for the Academy ASAP. Sure they'll probably be a little antagonistic towards me but I can change it, or not. The Gamer ability I got should help me in that regard. Grinding is a powerful tool.

Once I have a house and enrolled, and learning, I should work on some Gamer powers. I can create fireballs or something! Alright! Well, that would require me to unlock my CP/MP. Decent plan, and after I unlock my CP/MP, this will all begin with the Sandaime...errr should I start calling him Jiji now?... visiting and meeting me. So until then, let's grind!


Due to excessive use of mental facilities, you have gained 4 WIS and 4 INT

Nice. Now my VIT, INT, and WIS are the same. Well, time to see the other features I remember doing from those RPG games I played. Let's see… hmmm… what about 'Inventory'?

Search: _


'WHOA! Okay! Nice!'

So there seems to be empty spots where I can add things in my inventory, with a search bar to find those things. What if I put in my blanket?

I grab my blanket and bundle it into a ball and toss it into one of the slots and type in blanket to see…

Search: _Blanket_


Okay, that was epic.

Soooooo for the next few minutes, I start playing with it because... come on this is really cool!

I put my blanket back on me and lie down. 'What's the next part of the things I can do? Hmmm, how about 'Skills'?


Gamer's Mind

Gamer's Body

Omni- talk

Omni- R&W

Well, that's not too many, but whatever I just started. Let's skip over that for now. What about 'Perks'?




Ninja family

I was curious about what bonuses I get from each so I tapped all three to see their descriptions.

You are a Jinchuriki. +2 VIT every Lvl. Start with 5 VIT.

You are Blonde. Blonde people aren't very common and look exotic. Start with 5 CHA.

You are from a ninja family on both sides. +25% EXP when leveling Chakra related skills. Gain 5 VIT.

That'd explain my stats. Well now that I got that out of the way time to start leveling up and grinding.

"Gnnnnnagagwhb." Guess not. All the kids seem to be waking up. I look out the window to see the sun a little above the horizon. Huh, I didn't think I took this long going over everything but whatever.

I swung my little legs over the cot thing and stood up. I try walking and almost fell. I am NOT used to walking as a kid. I try one-two-three times before feeling like a functional person and not a baby.

I change into the clothes laid beside the cot (that I was debating putting into my inventory earlier) and put my sleeping clothes into my inventory. Sure, the matron or maid or whoever would wonder where it went but I didn't care too much.

I walked down the stairs alone, since I was the first up, and into a dining room place. I saw a woman setting up a table before she heard me walking down and stared at me. Hm. I stare at her too wondering if it would be weird if she talks to me and notices I forgot her name…


A new skill has been created!


Lvl: 1

Interesting. Uhhh, do I need to say observe out loud or in my head, like 'Observe'?

Saki Himeshiki

Lvl: ?

Saki is an 18-year-old woman who is a ? and also helps the orphanage.

She is curious.

Quickly! Say something before the stare becomes too awkward. How do I address her? I hope that they speak English or something I can't speak Japanese! That much anyways! Even if I did do I say -san or -chan or something because I'm a kid? AHHH-

"Good morning Naruto-kun. Would you mind helping me set the table please?" she said with a beautiful smile.

"Hai...Hime-chan." Is that how I should answer? Last name first with a bit cut off? Wait… doesn't that mean…

She blushes lightly and nods her head a bit.

"Mahh Naruto-kun, have you gotten into my romance novels again? You know I only let you read them because you needed something to learn how to read from." She said with a half smile/frown.

"Ahhh well you know me…" I trailed off slightly. By the way that solves that problem. Everyone here speaks English, or at least it sounds like it to me. Huh. OHHHH was that what omni- talk is? Makes sense. And does Omni-R&W mean omni read and write? How convenient…

"Well, either way, get over here you." She says, with that GORGEOUS smile back in place. Dang, if only I was back in my original body…

I walk over to her and put the items she gives me on the table. Forks, knives, etc. It was done in silence, one I could appreciate. It seems like my time as Naruto here wasn't too bad. Although considering the Sandaime put me here, I guess he would make sure the person who would be here wouldn't be mean to me. Sucks that I'll have to go when I get my apartment like I get later in canon. She seems cute and caring.

"So, Naruto-kun… you seem a bit off today, are you okay?" She asks, with her eyebrows scrunched up cutely. MUST RESIST.

"I'm fine Hime- I mean Himeshiki-san. I just feel like… new I guess. I feel nice." I really should have come up with an excuse. Oh well.

"Naruto-kun there's no need to be formal with me, you know that." she says with a fake stern look on her face.

"Okay Hime-chan," I say, with a roguish (boyish) look on my face, "but I don't know, I've been thinking of becoming a ninja. It seems like something I want to do." my face full of determination, she giggles softly.

"Oh Naruto, I know you will be great one day," she pats my head, "Just work hard, and I'll see what I can do to get you started on enrolling okay?" YES!

"Thank you Saki-chan! I knew I could count on you!" I say with a triumphant smile. This makes it easier. Also…

"Ne, Saki-Chan?" I ask

"Yes Naruto-kun?"

"When will I see Jiji again? I wanna talk to him!" I ask, hoping that I'm right and I do know him already…

"He will be coming in tomorrow afternoon. He told me he was going to take you out for ramen tomorrow." She said looking at me expectantly. Why… oh! Dang, this is going to be hard!

"YAY! Ramen!" I yelled. That was harder than I thought. Stupid Naruto with his stupid obsession.


You have gained a skill!


Lvl: 1

10% chance of working

Wow that actually worked. Huh.

"Yes, yes Naruto-kun you'll have your ramen." she said, mirth dancing in her eyes, "But you sounded like there was something else you wanted to say?" She said, eyes calculative.


"Well, it was just, I like you Saki-chan don't get me wrong, but… I was thinking of moving out. I was planning on asking Jiji tomorrow…" That was harder to say than I thought it would. It seems like Naruto was pretty close to this girl. She taught me how to read apparently.

"..." She was quiet.

"Saki-chan it's… HRGH!?" She pulled me into a hug.

"Oh Naruto-kun, I knew this would happen eventually, I just didn't think it would be this soon. I know you want to be a ninja and have your independence, and I encourage it. If you're going to be a ninja, This will help you. But… I'll miss you. I want the best for you, you know that. If and when he allows you to, I expect that you come back okay?" She said, tears in her eyes.

I said nothing. Just hugged and tried not to cry. She reminded me of a weird mother-sister combination, with my adult mind seeing her as...something. God, wait. If I get into relationships later in life, I can't be with people my same "mental" age because I'm in a new body, but being with people my age would be weird. This is going to be a weird one. Weird.

Finally, after a minute I say, "I will." She smiles at me with tears running down her face, yet still looking otherworldly, and we get back to setting up the table. Breakfast apparently was already cooked. The rest of the kids began coming down to eat and we all sat down. Once everyone was seated, we all clapped our hands and said the magic words. "Itadakimasu!"


So the rest of the day passed in a blur, but I didn't get any skills. I WOULD have gotten reading skill, but I already had that with Omni-R&W, so spending time reading children's books with the other kids was wasted. I did level up my Observe skill looking at random items around the orphanage. Books, scrolls, kids, clothing, walls, ants, this one cockroach, and everything else I could find.


You have leveled up your skill!


Lvl: 5

Pick a sub-skill for this skill!

Observe full Bio

Observe full level

Observe vision (¼)

'What! I get sub-skills! Is that for every skill or just specific ones? Whatever. Now let's see which to pick… Full Bio is nice and information is good to have so maybe. Full level I feel is useless. If I can't see their level It's not like it'll matter. Observe vision though… what does ¼ mean though?' I think selecting the "expand" portion of the screen.

Observe Vision ¼

It is comprised of 4 different skills. You can only unlock one at a time.

1: night

2: thermal

3: enhanced

4: battle

Okay, this is also epic. So basically the first gives me the ability to see things at night. The second should I get it, will let me see anything even if invisible. After all, you can use camouflage, but you can't hide your heat signature. The third lets me see like a telescope, or a watered down Byakugan. The fourth, after checking its description, is like precog. Or Spider-man's spidey sense. I can "see" the future for up to 5 seconds. My body will adjust like Spidey's "sixth sense." In a ninja profession, that's just dead useful.

So I guess I'll pick Observe Vision or OV for short. Night vision will help, especially if I plan to be stealthy and sneak out at night. Or prank. Which, speaking of, would be a great way to grind for stealth and traps. Both of which I haven't had as a skill yet, which is sad. I need to get those soon. They are dead useful.

Well, despite me getting that, I still need to unlock my CP/MP to use it. Ugh.

Soon reading time had ended and I walked over to the dining area for dinner. It was already set, Saki-chan in the corner looking at me with her hands on her hips.

"So Naruto-kun, get into any trouble?" She asked with a gentle smile.

"Mah Mah, what do you take me as? A troublemaker?" I say, pout on my face.

"Ahh! You are too cute Naruto-kun!" She squeals in my ear. Also pinching my cheeks, and whiskers.

"Saaaaaaki-chaaaaan stop it!" This is embarrassing. I am 18.

After that debacle, we sit down, and eat dinner. That leads into what's happening now. I am currently on my bed in the room, with all the kids asleep after the long day. We had been tucked in earlier. Now what am I doing you may ask?


Currently trying to unlock my chakra, which is harder than it sounds. Which is hard.

First off, I came as a regular person from my dimension, reality, whatever. I had no chakra, so I have no clue how it feels or looks other than the show. So I'm closing my eyes and trying to push something from my gut. It's not working, however.

'Maybe I need to backtrack a second. I remember Naruto meditating under a waterfall or something to get closer to his chakra or something. That had to do with nature chakra, but regardless something should happen. Right?'

Unsure, I lie down in a comfortable position and try to enter my inner calm. Or whatever it's called. I try to empty all my thoughts, but the more I thought about emptying them, the more my thoughts came at me, or I get distracted by other thoughts. After around 30 minutes, no clue if that's true, I open my eyes. This went nowhere.

One more try. I close my eyes and try to empty my thoughts, just to feel that same problem. I growl to myself. 'Why can't I be calm! I feel like I'm doing everything right! Maybe… what if… I think of as many thoughts instead? Nothing's happening anyway so might as well try it out.'

Suddenly I begin thinking about my entire life. Funny moments from when I was younger, times spent with family. Random facts from games I played or fanfictions I read. All my interactions. My new life here. Until suddenly my mind was empty, and I thought about nothing. Just was… in a state of being. No thought, no intense emotion, just… floating? I felt like I was a drop of water entering a dark pool of black water. Once entered, nothing was distinguishable. I was… one.

While I was floating in nothing, I "saw" a big glowing ball, shining in front of me. It had a "string" of sorts wrapped around it. I floated over to it and stood in front of the string. It felt weird and decided to get rid of it. I summoned a big pair of scissors and started snipping the string. After what felt like 5 minutes later the string was gone, disintegrated and gone from my...soulscape? In response, the glowing, golden ball expanded and began glowing brighter until my vision was filled in a sea of white.

I opened my eyes to see a screen in front of my face.


You have unlocked your chakra!


You have created a new skill!


Lvl: 5

Boosts HP and MP/CP Regen by 50% once activated.

I smile. For once I felt...complete.


My smile turns borderline evil as I decide to do what I planned earlier. If this body is like a video gamer's like it said in the description of Gamer's Body (I checked earlier) then I won't need to sleep! Unless I need to get health or something I guess. I looked it up earlier and apparently, it grants me that and the only reason I didn't get the notification when I woke up was because I just started.

I once again swing out of my cot and open up my inventory. I equip my regular clothes and unequip my pajamas, which I had equipped earlier when we got back in the room. There were no bonuses or debuffs which I checked for with observe, so I guess I will have to make some or buy them.

I stop myself from moving when I stand straight. I close my eyes and exhale. Time to create another skill.

I stealthily begin tiptoeing before remembering that that doesn't help. I instead walk slowly and move my feet heel to toe when it lands and keeping watch of any boards that look loose.

I make it to the only window in the room and open the window. I swung my legs over the window sill and dropped down… onto a ladder I left under the window earlier and climbed the rest of the floor down, slowly and quietly of course. Once done, I climbed over the small wall that surrounds the orphanage. After I drop from the wall and look back, I smile. That was way easier than I thought.


You have gained a skill due to your actions.


Lvl: 5

Interesting that I start ahead of a few levels but I guess my precautions added to the levels I'm sure would have covered anything I missed.

But… now where to go?

I knew I forgot to think of something! Stupid 10 INT and WIS! Maybe I'll get a quest or something.


Quest: Create Training Ground!

Create skills: ID:Create and ID: Escape

Reward: ID:Create and ID: Escape, 1 level up, 1 mystery object

Yes / No

ALRIGHT! Now that's a quest! I quickly select Yes and begin to brainstorm. How will I create these skills? I briefly remember the skill from that Korean comic I read when I was around 16 ish. The sky turned red I think, and the world was copied and pasted into a new pocket dimension of sorts that mimicked your reality when you activated the skill. As you can tell, I was a bit of a manga nerd. If I'm going to attempt this, I REALLY need to get in touch with my MP and CP. I'm assuming that Mana and Chakra are similar enough in this world that it's negligent, so I need to refresh.

Chakra is spiritual and physical. Balance is key. Yin and Yang. By combining my physical energy and spiritual energy I create chakra. Perfect, now I need to experiment. I activate Stealth and walk towards the forest. Not the Forest of Death, of course, Konoha just has a few forests. I read about it in those books they give to the kids. So as I made my way to what seems to be the first one I stop. I look up and gaze in wonder at the massive trees in front of me. This forest seems to be hella thicc. Back in my world, it was more industrial than agricultural, so the elemental nations is a bit of a change of scenery. Without a second's thought I run in, stealth still activated.

I run. And then I run again. And keep running. Until…


You have gained a new skill!



5 MP a minute will increase running speed 10%

I felt a boost, but nothing more. I kept running.

Suddenly I stopped running. I was definitely alone. I opened my eyes after shutting them for a moment to see a notification.


You have gained 4 DEX from running!

Time to get started. I closed my eyes… 'I unlocked my chakra, or at least I think I did. Time to see it.'


I felt a sense of peace, and the feeling of floating. I looked around and sure enough, my golden ball of Chakra/Mana. I reached out and floated to it until I was directly in front of it. Then I touched it.

Instantly my body felt rejuvenated. I felt like I was on cloud 9. Like I was invincible. I opened my eyes and saw a blue outline surrounding me.

This amount of chakra surrounding me cannot be healthy. I need to see how much Chakra i'm losing!

Gamer's mind activated

Instantly I thought rationally. This is a game, so there must be a, 'HUD on!'

In the bottom of my screen I saw a red bar with HP next to it and a blue bar under it with CP/MP next to it. That blue bar was half filled.


You have gained a skill after meeting a prerequisite!



1,000 MP/Min

I quickly clicked it for a description

Surrounds your body with chakra. At higher levels, it can affect those around you.

Well, that explains it. "Aura off!"

And it died. Well. Now I know I unlocked my Chakra. And I also need to wait for it to regener… nevermind it's done.

So apparently my Wis affects the regen rate of my CP, which is sitting at a comfortable 2,000 CP a minute. So I must've had a regen boost from the Jinchuriki that wasn't mentioned. Does that mean that there are other hidden boosts?

Either way, I'm not complaining. Plus, I had meditation on the whole time as well. So there's that.

I begin my trial and error. At first, I began to just throw chakra in the air and then manipulate it, but that was dumb and didn't work. Then I tried to get chakra and release it, which also did nothing. How was I supposed to go about this.

How would you create pocket dimensions. Well first off have the image in mind of what you want to accomplish. So I imagined the red sky, the stillness, and the quiet. Then I got MP and held it in my hand. Then the hard part. Imparting that will and image unto the MP. Then "mixing it." That's what I'd imagine it to happen. So I imagined space. How the space around me, not including myself, pinches and distorts itself and sends me into there. How my MP will create the image and reality.

To be honest my head was just filled with abstract stuff like that. God knows taking AP Physics let me know enough about stuff like that.

After around 10 minutes of doing that I opened my eyes to see a red sky above me.

I did it.

I did the swishy space thing with my MP and reversed the flow. I felt myself "pop" back into my reality. The wind was blowing and the sky was normal. Dark, cause it was night.


Quest Completed!

Rewards: ID: Create and ID: Escape, 1 level up, and a mystery object



You won a +5 level up skill scroll!


You have leveled up!

Naruto Uzumaki

Lvl: 2

HP: 7,000

MP/CP: 12,000

CC: 5%

STR: 1

DEX: 5

VIT: 12

WIS: 10

INT: 10

CHA: 5

LUC: 5


I noticed that my health and chakra went up by a thousand points per point in VIT. Also, my Chakra control went up 4%. Did that have to do with the ID or the unlocking of my chakra?

I also saw that I gained 5 SP. I could distribute them now, but maybe its best if I save them for later.

Well. Now what?

ID: Create

Lvl: 1

Lvl 1: Normal

Lvl 5: Zombie

Lvl 10: ?

Out of boredom and the loss of adrenaline in me, I began picking some of my skills and checking descriptions. I forgot that ID: Create could put monsters. Wait then that means I can fight them!

What would I fight them with? My 1 STR? My running? Aura would help, but it's too CP intensive. I need attacks.

First off, I need something that I can shoot long distance. Like a mana bolt. I gather Mana in my hands just like I did earlier when I tried to create ID: Create (hehe) and began channeling it. My fist was glowing blue a bit at this point and I let it go!

A weak ball of Mana left my hands and disappeared 20 feet out.



A new skill has been created!

Mana Bolt

Lvl: 1

10 MP

And Level 1 it was. Jeez that was bad. Well at least I can grind it later. Now I need some sort of Crowd Control attack. Like a shotgun blast of MP, or multiple Mana Bolts.

I gather five times the amount of MP in my hands and let loose what I hoped were 5 bolts.

It failed.

I had to try 25 more times before I got it right.


A new skill has been created!

Mana Bullets

Lvl: 1

50 MP

They were a bit smaller than a normal bolt, but I imagine I'd be able to make them bigger after grinding it a bit more.

Now time for that Mana shotgun thing for close combat. I look at my Mana capacity.

CP/MP: 11,000

It was still pretty high. Guess being a jinchuriki means I tire less. Interesting. I wonder what would happen if I reach 0? Best not to push it to that point then I guess.

I once again channel MP to my hand and imagine a blast of MP shooting from my hand in a wide arc, with the ends of the MP being pointy and with a great push of force.

My hand proceeded to blow up.


Gamer's Mind activated

I quieted down.

If I wasn't so far into the forest someone would have definitely heard me. I looked at the stump of my arm and then realized, the pain was only for a few seconds.

I don't feel pain. At least for long.

Praise Gamer's Body. And Gamer's mind.

How will this heal though? I have Meditation on and it's boosting my regeneration, but how can I speed this up? Can I create a skill? One that boosts my regeneration further? Wait, isn't that like the Healer jutsu thing? Mystical Palm Jutsu right? I took AP Biology! I'm practically pre-med, plus, I doubt anyine in the elemental nations knows more about the 21st century Biology than I do. I got this.

I decide to be creative. 'Aura!' The trick is, I only activated it around my hand. Now…

I lost my hand. That's irrelevant. I'm a gamer now. In a fictional world. Anything is possible. Thinking back to my AP Bio teacher, I remember something about there being muscles, bone, blood vessels, nerves, blood, and skin. These are all in a personés hand, among a few other stuff. If I can use MP as a stem cell of sorts and guide any leftover elements from my body to help the growing process I'll do so. Bone will need calcium phosphate and collagen... Oh and bone marrow! For muscles, I'll need…

I went on a list of things from my body I'll require, and after making the full list, I activated aura around my entire body. At this point, my Mp was getting lower.

MP/CP: 8,000

I willed my MP to get the list of things from my body it needed. Then I willed that MP to travel to my stump. At this point the aura around it was turning green. I heard a ping go off but I ignored it.

Slowly, very slowly, it began growing.

"Yes! It's working!"

I saw the bone on my hand began growing, like new plates being added to each other. My fingers came next, bones aligning themselves and interlocking. My joints connecting. Then came the blood vessels and nerves mixed with the veins. Covering it came the skin, looking brand new, which it was I guess. This entire time, my stump, now hand, was glowing green.

I watched in fascination as I flexed my hand. There was no difference. This would have been a medical breakthrough back in my home. Here, this is survival. It's… definitely different.


You have created 2 new skills!

Mystical Healing Palm Jutsu


50 MP/Min

Regenerate (High)

Lvl: MAX

1000 MP/Limb

I'm hoping that the price will go down when I get my CC% up. Until then not bad. Now I can practice making new jutsu without having to go to the hospital every day.

For the next 2 hours I made new jutsu, only having to take a break once.


You have created several skills!

Mana Blast

Lvl: 5

Shoots off a blast of mana

50 MP

Mana shield


Covers yourself in a shield of Mana

20 MP

Mana Armor

Lvl: 4

Covers yourself in a thin layer of chakra

10 MP/Min

Mana Arrow(s)


Shoots piercing arrow(s) made of MP

5 MP/arrow



Dash very quickly, if Shunpo, lets off blast of sound, if Shunshin, leaves smoke and leaves

10 MP/use

Yeah, that was a very productive session. The Shunpo and Shunshin were the hardest to get. Especially since I haven't done any chakra exercises. I think because I'm a gamer all it does is lessen MP costs and improves output since I haven't seen any prerequisites. Useful for sure, but for now I just needed attacks. The Shunpo, I figured out, let off the blast of sound that sounds like it broke the sound barrier because well, you sorta do. You move so fast that the air displacement is immediately placed letting off the sound. With Shunshin, the leaves and smoke come from… well… that's a secret.

A ninja has to have his secrets right?

The rest is pretty standard. I decided to have Mana Armor on at all times, plus my regen can handle the cost per minute so it's cool.

'I think it's time to head back to the orphanage. It's almost time to wake up.' This entire night, I felt no hunger, thirst, or fatigue, proving my theory right. The food must have a bonus, one I didn't think to observe. I groaned in exasperation vowing to do that.

I looked to my HUD, which is still on, to the minimap in the top right-hand corner. I adjusted my angle and used my running skill to boost me. As I made it to the walls, I simply used Aura, which I'm kind of using as reinforcement at the moment, on my legs and feet and jumped over the wall. Stealth was still on so I landed quietly.

Stealth Check: 8/4

Huh. Guess it had leveled up since last time.

I climbed the ladder and climbed into the room through the window, after lifting it up and down passed me. I re-equipped my pajamas and lied down. Man, I am so tired. I don't have to sleep, but jeez. I had a long night. I put the thin cover over me and closed my eyes. Time for some shut-eye…


How convenient. At least I heard Hime-chan in the morning. Hehe.


Hey all! I decided to rewrite Naruto: The Gamer Enthusiast. This one will be an SI, but he doesn't remember much from his past and just kind of rolls with it. I think this will make everything more explainable, plus I'm kind of into SI Naruto fanfics, so yeah. It will be, hopefully, written much better than the original. I'm open to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, so help me with my writing style and overall stuff. That's enough for now, so enjoy! Pokepercuto out.