"Naruto! I'm so… GLAD… you've decided to join us this morning!" she said with a fake smile.

I groan.

Now let me make something clear. I'm not tired. Gamer's mind and body makes me immune to physical or mental fatigue. But I am mentally not prepared for this day. I just wanna chill. Better keep up the act though.

"Well I almost wasn't going to Hime-chan, but then I realized I wouldn't be able to see your beautiful face this morning, so here I am." I say, a charming grin on my face.


You have acquired a new skill!


Lvl 1

10% of working

My eye twitches.

After Saki stops blushing we both sit down, along with 20 other confused orphan kids.

"Saki-san! What was baka-Naruto saying?" One little girl said.

Another yelled, "I don't know, but I think it means he's a pervert!"

"Yeah! Ero-Naruto!" The rest of the girls yelled while the boys ate.

"Wait what does pervert mean?!"

Saki gets a twitch in her eye. "HEY EAT YOUR FOOD NOW OR I'M GOING TO EAT IT ALL!" She said with an evil smile on her face and an Oni mask behind her.

The kids hiraishin to their respective seat and eat quietly.

I decide to observe the food.


Tamago Kake Gohan

It's literally just rice with an egg and soy sauce

+100 HP, +50 MP

Wow! Such a simple dish gives that much? I was expecting a lot less, to be honest. Does this mean that there could be food that can heal more than you have health? Or even food that fills a set percentage of my Health or Mana? Maybe even increase it? Cooking is definitely a skill I need to learn, right next to clothes making, since I could be able to add buffs or special skills to the clothes. How am I going to learn the skills though?

"So hey, Naruto-kun, did you sleep well last night?" Saki says smiling.

Gamer's Mind activated

Thank god for that. I almost choked on some rice.

Calmly, I chewed, swallowed, and answered with an innocent face, "Yeah, it was great, how was yours Hime-chan? I bet it was real lonely without me there huh?" I say, roguish grin glued in place.

'Perfect, short answer and a charmful quip that'll keep her off balance and divert her attention from the question. Did she know I didn't sleep? Shit!' I yelled in my head, smile still in place.


You have created a skill!


Lvl 1

10% chance of working

Blush in place, she says to me, "I slept fine, I went to sleep right away. I was kind of lonely I'll admit." She said.


You have created a skill!

Lie detection

Lvl 1

10% chance of detection correctly

Lie detected!

'Shit! Does that mean that she didn't sleep fine and had a nightmare? Or that she didn't sleep right away but did later on? Or that she wasn't lonely? Or maybe that she followed and me and didn't sleep? Lie detection is too damn low leveled!'

Suddenly a memory, or at least I assume a memory, goes through my head quickly, but at a speed I can see. Images fly past my head. It was my 7th birthday. Saki baked me a cupcake and put some candles on it. The next image is the orphanage singing to me. The image after is of me looking out the window.

"I wonder what's out there! I bet it's really cool! Besides, it's my birthday, I might get something kick-ass! Now how to sneak out…"

The next scene shows me using the same way I got out from last night. 'Wow, Naruto must have been smart back then too.'

Images compiled together to form the rest of this story. Me, as Naruto, walking around Konoha at night, getting accosted by some drunks, and getting beat up.




"Naruto?... NARUTO!"


"Huh?" 'What just happened?'

"You weren't thinking anything weird right?" Saki says peering at me fiercely but curious.

As I come to, I smile, "No, but, well, send the word and I'll help my onee-san out, no problem! Hime-chan will never be lonely again!" I yell, thumbs up in place.

Saki smiles and we go back to eating.

"So Saki-chan, after breakfast, how am I going to go see Jiji?" I say after a while.

"I'll take you don't worry. But I am surprised at you! Already wanting to leave me behind." She said tears in her eyes.

"NO NO NO it isn't like that! I was just…"

"Hahaha you're too funny Naru-chan!" She said tears now of laughter.

"Hey!" I say pouting. "That's not funny!"


CHA check: 5/1


You have charmed Saki Himeshiki.

"KAWAII!" She yelled and hugged me into her bosom.

"HMHMMPHHH!" I tried to yell

"Aww I wish I can just stay like this forever." She says dreamily.

'I sure as hell don't! Though this is a good way to die…" I think as I begin to fade out.

"Ahh Naruto! I'm so sorry!"


After a while of walking, I begin talking with Saki, asking her more about the ninja academy. The entire time I was acting fake excited, which wasn't too hard actually. It is ninja stuff after all. Sadly, my knowledge of the original anime was either outdated or not entirely correct, which was a bit of a put-down. I could probably learn more on my own. I mean, the only reason it's a good idea to go to the Academy is to meet the characters- I mean clan kids that will lead to the main plot later on. It's so weird being in a fictional world.

But I held on, enough to sell whatever BS I was saying.


You have leveled up 2 skills!


Lvl 1→ 2


Lvl 1→ 2

My eye twitches.

I really have to stop with the eye twitch thing. I tune back into the conversation and ask what I've been thinking for a while.

"-so make sure that when you get in, that you-"


She stops.

"Yes, Naruto-kun?" She says, a smile on her face, but confused nonetheless.

"What did you do before you were at the orphanage?" I've been curious about this for a while since I've read her bio. Plus, I've never heard about her from the manga or anime, so either she never existed in it, or she was hidden in the background, or she di-

"Well, before this, I was a ninja." Well, that explains the question marks in her bio.

"Really? Wow! You must've been strong!" I said, trying to get her to open up more.

"Yes, well I rose through the ranks pretty quickly, especially with my bloodline." 'Bloodline?'

"Ooh, what is it?" I say.

"Well… that's a secret." She winked.

"Aww no fair!" I say pouting with puppy eyes proudly shining.


You have created a new skill!

Puppy Eyes

Lvl 1

Get any female to be more persuaded to follow your demand. Also to suffocate you in their breasts.

Seeing the shine in her eyes, I quickly backed up.

She sighed. "Fine be that way! I'll tell you some more about my career instead, how's that?" I nodded quickly, looking excited.


A skill has leveled up!


Lvl 2→ 3

I ignored the notification.

"Well, I had a Genin team and Jonin-sensei. I stayed with them for 6 months before we took the Chunin Exams. We made it to the end of it, and I ended up winning it." She said proudly.

"Wow! You're so cool!" I said, stars shining in my eyes.

"Yeah, I am." She said, rather cocky. "But anyways, that was the last chunnin exam for the next few years, seeing as the Third Great Shinobi War happened soon after." Here she sighed and her eyes looked at something I couldn't see.

"The war started quick and bloody. It wasn't fun. My old Genin team... didn't make it. An Iwa ambush got them. I was with them when it happened, and I got so angry that I unlocked my bloodline and massacred all the enemy shinobi. The Sandaime recognized my use in battle and in the war and promoted me to Jonin. I never really got over it in time, and I started using battles as stress relievers, or just ways to send my depression and anger at the world. Normally, a shinobi like that would be taken off duty and be given psychological help, but it was war. Every shinobi was needed."

She was quiet for a while, both of us still walking towards the Hokage Tower. I didn't dare make a noise.

"Eventually, I made it through. The war was over, but my problems weren't. I joined ANBU and quickly zoomed past the ranks quickly once more. I became ANBU Captain and went on too many S ranks to count. That is, until, the Yondaime talked to me."

Here, she smiled brightly.

"At the end of the war, my family was all killed. They were all shinobi, and all died for this village in one of the last few battles. I was in a bad spot. After the war, and my time in ANBU, I finally got tired of killing, and blood, and couldn't look at myself. He pulled me aside one night and listened to me rant. Then he told me of how he hated his fame, and that his consideration to be Hokage was based on the mass murder of shinobi, ones who all had a family. He had so many expectations weighing on him. I asked him how he kept it together, and do you know what he told me?"

She smiled.

"He said because it was his duty. That he was willing to do so, even against his conscience, to save the innocents of Konoha. To be impure to protect the pure. He was always such a pacifist."

Another brief moment of silence.

"So I left active duty and decided to do something else in my career. Help the orphans just like Minato helped me when I was orphaned. To guide them to a future that wasn't as bloody as mine. A few days later, the Kyuubi struck and well… eight years later here we are."


"I bet you're wondering why I'm telling you all of this Naruto." 'Yeah seriously, I feel bad for you Saki-chan, but I AM supposed to be eight right now.'

"And It's because I believe in you. You are such a smart and charming little genius, and I know you'll go far when you're a ninja. Knowing how bad it could get in the future, do you still want to be a ninja." She said, eyes locked on me.

I clenched my fists.

"Yes. I will. I may not be super strong now, but I want to get stronger. I want to be able to protect those I care about, and to live long enough to make a change." I say, utmost confidence in my voice. Because I will change it. This world may be fictional, but it's real to me now.

"Good." She says.

She hugs me tightly and my eyes widen at the image procured.



Eventually, we make it to the Hokage Tower and we part ways. She gives me instructions on where to go (even though technically I've been here before, so I'm guessing it was just to be obnoxious) and then shunshins back to the orphanage. A tic appears on my forehead.

'We could have just shunshinned here…'

I ignored it and marched onwards through the guarded doors of the tower. I went up to the secretary, who was expecting me and then I walked through the door normally. Well, I almost did.

'I'm Naruto, gotta do what he would do in this situation to not look suspicious!'

I partially use aura on my foot and kick the doors open with a SLAM!

"HEY JIJI I'M HERE!" Let it be known that I am not saying Dattebayo. Even if I'll be caught. No. I'm in this world to change it for the better. That phrase is… UGH!

As I look at him, I also look around at the image of everything in the hokage's office. On my left are a few shelves filled with scrolls, probably just meaningless junk used as a diversion if anyone comes in uninvited. In front of me is a window that overlooks the nearby commercial area of Konoha. But as I turn my head to the right, I see a sight that screams POWER.

The third Hokage. Some may say that he's getting too old and that he's past his prime. Those people may even try to foolishly attack him to usurp his power.

Those people are idiots.

On the surface is a tired and weary old man, one who seems overworked from the various tasks required by being the village's leader. But beyond the surface, underneath the underneath, is pure power.

Chakra that seems denser than the middle of earth's crust, chakra that yearns to escape his body, but isn't due to what must be an IMMENSE amount of control.

I feel that most people forget that Hiruzen Sarutobi is a God of Shinobi. That title isn't for show. The first one was a man who created the ENTIRE forest around Konoha, and defeated a person who could be considered the boogeyman, one who was unrivaled by only one, the God of Shinobi. The fact that this man in front of me is one screams volumes.

He didn't come from greatness like the Uchiha. He did it on his own, with help from his teachers. He created the Sarutobi clan, after winning the allegiance of the Monkey summons. He mastered all 5 elements, despite having NO elemental affinity. This feat has never been done, except for the Sage of 6 paths, one so legendary he's considered a myth.

And this man… is my Jiji.

Hiruzen Sarutobi

Level: ?

HP: ?

CP: ?

God of Shinobi. Third Hokage. SSS ranked Shinobi in his prime. ?

"Naruto! How are you today! Come to save me from my paperwork once more have you?" Jiji said, eyes crinkling.

"I'm awesome Jiji! I'm ready to get some heavenly goodness!" I say drooling.


A skill has leveled up!


"Ahh how wonderful! I will be off in a minute, just some last second things to sign off on." He said, glaring at the few papers still on his desk.

"Ok Jiji! Can you give me a Jutsu while I wait?" I say half acting, half serious.

"Maybe Naruto- maybe." He said, a flicker of something in his eyes, so fast I thought I was seeing things.

'He's not onto me is he? Of course not, I'm just thinking things.'

As he was signing and stamping away, I notice a scroll behind him.

'The Forbidden scroll! The secrets it must hold… I can try to replicate some Jutsu but to just get that knowledge alone would be amazing. The show didn't do that scroll enough justice. If it was written by the Hokages and Elite Jounin, there must be some seriously powerful jutsu!'

"Alright Naruto I'm done!" He said with a loud smack from his stamp. "Let's eat!" He said, pushing my thoughts into my subconscious.


As we walk to Ichiraku's, I feel something. Like knowing you're being watched in an empty room. It felt like… someone was sending me something.


You have created a new skill due to requirements met!

Killing Intent (KI) Sense

Lvl 1

You can sense killing intent aimed at you. 10 feet.

Huh. So Naruto is sort of hated here. Makes sense since it wasn't too long ago that big, bad, and furry was stomping on people's families. Some around us seem to be neutral towards me, while others seem oblivious to Jiji and were glaring at me with death promised in their eyes.


A skill has leveled up!


"So Naruto, how was today at the orphanage?" Jiji said, probably catching on to the fact that I was being glared at. Wait, no, of course he knew the whole time. Smart man.

"Everything's awesome Jiji. I'll tell you more about it while we eat."

"Well, here we are!" He says.

I walk past the curtain that divided the street from the humble counter restaurant.

"Welcome- ah Naruto what a delight! Good evening Hokage-sama good to see you as well." Teuchi said, smiling as per usual.

On instinct, I used Observe on Teuchi.

Teuchi Ichiraku

Lvl: ?

HP: 500

CP: ?

Whoa. He's actually powerful. Though his HP seems to be around the level of a civilian now. I wonder if something happened.

"Mah none of that Teuchi, call me Hiruzen. We've known each other a long time after all." Wait he did?

"Indeed it has. Civilian life has its perks though. No paperwork in sight." Teuchi said smirking.

'What is going on? In the manga and anime, nothing was suggested that… oh right this isn't fictitious. Gotta keep remembering that.'

After a quick laugh, Teuchi called out, "Ayame!"


She came out from the back. Long brown hair tied into a bun shoved into a cooking net hat thing. Puffy lips, big shiny eyes, big bumps under her apron, long legs, thick thighs, hands on her curvy waist… I'm in love.


I turn to my right to see Jiji looking at me. Shit. Luckily Teuchi was facing his daughter at the time so I'm good there.

"Hehe." That was all the explanation I gave him. He gave me a look that said I-used-to-be-young-too-once and moved on. What a guy.

I wasn't only looking at her...assets… I was also looking at her bio from Observe.

Ayame Ichiraku

Lvl: 3

HP: 200

CP: 250

"Well, what can I get you two?" Teuchi said after a quick laugh at something his daughter said.

"Miso for me and a cup of my favorite blended tea will you Teuchi?"

"Ahh yes, I know the one. Legends say you've never spilled a drop of your, 'Precious', was it?" Teuchi said with a smirk.

"Well… it's good." Jiji said embarrassed. "Naruto- what do you want? It's on me." Jiji asked.

"I'll take 1 of everything!" Gotta keep my act up.



"Coming right up!"

After ordering our food, Jiji and I finally sat down.

"So Naruto, you said earlier that you had some things to tell me?" He asked, wisdom shining in his eyes.

"Yes, a few things Jiji. For one-"

"Here's your tea Hiruzen." He gave him the saucer.

"Thank you Teuchi." He took a sip. "Ahh that's the stuff. Anyways, sorry Naruto what was that again?"

"Well, I was thinking of joining the academy soon. I've been thinking a lot about it recently, and it's a path I want to take."

"That's great Naruto! I know you'll do great! It's in your blood after all." He said, muttering the last part I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to hear. Interesting.

"Do you think I'm ready?" I ask.

"You carry the will of fire on your shoulders Naruto. With that flame, you'll be ready for anything. You're capable of greatness. I believe that with all my heart." He spoke with great intensity.

"Here are your bowls! Naruto I'll be in the back cooking so just holler if you need anything. I'll keep 'em coming!"

We ate in silence.

After a while, as Jiji was sipping his tea, I spoke up again. "Hey Jiji so I awakened my chakra earlier by myself."

He spit it out. "WHAAAAAAAAAAT!"

I was thrown back. "Is that such a big deal? I thought people were taught things about chakra and stuff in the academy early?" 'Didn't some kids, like from clans have their chakra unlocked?'

"Naruto, I don't think you understand. Yes, most kids have their chakra unlocked early, like your future classmates, but they were unlocked by their parents or someone from their clan. Those who awaken their own chakra were destined to be great. Kakashi Hatake of the Sharingan, Itachi Uchiha of the Crows, and even the Kages. Very few are able to do this. The fact that you did shows that you will do great, just like I always thought you would." He said, a gentle smile on his face.

"Wow, I didn't know that." 'Shoot I've made myself more noticeable.' "I just felt weak, like I should be better, and then I felt something. So, I just kinda felt for something and closed my eyes and after a while, I found a big ball of light so I grabbed it and then got sucked into it."

"Well, that makes sense considering you're an Uzumaki."

"Uzumaki? So that is my real name? Were they a clan?"

"Yes, they were. They had a large lifespan, chakra density and size, and red hair. They were pretty good at fuuinjutsu and Kenjutsu, one of the best in the elemental nations."

"Wow, they sound amazing! What happened to them?" I knew what happened.

"That's a story for another time Naruto. Oh and I forgot, they were also pretty good sensors. That explains why you were able to feel it easier than most."



You have created a new skill due to requirements met.

You have gained levels due to genetics.

Energy Sensing

Lvl 20

You are able to sense energy for 2500 feet around you.

Well, that explains it.

"I guess that explains why I have a lot of chakra! I'm able to do a lot with it already."

"Really?! That's surprising. What can you do?"

Here's my chance to shine. Jiji already knows I could do well, and considering my role in the anime and manga, I was never going to be a shadow character in the background.

"How about I show you?"

"Sounds good Naruto, I'll take you to training ground 32. It isn't used much, so it should be perfect for your demonstration."

He paid for the ramen, we waved goodbye to the Ichiraku's (I glanced over Ayame again), and then he shunshinned us.


The training ground was beautiful.

A big rectangular dirt area filled the middle of the area, perfect for straight taijutsu, with green, lush grass bordering it. In the corner was a waterfall flowing into a seemingly man-made river. Big boulders also surrounded the corner on the opposite corner of the waterfall, with trees sprinkled enough everywhere that it looks like a forested piece of paradise.

"Wow. this place looks awesome! Why don't more shinobi come here to train?" I ask. Surely more people come here.

"Well Naruto, that is because they need special permission from me to train here. It's a quiet place away from most prying eyes, and is well-rounded enough to train in most things a shinobi would train in."

"Well that makes sense, I guess." So it's like a secret training ground? Cool.

"So Naruto, ready to show me what you got?" Jiji said.

"YEAH! Let me just channel my chakra." I breathe in and close my eyes. A few seconds pass. I breathe out, "Get ready Jiji! FULL POWER! AURA!"

Bright blue chakra explodes out of the pores of my skin and saturates the area. The floor beneath me cracks and shatters, creating a small crater. Air is displaced, leaving wind blowing across my hair violently. My eyes shine bright with unbridled power, and my muscles feel like they are being stretched to their limits, leaving me feeling like with a single punch I could destroy the Hokage tower- not that I would of course.

The incredulous Third Hokage stands still, eyes glossed, wide with awe. 'This chakra, this must be at least Jounin level! It's nearly at kage level reserves! At 8 years old with no formal training! Even Itachi had to train and be an active shinobi for years until now when he was considered for ANBU to have reserves that only barely rivals this. So much potential…' he smiles.

"Well, Naruto, you sure surprised me!"

"Well, Jiji, you haven't seen anything yet!" 'I've only used around 10,000 points of MP, I should have enough for this. If I impress him enough, he should move me up.' I aimed at the boulders and fired.

"CHAKRA BULLETS! CHAKRA BOLT BARRAGE!" I used 500 MP on Mana Bullets and then used 1500 MP for Mana Bolt which I used consecutively.


You have created a new skill!

Mana Bolt Barrage

Lvl 1

Mana bolts. Costs: 2 bolts for the price of one!

I read the message while waiting for the dust to settle. Oh! And I called out Chakra Bullets and Bolt seeing as Mana isn't known and would make my gamer powers and other secrets come loose. So I'm going to refer to my reserves and power as Mana to myself, but Chakra to everyone else.

What was left of the boulders was nothing more than finely ground pebbles and a few holes in the distance where I missed the boulder. I looked over at Jiji and found his jaw lowered and his eyes calculative.

"Um, well I can also reinforce my body with chakra, but I think most ninja already do that. I know I can do more but I haven't really found the time hehe.." I replied to his unanswered question sheepishly.

"Naruto. This exceeds anything I thought you could do for years to come! This puts you above most genin. Chunnin even!" He seemed to take a few breaths. "The only problem I can foresee is you having a lack of experience, which can come with time. Maybe a more rounded repertoire, and common knowledge that all Konoha ninja have. Hmmm…"

"I'm guessing that you were able to produce these… Chakra Bolts and Bullets you called them?... as physical manifestations through the chakra density of the Uzumaki. Just like your mother and her chains…" He muttered the last part. Once again I don't think I was supposed to hear that. Or maybe I was, this old man was and probably still is one of the most powerful ninja in the world.

"Yatta! The academy will be a breeze then! Ne, Jiji, so does that mean I don't have to try hard at the academy?" Let's see if he gets what I'm getting at.

His eyes shine with wisdom and he looks thoughtful for fraction of a second before he responds, "I can agree with you that the academy wouldn't push you as hard, but there are still things you would need to learn there Naruto. Common knowledge that all Konoha ninja know and basic tactics. Also the academy three jutsu, they are handpicked to be the first jutsu a Konoha ninja knows how to do for a reason you know?"

Well. I still need to go to the academy. Having childhood ties to the characte- clan kids will give me a boost in life later on. Not to mention HINATA! Stupid oblivious protagonist. So going to the academy is a must, but staying for 4 years is a waste of my time. Like Jiji said, experience is what I need. And I KNOW what's coming for me in the future. Madara Uchiha, Pain aka Nagato Uzumaki the self-proclaimed God, the Sound-Sand invasion, Akatsuki itself, and so much more. Wasting 4 years learning about the same stuff alongside kids doesn't sit well with me.

So academy yes, but staying the whole time no. But how can I convince Jiji… Wait!

"Jiji! What about an early graduation? Ninja have done it in the past right? Like those ninjas you mentioned earlier?"

"Ah yes! I was just thinking of that! It is a 2-year program instead of a-"

"NO! Jiji that's too long! I need experience and all that jazz!"

"But Naruto why hurry your ninja life so soon? You have your whole life ahead of you, and your childhood to look forward to. Why force yourself to be a ninja?" He looked sad. 'Ok, I need to whip out Naruto's speech skill right now.'


You have awakened a dormant Skill!


Lvl: 30

You are able to give amazing speeches that can have certain effects on the person(s) spoken to.

"Jiji, I may be 8 years old right now, but I have gone through much. I'm an orphan, and while those at the orphanage never treated me horribly, it's not the same as love from a family. People in Konoha hate me or at least try to act civil around me and I have no idea why! Is there something wrong with me? Something I did? I never told you this Jiji, but I've been beaten up in the past and called a demon."

"Naruto, I-"

"I know you've done your best Jiji, but you're busy and I get that. That's why I want to get stronger. So that those precious to me aren't afraid of my health and wellbeing constantly, or that in the future I won't come across someone I can't beat because I wasn't prepared enough. And what about the reverse? What if those precious to me are hurt and I can't heal them, or be fast enough to take them where they can be? What if I'm not strong enough to defeat those that seek the destruction of all those who ally themselves with me? Am I to sit aside and let them fight for me and die in the battle? I need to be stronger Jiji, and I have a feeling I don't have a lot of time."


A silence permeated the destroyed training ground. The wind drifted pass us, leaves falling between our view of each other.

"Naruto… I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!" The God of Shinobi exclaimed, who then proceeded to grab me into the most intense hug ever and squeeze me into pudding.

I sweatdrop.

"Naruto, I understand your reasoning, and I can't help but be proud of you my boy. I know you'll do well in life. I do." He gave that smile.

"And I agree with what you said about the academy." 'YES! Now that I've gotten him to agree, now I need to get him to allow me to-'


I stopped in my tracks.

"You need to be of a certain level to graduate early. I'm even going to raise the requirements a little since it's not wartime. Are you up for the task?" He asked.

"Yes. I am." I replied with steely conviction.

"Good," he said as he walked over to me, "then work hard! I will send you the specific details with the requirements so you know what to look out for. Just know that the quickest you can graduate is in 6 months. I'll take care of any… paperwork," he ground out, "that will be needed for your admission into the academy and the early graduation. I'll be seeing you again shortly Naruto." He smiled, grabbed me, shunshinned back to his office at the Hokage Tower, and then took a few puffs from his pipe which he got somehow.

"Ok Jiji." I said woozily. 'Jeez, I may have learned how to shunshin already but seriously, side along shunshin is annoying if taken off guard. Guess I need to level up my speed or eyesight thing to take it better.'

There was one last thing I had to do before leaving the tower, however.

"Hey, Jiji?" I asked. 'This shouldn't be too difficult.'

"Yes, Naruto?" He said, taking another puff. 'Jeez, that smoke is going to kill this guy before Orochimaru does.`` Ouch. Too soon?

"Since I'm going to be training to be a ninja I'm going to need more space, especially if I train at weird times and stuff like that."

"While I might be a little adverse to you living alone, that will change soon anyways if I'm right. Sure! I'll look through some and pick one out for you. You should have a new place by tomorrow. Stay the night at the orphanage tonight and make the proper arrangements." He said wagging his finger.

I rolled my eyes, "Alright alright I will. Thanks again Jiji." I lazily waved. Inside, however, I was anything but cool.

'What the hell did he mean by me not living alone soon later? Is someone moving in? No that wouldn't make sense. So then what?'

I begin walking out of the Hokage Tower and back to the orphanage when...


A Quest has been issued!

Quest: A Journey Too Early!

You are to undertake the early graduation exam and all its requirements to become a Konoha Ninja. HOWEVER, there are some that you need to fulfill before even stepping in the testing area. Early Graduation requires one to KNOW all 4 years of the curriculum, and be at the PHYSIQUE and SKILL LEVEL of a standard Genin minimum, but the Sandaime has upped the requirements.

Know all of the Year One Curriculum:

Basic Chakra Theory

Introduction to Weapons and their use in battle

History of the Clan Wars

History of the beginnings of Konoha

History of Sunagakure



Know all of the Year Two Curriculum:

Intermediate Chakra Theory

History of Kumogakure

HIstory of Kirigakure

History of the 1st Great Shinobi War


Stealth tactics

Basic battle formations

Reading/ Writing

Know all of the Year Three Curriculum:

Advanced Chakra Theory and its relation to Jutsu creation


Basic Fuuinjutsu

History of Iwagakure

History of the 2nd Great Shinobi War

Interrogation tactics


Submission tactics

Advanced Stealth tactics

Know all of the Year Four Curriculum:

Shape and Elemental Chakra Theory

Environmental science

History of the 3rd Great Shinobi War

Sexual education


Poison creation and neutralization



Leadership as a Konoha Ninja

Physical Requirements:

Score at least an 8/10 for Kunai Throwing at 50 Feet

Score at least an 8/10 for Shuriken Throwing at 50 Feet

Run at least 25 miles/hour, sprint 500 feet in 30 seconds

Do 200 Pushups

Do 200 Sit-ups

Run 5 Miles

Perform the leaf balancing exercise

Perform the Tree Walking exercise

BONUS: Perform the Water Walking Exercise

EXTRA BONUS: Perform the Kunai Balance Exercise

BONUS: Show mastery of the 1st exercise for an elemental affinity

BONUS: Create a Fuuinjutsu tag

Last 5 Minutes against a Chunnin proctor

Perform the Henge

Perform the Kawarimi

Perform the Bunshin

Failure: Go back and stay in Academy


Graduate early

Gain (Prodigy) Title

Gain 5 Levels


Well. No time like the present! Accept!


A Daily Quest has been issued!

Quest: Get in shape!

You need to get in shape for the Early Graduation Exam. The Quest ends on the day of the Early Graduation Exam.

Do 100 pushups a day

Do 100 sit ups a day

Run 5 miles a day

Practice Kunai Throwing for minimum of 30 minutes

Shuriken throwing for minimum of 30 minutes

Practice a Chakra exercise for a minimum of 1 hour


Body conditioning Skill level up 5 times at the end of the quest

CHA stat raised 20

STR raised 10

VIT raised 10

DEX raised 10


Each time you do not complete the daily quest, time will freeze and you will be teleported to an ID filled with various monsters higher than your level and harsh environments which you will stay at for 24 hours

Oh my god. The daily quest is pretty harsh on its requirements. It won't ever allow me a break, not that I would want one of course. But that failure penalty sounds terrible. I mean, yeah, I have an ID with monsters too (Not that I unlocked it yet but that's not the point), but to be forced to stay in for an entire day? I don't… Wait a minute!

At this point, I'm walking past the commercial area of Konoha, on my way to the orphanage.


A skill has leveled up!

Killing Intent (KI) sense

Lvl 1→ 2

15 feet

If I complete the requirements for everything one set less or one minute less, then I can still get the most out of the workout and get the most out of training! Not to mention the fact that I wouldn't fail the quest since I get the rewards at the end anyways. It's perfect! With time frozen because of the penalty any time training or defeating monsters, which will give me XP, will make me stronger quicker. Sure I might age twice as much because of the time freeze, but 6 months is only a short time. Besides, maybe I can invent a jutsu or something to de-age me later or something.


Due to an action, gain 5 WIS and INT

I guess the game agrees.


It's nighttime.

After I arrived at the orphanage it was almost time for dinner. I went upstairs to change, and when I came back down I saw Saki. I let her know about me moving out the next day and she took it well. She let the others know as well, but it was met with neutrality. No wonder Naruto went crazy from attention if this is what he went back to every day.

While I wanted to stay up the whole night and level up my skills, I didn't want to be more suspicious than I needed to. Plus, with my new place I should be able to do whatever I wanted to do later.

I slept quickly, which I assume is because of my gamer body and mind. I woke up the next day next to Saki cuddling next to me. The day came quickly after that. I waved everyone at the orphanage goodbye, got a delicious hug from my Hime-chan, promised her to visit, and then left for Jiji's office. I got another level in Killing Intent (KI) Sense on the way over. Picked up my key and left for the apartment while getting lost and having to ask for directions like 5 times.

My brand new apartment is nice. It has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, mini kitchen, and a living room. It had the barest of furniture, but the fridge was stocked, not that I needed the food.

"I really need to boost my stats, because I just realized how ridiculous this is."

Naruto Uzumaki

Lvl: 2

HP: 7,500

MP/CP: 12,500

CC: 5%

STR: 1

DEX: 5

VIT: 12

WIS: 15

INT: 15

CHA: 5

LUC: 5


Literally, all I've been working on was my skills, but I'd be a fool to overlook my stats. The daily quest basically says it. Maybe I can do something about it while working on my skills?

After moving the few things I had at the orphanage into their respective locations, I sighed in contentment. Wonder what I can do to get stronger?

'Wait! I got it! There is one thing I can do where I can work on my stats while using skills!'

That kind of leads to where I am now.


Yeah. I'm in the Zombie ID.

Or as I like to call it… literally fucking hell.


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